Part 2

Shogun restaurant in Palm desert CA:  I had never been there until tonight. It was a good experience food was delicious menu choices were great. Service was good as well. I would reccomend it and will go again.    My kids enjoyed it and it and it wasn’t nice to visit with the family tonight. Although myContinue reading “Part 2”

How to Survive and Successfully Move and Settle in

Found out last week that we’d need to be out of our current house and move into our new house a month a early. The house still is not finished nor even close but I am hopeful. 19 days until we’re out. We picked counters and backsplash today meeting with cabinet guys to get myContinue reading “How to Survive and Successfully Move and Settle in”

Day 80 of Health & Fitness Challenge 

Age: 37 Height: 5’4 Weight: 141 BMI: 27.3% Floors: 7 Miles: 5.54 Calories Burned: 2105 Active Minutes: 6 Steps: 13,282 Sleep: 6 Hours 15 Minutes Well I am not happy with my weight but I have gained some muscle since I started Pure Barre in March. I just spent two days at Disneyland and didContinue reading “Day 80 of Health & Fitness Challenge “