May 31, 2017

Today was non stop moving day. We started early and my husband lasted until after kids and I had dinner. We still have a lot more to move tomorrow.

The new house is still not ready but at lest the painting is finally almost done and looks great. We have my parents place through Sunday then we will need to get a hotel room. 

Hoping we are not in hotel more than a week. Hard with kids especially a toddler. I have been waking up last two morning with Diarrhea ugh. Hoping it’s just stress because I was sick like that from Sunday at Noon  until Monday evening. 

I hope there is enough time in next two days to get all items over to house and to get all kids and my stuff put in drawers and closets. I need to get clothes dry cleaned too. 

Saturday and Sunday we will have kiddos so can only get so much done. I wish my son was already out of school then we could go to our home in June Lake instead of staying at hotel until house is ready. 

I have not been to Pure Barre or worked out at all since last Wednesday. I miss it but all my workout stuff is in a box somewhere and this move is hectic. I am glad I cooked dinner tonight. But hope I can be cooking in my own kitchen again very soon and super healthy. 

I am hoping when my newest Stitch Fix box arrives I will love all the items. My Summer Fab Fit Fun box is due to ship out June 06. My son has school until June 13 and he gets an award Friday morning. 

I wish I had a brownie to eat right now. 

Stay tuned more tomorrow 🌻

May 29, 2017

After being sick since Friday finally started feeling half way decent around 4pm today. Went by the house scary how much still needs to be done. We move our furniture over Wednesday we have to stay at my parents this week and I hope it’s live able by time they get home next Sunday. 

My husband and son have been so helpful with my little one while I’ve been sick and taking care of me. Tomorrow is going to be an insanely busy day. Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Weekend. 

May 28,2017

Well in bed under the weather. Started feeling bad Friday afternoon and am hoping to be al better by tomorrow. Once I felt bad packing stopped. 

My husband is getting me more bubble wrap paper and boxes. I will pack up rest of our kitchen and bedrooms tonight. 

I was able to power through yesterday enough to attend my best friends sons birthday. Glad we made it 😊 I was hurting pretty bad after so I went straight to bed.

Still kept our date night I was a little ache while out but powered through it had been awhile since my husband and I had a night out so did not want to cancel it.

I took a vapor bath afterwards and medicine and slept fairly good.Today is my nephews Birthday. Hope he has a great one he is growing up so fast. I am hoping to bring items over to house for kids closets later today.

Yesterday’s progress was kids bedrooms painted in color as well as powder room. Still waiting on our master bedroom our office and rest of house. Waiting on counters for kitchen and bathrooms. Our pantry to be completed appliances put in. 

All bathrooms finished and working. I need to order decor for kids room wall mural lighting crown and canopy for Savannah’s room. Get two jerseys framed for Brandon’s room. 

Kids do not have school or daycare tomorrow so hoping I feel better to spend time with them.

May 26, 2017 Almost fully Packed 

Well today I have been packing all day. Thank goodness I had help my best friend is truly the best. She came over this morning and helped pack with me until after lunch. 

She ran a few errands with me and had lunch . I am getting rest of laundry done and need more paper and bubble wrap and boxes still have my whole kitchen Pantry to pack up.

I also have all lower cabinets in kitchen left plus counter appliances. Kids closets and dressers our chest and dressers. Most of my bathroom is packed up. But need more boxes for that too. 

They were in full painting mode at our house still. Hoping counters in kitchen, pantry, laundry and bathrooms will be in by next Wednesday when furniture gets moved. 

I want to have access to put all items in closets by tomorrow afternoon. Sunday I will try to get things moved over. 

Then I need to wait until Tuesday when kids are back in school and daycare. I skipped my Pure Barre class this morning because I had so much to do. 

My son forgot to bring his project in to class that was due his teacher will accept it next week but it’s marked late and points docked off as well. Ugh the stress but he has to learn to organized remember his assignments. 

My sons out of school soon and then we will pick up my little one later this afternoon. I want to go by house to check progress. 

May 25, 2017 2 Days to Go

Well today started out with taking my son out to breakfast we met up with our best friends. Then me and my best friend went by my new house to see progress. Then I came home and started boxing everything up.

They cancelled my Pure Foundations class which was a bummer but I had a lot to do today. We went by my sons new school and checked out information.

We took a lot of our outdoor items over to the house. My husband and I had a break and enjoyed lunch together. Then we checked on house again.

He dropped me back home to pack more up. Then the kids were home and I got us some dinner and had a nice evening with our kiddos. Our good friend Ed was in town so my hubby and him went to dinner to catch up.

My little one stayed up until 9:20pm. She knows something is up for sure its box city at our house. Tomorrow I am packing up the rest of our items have lots of errands to run as well as a Pure Barre class in the morning.

The painting is supposed to be fully done by Monday and hopefully all counters and cabinets in by Wednesday. That is when we move our furniture over to the new house. We are staying at my parents house while they are out of town for a week while house is being competed.

Hoping it won’t be much longer after that until it’s fully done. My son graduates from the 5th grade on the 12th and last official day is on the 13th. I want to take my son to Disney for a day or two and renew our passes before they expire.

I have been so overwhelmed barely slept last night. Picked and customized my Fab Fit Fun Box for summer today. That ships out on June 6th and I am due to get my Stitch fix Box June 05th.

We have a birthday party Saturday afternoon and me and my hubby have a much needed date night scheduled for Saturday night. I am loving my wardrobe from The White House Black Market. I am getting to unwind now and watch some shows.

Sunday and Monday will be time with the family since we can’t get anymore moving done until Tuesday or later. Time to get to sleep soon. Goodnight 🌙😴

May 24, 2017

Well crazy day so far got my daughter dropped off to daycare my husband took our son to school. I went to a morning Pure Barre class. I enjoyed the class it really kicked my ass. One of my friends did not say hello to me today so I felt all bummed and insecure like a kid. Guess you never fully outgrow your insecurities. Lots of nice women there that are all nice to talk to. 

They cancelled my Pure Foundations class for tomorrow which also bums me out I was so looking forward to it. The move has me overwhelmed with anxiety and stress. 

I went home for lunch and to take care of our dog. Then went to get a Derma Glow  facial at Organic Skin Glow Studio in Palm Desert, CA. I needed that although being stressed is not the best condition to do to anything meant to be relaxing, But it did finally by the end relax me my skin feels amazing and Riley the owner is amazing I highly Reccomended seeing her anytime you are able to make an appointment. 

When my life calms down I plan to get another Derma Glow Facial. I need to pray have faith and try to relax here its Wednesday and we will move at Weekends end. 

I think I will get an afternoon coffee since I never had my morning coffee.  I am hanging in there. 
Stay Tuned 😎🌻

May 23, 2017

So today was a good day😎My husband let me rest this morning for the kids ready and took them to school and daycare. It felt great to get some much needed rest. Once I go at up I tidied up the house took a quick shower and then got some iced coffee.

Then I met my husband over at my favorite store The White House Black Market. He treated me to a Be-lated Mother’s Day shopping spree and I got a lot of cool stuff for summer.

After that we went by the house and they were busy painting the ceilings and closets. I went to my Pure Barre class. Great class today it was full always nice to have a good size group.

It was a challenging class but I very much enjoyed the workout. I tried to stay motivated watching Janey one of our instructors who was also taking this class. Our instructor Kylie is great she always gives us a great workout .

Afterwards I met up with my husband at The California Pizza Kitchen for a nice lunch. We always enjoy going there for lunch. I had a delicious half size BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad with Avocado. We also had some delicious bread to snack on before the salads. I always get lemonade there for lunch as it’s so good.

Once we finished lunch we went by the house and then we headed our separate ways on errands. I headed home as my son was getting home from school.

Later after I picked up our little one from daycare my husband went to see what our paint scheme will be. We chose colors and had help making choices that matched what we want but still flow and stay within same color family.

My husband will give those to our contractor in the morning so we can get rest of house painted. I am hoping kitchen, pantry and bathrooms will be done or nearly done by next Tuesday.

We are going to stay at my parents house for a week while they are out of town and house renovations are still going on. I hope by the time they return the house is move in ready .

My son is doing good with his studying, I went over hi son state and capitals with him and he got them all correct. We all had dinner I gave the little one her bath.

Now just doing laundry and watching a little T.V. to unwind and relax before bed. Hoping for another great night of sleep 😴. I am looking forward to another Pure Barre class tomorrow. I also get my first Derma glow facial tomorrow at Organic Skin Glow Studio in Palm Desert. It’s such a great place to go for spray tans, waxing and beauty treatments.

Well have a goodnight 😴

May 22, 2017 

Well I have been super stressed and depressed with all this hectic Remodel and moving situation. I did manage to get my Pure Barre workout in and that felt good. I need to go to Pure Barre everyday this week. 

I am so discusted with how my body looks I have allowed myself to get so out of shape my stomach is so fat and gross and I am not as strong as I once was. 

At least taking time doing these classes will improve my strength and body. I am scared I will never look good again. My kids mean everything to me but I hate how my body has turned out after my second pregnancy. 

I will do my best to stay positive and work hard towards getting in better shape. I am concerned if House is not fully ready for us to move in that we will be living in hotel and on fast food for a week or more I know that will be horrible on my body. 

I went by house and checked on progress and I am hoping for a miracle and praying it all works out. My son lost his house key or misplaced it. So I raced home so I can let him in. 

He got another A in math and his other tests he got a 75% and a 65%. So I need to make sure me abs the tutor get all his grades up there are only 3 weeks left until he’s out of 5th grade. 

Glad my husband is coming home I just want things to come together and the stress to go away and have us all enjoy time together as a family.