March 26, 2017

Well today I went to Pure Barre first thing in the morning. It was a good class. I have four more classes to go to complete the 20 classses in 31 days challenge. We went out got our anniversary card shopping done. Attempted to get my husband Anniversary gift but got called back to house my son and our dog home early from weekend with my Dad. We also got to see my good friend Christina for a quick visit before they head back to Colorado. Been wearing my waist trainer for  four and a half hours working to keep it on until 5pm so it will be six hours. Having cravings so gonna have some Chinese food tonight. Busy day tomorrow and busy whole week. Our three year wedding anniversary is on Tuesday. The kids Easter items arrive on Tuesday. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday. 


March 25, 2017

I have now done 15 Pure Barre classes so far this month. I have to do 5 or 6 more to accomplish the monthly challenge. My body is feeling stronger I am gaining lots of muscle. I have not lost weight yet but I am happy with the intense burn I feel during all workouts. I need to wear my waist trainer today but I still have to take a shower and eat lunch. It’s a nice day out again good weather. My body is sore and I need to get my shower in. We have date night tonight planning for dinner and a movie tonight. I need to take my vitamins and clean up around the house. See after if my package arrived. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. 

Unconditional Love 

As a parent and a spouse I strive to love unconditionally. Love everyone the good the bad and the ugly. We all have our good and bad traits and pleasant and unpleasant days. But with kids and family in general you need to make sure your family unit knows you love them and they are loved no matter what. Communication is key and you should not leave or love only when they make you happy. My love runs deep and that’s why I get emotionally drained because sometimes the people you love most are hard to love. But knowing that shows me how much I love them because I cannot stop the love I have and I cannot stay mad. My husband and kids are my world 🌎. I love them with all my heart ❤️ and I always will. It’s nice to know your loved without conditions from your kids, parents and spouse. You need to feel safe in loved in those most special relationships. I will always be there for my kids and my husband and my parents as they are there for me. Well feeling stressed need to try to take sleeping aid and 😴 sleep. Goodnight 😘 


Hoping my son is having a good time with his Papa. Savannah and o had our dinner watched movie and she’s off to bed. I am emotionally drained and need to try to sleep.pray things look better in the morning 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🤞😇😴

March 24, 2017 Friday 

Well our washer is broken which sucks but I enjoyed a nice lunch with Sara and Chelsea. I managed to wear my waist trainer for 6 1/2 hours today. Can’t get ahold of my husband hope he’s ok it’s frustrating when I have no clue where he’s at. I need to get milk for house.want to finish wash but looks like we need a new washer. Need to get Brandon ready for his trip with my Dad and find truck keys for my dad. Need to get dinner set and pick up my munchkin later. I      hope we can have a good weekend and that washer will be fixed or replaced. I am stressing out and I need to know everything will be ok. Picked up Savannah I am cooking is dinner guess just me and her tonight. Still need to get milk 🍼 will have to head out for that later and need to cancel my Pure Barre classes for weekend if I don’t have anyone to watch Savannah. We are watching Dispicable Me . Glad ny hubby got washer going I am doing laundry dishes cooking dinner and hanging with my little cutie Savannah tonight. Hope everyone has a great night. 

March 24, 2017

Getting my house clean laundry is going cleaning floors then on go dishes, mirrors, beds and kitchen and bathrooms. Had my coffee but only $1 left on card so not sure 🤔 if I will get coffee this weekend. Put my waist trainer on at 8:00am will see how long I can last in it today. My sons school pictures turned out nice I need to buy three sheets and return the rest. Feel depressed and alone my body is a far cry from what it once was. I wish I could talk to my husband but he doesn’t like it when I share my feelings with him. I am proud of myself for making it through all my Pure Barre classes . I wish the instructors were more positive and motivating like my yoga instructors always were. Everyone is at different levels and I struggle to make it through and wish sometimes I had someone tell me good job for coming each day powering through and doing the best I can. My self esteem feels like a zero when it’s hard for me I feel so insecure. Seeing the way my stomach looks is hard for me as well. Realizing with each exercise how badly out of shape I am makes me want to cry. I want to be beautiful for me but I want my husband to be proud to call me his wife and my kids look up to me. I don’t want to be weak. I don’t want to be out of shape. I want strength I want endurance. I love my husband and kids with all my heart ❤️. I just want them to support me while I am working towards my health and fitness goals. It’s our three year wedding anniversary on Tuesday. We’ve been together six years in May. I am hoping to have a great weekend with my husband and our little girl Savannah while our son is out of town with my Dad this weekend. I am going to cook another Martha & Marley Spoon recipe tonight and then no more until new box arrives on Tuesday. The kids Easter items should arrive on Tuesday and looks like my Adore Me order will arrive tomorrow or Monday. I still need to find a great Anniversary card for my husband and get his gift. I need to go to the grocery store but need to wait until we have the money. Hopefully next week I can get grocery items and make hair appointment. I would like to get a bikini wax and tan before we leave on our cruise if I have money to do so. My doggy seems better today yesterday he did not feel good. I am so happy that I am feeling muscles develop in my calves and thighs, butt and arms. I have not lost any weight but I imagine it’s because I am gaining muscle right now. I need to add cardio to my daily routine but I am so happy I am working on strengthening my body. I get to have lunch with my friends today so excited for adult time. I wish I got time with the girls everyday because it’s the only time I get to converse and be an adult express my feelings and thoughts. Happy to know Savannah is doing great at daycare and could handle going four or five days a week. I just don’t want to put more stress on my husband so probably best to stick with three days until fall. My husband works very hard for our family and I appreciate all he does. He is also working on getting his Dad’s house remodeled so we can live there until it can be sold. I hope we are able to own our own home before Brandon gets out of junior high. It will be such a wonderful feeling to live in a home that is truly ours forever. I am hoping my husband will be able to start doing his swimming and biking again. He really enjoys both and used to sign up for swim and bike events. It would be wonderful for me and the kids to see him compete again and cheer him on. I am also hoping he will get his test date soon and pass his test for real estate license. I have had mine since 1998 I need to get my brokers license in the near future. I can’t believe it’s been 20 years since I graduated high school in June. I hope we can start taking the kids on trips. I took Brandon to Chicago/ Wisconsin when he was 3 turning 4 and he’s never been on another plane trip since and he hasn’t been on a cruise yet. I’d love to take the kids on a Disney cruise and on a beaches vacation. I also want them to meet all the family back east so take a trip there. I want to get my daughter potty trained asap. I want to get kids bedrooms fully decorated once house is done. I am so happy our son will be attending Sacred Heart School in the fall for junior high. I hope my husbands eldest daughter will accept our offer to send her and her fiancé on their dream honeymoon. I really feel positive and hopeful that things will workout. It’s just a lot on our plate and it’s easy to be unsure and stressed. I hope everyone has a great Friday stay tuned. 

March 23, 2017

Well today was a good day. I was super tired because it took me forever to fall asleep last night  so after I dropped Savannah to daycare I went home and took a short nap. Then headed to my Pure Barre class I was definitely  feeling the burn today. I’ve gone five days straight with no break and I went 6 days straight last week with just a break on Saturday. I am taking tomorrow off to rest my body. I had shredded wheat for breakfast and then had a healthy light lunch of two hard boiled eggs and lots of water all day long. I got an iced coffee in the afternoon  for a snack. I cooked Fried chicken on a biscuit and served with Red Cabbage slaw. Very tasty meal from Martha & Marley Spoon the stuff I ordered for Brandon from Old Navy arrived today. Also my fabletics outfit. I wore my waist trainer for four hours. My son will be going out of town after school tomorrow after school with my Dad. I will cook another Martha & Marley Spoon meal tomorrow night for me my hubby Jeff and our little one Savannah. I am looking forward to a lunch date with the girls tomorrow always nice to have some gal time. Saturday night Savannah  is being watched by our care giver Katie so Jeff and I get a date  night. I need to do Pure Barre classes Saturday and  Sunday. Still waiting on my Adore Me order. Also the kids easter items I ordered. My elbows are all messed up from the fore arm planks I am doing on the carpet at Pure Barre lol. My roots are killing me lol I am in great need of getting my hair done. We have our three year wedding anniversary on Tuesday. My little munchkin is growing up and its cute but makes me shed a tear or two. She now just walks up to daycare  doesn’t want me to carry her and says bye bye instead of crying like she used to. She is so chatty learning many new words and she is very independent although she has bouts where she freaks and needs mama especially when I am cooking lol. My son has only a few months left and then no more elementary and he will start junior high in the fall at Sacred Heart School. I hope everyone had a great day stay tuned lots of posts to come.

Day 29 of 90 Day Health Challenge 

Well I did good today another Pure Barre class. Kept healthy diet had shredded wheat for breakfast. Two hard boiled eggs for lunch. Chicken on a biscuit with red cabbage slaw. Drank a lot of water took my Lipitor, D3, Iron, Magnesium and probiotic and fiber.





Floors: 0


Calories Burned: 1,637

Active Minutes: 12 minutes

Steps: 3,603

64oz water