June 29,2017

Well today and yesterday I enjoyed Pure Barre classes. As for our home renovations yesterday we got our pot filler hooked up but nothing else done. My husband hung up some more wall art and decor. I unpacked more pantry items. I am still unable to get our kitchen items moved in or do any laundry at this point. Glad they are taking bars off our windows today.

So our powder room is supposed to be completed today so is our kitchen and pantry not sure about painting that is left to do or crown molding. My husband is going to put our bathroom mirrors up today. He put my bathtub faucet on.

I am very sore from the last three days of Pure Barre. I need to get more pantry organizers today while we’re out and try to finish organizing it by tonight. Yesterday I also went to Organic Glow Skin Studio I got a Brazilian wax which I hadn’t realized means absolutely no hair so that was something new for me. I also got a much needed eyebrow wax. Riley is the best I have always gone to her for tans and facials now I will be going for waxing as well.

My daughter is now on pull ups only and last night I put her on the potty she got right off but then decided to climb up herself multiple times on her third trip up in a row she sat calmly and let the pee flow. I was so proud of her and we are being consistent with her at home so hope she’s doing at least some trying at daycare.

My son has been doing a good job with his summer reading on his first book and keeping up with writing about events or quotes from the chapters. I am hoping that the house will be near full completion before we leave on our vacation.

Well I will add more tonight when I know what’s been completed. Stay tuned and thanks for reading 🌻

Home Renovation Woes 

Well there has been no progress since electrical done on Monday. Still have piles of laundry and no plumbing completed so we can hook up washer and dryer. Also my cabinets in kitchen are not completed because no pull out drawers put in or or trash can pull out nor our glass inserts put in which was supposed to happen Monday. 

So if this is not completed we will have to leave town with everything a mess and unpacked and we are running out of towels and clothes. 

I find it truly disgusting how no one can do what they promise when you hire them on a job they make very good money on. They just don’t give a shit if they make you wait forever. I wish people had better work ethic and better customer service. 

Why does having pride in your work doing what your asked and in time such a distant memory. It doesn’t matter what I just feel in every area of daily life people walk around aimlessly and act entitled rush over to get paid but don’t do all their work and certainly don’t give it 100%. 

Our house will look great but there have been mistakes or little things that should have been done to make things function best for now and future and my husband keeps having to bring them up and every time he does it takes longer and costs us money. 

I am so depressed over not being able to do laundry or fully unpack considering we moved out of other house end of May it’s now almost July. I don’t want this ruining our family time with kids but I certainly cannot have people over for my daughters second birthday. 

My husband at least is doing his part he got her stuffed animal zoo put together. He hung up dining room pictures and cross. He’s going to put my sons gaming chair together and finish hanging up pictures before Saturday. 

He’s going to have someone put up Savannahs mural. Put Pantrt shelves at height I need . Get Brandons Jerseys in shadow boxes and Hang up.Get our family portrait frames and hung up over our fireplace. 

Put knobs back on all furniture in living room. Hang up our master bathroom mirrors and get medicine cabinets installed in our bathroom and kids bathroom. Get toilet paper roll holder installed in kids bathroom plus towel racks in all 3 bathrooms. 

Pick up shelf for our sons room maiden form for me and another picture I wanted from Hobby Lobby. 

I have Pure Barre in 40 minutes no breakfast for me gonna just have tall Starbucks if they get here in time. 

I hope things actually get done today and tomorrow because I feel like I am getting an ulcer from all this stress. 

Monday June 26, 2017 

So sorry I missed yesterday. I was beyond exhausted had no energy to write about our Remodel and Day. Today I have some updates our Laundry room Base was done the other day but not correct size but was fixed today. My pantry was completed other than trim and pantry door put on. 

The electrical got finished this morning. But we did not get our cabinets and glass inserts installed in kitchen so it’s still a mess.

I got our hutch items put away last night and my husband hung up pictures today. I was going non stop yesterday but happy our house was finally really clean and boxes were getting unpacked. 

My daughter has entered a stage where she is trying to throw fits on and off for no reason. That really exhausts me and I feel this age or stage she is at is a real test and totally aging me. 

Today we got her Birthday/ 4th of July pictures taken. I think they are going to turn out great. We went for coffee after abs dropped little one to daycare since we expected workers to be here all day. 

But no that want the case no more work done on house today. I am happy had lunch with hubby our son just wanted to play video games at movie theater and eat popcorn and icee while we had our lunch. 

I went and got a much needed manicure and pedicure. Finally took a shower when I got home 🏡. Wearing a a cute new dress from Stitch Fix for date night tonight. 

Hoping to have a working washer and dryer by Saturday so I can clean laundry before we go out of town. I signed up for classes Tuesday- Saturday at Pure Barre. I really need The workout. 

We still need powder room completed. Paint touched up and crown molding done all slider drawers put in kitchen. Doggy door installed. Pantry door painted and installed. 

I booked a bikini and eyebrow wax for Saturday. Would love to get spray tan but need to wait. 

Excited for my kiddos second Birthday coming up July 12th. Planning a fun family Disney trip. 

Ok here’s some pictures of what’s new  🏡🌻😎

Renovation Nearly Done ✅ 

Today was a good day 😀The cabinet guys finished my walk in kitchen pantry. The pantry door just needs to be painted and attached. My kitchen is just waiting for upper cabinets that are getting glass inserts. The cabinet guys also completed base for our new washer and dryer it has two slots for laundry baskets to stay. 

I spent the morning and then evening after dinner I our pool with the kids.Its nice being able to cook off in this triple digit summer weather. 

Tomorrow will be time to deep clean and unpack lots of pantry and kitchen boxes. My husband should be bringing our new washer and dryer home and installing it. I have so much laundry to get done. 

Monday the cabinets are supposed to be completed as well as our electrical. Thursday our powder room is going to be finished. The bars that were on outside of windows will be removed as well. 

Contractor did not tell me when I will get my bathtub faucet. I also am waiting on our crown molding being done.We have some paint touch up as well. 

Then my husband will get our daughters wall mural put up as well as put her stuffed animal zoo put together. Get shadow boxes and jerseys hung up in our sons room. 

We need to get our family picture framed and up above our fireplace. Hang up all living room, formal living room and dining room pictures. 

I need to get all our rooms organized and put together. We need a few items for formal living room. We need to also get new living room sofa and two chairs and ottomans that fit room better. 

We will be ordering our lighting and add that when it comes in. At some point we need to get our garage floor done. Get our front and rear exteriors worked on. 

My husband is going to put mirrors up in our master bathroom and some medicine cabinets as well. 

Well stay tuned 🙏🌻🏡

Friday Roundup 

Well today I was happy to get in a nice morning with my little one. Then I enjoyed a hard but great workout at Pure Barre class today. It was so nice to see friendly faces. I am seeing some progress in my stamina and strength as well as my body. 

I have a long way to go and must be much more consistent in my workouts. What was disappointing today was one that we had no one at the house working on our Remodel. 

So no home 🏡 progress today. I enjoyed a nice afternoon with my son today which made up for it. We swam in our pool and took my car to get washed. Watched movie at home together. 

I had a nail appointment but he was running way behind and couldn’t get me in at my appointment time. So I am still in need of a manicure. 

We picked up my little one spent almost two hours in the pool had a nice dinner and watched “Sing”  which is one of her favorite movies. 

Missing my husband and wish he could come home tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing our kitchen and pantry and laundry rooms finished. 

Happy Friday 🌻

Another Winner 

This is my second small plates meal by Hillshire. It contains Italian Dry Salame with natural Gouda Cheese & Toasted Rounds. It was just the right amount of food and tasted delicious 😋. Now I am out so will have to pick some up next time I’m at the store. 

Mid Day roundup 

Really enjoyed my Pure Barre class. Kylie killed us but in a good way. It was nice to see some friendly faces today. I am annoyed that still not any workers at our home and it’s now 11am so I doubt we will be done with front area kitchen laundry and panty by tomorrow as promised . 

My son is almost home he will be here shortly. Then I want to go to lunch and get car washed. Or have healthy lunch here. I have nail appointment today. I still need to take my shower for the day and clean up. 

Lots to do still hope everyone has a great day 🌻

Friday June 23, 2017

Well I’ve dropped my little one off to daycare I was ten minutes too late for 8:30 class so waiting for 9:45am class. No workers at our house yet but the place behind me has had workers since 6am everyday all day. 

My son gets home today 😀 I am feeling sore and out of shape but I know I can power through my morning workout. 

I had shredded wheat cereal for breakfast and skipped the coffee. I truly hope my kitchen and pantry get completed today. 

Still nervous about the potty training process with my daughter. She still won’t even let me do her hair if I do she pulls the hair things out and puts them in her mouth which freaks me out. Don’t want her choking. 

My husband is still out of town and I wish the work was done on the house no more dust and clutter no more workers in and out of our home all day long. 

I don’t feel at home I feel confined to my room while this is going on. I want to feel comfortable in our home. I want to get a lot done today. 

I am really bummed out right now with how things are going.I want to feel settled in. I want to have a good daily routine for kids and I. 

I want to lose all my belly and back fat as well as get rid of arm fat too this summer.My thighs and legs just need to tone up. I will need to check as many things off my to do list as possible since it’s Friday and kids will be home with me and only me all weekend so no break for this mama. 

I am getting ok sleep but not quite enough I am not regular right now I am sure it’s because of not having real kitchen meals each day is messing with me. 

I had sore throats and ear for a few weeks two different tummy flus ugh hope I am back to feeling healthy. I wish I was having another instructor today. But Kylie does give s great class she’s just not very nice most days. 

I miss having instructors that were kind and like I could be friends with Elise and Judith and Janice were the best. 

I want to get all my dishes utensils baking pans pots pans and glasses out of boxes cleaned and put away. It’s going to be such a chore getting my kitchen and pantry organized but well worth it. 

Etsy has been so helpful ordered and received some great items already for our house and more on the way for labeling and organizing. 

I am missing my long hair so it’s time to start growing it out again. Ok don’t want five late for Pure Barre  talk to everyone later. 

June 22, 2017

Was a bit under the weather today .But my day shaped out just fine. The remodel I wish was over and done with. I am so sick of having our items in boxes and so must dust and dirt in the house. But I was told by our contractor this evening that I should have full use of my kitchen my laundry room and pantry by this Saturday.

If that actually happens I will be overjoyed. I enjoyed some girl time with my little girl tonight. I miss my son and my husband an dlook forward to their return. My son will be home tomorrow.

Hoping my husband will be home Saturday or Sunday from his work trip. I have lost five pounds but I was stomach sick from 10pm last night until 3am this morning so I might gain it all back.

I have an appointment tomorrow to get my manicure and I really need a bikini wax and eyebrow wax but not sure if I will be able to get those this week.

I will go to Pure Barre it will be brutal since I’ve missed a lot of days but will feel good. I will get my car washed as well and get my paperwork done and stop slacking.

I am so looking forward to the mural being up in my daughters room and her stuffed animal zoo being built and put in there. Also we have a great dollhouse to build for her in garage from Costco.

In my sons room we still need to put together husband second gaming chair and frame jerseys to hang over his bed. Hook up his xbox and Apple TV .

I am hoping for one or two date nights with my husband when he gets back in town.

I am hoping to see a ton completed tomorrow here at our house including my pantry and door for pantry .

hope everyone had a wonderful day🌻




As my daughter is nearing her second birthday I am remembering all her firsts. It’s nice to have such nice memories to look back on and to reflect on. I was nervous she was going to be a late walker becuase she had not walked by her first Birthday. But she was practically running a week afterwards.

We are about to start potty training and I need to stay positive and laid back and have faith in her and myself. I am so proud of my daughter and all she’s learned and accomplished from birth until now.

I know there is so much more to look forward to and or stress about which I try to not stress out but that’s my personality. I am very critical of myself in general and as a mom.

My son turns 11 this fall and has many wonderful milestones as well and I am so blessed to have my wonderful kids to guide through each milestone.

I myself have had many milestones to look back on in my life. This year marked 20 years since my high school graduation. A few people are planning a 20 year reunion for our class this fall.

I am doing my best to not only document these treasures in my mind but to scrapbook and make albums that my kids will enjoy now as well as when they have kids and grandkids of their own.

Enjoy each and every milestone in your children’s and your own life. Try not to stress out and let your hair down more when you are stressed becuase you know you will get through it and happiness and laughter will help you through even the roughest darkest times.

My kids smiles and laughs save me when I have a bad day or am feeling not enough or depressed they bring me out of the funk and show me how lucky I am.

Each day I look forward to milestones and memories.


Thank you you for reading 💐