February 25, 2017

Well today I made sure to have oatmeal for breakfast. I got myself a iced mocha and I still need to take my vitamins and medication. I don’t feel like eating lunch but need to eat something before we go for a hike. My little one is enjoying a new episode of elana of avalor on Disney channel. I am hoping to burn some good calories on hike. We have date night tonight and I am nervous I will gain weight from dinner and being at movie. I really need to get treadmill or spin bike for house to ensure I get minimum hour a day of cardio in. I still need to get my car cleaned it’s been months. I miss the days when I never had to weigh myself that I was 110 at any point in time and my weight did not change. Now I have been stuck in mid 130s and haven’t been under 130 since 2013. I can’t believe it’s almost March already.I need to use my Pure Barre gift card and that will be good exercise for me as well. I am so happy with how firm and fresh my skin looks it has a healthy glow. That facial was wonderful. I wish I could afford getting a trainer and working out at least 5 days a week with them. Still waiting on Adore Me shipment. I am Monday the next box from Martha & Marley Spoon will arrive. I want to lose at least ten pounds before our Anniversary trip. Time to get ready for date night the family hike was fun time to start doing it daily. 


Day 3 of the 90 Day Health Challenge

For Ninety days I will be pushing myself to take good care of myself both with exercise and my healthy meals and snacks. I will take prescribed medication by my doctor as well as prescribed supplement D3. I will log daily how I did and see where I am at. Because in 90 days I will be seeing my doctor again and getting more blood work done to see if I have made progress. Or if we need to run more tests. Wish me luck!






Calories Burned:1,555


Sleep: 8 hours 8 min

Water: 640z

This morning I had a half a banana and a Grande iced mocha. I spent the majority of the day at the spa and did not wear my fit bit for about 7 hours.

Lunch: BLTA Sandwich and fries and lemonade

did some light swimming for about 20 minutes today

Dinner: Spanish Style Shrimp Saute with water

vitamins & Medication: B12, Biotin, D3, Probiotic, Multi Vitamin,Magnesium, Lipitor


Today I had one of the most relaxing pampering days big thank you to my husband Jeff it was my Valentines Day Gift. However since I did not get in enough steps and exercise today. I will make up for this tomorrow.Thanks for reading Stay tuned



Need to tone and tighten my stomach my thighs arms my whole body let’s see where I get this is day 3 of 90 day challenge. 

Breaking out My Bikini 👙 

Hubby treated me to spa day today for be-lated Valentine’s gift. First time in a bikini this year. I am going to be working on health and fitness next three months so hopefully next photos will be in better shape. But love this Bikini got it last year from White House Black Market.  

In 90 days would like to see a toned stomach no more flab. 

Pacifica Seafood Restaurant

The Gardens on El Paseo 73505 El Paseo, Palm Desert,CA 760-674-8666

This a great restaurant here in Palm Desert tonight my husband and I made reservations there and had our friends from out of town meet us there. We got there a little early and decided to take a table at the bar. We enjoyed some delicious Bacon Wrapped Medjool Dates. My husband had Salmon as his main course and absolutely loved it. I ordered the Scampi Fettuccine  which was great. I did not have any room for dessert but it looked like a great selection. I highly recommend  if your in Palm Desert make a reservation and enjoy a meal there or enjoy the bar which has a great lively atmosphere and is a great place to enjoy a meal or small bite with drinks. Great service and a great enjoyable atomosphere.

Day 2 of 90 day Health Challenge

Age: 37

Height: 5’4

Weight : 132.6

BMI: 34.5

Sleep: 7 hours 7 min

Steps: 8,049

Calories burned:2,082



This morning I had some oatmeal and had an Iced Coffee I took my multi vitamin, a B12 vitamin, Biotin, and my probiotic. I took those with a glass of 2% organic  milk. I got our sheets washed and all new bedding set out.

I have Ballroom dance class at 1:30pm-2:30pm that should be some good cardio and I will make sure I get in more exercise as well. I remembered  to put my fit bit on after my shower.

Lunch: Garlic Flat bread and Italiano Chopped Salad and water. Food @ Buccantini in La quinta great food and service this meal my husband Jeff and I split for lunch he just added Salmon to his half of the Salad.

Class went well and I got my heart rate up which is good and I have been getting in a decent amount of steps today not sure if I will reach my goal but I hope I will. I have been drinking lots of water today.

I meant to try It Works advanced Formula FatFighter supplement with lunch but I forgot it and I had a fairly light lunch so I will try at dinner this evening.

We went to dinner with friends I had 2 Bacon wrapped Medjool Dates  and Shrimp Scampi Fettuccine. I had water with my meal and took  my It Works Advanced Formula Fat Fighter supplements. 

Guess we will see if they made a difference at all tomorrow.  Time to unwind and get some sleep.


February 23, 2017

Well today started off pretty good got up noticed my weight had slightly gone down. I had a healthy breakfast and went off to meet my best friend for coffee. I had the house all prepped all laundry and dishes done rugs cleaned and fresh sheets laid out for all beds. So that when Estella’s Maid Service showed up they would only have light surface cleaning to do and make the beds.

I took all my vitamins had a nice visit with my best friend. My husband and I both made sure we were home before Noon so we could let them in I called twice after they were 15 minutes late first time to see what was going on. I was informed they were only 2-3 minutes away. So we waited then after another 10 minute wait we called and informed we would leave home unlocked but did not want to if they were not almost there.

We checked back in at 1:30 expecting them to be in the middle of cleaning and no one had been by. We were not going to leave our home unlocked and we had our scheduled Ballroom dance class at that time so needed to leave. I called the office got voicemail told them to call and let me know what happened and that we now had an appointment and the door would be locked so we would need to be cancelled. Of course when we were in the middle of our class I got notified they were at door and could not get in. When we left dance after 2:30pm they were outside our home.

Very disappointed and upset with this whole situation. They knew when I scheduled I wanted early in the am and they talked me into noon promising it would be clean before kids were done with school and daycare. I took the time to prep the house and waited and they kept saying were almost there then literally showed up after I said too late don’t come. Don’t think I will be recommending them in the future. So I put fresh bedding on all our beds and I will just have to spend my own time deep cleaning bathrooms yet again rest of house is ok but I really wanted our ceiling fans cleaned that I cannot reach. That will have to wait I guess.

I had a nice time with my husband today though and I really am looking forward to having a night out with our friends Tom and Cheryl tonight. My son has basketball practice so we will be dropping him off and our friends will be dropping him back off to the babysitter tonight since we will be out.

I am hoping my little one had a great day with her friends at daycare. My son is home so were hanging with him until its time to head out. Our sitter will be here in about an one hour and a half. I want to try to get in another half hour of workout after our night out if I have the energy.

Tomorrow is going to be so cold so I wont be laying poolside at the pool. But I will enjoy getting a massage and a facial and will enjoy the steam room will have some light food before maybe order something there as well. It will feel nice. I will cook us are Third and Final boxed Martha & Marley Spoon meal of the week. Not sure what are date night plans are for Saturday. Stay Tuned many more posts to come. Thanks for reading.

Thursday Morning :)


Good morning, I am happy feel rested feel good and am grateful that I have a husband who is so helpful with our kids he took them to school and daycare this morning so I could get a shower in before meeting my best friend for coffee. Love him so much I am a lucky gal.It is much colder out today than i thought though I had to change out of my shorts and put some jeans on. My dog Charly is all cozied up on me while I am typing away. I am awaiting my first order from Adore Me So I will photograph and review that purchase when it arrives. My Fab Fit Fun Spring Box Is due to ship out soon I chose all my select items choices and added on two items. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful goodies when it arrives. It is such a treat to get this surprise every season makes you feel like a kid on Christmas morning. http://xo.fff.me/exQVD

I am heading to the Miramonte Spa tomorrow to enjoy me Valentines gift from my hubby. I will post about that tomorrow. We are going out with friends tonight to Pacifica Seafood Restaurant I will post about our evening and delicious food as well. Off to run errands hope everyone has a great day! Stay  Tuned

Miramonte Spa Day

45000 Indian Wells Lane , Indian Wells, CA 92210 760-341-2200

Closeup after facial

Enjoying a beautiful day in the desert it may not be pool weather. But it’s sunny and while enjoying my Valentine’s Day gift from my wonderful husband Jeff. I will soak up some rays at the spa pool in between treatments. Up first is a Stone Massage this is a 75 minute treatment. I already relaxed in the eucalyptus steam room which is a favorite for me. Love that smell and love how great I feel after a steam. I really enjoyed the stone massage she was excellent I will be requesting her again. After that I had lunch that I pre ordered all set for me and enjoyed lunch outside. I had some time after  to steam again and then Maria picked me up and did my Age Reversal Facial it was also very relaxing and I felt like my skin looked great after. After that i decided to grab some more spa  water and hydrate as well as take another team then enjoy the pool and spa area for a while before showering and heading home.