Weekend Roundup 

Well Friday and Saturday my son was under the weather feeling chills and nausea Thankfully he’s feeling great again. 

My daughter has been super fun during the day but not sleeping much in day and driving me crazy at night. Last night I barely slept an hour. 

So I got to rest a few hours this morning when my son got up to hangout and watch his sister for me. 

We’ve had pool time Starbucks trips got boring errands done. I changed out some pictures but need to get more frames at Arron’s brothers . 

Last night I had a treat of taking a long bubble bath while watching a movie. That was the calm before the storm I guess lol. 

I’ve got our laundry and dishes done each day got all kids school paperwork completed. My sons been working on his second summer book. 

Today got exciting in a scary way. Was cooking another meal from Martha and Marley Spoon  it said to coat both sides of tortillas before placing in oven my gut said not to do it since oil is so flamible but I did it anyways and a small oven fire started and I quickly put it out but it scared me. 

I am sure oven is fine but I am cleaning all racks and later will clean it and use it again to make sure I did not screw up this beautiful oven. 

So yes I am definitely not Martha Stewart or a perfect cook. Need to pay more attention to my gut and hopefully this will never ever happen again. 

So  watching Crazy Stupid Love its a great movie have not seen it in a long time. Going to breathe and reboot and enjoy rest of day with the kids. 

Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend 😎


July 21, 2017 

Well today I was pretty sore.But I powered through my Pure Barre class. Kylie was teaching today and it was a great class. Was also nice to see friendly faces there. 

My son enjoyed having his bestie overnight. Unfortunately after we got back from lunch today he wasn’t feeling great. I made sure he has been resting drinking fluids have him some Advil and pepto bismol for his tummy. 

My parents came by for a visit and my little one ate really well tonight. I am glad I got to see my best friend Sara today. 😀

Our contractor didn’t finish up things on our house this week as promised. He just got some door knobs installed and a pot rack which I am not sure I like now that it’s in. It was something I saw on Pinterest organization boards loved it but for me it’s not seeming functional since not all my pots and pans fit on it only two. 

Hopefully the garage will be done next week as promised and we will finally get our last upper kitchen cabinet that was supposed to be in on July 3rd. 

I am in need of workout shirts and pants. I will get kids paperwork finished up tonight and tomorrow so I can turn in next week,

Hoping my boy feels better tomorrow so we can make the weekend a fun one ☝️ 

I miss my husband haven’t seen him since Tuesday. Hope he will come back here next weekend or before we finally get to go up there to have family time. Hoping we get to go out on lake finally on a boat with kids. Go to San Francisco for a couple of days and Yosemite if there is time. 

Goodnight thanks for reading 😴🏡🌻

July 20, 2017

Well today we slept in until 7:30am then I got the kids ready for the day. Took my little one to daycare. Came home had a little breakfast then headed to Pure Barre. What a great class and I am beyond appreciative of the help from Janey with my workout. 

I am proud of myself every time I compete a class. Happy that there are such a great group of people who workout there. Today I had the two instructors to watch and motivate me which is always a plus. 

I have been sore for days but I am going to power through and attend class in the morning. 

After class I came home to see if our contractor and workers ever showed up. No luck they never showed up. 

I was able to go to the shoe store get my daughter two new sneakers and one new sandal. Had my son look for new shoes we need specific colors for school uniform but he didn’t like any so will look again in a few weeks. 

I didn’t get as much done today as I wanted to but I will mKe the most of tomorrow. Enjoyed a little pool time before picking up my little one. Then the boys Savannah and I watched movies. I made a pizza some chocolate chip cookies and some popcorn and some kool aid. 

Now that my little one is asleep the boys are enjoying some night swimming. I am gonna take it easy and unwind. Hope everyone had a great day🌻🏡

July 19, 2017

Today I feel very happy, my day felt blessed and it was a very simple day. I spent time with my kids this morning and had breakfast. Got my daughter ready for daycare and my son and I took her to daycare. Then I came home got him situated and went to my Pure Barre class which was such a wonderful class today. I am so thankful for the instructors there and the wonderful women that take the class. Its  a great environment and even when I struggle through a move or the whole class it brings me happiness. I know I am working on my inner and outer strength and I need that so much.

After class  my instructor Janey was nice enough to give me some great tips since I keep having shoulder pain and a few other issues with some moves. After class I went home and checked in with my son. Then I went on all my errands I dropped off the dry cleaning and I got myself a coffee. Then headed to Target and got groceries there which I never have before I was pleasantly surprised how much they had in the grocery section. I also got items I needed for the kids as well.

After that I went home my son helped me unload the car and put things away. We had lunch. I was also able to get the testing done I needed to as a parent  for my sons school. I still need to finish all the volunteer paperwork and get fingerprinted. I also need to get my daughters preschool paperwork finished up as well.

We later went to pick up my daughter came home and hung out and played and my son who is 10 cooked us a fabulous meal he is getting so good at following recipes. He cooked one of our Martha & Marley Spoon meals. After we got my little one fed and bathed and snuggled in bed we had some time to hang out have our dinner and then have our own free time.

I was dying to have a nice long bubble bath and watch some shows so the great thing is with our new bathroom I can do both I enjoyed a warm bath and watched a couple of shows and I feel so happy and peaceful.

I am very much looking forward to another great Pure Barre class tomorrow morning. It will also be so much fun for my son to have his best friend over for a sleepover tomorrow. I got the kids some good treats picked up a couple of pool rafts and will make sure they have lots of fun.

I need to get some night lights for the house and a few odds and ends. I want to get new workout clothes and some new sneakers. I also want to go to White House Black Market and check out the sale items.

Missing my husband while he is away at work. At least I am getting stuff done here and I want us to be able to to up there to be with him soon once I get the kids all set for school. I am getting tired. So I will cut this short and just say thank you for reading and today I feel truly blessed. Also thank you to Katie she got my daughter the cutest outfit for her birthday and Savannah and I love it.

July 18, 2018 

Had to cancel my Pure Barre class was very bummed out but there was a croup outbreak at my daughters daycare and did not want to risk sending her. 

Her wall mural finally got put up and we absolutely love it. Today was kinda stressful went all around with kids in tow. But things did not go smoothly. 

I am bummed my husband has not heard from his daughter and got so much as a text or email to say thank you for the many items he so generously got her and her husband off their wedding registry. 

Kids and I made s nice dinner and had some yummy fresh bake chocolate chip mini cookies for dessert. I am hoping to get more accomplished tomorrow.

Hoping our contractor finally gets our home finished. Glad my husband put ac vent covers on and installed doggy door. He also got our picture orders put up mirror in our powder room repaired Savannahs two toys. 

I’ve been enjoying our new washer and dryer and our new kitchen appliances. Feel so behind on things that need to be done before kids go back to school. 

Want to see my Aunt Janne soon missing her a lot. Can’t really take the kids to see her so will need to figure something out. 

Our new home is wall to wall tile which isn’t easy to keep clean not enough outlet plugs to run a steam mop or any cord vacuum or mop in house. So large it’s too expensive to use swiffer mop and cleaner. I have an old school mop and bucket and that’s exhausting but it makes it looks nice until everyone wakes up lol. 

I need area rugs and possibly some hallway outlets in our house added. My little one is asleep 😴 my son has his room clean done all his chores and is enjoying his free gaming time now. 

I am going to take it easy make my to do list for tomorrow and try to relax and unwind. I am hoping tomorrow is a great day. Feel overwhelmed with everything on my plate. 

Time to relax goodnight 😴 

Daily roundup 

Enjoyed my Monday got a great Pure Barre workout in. Got my latest Stitch Fix box  3 out of 5 items were keepers. 

Wore my new dress on date night with my hubby we had a great evening out had delicious dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. We also enjoyed watching. The Big Sick at the movie theater. 

My Martha & Marley Spoon box and arrived three delicious meals for me to prepare this week. We signed our daughter up for preschool. 

I feel so blessed have an amazing husband wonderful children and the best friends ever. 

July 17,2017

Today I got in a morning workout at Pure Barre. It was hard but felt great 👍🏻 I appreciate all the tips and help our instructor Kylie gave us. 

I also like that Janey was there it helps motivate me. My mind is all over the place because of Cancer that is taking my loved one too soon. 

My step daughter getting married and not having my husband her Dad walk her down the isle or attend. That breaks my heart. 

Getting our kids prepared for school year one starting junior high other starting pre school. 

My shoulder is hurting a lot. I am excited powder room is done and my daughters mural will be put up tomorrow.

I need to shower while she’s napping 😴 

Bye bye for now. 🌻

Happily Ever After 

Wishing my step daughter all the love, laughter good health and many blessings as she starts her new adventure of marriage with her husband Drew. 

We would have loved to be there and celebrate their love and holy union. We love them and carry them in our hearts everyday we will pray for them and their marriage everyday. 

Hope they enjoy and get good use out of the registry items we were able to purchase for them.  Love and God bless these newlyweds. We will love you always and always keep our hearts and home open to you both. 🏡🌻💍🤵👰😍

July 16, 2017

Enjoyed a nice quiet day with my family today. Our little one was getting her energy back but not 100% so no going outside in pool or public. 

Movies and games were played. My husband got some items done for us around the house. Ran errands for us and got our family picture getting done for over fireplace. 

It was my best friends 40th Birthday I look forward to celebrating with her when she’s back in town. My step daughter got married today she’s my husbands first born. She’s a beautiful young woman and we wish her and her groom lots of love laughter and happiness. 

I wish that this event included our family mainly my husband. No one should be shut out of their children’s lives. It’s been close to a decade that my husband has been divorced and missed life events and normal day to day contact with his three beautiful gurus who are now young women. All graduated from high school his oldest Hayley  just graduated college and is as of tonight a married woman. Heather graduated from beauty school and looks like she’s doing great. Meagan going to Purdue in the Fall for college. 

I am sad not just for my husband who dearly loves these girls and reaches out and  gets his heart broken every time they choose not to respond. He has sent gifts wrote beautiful letters but he can only do him. 

I’ve told him I have faith that they will open their hearts as they grow in life. It’s hard when you’ve been kept from someone for so long and only told negative things about them by someone you love and trust. 

I am sad these girls are missing out on all the love kindness laughter friendship guidance and fathering they have missed out on. I have been praying everyday that their can be relationships built up again for him with his eldest daughters. 

I would love to have a relationship with them as well as them with my son and their baby sister who just turned two. I just hope that they remember we love them and our home is their home we are their family and will always. E here for them. 

I am still so sad that I have limited time to enjoy my aunt Janne. Cancer truly sucks I love her with all my heart and want to spend as much time as I can with her before it’s too late. 

Our house is really coming together I need to take some more pictures to post. It’s almost time to get my sons school uniforms bought and shoes and supplies. 

I ordered him another summer book he can start reading this week when it comes in. My daughter gets to start pre school next month. 

I’m looking forward to date night with my husband tomorrow night. Watching some pioneer woman episodes now. Plan on more home cooking in my beautiful new kitchen.

Missing my nephews and niece so much been awhile since I’ve seen them they are all growing up so much three high schoolers this year and one in college and one is 23. So proud of them all they are terrific. 

So much to get done this summer still. Home items galore. Real estate test for my husband. Brokers test for me all my book work still to do. Want to do beach trip with kids. Want to do another Disney trip. Want to do San Francisco family trip, Yosemite and get a boat for day to take out on gull or grant lake . 

I have books I want to finish I want to work on getting in shape. Use my ice cream maker with kiddos. I have pure Barre tomorrow and hoping to go all week. My kids are growing up so fast I am trying to savor every moment with them. 

I would love to take some more cooking classes I took a 6 month culinary course at our local cooking with class back in 2012. It was so much fun and I learned a lot. I want to travel more and see more family members that I miss. 

I feel very blesssed and make sure to count my blessings daily. I don’t have it all figured out nor even close. I have really hard rough days sometimes.But I have a wonderful family and work hard to be a loving wonderful wife and try to be the right balance of strict and fun mom. 

This week I will review my latest stitch fix box. Latest Martha and Marley spoon recipes. I will keep a progress report of my health and fitness. Planning out the remainder of our summer break. 

Goodnight everyone 🏡🙏😴

July 15, 2017

Well we had a great week at Disney but my little one started feeling done for our last night yesterday she did not have much energy at all . 

She had us all up last night but seemed to have zest again. She was good today until after lunch then she’s been laying watching movies having severe pain on and off. 

Low grade fevers only but not drinking much fluids still peeing plenty and even had a full bowel movement so not dehydrated. 

I have her in bed with me now comfortable but she cries about every 20-45 minutes in pain. I put some vapor rub on her chest and throats but I’m not sure what’s bugging her. It may even be her molars killing her. 

This is the part of being a mom that breaks my heart I want to feel the pain for her I don’t want her to hurt and be uncomfortable. I hate that she’s not at an age to tell me what’s hurting.

Praying she’s able to get sleep tonight and feel relief and better tomorrow. 🙏