Palm Desert is Beautiful

We are truly blessed to live here its a wonderful city. We have nine months of awesome weather and three months of truly hot weather but it’s mainly June through August so you can escape and go on vacations with your family to the mountains or beach in less than two-hour drive. This time of year we have beautiful snow-covered mountains to enjoy while enjoying temperatures sometimes as warms as 80’s usually between mid 60’s and mid 70’s. You can spend your free time hiking all the wonderful trails. Bicycling there are many groups you can join if you don’t want to ride solo. Roller skating or blading at local parks. Long walks or Jogs alone with friends or with your furry friends. Great temperatures to enjoy a day of golf or tennis and so many spots to choose to play. I enjoy taking nice long walks and I am lucky  enough to get to do so nearly everyday. When you live in this beautiful weather your able to enjoy the outdoors each day. You can start with your morning exercise outdoors. You can sip your morning coffee out on your patio, balcony or porch. When you get the chance to go to lunch or dinner at any of the wonderful locations  you have the option for outside dining and its usually warm enough to enjoy the fresh air and beautiful day. Lots of people make this their winter home so they can  escape the snow, heavy rains, and cold brutal weather where  they live. There are so many wonderful events that happen year round here. We have Many golf tournaments we have the BNP Paribas Open in neighboring Indian Wells March 06-March 19 2017. We just had the Career Builder Challenge Golf tournament. Congratulations to 2017 Champion Hudson Swafford. That was January 15-21 in Neighboring La Quinta. The 19th Annual Tour de Palm Springs was on January 20-21. The Frank Sinatra Celebrity Invitational will be at Eagle falls Golf Course this coming February. Stage Coach 2017 which will be from April 28- April 30.Coachella Concert dates will be April 14-16 and April 21-23. There are many more terrific events and we are very blessed to have so much going on in our beautiful city and neighboring cities. Once again another blessing is we can drive to Palm Springs ride the tram and be in the snow for a day of fun in under an hour. We can drive to Big Bear/ Lake Arrowhead in two hours time. We can drive to Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego all in about two hours whenever we want. Those who go to Lake Havasu only have a 3 1/2 hour drive from here to enjoy the fun in the sun and jet ski, water ski go boating and so much more. If you live here be happy for all were blessed with. If you’re visiting  please partake in all the wonderful beauty and fun our city and surrounding cities have to offer. I will be posting more on best Spas, dining spots, Golf etc. Look for those and thanks for reading.


Ballroom Dance Lessons

So my husband and I have been taking Ballroom dance classes with a private instructor. We have only been doing it once a week for 7 weeks. It’s definitely a fun activity and we’re learning a lot. Sometimes you feel like you don’t know anything but your muscle memory sets in and you realize you did great 👍. We’re still beginners but it will be something we keep getting better at. It will be something we can use forever and enrich our lives. It’s pretty cool to do this with my husband and see how much it teaches us about each other. We have done The Waltz, The Foxtrot, The Cha Cha, The Rumba and have many more to learn our instructor is having us get together as a big group with all his other students to do one large class and a dance after. I will write more on this as we progress and post pictures when someone captures us in action. I highly recommend this as something to do with your partner .

Coming Soon….

Lots of fun new things to write about. I will be heading to June Lake, CA this weekend  that is just North of Mammoth and quite beautiful. So much snow after the last winter storm. I will make sure to give lots of good informative information on everywhere to go while your there. I also ordered my first Martha & Marley Spoon Dinner Box it will arrive next week and once It arrives and I cook the recipes I will blog about it. Tomorrow I will be trying “it Works” wrap for the first time as well as starting a 90 day carb and fat blocking pill challenge. So I will blog about that as well. I have made some great purchases from White House Black Market so I will be taking some time to take photos of the items and writing about them. I also have a new shipment arriving from Stitch fix next week so I will make sure to get that photographed and reviewed let you know more about that. My son just had his first Basketball game of the season and it will be fun addition to my mom page. I will review my latest show we watched at the Mc Callum theater and give more up to date reviews on best dining spots to go here in the desert as well as all the  wonderful locations I travel. My daughter is on the go and is definitely  changing in good ways growing up. My son is gearing up for starting junior high next year. I am ready to start a new Barre workout   routine next month. So that will be up here on my blog as well. I also am working on a post  about the ballroom classes  my husband and I our taking. Stay tuned plenty of good posts heading your way. Thank you all for reading and love the comments and feedback  everyone has given me. Hope you enjoy !

Keeping the romance alive 

It’s very important to me that my husband feel a priority to me. Sometimes with life’s busy schedule unplanned chaos and stress you forget to take that time to connect to your partner. Having two children under 11 can take up a lot of your time attention and energy. I believe displaying a healthy loving relationship is part of raising good children. I want them to see my husband and me love each other take time for each other. Once my daughter arrived summer of 2015 it was hard we were sleep deprived and had so much going on to zap our energy. We even had just lost my grandmother before our daughter was born. My father law was battling cancer. After the holidays passed I knew we had to start looking for s sitter and not just relying on an outing once a month while my parents watched kids. We saw a lot of candidates before we chose our weekly child care provider. Now each week we plan a real date get time to talk to one another enjoy each other’s company. Flirt with each other be playful. Try new things is very important as well. We started taking ballroom dance classes 6 weeks ago. Doing this even when schedule is hectic and money is tight at times is more than worth it. My husband and I stay connected recharged and grow deeper in love with each other when we nurture our love. 

Favorite Dining spots

There is a fabulous place Called Vivo 838 W Randolph St. Chicago,IL 60607 312-733-4436

its a Classic Italian menu.   I wanted a special night out with my husband and had heard of this place and to ask for Table 70. Its well worth it ! My husband is Italian and quite picky when it comes to Italian dining. He absolutely  fell in love with this place. 

Mastro’s Steakhouse The Gardens on El paseo, 73405 El Paseo #120 Palm Desert,CA 92260


There are many great steak houses here in the desert. But Mastro’s has the best bar area in my opinion. My husband and I enjoy going in sitting a a table in the bar area or at the bar enjoying the live music. The food is top notch a favorite for me is the Warm spinach Salad. The wine selection is vast and they have the chianti  we love. When your in the desert be sure to check them out. I will say they dining room is very small and lacks atmosphere we asked for the dining room on an anniversary  and we later wished we had just asked for seating in the lounge. The service is excellent we go there quite often and always have our needs met. 


Step by Step 

It’s always so interesting to watch your child learn and grow. They all learn things at different stages and do things very differently. My daughter for instance is 1 1/2 and she is becoming very verbal. She has a stubborn streak and has decided she hates getting her diaper changed as well as getting dressed. She’s eating really well and is learning a lot. She also puts up quite a fight when I attempt to do her hair. This is new territory for me I did not have the same issues with my first child. She is learning to self play and be creative. She is starting to be enjoyable to go to Disneyland with and restaurants and in the past it was hard. She’s still taking her two naps a day but she’s wanting to come sleep with us at night. We always do put her back in her crib though. I am not ready to put her on toddler bed yet she doesn’t try to get out of crib and she’s petite so thinking of waiting a few more months. I did purchase a potty chair and will be attempting to potty train her in next few months. It’s such a privilege and gift to be a mother. See the world through your children’s eyes. I am doing my best to not miss a thing and to get proper pictures and moments recorded in scrapbooks photo albums etc . It’s incredible to view photos from this time last year and look at how far she’s come in every way. ❤️🎀😍🏡

The new childhood

I am raising two wonderful children. They are now one years old and ten years old. I never thought much about how different  their childhood and mine would be when I was pregnant with them. When I was born and the whole time I was growing up it was so different. We had busy parents who worked constantly, but very hard so they could do as many nice things for us and with us as possible. There was no baby proofing when I was a baby we lived in a 3 story home and there were no child gates blocking stairs no outlet covers etc. I did not end up in hospital I was just fine. There was not boards and posts and social media input everywhere of how you should  raise your child. What you should be feeding them buy them for entertainment, clothes etc. When I was in elementary my parents worked a lot and sometimes my mom was late picking me up or even forgot. Now days  shed be scorned for that. But back then no big deal a friends parent would take me home or a yard duty would wait with me until she arrived. I also from third grade on was home alone after I arrived home on the bus. I knew how to make snacks for myself and took care of all my entertainment, school work , chores without  any prompting. I also had so much freedom that came along with that responsibly that my kids will never know at the young age of 7. Back then we were toted around with no car seat even when we were less than 80 pounds. Sometimes with no seat belts in the back bed of trucks  or laying down in back of car. We survived ! Yet today there are so many rules and so much electronics that it’s a whole new world for my children. Some of it is so wonderful. I want them safe as they can be. I want them to have the best advanced technology. But they have  lost the freedom, lost the responsibility and pride that comes with that. They are missing out on being bored and curing it themselves with imagination and creativity. They are forever in social competition to be popular and cool on social media from such a young age. I was a fashion victim  for most of my young life and I read books and played in the dirt. I am sure that since I spent some of my young life being bullied and coming home crying. It would have been extremely  worse on me if I came home and that it was still there on social media. I feel for the children today with all the horrible bullying and terrorizing on social media. I also wish my son and daughter could enjoy a time in their lives of living in the moment not needing to photograph  everything tweet or snap or Facebook it. Social media did not even come into my life until  about a year before my son was born I was nearly  30. I feel so lucky that I did have a time in my young childhood all the way through high school and until I was 21 that the phone was not an appendage to me I was not a slave to it. Also I was able to not be a slave to internet and social media until around 2005 and then even though I still went without it and still at that point in my life went without phones on my vacations. Once I became a mother I started seeing the differences of my childhood and theirs. I do as much as I can to balance the limits with my kids on what they do with electronics how much time they can spend on it etc. I also do my best to make sure they have responsibilities and chores as well as know how to cook or at least help prep meals depending on age. I want them to have some sense of the responsibility and freedoms I grew up with. I was babysitting a 1,3,5-year-old by the time I was 10 and it was late into the night. I was always making money on my own sense then. It gave me a sense of pride and I wanted to do things on my own. I wanted to earn my own way. I had goals from a very young age. I was not pushed towards high grades or college or sports and activities. My parents worked really hard and they were busy and it was left to me to give myself drive and determination and to work hard. I wanted to for myself and to make them proud of me. Now days  I notice kids do not want to work they do not want their own money. They don’t even want to get their driver’s license which I cannot fathom. They have no desire to move out of the house when they graduate. I could not wait I fantasized about having my own place since I was like 10 or 11 and it was something I looked forward  to. Saying that I want to make sure you know I was driven  I had loving wonderful parents who I adored and spent a ton of time with. They worked crazy hours but when we did have weekends together and vacations we made the most of it and I was one lucky kid. I was also responsible enough that from age 14 on I was left at home days or week at a time and was trusted to get myself to school feed myself get school and homework done take care of dogs etc. I did and I loved it, sometimes I wish they were home when it was around my birthday or special event. But otherwise I loved being responsible  and doing a good job and parents coming home to a clean house knowing I followed the rules did not stay out past curfew which was only 8pm or have friends over. My daughter is already  desiring to be on iPad and on phone and she’s not even two. I will do my best to make sure she understands  limits just as my son has been learning. I am very lucky that my son is an amazing older brother who loves his sister with all his heart. I work everyday  to be the best mom I can be. I mess up as we all do from time to time but I try not to be too critical of myself and to just learn improve and carry on. I love being a mom. I would love to hear any of your thoughts  thanks for reading I know time in our busy days is very  precious.


Kobe Steakhouse 

69838 HWY 111 Rancho Mirage, CA 92270   Phone :760-324-1717

Great meal fun place to take the whole family or have date night. My one year old was thoroughly entertained and service was excellent. If you live out here or just visit make sure you go to Kobe Steakhouse. 

I Agree she Nailed It !

REPOSTING …. the woman who posted this NAILED IT ! I am not a “disgrace to women” because I don’t support the women’s march. I do not feel I am a “second class citizen” because I am a woman. I do not feel my voice is “not heard” because I am a woman. I do not feel I am not provided opportunities in this life or in America because I am a woman. I do not feel that I “don’t have control of my body or choices” because I am a woman. I do not feel like I am ” not respected or undermined” because I am a woman. I AM a woman. 

I can make my own choices. 

I can speak and be heard. 

I can VOTE. 

I can work if I want. 

I control my body. 

I can defend myself. 

I can defend my family. 

There is nothing stopping me to do anything in this world but MYSELF. 

I do not blame my circumstances or problems on anything other than my own choices or even that sometimes in life, we don’t always get what we want. I take responsibility for myself. 

I am a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend. I am not held back in life but only by the walls I choose to not go over which is a personal choice. 

Quit blaming. 

Take responsibility. 

If you want to speak, do so. But do not expect for me, a woman, to take you seriously wearing a pink va-jay-jay hat on your head and screaming profanities and bashing men. 

If you have beliefs, and speak to me in a kind matter, I will listen. But do not expect for me to change my beliefs to suit yours. Respect goes both ways. 

If you want to impress me, especially in regards to women, then speak on the real injustices and tragedies that affect women in foreign countries that do not that the opportunity or means to have their voices heard. 

Saudi Arabia, women can’t drive, no rights and must always be covered. 

China and India, infantcide of baby girls. 

Afghanistan, unequal education rights. 

Democratic Republic of Congo, where rapes are brutal and women are left to die, or HIV infected and left to care for children alone. 

Mali, where women can not escape the torture of genital mutilation. 

Pakistan, in tribal areas where women are gang raped to pay for men’s crime. 

Guatemala, the impoverished female underclass of Guatemala faces domestic violence, rape and the second-highest rate of HIV/AIDS after sub-Saharan Africa. An epidemic of gruesome unsolved murders has left hundreds of women dead, some of their bodies left with hate messages.

And that’s just a few examples. 

So when women get together in AMERICA and whine they don’t have equal rights and march in their clean clothes, after eating a hearty breakfast, and it’s like a vacation away that they have paid for to get there…

This WOMAN does not support it.

January 21,2017 Birthday’s to Celebrate

IMG_7207.JPGWell today we are hanging at home until my little one is up from her nap. Then its off to the grocery store and to run errands. We are celebrating my Mom’s birthday tonight and going out for a family dinner.I look forward to a night of celebrating my mom. She is a lovely person and a great mother and a devoted Nana to all her grandchildren. I love her dearly and I am very happy and grateful to have her. Today is also marks the birthday of two of my baby girls half sisters. One is turning 22 and the other one is turning 18. I am hoping in the future my daughter and our whole family can celebrate with her big Sisters on their special days. I feel blessed that I have 3 lovely Step daughters and my daughter has them as half sisters. My children and I have not had the pleasure of meeting them in person or being in there lives yet. But I know it will happen one day with Gods help and that my wonderful husband who misses them everyday will be reunited with his girls. Happy Birthday to My Mother and to the girls. I am happy today as it’s a beautiful sunny day after a few days of rain its nice to enjoy the sunshine and the view of beautiful snow-capped mountains here in the desert. My husband was missing right now as he is up working in June Lake, CA. Its been snowing like crazy up there so I know when I go up next week its going to be some great fun in the snow.