Miracles from Heaven

I finally watched this movie and did not know until the end that it was based on a real story real people from real life. It’s an incredible true story and as a parent it truly touches my heart ❤️. I have times when my faith is dwindling or I feel I’ve lost it. This is one of those times that not only does my faith feel stronger and deeper but I know I need to actively exercise it everyday just like my body to keep it running and in shape. I highly recommend seeing this film.


I hope everyone can appreciate all all the miracles in our lives on a daily basis that we more times than not miss in all the business of daily life. Mothers Day is tomorrow and I have always considered my two children my miracles from heaven.

Having all the love, friendship, kindness I’ve been blessed with is truly a miracle. Having my healthy children and family and a roof over our heads. Life throws lots of curve balls, and I’ve had my share of dark scary times. But I always make it through everything always works out. Maybe not how I planned or envisioned but it works out for the best. I am a very lucky woman to have such wonderful children and a loving husband.

They all drive me crazy at times just like my parents still do but I love all my family with my whole heart and know how blessed I am to have them.  Everyone has something or someone that is a miracle to them.

I am going to keep my heart and eyes open eveynight and Day to all the miracles big and small that bless me and my family.


Published by 40fitmom

My Name is Jennifer .I was born and raised in California.I am the proud mother of two incredible children Brandon and Savannah.I enjoy trying new things,Outdoor adventures,new recipes, and travel, just to name a few.I hope to encourage others to try new things! I strive to learn as much as possible. I am on a journey to be my best self. Working out more drinking half my body weight in water. Meditating and journaling to find inner peace. I am working on my self esteem and have lots of goals I’m working towards. I cherish my family and friends and never take a single moment for granted.

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