October 19, 2018

Wednesday was a nice day pretty busy. I dropped kids off at school and then met my friend Chelsea for coffee.

Then I went to the 11:00am Classic class at Pure Barre and had lunch afterwards with my friend Barbara was a nice long lunch enjoyed catching up.

I didn’t end up getting my errands done before it was time to pick Brandon up but got my laundry and dishes done.

Once I picked Brandon up I took him to get a pair of shoes and a two packs of socks as an early Birthday gift.

I made dinner for us and took Brandon to football practice then Savannah and I headed to Target to get a few items.

We went home got her cleaned up for bed and Jeff got back in town in time to pick Brandon up from football practice.

Thursday got kids to school and went to Pure Barre Reform class. It was another good one. Then I got all my errands done got my dry cleaning dropped off and gas tank filled up and then got groceries.

Once I got kids picked up and got dinner made for them Jeff and I had a date night and watched “First Man” and then came home and cuddled with my munchkin and let her sleep with us all night.

My back is so sore this morning so imagine she was kicking me. After kids were at school this morning I put on some beef stew in my slow cooker baked some banana nut bread.

I went to Pure Barre and did a great classic workout. Then got my morning coffee and came home for some more cleaning done checked on my Beef Stew and cleaned up after my workout.

Tonight starts Brandon’s Birthday fun he’s having friends spend the night and then tomorrow my husband Jeff is taking Brandon and his three buddies to Universal Studios for the day. Hope everyone had a great week! πŸ‘πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈπŸ˜˜


October 16, 2018

So Friday I had one of those nutty days went to Pure Barre at wrong time so ended up not working out. Got my coffee and got my nails done.

Got kids from school made dinner and then my husband and I went to see “Night School”.

Saturday took Savannah to Dance class then we had Brandon’s football game. My mom came to cheer him on and my friend Chelsea her husband and kids as well.

We had a late lunch and got Savannah down for a nap. Then we met up with our friends to see “Little Foot” it was a cute movie and Savannah did good during it.

Sunday I got in a workout and we cleaned Brandon worked on Science Project and then we took kids to fall carnival.

Brandon Volunteered and the. Got some time to hang with his friends and go on rides. Savannah had a blast went on giant slide over and over again went through fun house a ton too and went on pony’s multiple times. We played some games had lots of snacks and enjoyed.

Monday I was feeling crummy all day didn’t workout but did get a lot of laundry done. Made a huge dinner for me and kids. Jeff went to hangout with his best friend Ed.

Today Jeff left for June Lake he has a real estate offer to write up and submit. I took Savannah to school and started laundry had breakfast stripped beds.

Then headed to pure barre had a good class. Got my coffee came home been finishing up laundry all bedding and rugs. Need to make myself some lunch and blow dry my hair.

I tried on stitch fix items and packed up items I sold on poshmark. Hopefully I will get all my dusting and mirror cleaning done before picking Brandon up.

He turns 12 this coming Sunday and I can’t believe how much he’s growing up. I have got my fall decor out and decorated. We are definitely on a tight budget right now so not sure if we can get him his basketball hoop for his Birthday but I hope so because right now shoes are all I’m getting him and his Birthday trip with his friends Saturday. I want to take him on a Disney day too and get him an Xbox Card or two.

I haven’t done my Peloton in forever so I need to get back to doing it two – three times a week.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸ™πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈπŸˆ

October 12, 2018

This week has been a busy week. My husband got home 12am Wednesday morning. He had such a long day on Tuesday I felt bad and so much driving.

I had a great day Tuesday my bestie came down picked me up took me to coffee and to see ” A Star is Born ” which was a fantastic movie with a great soundtrack.

Sara took me too lunch after we browsed at forever 21. Then we picked up Brandon from school and she dropped us off at home.

Brandon had practice so after picking Savannah up we took him to football practice. He also had football Wednesday and Thursday night.

Brandon’s grades are going up and down right now so just trying to see where his gpa ends at.

Since I didn’t do pure barre Monday and Tuesday I did two pure barre workouts on Wednesday. Back at it this morning.

I took Savannah to pick out her Halloween costume the other night it’s super cute and she loves it.

We have more Voulenteering this weekend we also have her dance class and Brandon’s football game and the Carnival at his school.

I want us to go see “Small Foot” movie as a family this weekend. I’ve been getting errands done and getting the house in order.

I went for a belated Birthday facial yesterday treated myself it felt great. Hope everyone has had a great week! πŸ˜˜πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈπŸˆπŸ‘πŸ™

October 8, 2018

So my daughter has been home and no school since Wednesday around Noon so essentially six days straight.

This mama enjoyed her little girl but is very happy that she will be back I. Her school routine and playing with her friends.

Friday was a super busy day my son was home too as he had day off from his school. I did get in a workout but at night. I spent morning at home with kids then dropping Charly to groomers then Target and got my son a coffee and my daughter a cake pop none for me I didn’t feel great.

Then took my son to his Voulenteering and then Savannah passed out in car as I headed to get gas tank filled up and dry cleaning. I skipped dry cleaning so she could sleep longer. Groomer called so I had to wake her up when I got there to pick up our dog Charly.

He was so handsome and smelled great again. We had just enough time to drop him at home use the restroom and race back to pick up Brandon.

Then we had dinner I worked out and we watched Hotel Transylvania 3. We started to watch Jumangi but it was getting late and my son had football game Saturday.

His coach’s wife was supposed to set up ride for Brandon and get back to me and I never heard back from her even after leaving two more messages.

Saturday Brandon was up making sure he had breakfast and was dressed and still nothing I can’t believe how we never heard back at all.

Brandon changed into regular clothes and we took Savannah to dance and then we got some Starbucks and hung out and made a nice day of it my daughter still needed her rest so she rested good.

Brandon and I watched movies and did chores around the house. We had a nice dinner and all slept good.

Sunday I got to wake up and workout. Had breakfast with kids before hand and still felt good during workout.

Got to see my friend Elizabeth she still can’t work out but can finally drive again so came by to say hi to us after our Barre class.

I picked the kids up treats from Starbucks and got my old favorite Grande Mocha Frappuccino with expresso shot and cinnamon over whip cream.

We played games and played dress up and I made a delicious Balsamic Chicken and veggies and garlic bread for dinner. Made simple lunch of quesadillas and sliced apples.

We watched “Home Again” and “Dumbo”. Then all headed to bed.

Today Savannah and I dropped Brandon off to school. Came home had breakfast took our shower and baths. Got dressed got our Starbucks her a water and cake pop me a overly sweet Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino which I could only drink two sips of before tossing out.

We headed to park ran into some friends and hung out for quite awhile. Then we raced home to get cleaned up and start lunch. Then I got Savannah down for nap but had to wake her up since I had to pick up Brandon from school.

I got a lot of cleaning done but hurt my elbow really bad and ended up skipping Pure Barre evening class.

We had Tortellini for dinner and kids ate really good. I caught up on some of my shows and got Savannah cleaned up for bed.

It took her awhile to fall asleep tonight but it’s always nice to cuddle. Brandon’s grades are improving although Math is still a concern for me.

Planning his 12th Birthday and beyond excited that my husband will finally be back home tomorrow evening.

Also beyond excited I get the whole day with my best friend tomorrow πŸ™Œ I am exhausted hope everyone had a fantastic weekend ! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸ™

October 05, 2018

This week has been a very busy week for me. Getting house and kids organized again after returning from our trip kept me going non stop.

I got back to Pure Barre Tuesday night and went all week. Somehow my number went down when I got into town I don’t get that but oh well.

Wednesday Savannah got sent home from school early with a cough she’s been home with me all week. So that changed things up. Brandon has football 🏈 practice Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday night and it’s a 25 minute drive so that was our nights.

Today Brandon had off from school but we still had dog grooming, medicine to pick up for Savannah. Voulenteering which is a drive with all the toad construction today.

Savannah only got a fifteen minute nap in the car. We have otherwise had a good week Brandon’s grades are not where they should be he has some C’s and should have more A’s but he’s working on it. He did get them up he had D’s in two classes.

As a mom that’s stressful and can drive you nuts because when they are his age you can’t hold their hand through it they have to learn to he a good Studier be organized prepared and accountable.

Savannah had to kiss her first Dance class at school Wednesday since she got sent he early she was bummed. But she sounded awful and clearly had a bad cough and a runny nose.

One of the sweet instructors I met while vacationing in Indiana is having a baby found out yesterday excited for her she is such s sweetheart.

I still need to pick up dry cleaning if tomorrow is not too hectic. My body is so sore from all my classes this week but it’s a good sore. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments from gals I take class with.

Savannah is absolutely loving her new princess bedding and she was so excited.

I’m missing my husband while he’s away working and looking forward to him being home. Please keep my niece and nephews friends in your prayers Jay & Kai are still not out of the woods and need positive thoughts. Also please pray for and think positive for Savannah’s buddy Truman he’s battling cancer and is one incredible three year old so Brave. πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

I also picked up Savannah’s scholastic books from school and her school pictures as well as a bible her teacher got her. That was so sweet she got one for each child to have for chapel day.

So much to look forward to in the near future so I need to get some sleep. πŸ™πŸ˜˜πŸ˜΄πŸ‘πŸˆπŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ Hope everyone has a great weekend !

Alienation of family

It’s sad what a parent will do to cause an ex pain and prevent their children from having another loving parent in their life truly sad will never understand a person that keeps kids from their parent and grandparents and other family members and throws fits and guilts children even as adults when they have any relationship with other parent. I can only pray for them as that is a very sad existence to cause so much pain to others for years on end just to be in control and inflict pain.

On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink πŸ’—

As I am sure most of you already know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Pure Barre is my favorite form of weekly exercise . We’re going Pink on Wednesday’s this month for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We just got back in town Monday from our trip to Indiana and Chicago. It was great to explore both areas. I will post my blog on our travels soon. Last night I got to do a Pure Barre Classic back here at my local studio Miranda really gave us a great workout.

Today after getting the kids to school I started to get things back in order at home. I did get all my laundry done yesterday so it was menu planning and other cleaning.

I went to a 11:00 am Pure Barre Classic Jenay was our instructor we all love her pretty much everyone came because she was teaching.

My little girl was unfortunately coughing and I picked her up early from school. She didn’t get her nap so just trying to keep her comfortable and keep her on fluids and cough syrup until she feels better.

I’m making us a lasagna tonight and garlic bread, My son has four tests tomorrow and it’s raining 🌧 so he’s staying home from football practice to study for his tests and complete homework.

My Birchbox arrived today with some great skin masks to enjoy during My me time .

My husband is in June Lake he has his CAC meeting tonight and lots of work at the motel and Real Estate office to keep him busy.

I am going to cancel my Pure Barre Reform class which is a bummer but my little girl will be home with me tomorrow and I want to get her feeling 100% better so it will be a girls day at home for us.

We are watching Hotel Transylvania 3 tonight which looks really cute. I love Brandon’s school pictures we got them back this week they look great!

Excited to get Savannah’s also her scholastic book order should be in soon too. Bummed she missed Dance class today after school.

I’ve been loving my new fall hair color and my lip plumping looks great too! I still need to get new prescription eye glasses soon.

I got our dog Charly an appointment for the groomers. Brandon will be home Friday he has no school but we have voulenteer hours .

Savannah is off next Monday so hoping she can go back to school Friday especially since I have a full day.

It was so nice to have the whole gang together today at Pure Barre. My dear friend is still recovering from her surgery she got an infection so another 6-8 weeks until she can get back to working out with us.

Still in need of Prayers for the kids they are still in hospital and in need of healing positive thoughts and prayers. Please Keep my daughters friend Truman in your thoughts and prayers as well he’s been battling cancer for over 6 weeks he is such a sweetie and a true hero.

I hope everyone had a great day! I need to get back to some cuddle and tlc. Time with my little girl.


October 02, 2018

Sorry it’s been awhile I will catch up and write about our travels but tonight I just ask you to be patient.

While on our travels I got horrible news back home my niece and nephews are dealing with a horrible situation.

Saturday around 3:40 am their three friends were in a horrible wreck their car flipped. These kids need our prayers one has been released from hospital but the other two are I bad shape.

One had back surgery as spine is severed and trying to save from paralysis. The other in a coma and has had half of his skull removed.

Life is precious and I just want positive thoughts and prayers for these children and their families.

I have been praying each day and night and carried these sweet kids in my head and heart. I pray for healing for a full recovery for both.

Also Truman has been fighting like the true hero he is for over six weeks I know he will beat cancer he is an amazing young man and at only three years old he needs all your positive vibes and prayers as well.

I pray for those who are sick and who need our prayers and strength.

I thank God everyday for my family each and everyone of them near or far. Those we get to see everyday and talk to everyday and those that we don’t.

Love is the only way I want to live loving being open being hopeful being positive and inclusive. Please let this also have us all hug those we love more express how much we love more and realize time and life is fleeting and tomorrow is not promised.

Love everyone living in anger and lies and negativity is a horrible sad place cutting family out of your life and children’s lives is truly a sad devastating thing. I pray for those who find happiness in others pain.

Give freely your time your love and don’t hold back. When you can’t see them anymore you won’t regret what you did for them it will be a smile to remember all the joy you brought to their lives and knowing you have touched their life and heart forever.

I hope everyone had a great day and I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and thriving and if you need prayers I’m happy to pray for you and your family.

Take Care & God Bless


Today has been a long day got the kids off to school finished up cleaning. Got coffee and breakfast before heading on the road.

Felt crummy nearly all day we had a nice lunch when we got to San Diego. But my head was killing me and got worse and worse I started feeling nauseous too.

When we went out to dinner I started to feel much better. We had an excellent dinner at 3rd Corner Wine and Bistro in Ocean Beach.

While surfing channels in the hotel I came across new show with Jerry O’Connell and a few others dishing on all the bravo drama. I liked it will have to look it up again when we get home and start TiVo.

I also watched Desert Flippers which is cool to see since it’s in our area. But I am tired now and we leave for airport at 4:00 am so I need to crash out soon.


Today was a busy day of travel we left our hotel in San Diego and headed to airport at 4:00am.

We boarded our flight by 5:45am and made it to Dallas then got lunch and a connecting flight to Indianapolis.

We picked up our bags and our rental car which was a nice Range Rover. Headed to our hotel rested and got cleaned up for dinner.

Buca Di peppo was the restaurant we had our dinner at. It was very delicious huge family style portions so we shared a chopped anti pasta salad and baked rigatoni and garlic bread. We had cannolis and gelato for dessert.

Afterwards we took a tour in a horse drawn carriage it was a nice evening. The weather has been nice so far hope it stays that way!

Got to talk to our little girl tonight miss her so much. Our son was at football practice.

Goodnight so exhausted 😴