March 31,2017

Well proud to say I completed the 20 classes in 31 days at Pure Barre. Great class today feel good my body is getting stronger. Got my laundry started ran some errands. Meeting my friend Amy for lunch. Looking forward to our anniversary trip next weekend. Brandon has football practice tonight. Jeff is headed to June Lake this weekend he will be home Sunday. Still enjoying this nice weather. Will get the rest of my errands and cleaning done after lunch and look forward to a nice weekend with the kids. 


It’s begun have electrician and plumber and contractor working away on the house. The closets have been done I need to photograph those and post. My husband is picking out our fixtures today and ordering our appliances today or soon. Stay tuned lots more work ahead before we can move in. 

March 30, 2017

Well skipped Pure Barre this morning so my hair stylist could try and fit me in as a favor. It’s been a few months since my last cut and color. So tomorrow is the 31st and I need to complete my 20th day of Pure Barre so I complete the 20 in 31 challenge. I have worked so hard this month my whole body feels it worked out many muscles for the first time and others it’s been years. I look forward to re- signing up once we get back from our cruise. I still want to go get my husband some shorts at Tommy Bahamas and maybe a new swimsuit. I need to make sure we go to Costco today before my husband goes out of town. Glad the kids Easter items arrived. I’ve been sleeping good lately which is nice but I need to make sure I don’t skip breakfast and eat more times during day to re build my metabolism. Maybe I can get a facial before I get my spray tan on cruise. I just realized I can’t book facials or scrubs after spray tan and hubby wanted to book for me on cruise so will have to figure that out. I am happy my hair is going to look great once Patrick is done with my hair. If your in Palm Desert I highly Reccomend going to Patrick at PM Hair hes the best he’s been doing my hair for years. Hair looks fabulous and I was able to meet my husband for lunch. Now time to clean house and wear my waist trainer. Hope everyone is having a great day!

March 29, 2017 Wednesday 

Well I did my 19th Pure Barre class today Friday will mark my 20th and I will complete my 20 in 31 day challenge. Tomorrow my wonderful hair stylist fit me in and I am finally getting my haircut and colored. My wonderful husband cooked us a delicious Martha & Marley Spoon meal. My whole body is sore but I feel stronger I know I am developing muscles that have never been worked out. I am gaining weight which I hate but I know soon I will start losing weight. We took our Ballroom dance class as well today we were a little rusty but we have a great teacher. Had a nice night with our kids. My son got a citation today for passing notes in class. He has been getting in trouble a lot and it’s so frustrating. I’ve taken all his privileges away and I wish I could just get through to him he starts junior high next year and I just want him to take school seriously and work hard. He is so smart but he’s making poor choices. My husband Jeff and I celebrated three years of marriage last night had a wonderful night. Been together since 2011. My washer was repaired last night so happy I’ve been doing laundry since 8am and almost done. We leave next Friday for our anniversary cruise 🚢 so I am busy getting everything in order before we leave. Still working on adoption my sons biological dad basically sperm donor since other than meeting my son at hospital has never been there for him financially or in any other way is once again proving what a loser he is he left California when our son was born keeps moving has never come back. Then told my husband he wouldn’t sign his rights away without a paternity test so we set it up did our part months ago he’s not going to take the test he requested . Now we have to go through more bs and have courts force him to do this so annoying. Work on the house is moving right along and trying to concentrate on all the good things and count our blessings . Hope everyone is having a great night. 

March 29,2017

Enjoyed our anniversary yesterday. Been feeling frustrated that I have been working out so hard this month and eating healthy and have gained weight. Everyone says it’s from the muscle I am getting from Pure Barre. Its just bumming me out because I started working out to lose weight now I am up five pounds. Hard on my self esteem I hate the scale. Washer got repaired but all the wet towels that have been sitting around smell like Rottin eggs and I put on a load of laundry but if towels can’t be salvaged I will toss them and get more. I need energy to get through class and the rest of my day my body is so sore and tight but I am on day 19 of the 20 in 31 challenge so I must stay strong just today and tomorrow and I conquer that goal. I still can’t believe I managed to wear the waist trainer 12 hours yesterday I don’t know how people do that everyday and wear to workouts. If I wore that to Pure Barre I’d probably collapse. I have about 6-7 loads of laundry to do and rest of house cleaning and errands. I want to go to Disneyland soon. I want to get my hair done soon too. 

March 28, 2017 continues 

Well I had a fabulous Anniversary dinner and movie with my husband. I wore my waist trainer for a total of 12 hours. I am happy to report my washer is fixed. Woo hoo😀. My husband Jeff the love of my life surprised me with a wonderful anniversary gift 🎁 I am a lucky gal. Tomorrow I have another Pure Barre class. We have Ballroom dance class. I need to take my hubby shopping to get him some Tommy Bahama shorts before our trip. I need to eat super healthy rest of week and weekend. My body is so sore and tight hope my week full of workouts doesn’t kill me.  My skin is starting to break out again 😑 ugh. I need to get a blender to make smoothies again. Well time to hit the hay goodnight all 😴

Anniversary Date 

Great night with my wonderful husband. We went to Flemings Steakhouse . Great meal there we had a nice booth and it was a perfect meal. Afterwards we went to see the movie CHIPS it was very funny I highly Reccomended seeing it if you like to laugh. I look forward to many more anniversaries with my hubby he is the love of my life. I am truly blessed . 

March 28, 2017

Today is our three year wedding anniversary. I have been wearing my waist trainer since 8am and am enjoying my morning coffee ☕️ I have my Pure Barre class at noon. I am on class number 18 which is great Thursday I will have completed 20 classes in March. I have gained weight but I am gaining muscle and also think I am retaining water since it’s a lot of new muscles forming and I have not taken a break. I cannot go this weekend so I will get a break then to see where my weight ends up at. Next week I will spend getting ready for our vacation. Waiting on kids Easter items to arrive today as well as the Martha & Marley Spoon  box to arrive.   I am hoping I am able to get my hair done before our trip it’s been months and it really needs it. We have date night tonight and I need to plan what to wear. The house remodeling is under way and the house has been torn up all cabinets ripped out etc. closets are done now electrical work and full kitchen and pantry laundry room work to be done. I refilled my Lipitor prescription the other day and I am on day 32 of my 90 Day Health Challenge. I hope my washer gets reparired today I hate not been able to do our laundry. Ordered Brandon’s school pictures they came out great . I need to be drinking more water each day. It’s crazy how time flies by my husband and I started dating in 2011 got engaged in 2013 and married in 2014 had our daughter Savannah in 2015. I am going to be 40 in two years. My husbands oldest daughter is getting married this summer. Time goes so quick I am trying to enjoy each and every moment and take better car experience of myself. I crave adventure and travel and want us to start traveling more and taking he kids on wonderful trips making lasting memories. I cannot believe Savannah will be turning 2 in July and Brandon 11 in October and he will be in junior high. I am hoping I get to sign up again for Pure Barre when we return from our cruise. I would also love to do Fit in 42 maybe this fall. We have our Ballroom dance lesson tomorrow. Jeff has to go to June Lake on Friday. I need to do my best to eat more protein and vegetables and little or no starches. It’s frustrating gaining weight since I am working out everyday but I  know I am looking better every day and getting stronger so I just have to forget the scale right now and add more cardio. I want to be in my best shape ever before I turn 40. I love my  vacuum ❤️ Still one of the best gifts I have ever received. I am hoping my packages arrive before I leave for Barre class. I look forward to us getting a treadmill or spin bike so I can do an hour a day of cardio at home. My son has science camp coming up then football starts up. Then he will go to Stanford basketball camp again and possibly some other basketball camps as well. We will spend lots of time at our home in June Lake and plan some fun trips. Well hope everyone has a great day!

March 27, 2017 

Well started of my day with another Pure Barre class. Then we had appointment with electrician at the house. That ran long but little one powered through and we had a late lunch at Sub King. I managed to wear my waist trainer for four hours. Tonight I ordered pizza for me and kiddos. Wish washer was fixed but tomorrow they are supposed to be coming with parts they need. My roots are horrible in need of getting my hair done badly it’s been months. Hopefully I will be able to get it done before our vacation. I have four more classes of Pure Barre then I need to sign up when we get back from vacation. The kids Easter items should arrive tomorrow and my Martha & Marley Spoon Box as well. Waiting on my It Works Shipment as well. It’s our three year wedding anniversary tomorrow 😍So we will be going out to dinner and a movie tomorrow night. I will figure out what to pack for our trip and see if I can get my nails done before trip. It’s been 31 days so far on my health challenge and I’m only 3 more classes away from completed 20 classes in 31 days for Pure Barre March challenge. Well hope everyone had a great Monday.