Carnival Miracle 

This was my fourth cruise and it was not the best. My husband and I were very disappointed. He’s been on over 19 cruises and many with Carnival but we literally never set foot in the dining room after night two. Night one I got very sick night two he got so sick that  weContinue reading “Carnival Miracle “

April 19 2017

Well feels like I have been cleaning and doing laundry around the clock since we returned from Anniversary trip. Took my 21 month old to her first movie yesterday with me and her 10 year old brother. He ofcourse made it through movie my little one not so much. First she had do much popcornContinue reading “April 19 2017”

Sea Lion Encounter 

While in Puarto Vallarta Mexico 🇲🇽 my husband booked us an excursion The Sea Lion Encounter . I wasn’t too excited did not think it would compare to Dolphin experience we did in Jamaica or the Zip Lining and other fun stuff we’d done in past. But I was pleasantly surprised it was very interactive and weContinue reading “Sea Lion Encounter “

Mexican Riviera Anniversary Cruise 

Just arriving to Long Beach, Ca to board our ship 🚢 The Carnival Miracle for a 7 day cruise. Looking forward to a wonderful vacation with my husband for our three year wedding anniversary. We took a 15 day Hawaii cruise for our honeymoon in 2014. Missing the kids already but ready for some R&RContinue reading “Mexican Riviera Anniversary Cruise “

Day 42 of 90 day Health Challenge

Age 37 Height 5’4 Weight 135.7 BMI 34.4% Floors 3 Miles 2.13 Calories Burned 1,822 Active Minutes 0 Steps 5,108 Sleep 7 hours 43 Minutes Water 64oz Well I have more muscle mass since when I started. I have been doing daily crunches and squats and kettle bell exercise this week since no more PureContinue reading “Day 42 of 90 day Health Challenge”