So Hard to Say Goodbye 

So I’ve already let go of items at our main house before our move and I spring clean more than once a year. But my body and weight have changed a lot since I got married and had my second child.  I had a bunch of stuff up in June Lake where we spend summersContinue reading “So Hard to Say Goodbye¬†“

The Night Before 

Well in typical end of travel fashion. I spent this evening running around trying to clean everything pack everything. Use up food that would go to waste.  Lost my phone lost my mind and am exhausted and overheating. My mind is still racing. I even dud through two bags of dirty  wet old food trashContinue reading “The Night Before¬†“

Missing Lunch 

Well my toddler usually is the culprit when a meal is interrupted or ruined when we’re not at home. Today sitting outside restaurant with her in her car seat because she couldn’t behave rest of family inside hopefully still enjoying their meal. I am beyond stressed out by this behavior and feel very depressed.  GuessContinue reading “Missing Lunch¬†“

Travel with Toddler 

So our seven hour drive she did pretty great only cried once for a little while.she did not nap much just a quick 20 minutes when we first left. The sleeping situation has been nutty. She took whole bed leaving our son on the floor to sleep.  She’s been going to bed late and wakingContinue reading “Travel with Toddler¬†“

Busy Friday Happy Weekend 

Well Friday is just now ending for me my feet are extremely sore and I am tired. But I am happy ūüėä. We finally got our new Washer and Dryer installed and I have been doing laundry all day and night. I had been without a washer and dryer since May 26th.  I was ableContinue reading “Busy Friday Happy Weekend¬†“