June 29,2017

Well today and yesterday I enjoyed Pure Barre classes. As for our home renovations yesterday we got our pot filler hooked up but nothing else done. My husband hung up some more wall art and decor. I unpacked more pantry items. I am still unable to get our kitchen items moved in or do any laundry at thisContinue reading “June 29,2017”

Home Renovation Woes 

Well there has been no progress since electrical done on Monday. Still have piles of laundry and no plumbing completed so we can hook up washer and dryer. Also my cabinets in kitchen are not completed because no pull out drawers put in or or trash can pull out nor our glass inserts put inContinue reading “Home Renovation Woes “

Monday June 26, 2017 

So sorry I missed yesterday. I was beyond exhausted had no energy to write about our Remodel and Day. Today I have some updates our Laundry room Base was done the other day but not correct size but was fixed today. My pantry was completed other than trim and pantry door put on.  The electricalContinue reading “Monday June 26, 2017 “

Renovation Nearly Done ✅ 

Today was a good day 😀The cabinet guys finished my walk in kitchen pantry. The pantry door just needs to be painted and attached. My kitchen is just waiting for upper cabinets that are getting glass inserts. The cabinet guys also completed base for our new washer and dryer it has two slots for laundryContinue reading “Renovation Nearly Done ✅ “

Friday June 23, 2017

Well I’ve dropped my little one off to daycare I was ten minutes too late for 8:30 class so waiting for 9:45am class. No workers at our house yet but the place behind me has had workers since 6am everyday all day.  My son gets home today 😀 I am feeling sore and out ofContinue reading “Friday June 23, 2017”