April 23 2017

Good morning, I am happy to say I got 8 hours sleep was up at 6 with my little one. She’s still draining a lot less coughing though. We decided to watch Ice Age The Meltdown good movie had not seen it in ages. We got to do a FaceTime with my husband this morning. Miss him 😘 Kids have had their breakfast I need to have mine and grab a coffee soon. My parents are helping out by taking my son to church/ Cathechism today. I am trying to keep us indoors until she’s better. I need to exercise if she naps today. I want us to have fun I recorded a bunch of kid movies on our TiVo to watch. Time to get me and kids ready for the day stay tuned. 


April 22, 2017

Feeling stressed out today. Yesterday started out good dropped kids off at school and daycare. I was able to get in a Pure Barre class. I was also able to meet my best friend for lunch. But then was rushing around when I had to pick up my daughter early was unable to drop off dry cleaning get my son Starbucks I promised him for cooking our dinner Thursday night. Instead I check his current grade status and he has 2 F’s 1 D and 2 C’s this put my day my mood and my self worth in a downward spiral. I’ve been on my own since Monday with the kids and it’s been a very long stressful week. My littlest one is very stubborn and climbs stuff inside house which I have been doing my darndest to stop this. I have been cleaning non stop but dog has had pee accident in house my daughter has spilled juice and food on floor we’re getting ants I keep mopping it’s exhausting. I am worried about my sons grade his future his life. I feel like such a failure. She’s been throwing more fits lately. Her molars are coming in and that’s been a nightmare. We have only 5 weeks until we’re supposed to be in my father in laws house that we’re remodeling to later flip. I have no clue if things are on track for that. I need to pick up my sons admittance paperwork at Sacred Heart School do a make up class for his Cathechism next Tuesday. Get him a tutor and try to get his grades repaired with only 7 weeks left of school. I need to get my daughter potty trained. I need to work on her vocabulary and get her fully using utensils and plates so she can stop using high chair and sit at table with us. I need to get her to stop opening drawers and  cabinets and stop climbing our furniture like a little monkey. I want to do more arts and crafts with her and get her on some activities as well once she’s old enough. I tried to keep my word and get my son the Unicorn Frappachino this morning tried two Starbucks they were both out. I figured it was his karma for his grades. But had I not been rushing to pick Savannah up early yesterday he would of got one before they sold out. My husband is hopefully coming home Monday I am exhausted. They have both been difficult and last night is the first night I slept more than four hours. I wanted to get errands done today and only managed to get dry cleaning dropped off. I haven’t had a chance to shower yet today my little one did not want to nap. I am holding out for her bedtime after 8pm. Tomorrow I will venture taking her to church while my sons at Cathechism. I love my kids so much I just want to be the best mom for them and help them be on track to do well in life. I want to get my daughter water safe take a class or two before we move in the house with a pool. Well my son has been doing school work most of the day. Hopefully when I quiz him tonight he will do well so I can let him watch a show or movie with me when his little sister goes to sleep. Have a great weekend everyone😀

April 20, 2017

well amazed that I woke up with energy as I only got 3 hours sleep life of a mom. I got kids off to school and daycare got a coffee that line was insane today. Caught up with my best friend  and then had a light breakfast and went to Pure Barre . Great workout but I am sore. Came homemade had a healthy salad for lunch and been drinking lots of water. So many nice people at the classes making new friends. I am going to cook a delicious meal tonight from my Martha & Marley spoon box . Getting house cleaned up and looking forward to nice evening at home with the kiddos . I am missing my husband a lot but he’s really busy getting the motel ready for opening of fishing weekend so he’s out of town until Sunday. I found a deal for three workout tops for $59.95 before tax and shipping so ordered those today my body is feeling strong better posture and my digestion is better I have lots of weight to lose still but I am five pounds lighter then before we went on vacation. I was able to get our dog a grooming appointment for tomorrow. I need to get busy again hope everyone is having a great day 😊

Carnival Miracle 

img_2631This was my fourth cruise and it was not the best. My husband and I were very disappointed. He’s been on over 19 cruises and many with Carnival but we literally never set foot in the dining room after night two. Night one I got very sick night two he got so sick that  we had to skip our pre paid shore excursion. The ship was dirty food and drinks were everywhere  not being properly tossed out and cleaned. You would see stuff in elevators and floors. We literally lived on the pizza and salad bar and coffee. Room service was bare minimum and sucked so not a pleasurable eating experience on this trip. Nothing for entertainment  that was worthwhile except the Comedy shows were good thank goodness we looked forward to those. Their was one wonderful photographer that did excellent pictures of us each evening. So happy my husband and I enjoy time together without entertainment. We couldn’t wait to get off the ship enjoyed excursions that we did do. I did enjoy the spa it is much less expensive on Carnival then I remember it being on Princess. The cabins made me long for our RV which is much more roomy. We had a balcony suite this ship is definitely  older. Our cabin steward did not even take out the coffee from the morning and did the bare minimum the towel animals were not even done that well. My husband and I decided were going back to Princess or trying Royal Caribbean next trip. Although I really want to take the kids on a Disney Cruise.

April 19 2017

img_2634Well feels like I have been cleaning and doing laundry around the clock since we returned from Anniversary trip. Took my 21 month old to her first movie yesterday with me and her 10 year old brother. He ofcourse made it through movie my little one not so much. First she had do much popcorn before the movie while I was talking to my husband whose out of town working. I stuck my finger down her thrust she puked all over me but felt better. I stunk so when she got antsy when first preview started me and her left got cleaned up and she had a melt down that lasted past all the previews. She chilled out so I brought her back in she cuddled next to me and did well almost the whole movie then with 25-30 min left she got wild 😜 so I gathered her abs her belongings and me and her waited outside so her brother could finish movie. Seemed like the longest 30 minutes ever she was throwing tantrums and I was struggling to hold her and her things. But my son enjoyed the movie we went home had dinner and bathed my little one and o rinsed to. When she went to bed I finished cleaning and then retreated to watch my shows and unwind. I learned she’s not quite ready for movies at the theater😭. Today after I dropped the kids off at school and daycare I got myself a coffee. I decided other than laundry and vacuuming to relax on my patio and listen to music and make photo books. I was able to get my husbands Fathers Day gift ordered and my fathers birthday gift as well as my mothers Mother’s Day gift. My spray tan has faded I look blotchy I should get another one soon. My dog needs to be groomed soon poor thing is shaggy. Proud of my son getting all his school homework done ✅ now he has rest of week to have fun just study time for spelling test tomorrow night. I have two Martha & Marley Spoon meals to cook this week. Miss my husband a lot. Have not been to a Pure Barre class class since March 31. I signed up for six months and will go tomorrow and Friday. We have so much dry cleaning o need to drop off tomorrow. My son put on Fantastic Beasts we’re watching that now. My little girl ate very well for me tonight. Took a nice long bath and is sound asleep 😴 I am having coffee with my best friend in the morning. Have missed her a ton 😊 I  have had a nice evening with my children. I also made some hard boiled eggs. Been eating healthy lots of spinach and Arugula almonds sunflower seeds avocados, berries flax seed toast and lots of water. Started taking Spirulina supplement. I am due for my last refill of Lipitor. My son is growing up so much he might even be taller then me before summers end. Savannahs hair curls now at the ends so cute. Hope everyone had a great day. Stay Tuned 😀😊😘🙏🏡


I decided while on vacation to try 3 treatments did the first the day my husband was too sick to go on excursion. I did not have any expectations just wanted to try I liked this it was actually relaxing and gentle and it took away my belly bloat and I was going to the rest room after each meal and have been ever since so it really detoxified me. I don’t think you magically lose inches but I am happy it cleaned me out and helped me with bloating. If your looking to detoxify I reccomend this. But don’t do it thinking it will magically shed pounds or inches.

Sea Lion Encounter 

While in Puarto Vallarta Mexico 🇲🇽 my husband booked us an excursion The Sea Lion Encounter . I wasn’t too excited did not think it would compare to Dolphin experience we did in Jamaica or the Zip Lining and other fun stuff we’d done in past. But I was pleasantly surprised it was very interactive and we jumped right in with two sea lions. A mother and son first we hung with the mom we kissed and hugged and took a ride. Then swapped over and watched son do awesome tricks. I had a very fun day and like that they are rescuing these wonderful animals  and nursing them back to health. If they are able to survive in Wild again they release them back if unable to hunt for food or swim well they stay for permanent care. I would highly recommend this if you get the chance.


Never had Vertigo until recently. It’s awful I hope you never have to experience it. We were on vacation and at first I just thought it was from boat moving but long after everything was still feeling in motion for me and I felt dizzy and hot for days after our trip. I was nervous it wasn’t going to go away fast but thank goodness it subsided after 72 hours being on the land again. I feel normal again and am hoping I never have that again.