August 17, 2017ย 

Well today was a great day ๐Ÿ˜€ Woke up very tired didn’t get much sleep but was happy to hear my little girl waking up so sweetly. 

Then I made the kids and I breakfast and we got ready for our day. I took some new first day of school pictures since today was going to be her first full day. 

My son and I dropped her off she seemed sad when we left but she used to cry at daycare when I dropped her off too at first. 

We dropped dry cleaning off after that and headed home. I got rest of laundry done so when maid came it would be done and she could concentrate on floors and windows and just putting new linens on beds. 

When she arrived I took my son for coffee and then to look for school shoes. We found a few pairs he liked but I wanted to make sure they fit school guidelines. 

I dropped him back off to house while I went to try the new Pure Empower class at Pure Barre. It was a great class heck of a workout in 45 minutes for my heart rate up for sure. 

Then afterwards I picked him up and took him to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch. He of course had pizza I had a delicious half size BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad with Avocado. 

Afterwards we stopped home to put his leftovers in the fridge. Then we went back to buy his shoes. I made a appointment for pest control guy to come by tomorrow and for him to come every other month. 

I also made appointment for my son to get a haircut as his hairs too long for school guidelines. I made our dogs grooming appointment for this weekend and relaxed after that. 

Then my son and I went to pick up Savannah and we were delighted to see her super happy and playing when we arrived. She jumped up and shouted my name and ran and gave me a huge hug. She proceeded to wave bye to all her new friends and her teacher informed me how well she did. 

After that we headed to grocery store got all items we couldn’t get at Costco and headed home first I stopped at bank to get cash for haircut. 

I made dinner and we all watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 together. I got my little one bathed and ready for bed. Then hung out with my son cleaned up packed up items for tomorrow and then let myself relax in a lavender bath. 

Got some unfortunate news about my Aunt but it’s not hopeless I intend on staying positive and continue to pray. Shout out to a friend of my husbands for having me try Younique concealer and foundation. I am not into makeup but recently I messed with a pimple until my forehead looked horrendous and I was sick of going around like that so this afternoon I put some on and it was like my skin was flawless again. 

I am looking forward to another great day tomorrow and look forward to my husbands return wish he could come home sooner. But he is working hard and I love him so much. 

If your reading this thank you and I hope you return. Have a goodnight everyone ๐Ÿ˜ด๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒป๐Ÿก


August 16, 2017

Well an afternoon lavender bath helped reboot our rocky day. I fed my little one some dinner and then took us all to Costco so I could at least accomplish that errand and then got my son and IN N OUT burger ๐Ÿ” for dinner. We rushed home to get our groceries out away and to eat and give my little one a little more food to snack on and her cupcake for dessert. I gave her another bath and another lice treatment even though she didn’t seem to have anything think they were be over pre cautious since it had been going around at her pre school. I need to get a lot done tomorrow so I am praying they aren’t trying to send her home for no reason tomorrow. Want to try the Pure Barre Empower Class tomorrow. I want to get last load of laundry done so I can get to bed soon. I hope everyone had a great day the first part of my day made me feel like I’d been hit by a bus ๐ŸšŒ but we all have those days. I am oh so tired and just happy I have my fabulous kids. Miss my husband hope he can get home sooner than later. Thank you to any who are reading this have a wonderful night ๐Ÿก๐Ÿ™๐ŸŒป๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ˜ด

When Life Gives You Lemonsย 

Woke up in a great mood excited for my daughters first official day of preschool and it was prepared I thought. I had her outfit out made a delicious breakfast packed her bag and lunch. Had my workout outfit on was looking forward to attending Pure Barre class. 

Guess God wanted to test me today and I wish it had just been an easy smooth day. Kids ate their breakfast let me get them ready my little one even let me put barrettes in her hair which is a miracle . 

Now my first day of pre school sign had wrong date on it oh well not end of world but something I missed. 

We got in the car and only five minutes after leaving I see my daughter with a barret in her mouth so I quickly pull over and retrieve both from her. So much for styled hair on first day of school but at least I tried. 

Arrive at school in great mood excited for her official first day and was bummed they weren’t letting them play outside being perfect 83 degrees out at the time and lesson time notvstarting until 9am. 

I signed her in put her belongings in her room and dropped her in the morning room and she definitely wanted to come home with me she was not happy at all. I left knowing she acted same way first week or two of daycare and it was gonna be ok. 

Before I made it out door let me know we had a balance I had thought we were all set for August since my husband is out of town and he handles those things I tried to get ahold of him but was unsuccessful he was too busy with work. I told them I’d talk to him and pay later on today. 

Wa kinda thrown off from my little one being sad at drop off then worrying about payment at end of day. Wanted try to get to my class so we were on our way home. 

Literally when we pulled up in our drive way and my husband had called me back and helped get payment figured out. The school was calling me asking me to pick her up claiming she had Lice. Now my son never once had it and she hasn’t been around kids since we’ve been on vacation she’s had no daycare or school so I go ahead and go all the way back knowing my day is shot. 

I ask them to show me and they cannot show any in her hair they show one on a piece of plastic saying I can’t see any because they got mostbor all of them. Hmmm not a happy mom right now. 

I go ahead pay more money leave with the morning and gas wasted and feeling disappointed in the school we chose. Think I will go to Costco since I was on that side of town and we needed milk water eggs and nearly everything else. 

Realized they weren’t open until ten so went to Targwt to get basics milk and water and eggs and figured on the off chance she actually did get lice from one of the kids buy the shampoo treatment for her. 

I wanted to try to save our day but my little one was cranky and although good in bath for me so I could give her treatment I think it burned she was clearly upset after bath almost inconsolable she made a huge mess in her room and decided to through a fit instead of clean up. 

I removed her toys I figured I will give her chance later on to put away once she chilled out. I put on another load of wash and dishes. Decided to make kids a healthy lunch and cupcakes for dessert. 

Was disappointed that the day got so derailed but I had some learning books numbers colors and letters and went over those with Savannah. She really liked the lessons and thankfully she ate pretty good. 

I got her in some panties instead of pull ups and decided to work on potty training we were going to the potty every five minutes until nap time. No pee in the potty yet and now she’s napping with a pull up on. 

I am finishing laundry and praying for a smoother day tomorrow. I never got to Costco or to Pure Barre or to dry cleaners etc. 

thankfully my son is still enjoying his day and he always lends a helping hand around house and with his sister I am so blessed. I just want to enjoy afternoon with kids hope she’s happy when she wakes up so I can go to Costco and dry cleaning if open. 

Parenting second time around I thought would be easier especially since with my son I was a true single parent only parent sole provider mom and dad. But it’s actually been a much more stressful experience with my daughter. 

Not sure if it’s just I am older and have more on my plate since not just the two of us. She is a handful but she’s amazing and I love her energy even though when she’s stubborn and throwing fits it’s draining. 

I have so much to get done before our son starts sixth grade and it’s seeming impossible to get it all done on my own while I haven’t had any pre school for Savannah. 

I hate feeling like I am drowning being a mom you feel like your failing when things aren’t always working out or going according to plan. I know I am probably being hard on myself and that everyone has these days that not everyone is having perfect days with kids who take perfect pictures keep their hair and clothes perfect who have everything handled with ease and home and self looking perfectly put together. 

Definitely spending her nap time praying and cleaning. I wish I could say I was some super mom that had it all figured out but I don’t and today was a very hard day so far. I am going to smile and try to see the joy in my day b cause their is always something to be grateful for and to smile about. 

I can smile because I know I am blessed to have my two children. I can smile because I made cupcakes and once they cool down I will ice them and we can enjoy later. I can smile because even through the rough waters I am learning and I am growing and strengthening myself. 

Thank you to all who are reading this and may God Bless you and us all. I will hopefully have a happy post tonight right now taking a break while my little one naps. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŒป๐Ÿ™๐Ÿก

August 15, 2017

Well today was my last day with both kids at home for summer.My little one has her official first day of pre school tomorrow. I’ve been cleaning all day and trying to enjoy time with kiddos.

I got her tv and direct tv all set up in her room so she can watch Frozen and all her favorites during playtime. I laid out good for dinner and am working on my grocery list. 

I need to finish organizing and cleaning house. I want to go to store tonight or tomorrow and get stocked up. 

I still need to drop dry cleaning off at cleaners book pest control appointment. Get dog grooming appointment booked too. 

My son needs a haircut before school starts and he needs one more pair of sneakers. I need to savor today with my precious kids they are growing up so much. 

Had fun in the pool with my kiddos this evening and glad they enjoyed dinner and both ate a good amount. Wish I fell asleep earlier as my little one starts Pre school officially tomorrow morning and I want to be alert get her first day picture abs be energized for a workout. 

Goodnight everyone ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿก๐Ÿ’ค

Night Outย 

Last night we enjoyed a nice evening out before my hubby had to go out of town for work.  I was a little bummed when we got to dinner and I noticed they took the carne sada tacos off the menu I ordered shrimp tacos instead and guacamole as appetizer and signature Margarira. Guacamole and margarita were great want impressed by shrimp tacos. 

The movie Glass Castle  was excellent a must see it’s a true story which I always love and all the actors did a magnificent job playing these roles. I highly Reccomended checking this movie out. 

Back from Vacation

So we left on vacation Friday August 04th we spent a night in Pismo Beach and three nights in San Francisco which was so much fun. 

After that we went to visit Stanford University where our son wants to go to college. We also stopped in Sacramento to see my Aunt Julie and her husband Doug so they could meet our little one for the first time. It was great for all of us since we hadn’t seen them since our wedding. 

We headed for June Lake stopped in Carson City to spend the night get some rest the Holiday inn Express was very clean comfortable and I would stay there again in a heartbeat. 

We then spent Wednesday through Sunday there and we enjoyed going to Gull Lake going on a boat. Bowling at mammoth rock n bowl and pizza night. Our youngest bowled for the first time it was so cute. 

Always lots to keep my husband busy working while we’re there though. He goes back Tuesday busy busy. We left yesterday and stopped to see my best friend and the family at her home. Then we took the kids to Ruby’s Diner for a delicious dinner. 

Was happy to be home but exhausted. We definitely need to call bug guy to spray house and house needs a deep clean. I have dishes going and laundry. I am feeling a little under the weather today but trying to enjoy time with our kiddos. 

Frozen, Elaina of Avalor, Mickey Mouse clubhouse and lots of the lady bug girl books. Getting energy back and kids will enjoy Katie tonight while my hubby and I get out to dinner and a movie before he has to leave town for work again. 

He’s been out all morning getting new tires for my car and my oil changed he’s the best love him so much. We are so close to the kids starting school. Want to do another Disney trip or two and I want to also let Brandon have a sleepover or two before school starts. 

Getting my Stitch Fix box tonight since Jatie was nice enough to pick it up for me on Saturday. I need to make a trip to grocery store and Costco this week. Get rest of school items for kids. I need to get back to Pure Barre. 

I am so blessed that our son adores his little sister and helps with her a lot. Thanks to him I get more cleaning done and I get to shower cook and much more when normally she’d hinder me from doing it. 

She’s growing up though and getting more independent everyday. I am excited for her to start pre school and learn more and make new friends. 

I got some amazing news this weekend my Aunt Janne does have cancer and it’s stage 4 but the prognosis is not just months to live which we were told before. She has up to five more years the doctors say with the treatments they put in place for her. It’s Breast Cancer so I need to note my new family history at my next doctors visit to be safe. 

I love my Aunt so much and am so excited that we will be able to celebrate all the holidays, birthdays and just everyday good times with her for up to five years. 

Well we never received a thank you for the fifty plus wedding gifts we sent to my step daughter Jeffs oldest Haley Ronci and her Husband Drew Logan. It looked like a beautiful wedding we would have loved to attend. 

We wish them the best and it’s unfortunate that after divorce people decide to erase not only fathers from their kids lives but grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and even new siblings that they don’t acknowledge. I pray for this to not be so everyday not just for my family whose so deeply affected but the thousands of families being erased everyday by loved ones. 

Family is family even if you don’t acknowledge them and it’s never right to keep kids from their family or to talk poorly about family members and spread lies just because your divorced and clearly an unhappy person. I feel sorry for those who are mean spirited and negative and try to take others down because they haven’t let go and moved on. 

Forgiveness is something people need to learn they need to learn not to act like they are God.  No one is perfect and when you hold on to anger it’s like a cancer that eats away at your life. 

I have had many people cause pain in my life and I’ve forgiven and moved on. I think that’s why my happiness although not ever minute if everyday as I am human and get sad depressed and upset at times. My happiness shines through and I am happy to have the wonderful people in my life friends, family and extended family. 

I am blessed with two beautiful kids an amazing husband who is the best dad ever to our kids. Three step daughters who are in my daily prayers and I wish them well in all they do. Are sweet Charly pup who is back home with us today. 

I want to work on getting in shape even more when the kids start back to school. Getting our house completed with decorating organizing etc. 

I feel a zit coming on my forehead ugh hate those but Vacation food not the healthiest so oh well it will come and go now that I am back to healthy eating. 

We just watched Wreck it Ralph such a cute movie. I need to shower and do my hair and clean up for date night. 

My little one is napping  so time for me to get cleaned up while I can. Hope everyone is having a great day๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ™๐Ÿก๐ŸŒป


Feeling so blessed had another nice day with the family. It’s nice to just concentrate on the ones you love most. I love being a mother and I was pleased our little one was pretty good during dinner out with family even though she skipped her afternoon nap. 

Watched a movie with hubby and our son although he was on his electronics the whole movies as most pre teens are these days. 

Looking forward to the time we have left here before we go back home this weekend. Looking forward to seeing my best friend Sara. Looking forward to a date night out with my hubby. 

Disneyland is calling my name want to take the kids at least one more time before they start school. I also want to get the rose gold mouse ears too. 

I know I need to get back to Pure Barre, to my cardio and get in shape again vacationing has been enjoyable but indulged too much didn’t workout. 

Look forward to seeing all our family when we get home miss my nieces and nephews everyone. Miss our dog Charly even though I know he’s enjoying his time with all the other dogs at Sherry’s.

I just am thrilled to have this life two wonderful kids a loving husband a fun loving dog and truly the best friends and family anyone could ask for. I thank God everyday for all he has blessed me with. 

I pray everyday that anyone who is lost unhappy, angry alone or scared finds peace and can find joy and happiness if when in the littlest things until one day it’s easier to see that blessings in their life are abundant. 

I am sleepy ๐Ÿ˜Œ goodnight ๐ŸŒ™๐Ÿ’ค and thanks for reading๐Ÿ™๐Ÿก๐ŸŒป 

Family Vacationย 

We started out are vacation August 04, had dinner in pismo beach then left next morning headed to San Francisco. 

We really enjoyed San Francisco took kids to Pier 39, on Trolley tour and Dungeon tour and Wax museum. We got some great sweet treats and enjoyed delicious food. 

Was hoping to see my good friend but unfortunately her little one and her were under weather. We did get to do the 7D experience which was a lot of fun. 

Tuesday we stopped in Stanford to see where our son wants to go to college. We then headed to Sacramento to see one of my favorite Aunts and her hubby for dinner. That was great she’d not met Savannah yet and it had been 3 years since my husband and I and our son saw them. 

We drove until Carson City and spent the night before finishing our drive to June Lake. We will be here until weekend then head vack home for little one to start school. 

So tiredย 

Was in the car all day long traveling to destination wasn’t very glamorous. Little one cried a lot we had crummy fast food in car ate way too little and too quick. 

Only had a coffee and a few sips of soda the one water I got at dinner my daughter hogged since we had just the one bottle of water to share. Had a grilled cheese and a snickers bar. 

Sure I gained weight today and for food that was so not worth it. Now cannot sleep this hotel room is like rooming at a fraternity noisy uncomfortable and when it does quiet down I hear snoring. So it’s going to be another long day tomorrow. Miss my home ๐Ÿก want a day of enjoyment with family not sitting in traffic all day. 

Praying for sleep ๐Ÿ˜ด 

Date Nightย 

Well it was another fun date night out with my hubby. We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful caregiver for our kids when we need a night out. Thank you Katie ๐ŸŒป

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at Buccatini and followed it up with a decent movie Baby Driver hate the name but was good at keeping me interested throughout the film. 

Looking forward to our family vacation and all the great memories we will make along the way. 

Sending love and prayers out to those who need it most. We are very blessed and I am so happy. Extremely grateful for our children and entire family even those who are no longer with us. 

Hoping to stay active on vacation so I don’t die when I get back to Pure Barre. Wanting to add more workouts to my daily routine as well and work on getting back to the figure I had pre baby ๐Ÿ‘ถ. 

I cannot believe how fast the kids are growing up. I am treasuring every moment with them. I know our son is going to pass me by in height quite soon and soon after his dad as well. He’s such a sweet loving intelligent hysterically funny young man. 

I can hardly believe how he’s starting junior high in a couple of weeks. My youngest will be attending pre school full time too. Seeing my niece and nephew today and how much they are growing up both attending Xavier school one a sophomore one a freshmen. 

I love them to pieces and I am so proud of them. I love all my nieces and nephews so much. I am happy that our family is close even members who have gone through divorce have never cut ties and are still apart of our lives and kids apart of everyone on both families sides lives. 

I remember Christmas each year birthdays where my Nana would have her husband as well as my Papa who she was married to but divorced when my mom was just a little girl. They got along everyone did and I feel so blessed and lucky that I got love from everyone and was never kept from any of my family because they were trashing one another. 

I have seen that and seen how it effects the kids so negatively. I pray for families dealing with this I pray that all kids will be able to love all their family without being scared of hurting another’s feelings. No one should tell you who you can love and like because that’s manipulation. 

I saw this movement on erasing family and it’s about how parents split and kids are basically living a new life where family from past not just a father or mother but every single member on one side is seemingly erased from their life from existence like they never were apart of their life in the first place. It’s sad to think of that happening everyday. That’s why this movement started by a child that suffered this after divorce decided to reach out and find a way to help and heal families. 

Well it’s getting late and this mom needs some sleep. Hope everyone has a blessed night and may you have love โค๏ธ joy peace a happiness in your life. 

Goodnight ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿค—