Rainy Days Coffee and Rainbows

What a morning , driving around  our desert the rain is beautiful it brings happiness to me. I saw a large rainbow after dropping my daughter off and while sipping my morning coffee I take in this incredible beauty of nature. When it rains I feel like it’s a cleanse a fresh new beginning is on its way. The rainbows show hope for all to come in your day week and year. I always have the urge to bake when its gloomy outside sit by the fire or just cozy up with a blanket. Traveling in the rain is obviously a headache for many people commuting to work because out here in California at least people seem to not know how to react to rain and there are always more traffic problems, accidents and delays. I can look into the sky and feel like a happy hopeful child when I see a beautiful rainbow. I want to dream and I want to color and write and dance. I long for the creativity I had as a child I was so inventive I was so positive  and happy. I am already missing my wonderful husband he’s headed out-of-town for work again. Since his business is out of town I am used to him going out of town usually once a month for up to a week. But I always miss having him home with us. I enjoy it in the summer when the kids and I can be there with him. He will be driving in not only rain today but hitting the snowy weather as well and its supposed to be snowing until Monday. I lived in Portland, OR back in my youth when I was  a flight attendant. The rain was a regular day-to-day  reality especially in my flights to Seattle, WA. Those memories are wonderful not just because of how much I enjoyed my job and having a change of scenery. But relationships in general were authentic and we wrote letters to friends and family still. Now it’s merely e-mails and texts.I rarely have phone conversations with friends and loved ones over the phone. I can’t  remember the last time you saw people eating lunch or dinner or having a coffee without their phone out texting, snapping pictures etc. I enjoy all the wonderful technology we have today, but I do wish we could do with out all of that at least a day or two each week. I want my kids to enjoy the same carefree joys I did as a child. But they don’t know a life without the Internets, cell phones and all social media. I remember dial-up internet, I remember the cell phones being bricks back in the 90’s when I was a teenager. I never used a cell phone on a daily basis until I started my flight attendant job and even then. I did not take it with me everywhere and I certainly wasn’t on it non stop. I feel like 2005-2006 is when social media really started to suck everyone in and make it where you were doing stuff online interacting with others and its like we never looked back. I definitely  caught the social media bug and  quite enjoy a lot of it. But I love to read books and shut off my phone and computer and just quiet my world and exist. I am really working on how to parent with all this and create a healthy balance for my children to enjoy the new technology but have organic meaningful relationships. To still be creative to not need instant gratification and to definitely not need likes on social media to feel relevant. But to have a great sense of self and know how to love and care and work hard. I am worried about the lack of work ethic in the world today. I hate that no matter where I turn people always want more and they don’t want to work for it they feel entitled they think they want it now and there for they should have it. That mindset will destroy our children’s future. My coffee is all gone time to get to my house work. Thank you for reading my blog I will continue to write and appreciate any thoughts you have to share.

Published by 40fitmom

My Name is Jennifer .I was born and raised in California.I am the proud mother of two incredible children Brandon and Savannah.I enjoy trying new things,Outdoor adventures,new recipes, and travel, just to name a few.I hope to encourage others to try new things! I strive to learn as much as possible. I am on a journey to be my best self. Working out more drinking half my body weight in water. Meditating and journaling to find inner peace. I am working on my self esteem and have lots of goals I’m working towards. I cherish my family and friends and never take a single moment for granted.

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