March 2022

This month we had our 8 year wedding anniversary.We finally started having some friends over for dinner again which was nice. I definitely love Savannah’s baby clothes quilt it came out so great ❤️ I have got her room and our house spring ready gone through a lot.the boys got half the stuff out of the garage hopefully get the rest out soon! I got our mixtiles put up I was able to see my parents and my friends while in the desert at the beginning of the month.Brandon’s shutters got put in we got living room window and slider measurements so we can get in rest of window treatments in. Been working towards reaching 500 club on my peloton .we have so much to get done to get our front and backyard summer ready so we can enjoy as a family and entertain friends and family. Kids finally have been able to go mask free at school.Savannah recently got her first full manicure and pedicure since they had a kid sized pedicure chair she loved it. Brandon has been studying for SAT and we are so excited that he’s less than a month away from being able to get his driving permit.we have Savannah signed up for the Farm team which is next step up from T-ball. Our weather is warming up although we did have a little more snowfall. Kids are excited for our upcoming spring break trip. I hope everyone has had a wonderful March and has a great April. ❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🧘🏼‍♂️

February 28, 2022

These are some pictures from the last part of February from about February 18 until today. I hope you enjoy 😉

My daughter got to dress up for Hero day and had a great time. We made some yummy cookies and fudge and jello for treats. My son got a mullet and everyone seems to love it. My daughter is super excited for tee ball sign ups. I was thrilled to get a mani pedi at my favorite place in the desert. Got some nice time with my bestie and her kids who I love like my own. Got my son a backpack for his workouts and my daughter some cute stuff from target . I’m ready for March found out yesterday that kids having to wear masks 😷 in schools ends in California on March 12 let’s hope Mono county actually lets this start on 12th the kids have had these masks on all day for way too long . Enjoying the warm weather here but missing my kiddos like crazy. Looking forward to seeing my parents and my nephew later this week! Hope everyone had a wonderful February and here is to a great March 👍🏻🤗😘🌵🇺🇸

MUSD refuses to teach our children

Mammoth unified school district has put all students on 3 weeks of zoom again guess the two weeks of winter breaK wasn’t enough for them they want to sit on their asses at home for three more weeks and once we come back they will promptly take another full week off for presidents week. They have no regard for the students they have already been put behind so much since 2020 they refuse to follow the science and the fact that the nurse who falsely administered the vaccine to kids who did not parents authorization still has a job is just no shock considering all the blood money they have taken to put the children through hell with vaccines and masks and still shutting down every chance they get. if you look at where the kids were at before superintendent Jennifer Wildman took her position vs now it’s clear how she has let down all the MUSD children in every age group they put leagues behind I. Every category. Truly disgusting

December 13, 2021

December has flown by so far! We are finally getting some snow again. Brandon is now playing basketball 🏀 and ski team has commenced as well. Savannah got to go see Santa and got two cute pairs of boots while we were in Reno. My Christmas shopping is done presents are all wrapped just not all under the tree yet. I’ve been doing my best to get in cycling workouts and yoga lately. Our shutters haven’t arrived yet which is a bummer but house if definitely feeling like our home now. We have the whole outside decorated as well which is so great ! Been enjoying gingerbread cookies and staying warm by the fire. By this weekend full baking will begin and gearing up for having my parents in town for Christmas. I hope everyone is doing well! 🎄❄️🏡