Sautéed Chicken & Salsa Verde with Orzo Rice Pilaf and Snap Peas 

This dish was very easy to prepare and was delicious. Both my kids 1 and 10 year old loved it as well as me. My 10 year old just opted for no salsa verde. 

April 30th, 2017

Beautiful day out today. Found out we don’t have Cathechism again until May 21. So we got some coffee came home relaxed then went to In N Out for lunch. My son has a lot of studying to do today and this week 50 states and all capitals as well as spelling them correct. Plus state testing going on this week. If he manages to get all A’s this week on assignments and tests we will have a Disney day. It’s my Dad’s 69th birthday 🎉 today so we want to see him and bring him gift and cards we got him. Missing my husband he had to leave town again to make sure motel was running smoothly. Will be cooking a yummy meal from Martha & Marley Spoon tonight for dinner. Tomorrow we get another shipment with two delicious meals for us to prepare. Savannah is doing good get comfortable on the potty 🚽. Working hard to be healthy and get in shape. Want to take kids to park later but my little one needs to take a nap. I can’t believe my youngest turns two in July and my oldest is going to junior high this coming fall. They are growing up so quick. My husbands three daughters are doing great oldest daughter is getting married this summer and his second oldest graduated beauty school and the third started college in the fall. My little one is doing good with crayons and utensils we started potty training her and she’s making progress. My oldest is improving his grades and behaving well. I am looking forward to summer family fun. Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday. Stay tuned ….

April 29, 2017

Well I went to my Pure Barre class first thing this morning and then headed straight home. It was a great very hard workout this morning. My husband had to leave two days early for June Lake as more issues with work. Hate seeing him stressed out it’s the worst. Put Savannah in Pull Ups for the first time today and put her on the potty as much as possible. She cries she’s a little scared of the big potty right now but she’s staying on longer each time. Enjoyed my day with the kiddos but feels like I am a maid mess after mess all day long. Every mother can relate to this. We enjoyed time outdoors and then played games and watched movies. Tomorrow is my Dads 69th Birthday I got his gift and cards all set from us and kiddos. We have church and Catechism tomorrow. I need to see when his last class is. More potty training tomorrow and getting revved up for our busy week. I am definitely gaining muscle but my pooch is now protruding. I am tired so stay tuned and I will post again tomorrow goodnight 💤😘

April 28, 2017

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. I enjoyed a good morning workout at Pure Barre. My best friend Sara joined me today. I went to get my underarm hair lasered off. Came home cleaned up toys and made little one lunch. Started laundry made myself a salad. Once I got her down for a nap I was able to clean myself and wash my hair get dressed for my day. I am happy to report my son has had 3 100% papers this week since finding out how bad his grades were last week. We hired and scheduled a tutor my son starts that next week. Looking forward to date night with my hubby tonight. My good friend I am so proud of she was able to leave a long time job to pursue her passion as a designer full time . Stay tuned many more posts to come 😊

April 26, 2017

Well yesterday I got in another good workout at Pure Barre. My husband and I went to church for a meeting and guess we came on wrong night no one was there but youth group. We went to dinner at Armando’s Bar & Grille been awhile since we’d had dinner there. Very delicious we split fajitas and had mango margaritas. We went to see Fate of The Furious afterwards. Proud of my son he cooked another Martha & Marley Spoon meal all by himself my little master chef at only 10 years old very proud. Feeling under the weather today skipped my Pure Barre class and Ballroom Dance Class. Been resting all day no cleaning or errands. Had soup and taking it easy. Glad my husband is in town and able to pick up the slack help with kids and errands. I’m out of Lipitor need to refill my prescription, dry cleaning to be picked up, car to be filled up and cleaned, Savannah to be picked up. Tutor sessions to be scheduled for our son. Sacred Heart Registration paperwork and email to be filled out and submitted. My Dad turns 69 this Sunday so need yo get his birthday card already got his gift . I need my sons grades to come up one to two letter grades by end of year. Have a date night with my husband Friday and then he has to leave town for work again Sunday or Monday. I need to find a less sweet drink at Starbucks the Frappachino is way too sweet. House is still getting worked on hoping it’s on track for June Move in. Once summer comes need to freeze are Ballroom Dance classes and Martha & Marley Spoon deliveries. Thinking after my summer box I will not renew Fab Fit Fun. Going to do another Stitch Fix Box and then take a break from that too. I need to concentrate on fitness and health and getting in shape. I need to concentrate on potty training our daughter and increasing her vocabulary. Focus on getting our son ready for the 6th grade and getting him organized matured and on track. Plus having fun with my kids and husband. I am ache again stay tuned hoping to feel better tomorrow 🙏

April 23, 2017

Happy Sunday everyone😊Well I got a whole 8 hours sleep last night woo hoo🙏 Had a nice early morning with the kids had breakfast got Brandon and I some Starbucks afterwards. My parents came by to take B to Cathechism turned out there was no cathechism today so he went to church with them. My little one held out until 11 for her nap but napped until 2:15. I fed her and we all went on errands picked up honey cough syrup for her. Got my sons wii turned in for cash 💰 he got $95 then he took that and his Best Buy gift card bought and Echo Dot. Later this evening he bought us dinner at In N Out burger 🍔 lucky Mom. We made some cookies tonight and had fun together. My son has his homework done. We need to make sure he does all makeup work and tests from his sick day. I am contemplating when to start potty training Savannah. I need to make sure I am exercising everyday. My husband is coming home tomorrow and I miss him so much. Have a goodnight everyone😴