March 21, 2018

Well this morning we decided I would take Brandon to school and my husband would take Savannah  to school. I dropped Brandon off came home made Savannah waffles and sausage and gave her some raspberries as well. Then we got her dressed did her hair so she was ready for school.

I took a shower and got ready to meet my bestie for coffee. We had a nice time catching up we’ve both had a couple of craziness and super busy schedules. After coffee she headed to work and I headed to Pure Barre. I was able to see some friendly faces and enjoyed a great workout as well.

Afterwards I met my husband for lunch at CPK and I had The Mediterranean  salad and tortilla soup for lunch and washed it down with some fresh lemonade. Then I came home and noticed my RTR order had arrived I tried on both dresses and romper and they are beautiful  and fit great. So I will be wearing those this week.

I will be picking up Brandon soon and getting him a new outfit at the mall for Fridays picture day. Tomorrow I have the Old Bags Ladies Charity Luncheon and now I have a great outfit to wear there.

We found him a great outfit at Macy’s got him a pair of Tommy Shorts and a Volcom shirt that matched perfectly and got him a button up shirt for more formal occasions.

Then I made kids dinner and my husband and I went to Backstreet Bistro for dinner it was great. Got the kids yogurt and cake home.

I bathed Savannah got her ready for bed and watched her shows with her. Then my stomach was hurting bad. Unfortunately something irritated my stomach and I was sick from both ends until around 1am.

Then I slept some on and off until 7am. I took my son to school and now trying to relax before getting ready for my day. Hope everyone has a good day!


March 20,2018

Well today I woke up rested my little one was sleeping in today I finally got her up and dressed around 7:15am. My son was up getting ready and we got out of the house smoothly I just needed to come back home feed her and get us ready before taking  her to school.

She was a little clingy again today actually a lot so I finally handed her off to her teacher and went on my way to Pure Barre it felt so good to get in a workout it had been quite awhile. It was nice to see everyone at class and it was a good workout.

Afterwards I dropped off our dry cleaning and then got my gas tank filled up and went to Ralphs to get groceries.I also got a coffee there since I had not had one yet.I got out of there spending less than $50 which is always  nice. I Then was able to get home put everything away make myself a healthy salad for lunch fold all towels and put away. Then exfoliate before heading to get my spray tan.

First one before my anniversary trip I have one more scheduled a couple days before we leave town. I picked my son up from school and my husband  just arrived back in town so he is going to pick up our daughter from school soon.

Not sure what were doing for dinner tonight as I did not plan tonights dinner out. I am holding steady at 131 right now so still have a little ways to go to reach ideal weight between 120-125. I am doing my best to eat well at all meals although I do have carbs at dinnertime  some nights and I don’t  deprive myself of having a cookie or something sweet in moderation.

At night time I have gone for cucumbers with chia seeds and olive oil as a snack or almonds and dried cranberries. I am drinking lots of water have cute out gatorade  right now too as it had a lot of carbs. Excited that tomorrow morning I get to see my bestie for  coffee. Its been too long I miss her.

Thursday I have the Old Bags ladies charity luncheon for most of the day. That should be fun and interesting haven’t gone to one of these before. Friday our daughter gets out of school at noon and I have my hair appointment at 1pm. It will feel so good to have my hair  done.

I have had shoulder pain in my right shoulder all day its so painful and annoying when I have this pain. I need to get my son an outfit for Friday still and I need to get him new clothes in general soon as he’s outgrown everything. My daughters clothes are fine just shoes for her right now.

Thankfully my husband got us a delicious dinner and even got our daughter a yummy brownie as she was begging for cake lol so since she likes chocolate that was a perfect fix after she finished her dinner. Brandon got all his homework done so he is enjoying some xbox time.

I am chilling with my munchkin watching Little Einstein’s. Hope everyone had a fabulous day!

March 19, 2018

Good Morning, I ended up having a good night sleep but did feel a little tired when I first woke up. Proud of my son not only does he have a 3.71 GPA right now but he’s been on track at home and he also was up had all his chores done and himself fed and ready for school.

I so appreciate that. I was letting my daughter sleep in and planned to take her to drop him off but in her pjs so she could leisurely  eat breakfast watch a little cartoons and then get dressed for school.

Dropping Brandon off was easy had a good time with Savannah but noticed she was clingy at home so I not wanting to deal with a meltdown at school gave her the option to stay home with me one more day. She said she wanted school so I got her ready we went there and it was horrible.

She literally cried the whole time I was there and I stayed over 30 minutes she was latched on to me and still was when they started their morning song and prayer. I had to take her into her class crying. I also ended up missing my scheduled Pure Barre workout.I wasn’t going to miss working out today.

So when I got home I did 500 Crunches and 100 squats then a 2 minute plank. I then did Pure Barre on Demand. I am thankful I am able to do this since I was so bummed to miss my in studio workout this morning. I’ve decided to not run my errands until tomorrow or Wednesday.

Instead I am going to get stuff done around here lots of organizing to do as well as cleaning. I wanted to to get my car cleaned today but rain is in the forecast. So I will wait until its all sunshine and no rain in the forecast.

OMG had Daily Pop on and noticed this horrible full back tattoo that Ben Affleck has. Why????? I am so not a fan of this I don’t even no who would be on him especially. I am absolutely loving the ModelCo Luxecreme Long Wear lipstick  that came in my Birchbox. I’ve been wearing it nearly every other day.

Going to have a nice healthy salad today with hard boiled egg and sliced almonds and sunflower seeds cranberries or raspberries. Once I do go to the store I will get more onions and raspberries and avocados. I enjoy those in my salads as well.

I actually saw 130 on my scale for the first time in forever my goal is to have a weight that is constant and I want to be between 120-125 pounds. So I am truly getting closer and I will keep up the work.I need to get my son a nice outfit for school picture day. I also need to layout outfits for my daughter to wear this week and choose outfits for me to wear this week as well.

Tomorrow I will need a loose fitting black dress or romper as its my spray tan in the afternoon. Wednesday I will have coffee with my bestie then 11am pure barre. Thursday I have the Old Bags women charity lunch for most of the day. I am hoping that my husband is back in town before Thursday.

But if not I am used to doing everything while he’s  away with the way things have been with the motel its been like that more often than not that he is gone. So I am juggling all the home and the kids schooling, volunteer hours picture days grades assignments projects here. It can be quite exhausting and taxing on a person that is why I at the very least like to have my 50 minutes of Pure Barre for me.

But unfortunately between the Monday Disney trip then me feeling sick then kids home sick it was a very long week and weekend for me without working out at he Barre I am glad I did on demand classes both Saturday and Today. I am going to go pick up my daughter soon. I am hoping she had a fantastic day after I left.

I feel overwhelmed and exhausted at the moment but sometimes that is just how I feel especially this time of day. I will be making a delicious  Lasagna for me the the kids tonight and I will make sure they get time outside to play as well as that Brandon Studies and Savannah and me read her books. I will get all laundry finished up and dishes done and hopefully everything put away as well!

Dinner was a hit and my daughter was using the potty good tonight and I gave her a bubble bath and we read her Easter Egg Book. Then watched Dinosaur Train before she fell asleep. She tried to face time with her daddy but he must have been busy,

Brandon is still studying away I am very proud of him. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. I hope everyone had a great Monday! Goodnight 💤😴🙏🏡

March 18, 2018

Well happy to report my kids are feeling better. We had a good day I got all bedding cleaned and beds re made. I also got all laundry, dishes and vacuuming done.

Savannah got to play outdoors today and she wore underwear all day did have a couple of accidents but all and all I was proud of her.

We stayed unplugged today no video games, movies or tv under just before bed. We got outside fresh air we played together and read books and colored.

I’m getting closer to my goal weight but will need to keep up with exercise and healthy eating. I have a busy week. I hate hearing about people causing trouble, lying, and causing harm to those around them.

I hate it that innocent children whom need their parents love protection and stability would have to grow up with drugs, theft, violence and neglect being their everyday reality and not being able to escape it.

I pray everyday for those children to be in a safe environment that’s stable filled with love and honesty and goodness. Not being hungry, scared, anxiety filled.

I just want the best for the children when I think of their oldest being nearly my daughters age and knowing what she’s had to see and live like it makes me physically ill.

I can’t even imagine their now being two kids in the fold of such an unhealthy unsafe environment. I pray to God that he will make sure the kids are safe.

I am so very proud of our kids and proud of my husband he’s been put through the ringer so much work stress and excess bull that he shouldn’t of had to deal with. He is sometimes to nice and especially in business has paid the price. He’s been out of town constantly because of the incompetence and drama of a former employee.

Thankfully he’s got better quality of employees now who do a great job exceed expectations. I realized today my son was in need of new underwear and shorts . He’s growing so much hoping our vacation pans out it’s been so long since we’ve truly had time away to really fully unplug enjoy and de stress.

This is our daughters last week of school until Spring Break. Our sons week off is week after Easter so that makes it a little nutty for us. His grades are fantastic and he’s growing into such s handsome intelligent young man.

We miss my husband I hope he comes home soon and I hope he figured out our anniversary trip! I’m done using high chair for Savannah and done using pull ups during the main part of day and night just naps and bedtime.

Now they may still require she wear at school for awhile longer but I’m hoping they will keep her in undies until nap time.

I’m gonna head to bed early I am hoping I can quiet my mind from all the negativity I am just so sick of people taking advantage of my husband and his kindness and generosity. Hope he sleeps well too!

Goodnight 💤🏡

Happy St.Patricks Day

So today my poor little sweetie was still ache so we stayed home from dance class today. But she did end up getting tummy relief and having a bowel movement. But she’s been on and off with her eating but I am just glad she is eating. My stitch fix box arrived and i got five tops

I really needed tops and the papermoon and pinkclover tops were my favorites I decided to keep them all my total with buying all five discount was only $130.41.

My husband is taking us to St. Lucia for our anniversary and my parents are watching the kids for us which we greatly appreciate.

It’s windy outside again which is a bummer but kinda an indoor day anyhow. Watching Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle. Taking it easy today no cleaning just reading and playing with kids.

I so need to workout all next week I need to look my best for my trip. I will increase my protein intake as well as greens and water. I will workout at home and or at the Barre everyday until we go.

watching Sleeping Beauty with my two year old and need to make tanning appointments before our trip I have a hair appointment set and waxing set.

I need to plan what to buy my husband for our anniversary. Hmmm and I will need to search out the perfect card as well.

Well we had some pizza and chocolate cookies for dinner. I did Pure Barre on demand it was a great ABS workout. I’m a little nervous that my little girl passed out before 7pm. I might be in for it tonight but hopefully she will sleep through.

Hanging with my son watching a movie at home. Our little Shitzu snuggled up on the bed with us. I am hoping my little girl feels 100% tomorrow.

Have. a great night and hope everyone had a Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 🍀🙏😊🏡

Ready For The Weekend March 16,2018

Well today I have both my kiddos home with me both under the weather but also both on the mend. My daughter is 2 1/2 and been without a bowel movement for a few days so her doctor asked me to pick up miralax and give her some twice a day until she has relief.

This morning they had their medicines and watched Dumbo and Wreck it Ralph. Its almost time for them to have lunch and then go back to bed to rest. Since I can’t be taking them around I ended up buying them each a pair of shoes online.

I did buy the 12 eggs her teacher asked me to bring for easter party when I bought the Miralax at the store. My Stitch Fix is due to arrive tomorrow and I am so looking forward to it. I am so ready for our Anniversary and us getting away to Sandals Resort first week of April.

I am going to start prepping tonights dinner once chicken is fully thawed out. I will give the kids and I the leftover chili for lunch and keep them hydrated. We are missing my hubby and hope he comes home soon. I am still working on my mid section and dropping fat pounds. My arms and Butt look the best from when I started my workout regime my legs are starting to tone but they don’t get muscle easily. My thighs and mid section as well as fat around bra and underarm seems hardest to lose.

I should be able to get in a Pure Barre on demand workout while the kids nap later and I might be able to get in a Peloton workout tonight. I need to add more abs workouts each week and make sure my water  consumption is enough each day. I want to clean everyones bedding this weekend and re make all our beds.

I also need to look for new outdoor  patio furniture and pool floats for the summer. I think I’ve found the flatware set we need to buy that way we have an everyday matching set that is really nice and it will go with both our everyday china and our love story china for special occasions.

So one of the items I got in my Birchbox was a sample size of Embryalisse Lait Creme Concentrate 24 hour miracle cream. I have used this for three days and I do believe  it gives you a soft subtle feel to your skin and it does last a long time. Not sure I would say 24 hours. I would recommend this product if your looking for more moisture. I however would only use it at night as during the day I prefer a moisturizer with SPF in it.

I made some yard boiled eggs and colored them however since my organic eggs are not white I didn’t think that through well enough only a few colors show up. I have the Chicken Salsa Verde cooking on High in the slow cooker for four hours. Laundry is going and kids are resting. My son is having some cramping pain again so he will get relief once he goes to restroom again.

Since we are homebound and lounge attire we should choose to have a movie/game night. We can do one movie of each of our choices start once kids are up from nap. Have my son choose a game and also play matching game with my daughter. I am hoping she will have a bowel movement today!

Hooray my little girl has two bowel movements thanks to miralax and lots of hydration. We watched Dumbo and Coco and Disney junior.

We all enjoyed the Chicken Salsa Verde tonight. We all are feeling a lot better. My little one is sleeping in my room again she’s fast asleep hopefully she won’t kick me.

Well I hope everyone had a fantastic day! St Patrick’s Day tomorrow 🍀🏡🙏😊

March 15, 2018

Sometimes you just don’t  get the sleep your hoping for. I went to bed a little earlier last night hoping for some much needed rest. But my mind was racing it took me nearly two hours  to fall asleep then after I did fall asleep my daughter woke me up about an hour later and she was hot and ache.

So I put her in bed with me gave her some motrin and water and tried to comfort her back to sleep. She did fall asleep and cool down but sprawled out so I was not in a comfortable position to fall back asleep plus my mind was racing yet again. I was worried about her about me feeling sick and about my son and all I had to get done today.

When I woke up Id probably  only had 3 hours sleep and I was anxious about my day and grouchy but I did my best to get my kids fed and my daughter dressed and make sure both my kids had all the items they needed before we left.

It was sprinkling but it had clearly rained a lot during the night it was very wet outside. I lectured my son on things I wish he had done and about listening better. Although I always feel bad after lecturing him before his day starts because I always want him in a positive frame of mind and to have a great day!

I dropped him off and then my daughter off which was surprislingly easy this morning. I went by ATM and took out money to give my son for rest of this week and next for school lunches. After dropping that off to his school. I went to pick up the dry cleaning and then to get groceries.

When I got home I cooked some Chili so we will have that ready for dinner tonight. I started wash and  vacuuming and dishes. As I was checking my phone messages this morning had one friend ask me for a maid recommendation. The other friend of mine invited me to a luncheon next week which sounds like a lot of fun.

Another old friend of mine was asking about our disney trip and wanted to see pics so I messaged her back and sent her a few photos from our fun family day trip. The wind was horrible yesterday it knocked our large outdoor BBQ over all my daughters toys over and thankfully I had brought all the cushions inside.

We have no more rafts for our pool they have all popped so I will be on the  lookout for a few for the kids before spring break. I need to make sure the kids and I are getting more fiber in our diets as we have all had stomach issues this past week.

I am in need of organizing my walk in pantry and my walk in closet again they are both getting cluttered. I want to also go through both of my children’s rooms and make them more organized and tidy. I want to get my son his shadow boxes and jerseys put in it and hung up this month. I also want to get the outside basketball hoop set we promised him back before his last birthday.

I am hoping my kids are having a great day at school today! I have missed Pure Barre since last Friday and I am missing it but I am not feeling 100% yet. I am going to have a nice leafy green salad today with avocado and raspberries and hard boiled egg and sunflower seeds.

I am looking forward to my stitch fix box arriving I asked for tops as I am in major need of spring time tops. I am going to try my last set of earrings from Rocksbox this week and then see what I’d like to keep if at all any and then send the rest back and wait for my next box. Its pretty fabulous to be able to try before you buy I adored my first box so much I purchased all three pieces. But you don’t have to purchase any and can try them enjoy them as long as you want.

I will make sure I post pictures of my current box items and let you know what I keep. Same when my Stitch Fix box arrives. Since I’ve been under the weather  I haven’t  worn my last set yet nor have I tried all my Birch Box items. But I will happily post on those this weekend.

I tried the moisturizer and lipstick today. I miss my husband and he says everything is going smooth in June Lake so hopefully that means he will make his way home to me Monday or Tuesday  at the latest. I need to get us some new silverware our current situation is hodgepodge  of mixed and not enough for when we have a dozen or more people over.

I want the kids and I to go one day per week with no television  social media and video games. It sounds easy but I know it will be a huge feet. At least until its pool weather. I want us to start reading the bible together at least once a week as well. My son will be having school pictures next Friday and my daughter gets out early that day and begins her spring break.

I also have my hair appointment booked for that afternoon. Well I have a lot of laundry to get put away as well as get some some reading done. Before I get showered or bathed and head to pick up my children. I want to make some fun plans for me and the kids this weekend. My daughter has dance class Saturday and no Birthday parties to attend this weekend so we should have a wide open schedule so I can think of fun stuff to do with kids outside the house as well as at the house.

I want to have Savannah wear underwear all day tomorrow at school and all weekend long and see how she does. I also want to make Pure Barre since Ive missed it all week. I want to get all my thank you cards written up and sent out by tomorrow. I am so looking forward to our anniversary this month and I am praying we get to spend the first week of April on a Sandals vacation together for our Anniversary. This marks our 7th year together and 4th year married.

My salad wash delicious I ended up making a spinach salad cut up half and avocado to toss in also some chopped onions and raspberries and chia seeds and sunflower seeds drizzled some olive oil and red wine wine vinegar over it. I am happy the weather has improved and its now a beautiful afternoon.

I need to figure out what to get my husband as an anniversary  present this year its almost time to celebrate. I will make sure tonight that I make time for me and Savannah to read books before bed. I love our story time together. Almost time to head to pick up my son from school.

Proud that my son was recognized for making B honor Roll and that his grades this new trimester are looking good as well. I am also proud that his closest friends all hold A Honor rolls and above so he is in good company and I know he can make A honor roll or even Gold Leaf in the future.

Unfortunately he went to the office today not feeling well and didn’t call me and he’s still feeling bad. I sent him to bed with water and gave him pepto for his tummy. I am going to pick up my little girl soon and I am hoping she had a great day! I am also hoping that they will both be able to enjoy the Chili I made for us for dinner tonight.

unfortunately both kids were sick when I picked them up from school. I managed to get my daughters fever relieved and get her to eat a little bit but not much food.

My son is still having a low grade fever and not feeling great. I am going to keep them both home tomorrow from school. I will be dropping my sons homework by though. I want to be able to pick up homework as well. So he doesn’t fall behind.

I hate that they are sick I am proud that my son made honors for his last report card. I am thankful that I got groceries today and picked up dry cleaning too.

I need to buy and fill eggs for Savannah’s classes Easter egg hunt next week. I also still need to get them both new shoes. I am going to layout chicken in fridge to defrost so I can make chicken salsa verde tomorrow night.

Had to cancel tomorrow’s Pure Barre class which is a total bummer but my kiddos come first. I am glad I seem to be feeling better so I’m hoping I get a full nights sleep not like last night. Right now cuddling and watching Little Einstein’s with my daughter.

I will try to go to sleep fairly early tonight before 10pm. I will need to get as much done around the house as possible since I will be homebound all day with my kiddos who are both sick 😷.

Well I am beat hope everyone had a great week! The weekend is almost here 😊🏡😷🍀

March 14, 2018

So today I was still feeling crummy my nose is still constantly running I’m sneezing on and off and I am not even close to my normal energy.

I was able to get Brandon to school and then we came home I gave Savannah more food then took her to school brought her more food stayed while she had it.

Then she was mad I had to leave. I was so weak I just put on laundry and fell into bed. I got a little sleep but mainly just let my body rest.

I did get my cleaning done but no errands. I was bummed I missed the celebration on my besties mother in laws life sadly she passed away much too soon from cancer and she will be greatly missed.

I basically consumed green tea with honey all day and soup and vegetables for lunch. I left picked up my son and the wind was getting bad.

We got home I rested a little longer then headed to pick up my little girl. I then got dinner going once I got us home. After dinner we watched The Little Mermaid 🧜‍♀️. Then I gave her a bath and got us ready for bed. My son has been working hard on his homework.

Brandon’s grades are fantastic right now and I hope it stays that way. Tomorrow I need to get him lunch money. Both kids are in need of new shoes they are growing and need the next size up.

I paid for my sons school yearbook today so at least other than cleaning I got that done. My kids and I enjoyed the chicken Alfredo pasta I made tonight.

I need to go to the grocery store tomorrow get fresh vegetables and fruits I am out of shavers too. I really wish my nose and sinus pain would finally be done with.

I need to get back to Pure Barre if I am still under the weather Friday I will start doing the on demand classes at home.

I am so tired goodnight everyone I will have some fun posts coming up as I won’t be sick forever. I have new stitch fix box arriving soon more items to try from my first birch box as well as another earring set to wear from my Rocksbox. 🏡🙏😷😴

March 13, 2018

Well it’s been awhile since my last post I started feeling under the weather Thursday night. We took our son to his voulenteer hours and took our daughter to run errands then got take out and went home.

That night my stomach was bad and still felt bad through Sunday. Then we had our friends over for dinner which was nice we caught up and it was a delicious meal.

Our friends brought us over some wine and delicious dessert to enjoy and we all did. I was able to eat which I needed especially since the plan was to take the kids to Disneyland Monday.

My husband and so were so great all weekend long since I wasn’t feeling the best my son helped me when I needed anything and my wonderful husband took Savannah to her dance class Saturday and to her friends birthday party Sunday.

So yesterday we did wake up early me at 5am since I wasn’t feeling great I took some medicine got myself ready and bucked up for a day with the family as I wasn’t gonna break my promise to my little girl.

We left got some coffee and breakfast and arrived there and got into the park at 11:00am. My daughter slept on the way so she was in a great mood.

We went to California Adventure Park first and did the Disney Junior show which was fantastic my little girl was having the time of her life.

After that we went on the Monsters Inc ride and then off to bugs land snacked and went on rides. We later went had lunch and took the kids over to Disneyland.

We went on the Disneyland Railroad around the whole park. Then we got off and went to meet Winnie The Pooh and friends and then went on the Winnie the Pooh ride.

After that we split up and my husband took Savannah on the Jungle Cruise and I took Brandon on Indiana Jones ride. Then the Big Thunder Railroad.

My husband Jeff took Savannah on the carousel a couple of times while I was taking B on the Big Thunder Mountain.

Then we switched off and he took our son Brandon on Star Tours and I took Savannah to meet Belle, Cinderella, Ariel and Snow White while they were doing that.

Then we headed out and went to dinner at El Torito for dinner. Thankfully the kids ate really well before falling asleep in the car on the way home.

My husband was exhausted so was I I had been feeling ache most of day but still had fun. I ended up late Monday night my nose running like crazy.

So when I woke up early again this morning I got the kitchen cleaned and made myself tea and honey. Checked on my son and he was still feeling sick 🤢. So I put the dog out for him and waited until my daughter woke up.

I got her fed dressed and ready for school and since my husband had to drive back to June Lake again today he took her to school for me and dropped sick note and homework off to Brandon’s school.

He rested most of the day and looked much better at end of day but had some work they school gave us to get done. I got dishes and laundry done and tried to rest some myself too.

I can’t believe how horrible the managers unit was left after all the work my husband put into it. It’s even worse to have it be smoky that disrespects property. He’s going to have to spend over two thousand dollars to get it fixed and cleaned before new manager can move in.

I wish he didn’t have all this extra stress constantly with the motel and people who are ungrateful cause more work and trouble.

I am happy he’s liking the new couple and hoping that they don’t ever let him down like workers in the past.

I am still under the weather I fed the kids Lasagna I was able to eat some too. I bathed my little one and got her dressed for bed. She’s still cuddling with me in my room.

Brandon is still doing his school work. I have missed Pure Barre since Friday I am so bummed. I am hoping my husband can get the new manager and cleaner both set up soon and come home to us.

We’re watching Giada Entertains now and it’s giving me some great ideas for our next gathering. I wish my nose would stop running.

I am gonna make another cup of tea for myself once I put Savannah to bed she hasn’t falling asleep yet.

My second rocks box arrived and I have worn two sets of earrings from it so far have one more to try out. I need to get good sleep tonight and hopefully get a few errands done tomorrow and rest and feel better.

I hope everyone else is feeling good and had a great weekend and wonderful week so far! Goodnight 😴🏡

March 7, 2018

Well was up early this morning getting kids ready for school. Dog situated before maids come and all clean sheets out.

Once I fed all of us and got car packed up I did my hair and my daughters hair. Then I dropped them off stayed a little while at Savannah’s school.

Went to get my morning coffee and then now I am getting last minute items done before I go to dry cleaners and to get my bikini wax. I will then go to Pure Barre if done in time and then target and grocery store as well.

We have another birthday party to attend this weekend and more friends coming over as well.

I am trying to plan a fun girls day for my daughter and I tomorrow if I keep her home with me from school.

I am so happy I tried Rocksbox I fell in love with all three jewelry pieces they sent me. I love that you can wear them all and keep as long as you want even if you don’t buy anything. I am already looking forward to my next box.

I will post the three pieces I received loved and kept later this week. I will also post when the new box arrives.

I am so happy I was able to get my nails done yesterday. I was so happy that my gal that does my nails got a place right in palm desert now just for her and her son no more living with others.

I raised my son on my own until he was seven and I know the struggle and how wonderful it is to have. Place that’s just yours especially when you work so hard.

I was so happy to hear her good news 😊 Also so sweet to see Savannah’s friend is going to be a big sister her mom is working on adopting this adorable newborn and I am praying it goes through 🙏🤞.

My son is turning his science project in today I hope he gets an A. Miss my husband and awaiting his return tomorrow night.

I am feeling tired today wish I could just rest but so much to do and will need to be out of the house most of the day.

I need to take the kids shoe shopping as they have outgrown their shoes again. I am praying my husband and I get to take a week in April and go to Sandals for an anniversary trip.

I am thinking tomorrow will be fun we can have breakfast together and go to park or get air and I will paint her nails and we can just enjoy having girl time.

Glad I got in a good workout today at Pure Barre I did the 11:00 class and It bother me a bit after having my bikini wax so that’s good. I as worried about it at first but zero issues.

At CPK been a long wait even once I got my table today still no drink or service and it’s been 15 minutes guess it’s a green crew today.

But I have to be out of the house for awhile and I can’t get my groceries until I know I can get into my house again. I will probably go to target first and then groceries after.

Brandon is at school later today and I will probably let Savannah stay at school a little later today too so I can get all my errands done.

It’s a very nice day outside and it’s great to sit here on the patio. I don’t even mind the wait. Once I get my lemonade and bread I can sip and savor.

I am thinking that Friday night my husband and I should go out to dinner and then we will have two nights together since we have date night planned for Saturday night already.

He will only only be home from tomorrow night until Tuesday. I am hoping it won’t be crowded when we go to Disneyland with the kids but it’s seeming to be busy no matter when we go.

Lunch was delicious today as usual here it did take 45 minutes until I got my food but at least I was relaxing on the patio in great weather.

Well afterwards I went by my house cleaners still there so went to Target got birthday gift for Savannah’s friend a birthday card.

Picked up the kids from school and made our dinner watched Aladdin & then Bolt with Savannah. Got us all ready for bed. Then we watched Dinosaur train after reading Old Mc Dino.

I hope everyone had a great day! 🏡🙏🧘‍♀️