July 31, 2017

Good afternoon, today has started off a little rocky barely slept. Skipped my Pure Barre  class to try to get another hour and a half of sleep. I had bad dreams that really made me wish I had just got up and started my day at 7 as usual. 

Waiting on UPS  to pick up package going to be a long day stuck here. Remind me never to do the Trunk Club box again they always are a let down and this waiting for package arrival and pickup is a huge waste of time. Truly the worst subscription box ever. 

At least my son is finishing up his second summer reading book for school. Savannah is spending her second day at pre school. So excited for her. She only has to spend two days this week at daycare not Friday since our vacation and we paid provider through 16th even though we don’t be back since we gave notice July 16. Glad pre school doesn’t decide to take random days off for events and still charge us. 

Garage still isn’t done our contractor continually lets us down. We’ve had our cars out in sun since last Tuesday. Was supposed to be completed by Thursday and no one has shown up today. My nails are looking haggard and my nail guy is on vacation until August 28 so I think I am just gonna get nails removed and get regular manicure. 

Trying out a new restaurant tonight for date night with my husband. Have so much to get done this week. Need to find time to go to Pure Barre even though super busy in mornings either 6 am classes or evening classses. 

So happy to see such beautiful happy joyful photos from past weekend my cousins eldest daughter got married Saturday back east and it looked amazing. So happy for them and I hope my husband and kids can one day meet all my wonderful back east relatives. 

I hope our photos arrive today and I will get more frames for those. Glad my husband has started his swim workouts again so good for him to get back in the pool. 

Missing my best friend hope I get to see her before our vacation. Looking forward to seeing my eldest nephew tomorrow. He’s coming over to visit and it’s been so long since we saw him. 

I have done 57 classes at Pure Barre working towards πŸ’― club is my first goal. When kids are back in school full time I need to do 5-6 days a week. 

I also need a treadmill or spin bike to get in hour -2 hours daily cardio at home. I need to drink all water and green tea. Try to eliminate starch and sugars from my diet at least for 4-6 weeks to help lose stubborn belly fat . 

My car is in desperate need of a bath. So is our dog 🐢 I need to have us do a Costco grocery trip this week. So we have what we need when we get home and before Jeff goes back to work out of town. 

I am hoping I will love everything in my August Stitch Fix Box  it will arrive when we get back from our trip. Unlike Trunk Club I nearly always love every item they send me. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Monday🌺 Time for me to be productive. 🏑😎🌻

July 29, 2017

Enjoyed my morning Pure Barre workout. It was packed wall to wall people today. Kylie did a good job being creative so we could all enjoy class without bumping into each other.

Glad Barbara was there she is such a sweetie and motivates me. Took the kids for coffee and a cake pop for my little one. My husband is getting in his pool workout now. 

The kids and I had some lunch and played in our pool until my little one got grouchy and I put her down for afternoon nap. 

Looking forward to seeing pictures as two weddings today I won’t be at one is my cousins eldest daughter is getting married back east today. So happy for her what a special day. Also an old friend of mine is getting married today. 

I am getting laundry done and relaxing. I am going to cook enchiladas tonight for dinner. Maybe some more pool time with the family. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. πŸŒ»πŸ’•πŸ™πŸŒ»πŸ‘

July 28, 2017

Had another great class at Pure Barre. It was a hard one but great. I am feeling stronger all the time. I wish my son would not be so disrespectful sometimes but he certainly had his moments and today is one of those days. 

All I can do is have faith in him and God and pray and continue to love him and discipline him accordingly. I am hoping my daughter is enjoying pre school today. 

I am also disappointed to know that no matter how much love and kindness my husband has shown his oldest kids they give him the cold shoulder. I pray that they will show him love and respect each and everyday. To have someone keep your children from you for nearly a decade and do everything to hinder the relationship is so unbelievably wrong. 

Our hearts will stay open and I will never give up hope for them to come around and have a relationship with their father and siblings. 

What’s worse is that they can act like he didn’t do anything for them give someone saw credit for all he’s done even the nearly 60 items he got his eldest and husband as wedding gifts no thank you to him not even a text. Haley Logan & Drew Logan your in our prayers and hearts. 

I truly hope they are successful in all their endeavors their move to Florida and marriage and starting a family of their own. It’s time to just live and let God. We’ve done all we can do. 

I am happy I was able to get my hair done yesterday. I want to have a nice weekend with the kids and my hubby. Cooking another meal from Martha & Marley Spoon  recipe for dinner tonight. 

I still need to get fingerprinted for school voulenteering. Also get rest of laundry and cleaning done. Got another Trunk Club  box yesterday and out of 10 items only 3 worked out. Probably last box I will get from them. 

I need to get our house organized get our life organized and on track for upcoming school year. I need to get my car cleaned this weekend. 

Hoping to see my Aunt Julie when we go through Sacramento next month. I feel blessed to have my wonderful kids and husband. I have complete faith in my son and know he is so smart loving and incredible. I want him to communicate his feelings better to us and work on being respectful. 

I look forward to seeing my daughter succeed and grow at school. I know my son will succeed at his new school. I want to get myself in shape and continue to work on myself each day. I am hoping that I will be able to take kids to beach and to Disneyland and more fun spots a few more times before my son starts back to school. 

Hope everyone has a great day 😎🌻🏑

July 25, 2017

So got up this morning enjoyed hanging with kiddos. Our contractor was due to come by and get garage work done he later informed me they weren’t coming today. 

My best friend came to visit and brought me coffee what a sweetheart. My hubby was supposed to head home this morning but his workers did not show up until 1pm so he was stuck until then. But thankfully he’s going to be home tonight. 

My parents picked up the kids and took them out of town with them. I miss them so much already. But glad they are having fun with their grandparents. 

Was hoping for a date night with my hubby tonight but he’s gonna be home late. Maybe a movie if he’s home before too late. 

Happy to see our kids growing up even though it goes by way too fast. My son got his schedule for school can’t believe he starts 6th grade. Our daughter starts pre school next month. So happy she will get some structure, fun and learning. 

This week I will get both kids school paperwork turned in. Next week we get our sons school uniforms. Our daughter has her two year old check up. Then it would be nice to get out of town and have family time. 

I need to go to Pure Barre everyday that I can. There was a 20th high school reunion planned. But it fell through which is a bummer. There is a low key dinner getting planned now. I can’t believe how quickly 20 years goes by. 

It’s crazy to see everyone in different places in life some people have kids in college some have high school kids I have a soon to be 11 year old and a 2 year old. A couple of people already have grandkids. Then there are those who are just now getting engaged and married and pregnant. 

It’s a a very cool thing to see everyone and I hope it happens. After I became a mom and was raising my son on my own. I let my social life and friendships fall to the waist side. I don’t regret losing touch with most people because they just weren’t mature. 

But there are a handful of great gals that left an imprint on my heart and were excellent friend to me and I wish I had made more of an effort bo matter how hard my situation was during that time period. 

The best decisions I have made were very hard. Having my son knowing I’d be all alone raising him best decision ever. Second best decision was breaking off engagement knowing the person was not right for me and my son. I knew I wanted forever and that it was worth waiting for. 

Not long after I met my husband and after two and a half years we got engaged and married and now have added our beautiful daughter to our happy family. 

I was watching OC Housewives last night and watching that stuff makes me wonder if I really do want more than one or two close friends. Those ladies are so cruel to each other. 

I felt for the one dealing with her weight I have struggled after the birth of my daughter and actually since right after getting married with my weight and body image. 

I get very insecure at times especially when working out. I am very critical of myself and never feel like I am killing it. I sometimes feel like people talk about me or don’t think I am strong enough or doing enough. 

I really wish my little one would complete potty training but I don’t want to pressure her. She brings up going pottt day and night but rarely does go on the potty. 

I would be thrilled to travel more I want to go on tropical vacations and go back to Europe and South America, back to New York and Chicago and many places I haven’t been yet. 

I would love an adult only trip to Disneyland with my husband that would be fabulous. I am still hoping to finally go back to Las Vegas haven’t been since 2005. Want to see some shows eat great food and shopping. 

I have done my best to teach my children and to make sure my son knows to not be too shy or scared to go after what you want and to make sure he doesn’t live with regrets. 

Both our kids have the biggest hearts sweetest smiles and they are the light of my life. No matter am how sad, upset or even depressed I can get when life gets tough. I just hold them close hear their laughs or see their smiles and sweet faces and I know I am truly blessed. 

Missing my husband hope he’s home soon. 

Have a goodnight everyone and thanks for reading. πŸ™πŸŒ»πŸ‘

Weekend RoundupΒ 

Well Friday and Saturday my son was under the weather feeling chills and nausea Thankfully he’s feeling great again. 

My daughter has been super fun during the day but not sleeping much in day and driving me crazy at night. Last night I barely slept an hour. 

So I got to rest a few hours this morning when my son got up to hangout and watch his sister for me. 

We’ve had pool time Starbucks trips got boring errands done. I changed out some pictures but need to get more frames at Arron’s brothers . 

Last night I had a treat of taking a long bubble bath while watching a movie. That was the calm before the storm I guess lol. 

I’ve got our laundry and dishes done each day got all kids school paperwork completed. My sons been working on his second summer book. 

Today got exciting in a scary way. Was cooking another meal from Martha and Marley Spoon  it said to coat both sides of tortillas before placing in oven my gut said not to do it since oil is so flamible but I did it anyways and a small oven fire started and I quickly put it out but it scared me. 

I am sure oven is fine but I am cleaning all racks and later will clean it and use it again to make sure I did not screw up this beautiful oven. 

So yes I am definitely not Martha Stewart or a perfect cook. Need to pay more attention to my gut and hopefully this will never ever happen again. 

So  watching Crazy Stupid Love its a great movie have not seen it in a long time. Going to breathe and reboot and enjoy rest of day with the kids. 

Hope everyone is having a terrific weekend 😎

July 21, 2017Β 

Well today I was pretty sore.But I powered through my Pure Barre class. Kylie was teaching today and it was a great class. Was also nice to see friendly faces there. 

My son enjoyed having his bestie overnight. Unfortunately after we got back from lunch today he wasn’t feeling great. I made sure he has been resting drinking fluids have him some Advil and pepto bismol for his tummy. 

My parents came by for a visit and my little one ate really well tonight. I am glad I got to see my best friend Sara today. πŸ˜€

Our contractor didn’t finish up things on our house this week as promised. He just got some door knobs installed and a pot rack which I am not sure I like now that it’s in. It was something I saw on Pinterest organization boards loved it but for me it’s not seeming functional since not all my pots and pans fit on it only two. 

Hopefully the garage will be done next week as promised and we will finally get our last upper kitchen cabinet that was supposed to be in on July 3rd. 

I am in need of workout shirts and pants. I will get kids paperwork finished up tonight and tomorrow so I can turn in next week,

Hoping my boy feels better tomorrow so we can make the weekend a fun one ☝️ 

I miss my husband haven’t seen him since Tuesday. Hope he will come back here next weekend or before we finally get to go up there to have family time. Hoping we get to go out on lake finally on a boat with kids. Go to San Francisco for a couple of days and Yosemite if there is time. 

Goodnight thanks for reading 😴🏑🌻

July 20, 2017

Well today we slept in until 7:30am then I got the kids ready for the day. Took my little one to daycare. Came home had a little breakfast then headed to Pure Barre. What a great class and I am beyond appreciative of the help from Janey with my workout. 

I am proud of myself every time I compete a class. Happy that there are such a great group of people who workout there. Today I had the two instructors to watch and motivate me which is always a plus. 

I have been sore for days but I am going to power through and attend class in the morning. 

After class I came home to see if our contractor and workers ever showed up. No luck they never showed up. 

I was able to go to the shoe store get my daughter two new sneakers and one new sandal. Had my son look for new shoes we need specific colors for school uniform but he didn’t like any so will look again in a few weeks. 

I didn’t get as much done today as I wanted to but I will mKe the most of tomorrow. Enjoyed a little pool time before picking up my little one. Then the boys Savannah and I watched movies. I made a pizza some chocolate chip cookies and some popcorn and some kool aid. 

Now that my little one is asleep the boys are enjoying some night swimming. I am gonna take it easy and unwind. Hope everyone had a great day🌻🏑

July 19, 2017

Today I feel very happy, my day felt blessed and it was a very simple day. I spent time with my kids this morning and had breakfast. Got my daughter ready for daycare and my son and I took her to daycare. Then I came home got him situated and went to my Pure Barre class which was such a wonderful class today. I am so thankful for the instructors there and the wonderful women that take the class. Its  a great environment and even when I struggle through a move or the whole class it brings me happiness. I know I am working on my inner and outer strength and I need that so much.

After class  my instructor Janey was nice enough to give me some great tips since I keep having shoulder pain and a few other issues with some moves. After class I went home and checked in with my son. Then I went on all my errands I dropped off the dry cleaning and I got myself a coffee. Then headed to Target and got groceries there which I never have before I was pleasantly surprised how much they had in the grocery section. I also got items I needed for the kids as well.

After that I went home my son helped me unload the car and put things away. We had lunch. I was also able to get the testing done I needed to as a parent  for my sons school. I still need to finish all the volunteer paperwork and get fingerprinted. I also need to get my daughters preschool paperwork finished up as well.

We later went to pick up my daughter came home and hung out and played and my son who is 10 cooked us a fabulous meal he is getting so good at following recipes. He cooked one of our Martha & Marley Spoon meals. After we got my little one fed and bathed and snuggled in bed we had some time to hang out have our dinner and then have our own free time.

I was dying to have a nice long bubble bath and watch some shows so the great thing is with our new bathroom I can do both I enjoyed a warm bath and watched a couple of shows and I feel so happy and peaceful.

I am very much looking forward to another great Pure Barre class tomorrow morning. It will also be so much fun for my son to have his best friend over for a sleepover tomorrow. I got the kids some good treats picked up a couple of pool rafts and will make sure they have lots of fun.

I need to get some night lights for the house and a few odds and ends. I want to get new workout clothes and some new sneakers. I also want to go to White House Black Market and check out the sale items.

Missing my husband while he is away at work. At least I am getting stuff done here and I want us to be able to to up there to be with him soon once I get the kids all set for school. I am getting tired. So I will cut this short and just say thank you for reading and today I feel truly blessed. Also thank you to Katie she got my daughter the cutest outfit for her birthday and Savannah and I love it.

July 18, 2018Β 

Had to cancel my Pure Barre class was very bummed out but there was a croup outbreak at my daughters daycare and did not want to risk sending her. 

Her wall mural finally got put up and we absolutely love it. Today was kinda stressful went all around with kids in tow. But things did not go smoothly. 

I am bummed my husband has not heard from his daughter and got so much as a text or email to say thank you for the many items he so generously got her and her husband off their wedding registry. 

Kids and I made s nice dinner and had some yummy fresh bake chocolate chip mini cookies for dessert. I am hoping to get more accomplished tomorrow.

Hoping our contractor finally gets our home finished. Glad my husband put ac vent covers on and installed doggy door. He also got our picture orders put up mirror in our powder room repaired Savannahs two toys. 

I’ve been enjoying our new washer and dryer and our new kitchen appliances. Feel so behind on things that need to be done before kids go back to school. 

Want to see my Aunt Janne soon missing her a lot. Can’t really take the kids to see her so will need to figure something out. 

Our new home is wall to wall tile which isn’t easy to keep clean not enough outlet plugs to run a steam mop or any cord vacuum or mop in house. So large it’s too expensive to use swiffer mop and cleaner. I have an old school mop and bucket and that’s exhausting but it makes it looks nice until everyone wakes up lol. 

I need area rugs and possibly some hallway outlets in our house added. My little one is asleep 😴 my son has his room clean done all his chores and is enjoying his free gaming time now. 

I am going to take it easy make my to do list for tomorrow and try to relax and unwind. I am hoping tomorrow is a great day. Feel overwhelmed with everything on my plate. 

Time to relax goodnight 😴 

Daily roundupΒ 

Enjoyed my Monday got a great Pure Barre workout in. Got my latest Stitch Fix box  3 out of 5 items were keepers. 

Wore my new dress on date night with my hubby we had a great evening out had delicious dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. We also enjoyed watching. The Big Sick at the movie theater. 

My Martha & Marley Spoon box and arrived three delicious meals for me to prepare this week. We signed our daughter up for preschool. 

I feel so blessed have an amazing husband wonderful children and the best friends ever.