September 27, 2017 

Been getting over a horrible cold and have missed my Pure Barre. I was sick on my birthday and at least I am almost better. I’ve had a lot in my plate at home with the kids school, homework, voulenteer hours sports etc.  my floors need some serious TLC I was able to clean allContinue reading “September 27, 2017 “

September 26, 2017 

Good morning, so I’ve been trying to get rid of a sore throats and ache ear since last Friday. Last Friday was my 38th Birthday and we went on a two night Disney Cruise 🚢 to celebrate. It was very enjoyable but did feel rushed. Look forward to doing a full week cruise with theContinue reading “September 26, 2017 “

Disney Cruise Halloween on the High Seas

For my 38th Birthday my husband surprised me booking us a quick trial cruise leaving on my Birthday September 22 and ending on Sunday September 24. We’d talked about doing a Disney cruise for along time becuase I love Disney and would love to take our kids on a Disney cruise. On this trip itContinue reading “Disney Cruise Halloween on the High Seas”

September 21, 2017

Well today I was so tired didn’t get much sleep last night it’s been a sleep deprived week. My little one had a very leaky nose so I kept her home today from pre school. My husband took our son to school and I hung out with our little one. I planned to cancel allContinue reading “September 21, 2017”

September 19, 2017 

Today was a pretty nice day little one woke up early and my hubby took her out front to watch her shows and give me another hours rest. I got up made her breakfast for her dressed for school and he took her.  I was hoping she wouldn’t cry when he left like she doesContinue reading “September 19, 2017 “

September 17,2017 

Well we had a nice weekend my husband surprised us and arrived home last night. We had dinner at home watched movies as a family.  Today we went to get items at Target got some coffee while we were there. Our dear friends Carol and Marcus came over for a visit it was great toContinue reading “September 17,2017 “

Saturday September 16, 2017

Enjoying weekend so far with my kiddos so proud of my son getting nearly all A’s on all school assignments thus far all 100%s and 1 B – on a quiz.  My kids love the pool and had fun outside today although I wish I could get my daughter to stop pooping while we’re inContinue reading “Saturday September 16, 2017”

September 15, 2017

I am very proud of my kids right now especially. They both have started new schools and have been doing such a great job. My toddler does cling a little when I drop her off but she loves her momma and within 5-10 minutes after I’m told she is full speed ahead playing and havingContinue reading “September 15, 2017”

Cracks and Scars 

My insides feel exposed and raw and I feel unprotected and scared. Sometimes I don’t recognize myself. I had so many goals and dreams and such a positive happy demeanor.  I once had confidence and felt good about myself . I battle depression and sadness and am insecure about opening up and letting people in. Continue reading “Cracks and Scars “