Paint & Pinot Lunch @ Cooking with Class

As a valentines gift I booked this for my husband Jeff and I. We went today from 11:00am to almost 2:00pm. We had such a fun time wine was great snacks were great we did eat a real lunch after though as we were still hungry. Our paintings actually look great . My husbands cameContinue reading “Paint & Pinot Lunch @ Cooking with Class”

Chicken and Pasta Soup with Spinach and Sweet Potatoes

This is my second meal from my second box from Martha & Marley Spoon. This one scared me a little bit since I waited until after 7pm to cook and my daughter was wanting to be with me the whole time and me and hubby were very hungry by this time. Kids already had some foodContinue reading “Chicken and Pasta Soup with Spinach and Sweet Potatoes”

Steak and Potatoes with Green Bean Vinaigrette 😋

Another delicious meal. Love Martha & Marley Spoon 😘 This is from my second box that arrived today. This was very easy to cook and I was so proud of myself once again cooking something new. It came our tasty 😋My son loved it too and baby girl tried some too we all liked it. WishContinue reading “Steak and Potatoes with Green Bean Vinaigrette 😋”