Adore Me (Review)

Well I anxiously awaited my arrival and I am happy to say its here. I am also so happy to report everything fit great and felt so comfortable and wonderful it made me feel good about myself and I feel great in all three sets. I will say they exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be purchasing my undergarments and lingerie from this company.


February 28,

Had a good nights sleep and  made sure I started my day with some cuddles with my kid’s and good healthy breakfast. I am hiking the bump n grind later today. I need to get my exercise in everyday. I will also go sign up at Pure Barre for the month of March. I will also look for a spin bike or treadmill for the house. Get grocery shopping done check mail get my pants hemmed. Make sure our house is clean and tidy. Get my car cleaned as its been a lot of months since my car has been cleaned. I will take all my vitamins today and my medication tonight. I will be cooking my three latest meals from Martha & Marley Spoon tomorrow night Thursday night and Saturday night and will post about those as I cook them. My Adore Me order is set to arrive today so I will post about that with photos and full review of products. I have been taking It works Fat Fighter with my largest meal of the day each day. I ordered the It works Greens Chews So I will post about my review of those once I start taking them. My Fab fit Fun  Spring Box will be shipping out to me shortly and I will post about all the fabulous items that come in this new box. I will need to choose if I am ordering or skipping month for fable tics, Just Fab, Adore Me so if I choose to order anything I will post about that as well. Last night we went to the Premiere of our dear friends movie The Assumptions. So glad we made it out to support him on his big night. It was incredible to see him in action on the big screen. Look forward to seeing him in many more films to come. My son has a basketball game tonight so looking forward to watching him and his team in action tonight. March  28 is our three-year wedding anniversary  and I am trying to get in great shape for our anniversary trip  in April. I want to take the kids to Disneyland this coming Saturday so I hope the weather permits. Have a wonderful Tuesday 🙂

Day 7 of 90 Day Health Challenge (Tuesday)

Well yesterday I let the rainy weather hold me back and today its bright and sunny. I made sure to have my oatmeal and raspberry breakfast. I am having an iced mocha Grande size. After lunch I will be hiking the bump n grind. I will have a healthy spinach salad for lunch today. I will also drink lots of water. I will make sure to take my vitamins with lunch. Took my vitamins with lunch. For dinner had a slice of pizza and 3 garlic knots. Took It works Fat Fighter supplement  with dinner.







Calories Burned:2,143

Active Minutes:139

Steps: 11,747

Sleep:7 hours 27min

Water: 88 oz



Day 6 90 Day Health Challenge (Monday)







Calories Burned:1,908

Active Minutes:10

Steps: 4,592

Sleep: 7 hours 27 min

Water:56 0z

Breakfast I had Oatmeal with raspberries  and a Hot Mocha with Whip

Lunch Spinach Salad  and water

Snack: Famous Amos lunch size snack bag

Dinner: Steak & Chicken Fajitas with chips salsa and guacamole  1 small frozen margarita with salt

At Movie Premiere of Assumptions had small Hot Tamales Candy and Water

Vitamins and Medication: I did not take any 😦

I need to learn to be active during rain or snowy weather because I did not accomplish much of anything yesterday  because rain stopped me from my hike and outside exercise. I am going to hike bump n grind today and its sunny and I am more focused.

February 27, 2017

Its been raining today. I am worried about getting in my steps because I did not want to walk in the rain since I have the baby. We have our friends movie premiere tonight which will be fun. My latest Martha & Marley Spoon box is set to arrive today. I am still awaiting my first Adore Me Order. It seems to be taking forever to arrive. I am getting the usual Monday stuff done around here. Laundry and dishes and Re-organizing stuff that’s got out-of-order over the weekend. I look forward to cooking up the latest three meals from our weekly box. I need to get some other errands done. I did manage to pick up our dry cleaning when I was getting my morning coffee. Got our vacuuming done will mop when my little one goes down for her afternoon nap if before 3:30pm. Upcoming this week we have Jeff’s Colonoscopy, Ballroom dance class, My eye check up as well. I need to sign up for Pure Barre before March 1st and try to go to a class everyday. Brandon has a basketball game tomorrow night. Our dog Charly finally gets his  grooming done this Wednesday. I need to take some pants in to get hemmed. I have been doing pretty good so far with my 90 day health challenge. I really need to get my daughters bangs trimmed so she looks more put together she rarely  keeps hair things in her hair when I do it she looks like she has bed head all day long lol and I do style and brush it daily. I am missing having sweets and desserts but need to be good and refrain for now at least. Time to get busy again hope everyone is enjoying their Monday.

February 26, 2017

Well I barely got any sleep last night so I got up had my  coffee at 6am. It was raining lightly and everyone else was fast asleep. I had some oatmeal and raspberries for breakfast. Took Brandon to Catechism then he got a nice offer to go to fair with his friend Noah. So I picked him up 5 minutes early made sure he had cash for the day and he had a blast. He got to hang with Noah and they met up with their other buddy Blake. My husband and I went for a hike on the bump n grind again. had a light lunch and then a mid day splurge snack with my hubby at CPK. My mom was nice enough to spend afternoon hanging with Savannah. Then when Brandon got home we made the kid’s dinner and hung out as a family. I am pretty tired tonight so hoping I get a good nights sleep. Lots to do tomorrow and this coming week in general.

Day 5 of 90 Day Health Challenge






Miles: 6.46

Calories Burned: 2,091

Active Minutes: 127


Sleep: 3:57


Vitamins and Medication: Multi vitamin, Probiotic, Biotin, Lipitor, D3

Today we hiked the bump and grind again and it was nice. It feels good to be active and get daily exercise. For breakfast I had a Grande Hot Mocha and Oatmeal with  raspberries. for lunch I had a string cheese peanut butter filled pretzels one handful and cran-raisons and sunflower seeds and almonds. lots of water all day. After our hike we splurged and split guacamole and chips and lettuce wraps. I wasn’t hungry for dinner just had more cran-raisons and water.


Too late to sleep 

Got about three hours sleep 😴 last night got woke up at 3am and now it’s officially morning 6:05 am I might as well get coffee ☕️ and power through my day. I am very tired but no sleep in  sight everyone else is sleeping peacefully. I wish I had a treadmill or spin bike here so I could at least workout. I want to have a good day but when I am tired and dragging it’s just not the same. I want to get my hike in today after church. I want to be warm it’s felt so cold last couple of hours. Chance of rain ☔️ today. I need a coffee but I don’t want to wake husband or kids up so I just lie away silently . Now feeling so hungry 😋 and in need of ☕️. Tomorrow my fourth box arrives from Martha & Marley Spoon. I need to get 1-2 hours of cardio in each day and I need to figure out a way to get a spin bike or treadmill for the house. I can’t just rely on 3 daycare days that’s not enough for me to get in shape again my body is in need of everyday workouts. I wonder when everyone else will wake up. I am sure around 9 am when I have to get ready for church I will be ready to pass out and find it hard to stay awake. I just wish I got sleep from 3 am until now or even later. Hope everyone has a great day 😀

Day 4 of 90 Day Health Challenge

img_2006-1Outfit By Fabletics  shoes Sketchers

Age: 37


Weight: 135.1




Calories Burned:2,160

Active Minutes: 95

Steps: 13,717

Sleep: 9hr 29 Min

Water:40 oz

Vitamins & Medication: Multi Vitamin, Pro Biotic, Biotin, Lipitor, D3, and with Dinner I took the It Works Advanced Fight Fighter supplements. 

Well this morning I had Oatmeal for breakfast with a Grande Iced Mocha. For lunch I had 2 Egg whites. We took a hike on the bump and grind it was a nice family workout. For a snack after I had a Vanilla Greek yogurt with Chia Seeds. I had water to drink all day and night. For dinner I had one spring roll and 1/2 of Changs Spicy chicken entrée with brown rice and one fortune cookie. At the movies I shared a small popcorn and a box of sour patch kids with my husband and had a water.  Today I did pretty good but plan to do more exercise and eat even better each day during this journey.

Thanks for reading and I hope you stay tuned for the rest of my 90 day challenge. Goodnight

Date Night

My Top & Jeans from White House Black Market My Shoes from Just Fab

Well tonight was another wonderful evening out with my husband. We started off our night with a dinner at PF CHANGS, at the River in Rancho Mirage we sat on the patio it was a beautiful night. I am trying to be good on what I eat and drink so I drank water with our meal my husband had iced tea. He ordered Hot and Sour soup to start for him and we each had one spring roll as an appetizer. We shared Chang’s Spicy Chicken and Brown rice for our entrée. We enjoyed all the food it was delicious and we had great service. We each had our fortune cookies and liked our fortunes.

After dinner we headed over to the Cinemark Theater there at the River. We watched 50 Shades Darker. I liked it much better than the first one. So did my husband Jeff. We did enjoy snacks shared a small popcorn and shared sour patch candies. I again drank water my husband had a lemonade flavor vitamin water.

I liked the previews we watched I just cannot remember names of any of the movies lol. Well kids enjoyed their night with  our sitter as usual she’s the best. Time to get some sleep. Thanks for reading hope your having a great night!