July 17,2017

Today I got in a morning workout at Pure Barre. It was hard but felt great 👍🏻 I appreciate all the tips and help our instructor Kylie gave us. 

I also like that Janey was there it helps motivate me. My mind is all over the place because of Cancer that is taking my loved one too soon. 

My step daughter getting married and not having my husband her Dad walk her down the isle or attend. That breaks my heart. 

Getting our kids prepared for school year one starting junior high other starting pre school. 

My shoulder is hurting a lot. I am excited powder room is done and my daughters mural will be put up tomorrow.

I need to shower while she’s napping 😴 

Bye bye for now. 🌻


Happily Ever After 

Wishing my step daughter all the love, laughter good health and many blessings as she starts her new adventure of marriage with her husband Drew. 

We would have loved to be there and celebrate their love and holy union. We love them and carry them in our hearts everyday we will pray for them and their marriage everyday. 

Hope they enjoy and get good use out of the registry items we were able to purchase for them.  Love and God bless these newlyweds. We will love you always and always keep our hearts and home open to you both. 🏡🌻💍🤵👰😍

July 16, 2017

Enjoyed a nice quiet day with my family today. Our little one was getting her energy back but not 100% so no going outside in pool or public. 

Movies and games were played. My husband got some items done for us around the house. Ran errands for us and got our family picture getting done for over fireplace. 

It was my best friends 40th Birthday I look forward to celebrating with her when she’s back in town. My step daughter got married today she’s my husbands first born. She’s a beautiful young woman and we wish her and her groom lots of love laughter and happiness. 

I wish that this event included our family mainly my husband. No one should be shut out of their children’s lives. It’s been close to a decade that my husband has been divorced and missed life events and normal day to day contact with his three beautiful gurus who are now young women. All graduated from high school his oldest Hayley  just graduated college and is as of tonight a married woman. Heather graduated from beauty school and looks like she’s doing great. Meagan going to Purdue in the Fall for college. 

I am sad not just for my husband who dearly loves these girls and reaches out and  gets his heart broken every time they choose not to respond. He has sent gifts wrote beautiful letters but he can only do him. 

I’ve told him I have faith that they will open their hearts as they grow in life. It’s hard when you’ve been kept from someone for so long and only told negative things about them by someone you love and trust. 

I am sad these girls are missing out on all the love kindness laughter friendship guidance and fathering they have missed out on. I have been praying everyday that their can be relationships built up again for him with his eldest daughters. 

I would love to have a relationship with them as well as them with my son and their baby sister who just turned two. I just hope that they remember we love them and our home is their home we are their family and will always. E here for them. 

I am still so sad that I have limited time to enjoy my aunt Janne. Cancer truly sucks I love her with all my heart and want to spend as much time as I can with her before it’s too late. 

Our house is really coming together I need to take some more pictures to post. It’s almost time to get my sons school uniforms bought and shoes and supplies. 

I ordered him another summer book he can start reading this week when it comes in. My daughter gets to start pre school next month. 

I’m looking forward to date night with my husband tomorrow night. Watching some pioneer woman episodes now. Plan on more home cooking in my beautiful new kitchen.

Missing my nephews and niece so much been awhile since I’ve seen them they are all growing up so much three high schoolers this year and one in college and one is 23. So proud of them all they are terrific. 

So much to get done this summer still. Home items galore. Real estate test for my husband. Brokers test for me all my book work still to do. Want to do beach trip with kids. Want to do another Disney trip. Want to do San Francisco family trip, Yosemite and get a boat for day to take out on gull or grant lake . 

I have books I want to finish I want to work on getting in shape. Use my ice cream maker with kiddos. I have pure Barre tomorrow and hoping to go all week. My kids are growing up so fast I am trying to savor every moment with them. 

I would love to take some more cooking classes I took a 6 month culinary course at our local cooking with class back in 2012. It was so much fun and I learned a lot. I want to travel more and see more family members that I miss. 

I feel very blesssed and make sure to count my blessings daily. I don’t have it all figured out nor even close. I have really hard rough days sometimes.But I have a wonderful family and work hard to be a loving wonderful wife and try to be the right balance of strict and fun mom. 

This week I will review my latest stitch fix box. Latest Martha and Marley spoon recipes. I will keep a progress report of my health and fitness. Planning out the remainder of our summer break. 

Goodnight everyone 🏡🙏😴

July 15, 2017

Well we had a great week at Disney but my little one started feeling done for our last night yesterday she did not have much energy at all . 

She had us all up last night but seemed to have zest again. She was good today until after lunch then she’s been laying watching movies having severe pain on and off. 

Low grade fevers only but not drinking much fluids still peeing plenty and even had a full bowel movement so not dehydrated. 

I have her in bed with me now comfortable but she cries about every 20-45 minutes in pain. I put some vapor rub on her chest and throats but I’m not sure what’s bugging her. It may even be her molars killing her. 

This is the part of being a mom that breaks my heart I want to feel the pain for her I don’t want her to hurt and be uncomfortable. I hate that she’s not at an age to tell me what’s hurting.

Praying she’s able to get sleep tonight and feel relief and better tomorrow. 🙏

Weddings and Happily Ever After 💍👰🤵🏼

Wedding season is upon us it’s so great to see all the happy brides planning their weddings and events leading up to the big day. I have such wonderful memories of our wedding and every event leading up to it. 

Tomorrow my husbands oldest daughter his first born is getting married. I would love it if we could be there and he could walk his daughter down the isle. But unfortunately that’s not in the cards. 

But it is wonderful that my husband was able to have us buy out one of her registries almost completely we got all her dinnerware flatware glasses mugs frames and serving ware bakeware coffee maker and more.  She chose some great items we got nearly all her Kate Spade items at least for dining and kitchen. 

She’s such a beautiful girl she will make a gorgeous bride tomorrow and I hope she has a magical day that is her dream come true. I hope that she is able to open her heart to her father and I my son and her baby sister in the near future. 

It was great to see all the just married couples at Disneyland too. My husband and I went there and got the matching bride and groom hats after our wedding day. 

I look forward to seeing Brandon so happy when he grows up and gets married and will do everything we can to make his day special. What fun it will be planning our little Savannahs wedding when she’s all grown up. My husband has two more beautiful girls that I hope he will be able to attend and walk down the isle at their weddings when the time comes.

He loves his girls with all of his heart ❤️. He is such a amazing dad to our son Brandon and our little gir Savannah. 

I am enjoying my new kitchen and able to break out some of the wedding gifts we haven’t used in awhile or at all yet. Our son will be a senior in high school when our ten year Anniversary comes up and we possibly can have a nice vow renewal ceremony. 

We’ve flown to beautiful weddings for family and good friends hiya weddings small weddings indoor and outdoor. It’s pretty cool to see someone’s vision and their personality shine through on their special day. 

Planning a wedding can be very fun but lots of stress as well. I wa able to get ours fully planned and it came off beautifully without a hitch we only had less than 90 days as we were about to move and wanted to do it in spring time.

I hope that all the summer brides 👰 have fantastic days to remember and treasure always especially my husbands oldest daughter Haley Ronci & her fiancé Drew Logan.

Disney Vacation 

We really enjoyed our family trip to Disneyland this week for our daughters 2nd Birthday. We stayed at the Disneyland Hotel had a great pool view and also could watch Fireworks from our room every night. We took the kids to Ariels Grotto for character lunch on Savannahs Birthday it was great well worth the money terrific food and lots of princesses. We also did Minnie and Friends Character breakfast at the Plaza inn. Looking forward to the next time we get to go to Disney. 

Disney Day 2 Savannahs second Birthday 🎂🎉

Started are morning off ok kinda tired and not finding everything quick. But then took our Birthday girl to have her first non coffee Starbucks for her Birthday and a cake pop I shared a coffee cake with her and had my usual the mocha frappe chino affogoto style. Then we went into California Adventure Park and went through shops then on King Tritons Carousel then to our scheduled Character lunch at Ariels Grotto for our daughters Birthday. It was great we saw the princesses they took pictures with our daughter and the good was great our Savannah only ate the ranch and the ketchup and dessert not much actual food other than my pasta all food was delicious. Then we went on Toy Story Mania and that was fun my daughters first time on that one. Then we went on Ariels ride then to Cars land and on Maters Junkyard Jamboree. She was tired after that so we went back to our room at the Disneyland Hotel. She laid down to nap I took our son to the pool swam went on slide and had snacks and drinks.our pass holder broke which is frustrating but oh well. Need to head up for dinner and going back to the park with Savannah and my husband. We 

Rise and Shine

Well I got about two hours sleep before my Birthday girl woke up at 4 am she wasn’t going back to sleep since she crashed out before buck luckily she did and I got another hour sleep. So exhausted today but hoping for good sleep tonight 😴

Disneyland Day 1 celebrating Savannah turning 2

Day 1 with my parents my husband and our kiddos. We went on the King Arthur carousel and then we went on Pinnochio. We stopped for lunch at the pizza port in tomorrow Land before going on Autopia. We then we went on it’s a small world. My little one was looking tired so the guys my husband my father and my son went to go on the big rides. Mom and I took Savannah shopping to get her some Birthday presents then watched the parade which was fantastic. Then we got some sodas and a Olaf treat for Savannah before meeting up with the guys again. Then we all went on Pirates of the Carribean. That was the last ride of the day then my parents went home. We went to our hotel and the kids passed out for the night. I decided to order room service at 8:30pk my son woke up shortly after it came so I gave him most of mine and my hubby tried the trader Sams bar for food and drink. I did not sleep at all maybe a whole 3 hours but all and all day was good. 

Happiness and Joy

Today is my youngest child’s Birthday she is an extraordinary human being who loves laughs and has so much personality everyone adores her and feels blessed to know her. I pray each day that I am blessed to be her mom blessed to guide her through life and to be her best friend in life and her safe haven. I feel blessed to watch her and her older brothers love for one another. I am the proudest luckiest mom ever.

I will move heaven and earth for my children and I will always put their needs above my own. Each Birthday I celebrate shows me how blessed I am to be a mother to have the job of raising two wonderful loving intelligent kind hearted self sufficient kids who will be kind loving hard working and genuine people.

Being a mother is the hardest and best job I’ve ever had and I am most proud of my accomplishments as a mother. Much more so than any money I ever made in the past at a 9-5 more than an material measure. Many people act as if stay at home moms do not work. We work harder than most do and even when are kids are in school or daycare we work 24/7 shaping our children into good humans.

Keeping their home and hearts filled with love we keep them clean safe love and fed and we find the time to read with them tickle them play games and teach them to be accountable loving  independent Popeyes who have confidence vision and imagination and believe with hard work and prayer that anything is possible in life.

I want to say thank you lord for my Birthday girl Savannah she is a light in our lives. I am actually truly happy even though kids and hubby are fast asleep and snoring is keeping me from getting sleep. I love my kids my family I feel blessed I may hate sleepless nights but they are all worth it.

My job is loving my three blessings my two amazing children and my husband with all my heart. I hope they always feel my love and see my love in all I do to make a nice life and happy home that will feel like a warm safe place for them always and forever.

I still have so many goals in my life but there is no title or name or status that can ever compare to how amazing Mom, Mommy and wife feel.

I am blessed and feel no matter how hard life gets just being able to be Mom is the greatest gift God has bestowed on me.