September 12, 2017

Well yesterday was a crazy busy day and my son really put me through the ringer. His A in math dropped down to a C- because he told his teacher he forgot his homework. 

Then when he got home he said he must have lost his folder so o made him re Due all his assignments and told him he needed to be more mindful of his stuff and be organized.

He also informed me after I’d been at the school for 20 minutes that he had football practice and just to come back later didn’t give me a pickup time. I told him he needed to ask apparently he didn’t ask  his coach he told me 4pm which meant I had no time to go home etc so I waited  in my car. Then at 4:15 when I still didn’t see him I went in for him and found out Practice goes until 4:30pm. 

So he had a bunch to get done when we got home. I got Walle for my daughter and made us all dinner then watched that with her have her a bath and got her all set for bed. 

Then I went over my sons homework and made sure he did his chores. I was exhausted. 

Today we left the house at 7:10 am I had him to school by 7:30 am then I got my daughter dropped off. She is loving her new school and so am I . I absolutely love both my kids schools. 

So after that I raced home to have some cereal then headed to Pure Barre. I love our instructor Jenay she really motivates me and pushes us to strive to do better each workout. I was worried after my workout as I had two missed voicemails from my daughters pre school. 

I drove right over talked to the director who is so sweet and everything was all good and taken care of. So thrilled we’re at this school. So I raced home to take a rinse before all my errands. 

Went to Dicks sporting good bought our son football cleats and a mouth guard. Then went to Target to buy my daughter a thermist for school. 

Then I raced over to fill up my car with gas, then to the dry cleaners to drop stuff off. Then to Ralph’s for groceries and thank God they have a Starbucks there got one for lunch. Got all our groceries and raced home. 

Unloaded all the groceries and put away and then raced to my sons school to pick him up. He has been maintaining straight A’s and is back at it now that he turned in his math assignment. I hope he keeps this upπŸ™  

I got him gave him water I brought for him drove us home and got him working on his chores and homeowork. I’m taking a moment to myself to write this and drink a nice cold bottle of water before I head out to pick up my daughter. 

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day πŸ˜€πŸŒ»πŸ‘


September 10, 2017

Watched Cinderella with my little one and Cinderella 2 now that DVD player is hooked up. Kids watched Toy Story and I have been getting laundry and dishes going we had some green beans and Mac n cheese. Need to get kids all set for school tomorrow. Need to add all my sons football games and practices to calendar. 

Need to add in all calendar events for both Savannahs school and Brandons school. I am hoping to get to Pure Barre everyday this week I haven’t been able to make one since Thursday. 

Took kids in pool so they could burn off energy made a good dinner for kids and they have been eating pretty good. My little one took a small nap today O I could get some cleaning done. 

I take my little one in for her first day tomorrow after we drop Brandon off. I also need to drop money off to Brandons school for his science camp. 

We watched church and read the Bible before bed together. I am. Excited for tomorrow. 

September 8,2017

Well today was a good day very busy was running on only an hour or two of sleep but got the kids up we dropped Brandon off at school then Savannah and I went for coffee for me cake pop for her and a trip to the park. 

After that we had fun goofing off at home with Minnie Mouse and Elena of avalor toys  danced and read books watched only about 20 minutes of every movie we put on my daughter couldn’t make up her mind today lol. 

Then she helped me get wash going and clean house. Then we ended up stepping out for sandwhiches with my husband for lunch. 

Got her down for a nap the storm hit and was a doozy. It didn’t wake up my little one though. I went to go pick Brandon up from school. I have been so happy with my sons school. I’ve been trying to keep up so I know how all his classes are going and get all our voulenteer hours set. 

Later on we went back to school for an ice cream social our son went to hang with the older kids and had a blast and our daughter was enjoying the music and light show and glow sticks inside. She got quite messy from the ice cream and continued the fun food at home let her have. Corn dog and push pop and her milk. 

She definitely needed her bath tonight. Then she hung out read some bedtime stories and wanted me to sleep with her so I might be sleeping with her again tonight. 

Now I am able to unwind now that I have all my laundry done. I missed Pure Barre today so I hope to go tomorrow and Sunday. 

Hope everyone had a wonderful week and I wish you all a great weekend πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸŒ»πŸ¦‹

What a Wednesday

Today was a busy day and full of lots of emotions but mostly good. My son had his 6th grade pictures done today at school. I still can’t believe my son is in junior high already. Got to talk to my little one and do some face time with her and my hubby and I am so beyond ready to have them home.

I have missed them way too much. I went to my Pure Barre class and had such a great workout. I got my floors cleaned and got all laundry and dishes done. I got a ton of errands done I was in need of milk, cereal, fruits and something for dinner. I had to get gas tank filled up pick up dry cleaning and go to pet store to get our dogs food.

I was checking for more volunteer opportunities but couldn’t sign up for anything else yet. I got money out of bank so I could give school money for Brandon being on flag football team.

I still need to pay for his science camp. I even got all our rugs cleaned today. I took my son to get some Starbucks after school as a treat for him I cannot have a coffee after 3pm I’d be up all night.

I am so happy we enjoyed our dinner and studied Spanish and I am so proud of how awesome my son is doing. He has his first Spanish test tomorrow and I think he isn’t going to ace it. I am finally feeling better but I must have had too much salt tonight I feel bloated.

I am so excited and anxious for my hubby and Savannah to come home tomorrow. So Friday Brandon’s school is having an ice cream social so that will be fun for our family to attend. So far I have loved our experience with his new school. All the staff is great and the parents are all super Β friendly and my son is getting a great well rounded education.

I am tired been waking up early everyday today at 4am so I need to get some sleep. Thanks for reading and I hope you had a wonderful day πŸŒ»πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ˜΄

September 6, 2017

Haven’t been feeling well and did  not sleep much at all. Even though my daughter has just been on a trip it’s killing me to be away from her. My kids are my world my whole heart my oxygen I don’t know what I’d ever do without them. 

I make my kids and husband the center of my world and put their needs first and even though I am a stay at home mom who doesn’t ever feel I get the credit of working as hard as I do. 

I feel bad that moms don’t get treated as an equal when their job never ends its 24/7 7 days a week 365 days a year. Even family vacations are great but moms usually working round the clock to keep everyone happy to coordinate plans to make sure everyone has what they need and plan ahead for next days. 

I love being a mom and am so blessed to have two amazing children. I raised my son completely in my own as only parent from 2006 when he was born until I got married in 2014. I worked my tail off in everyday and I made choices to make my schedule around my sons which meant I didn’t always have best paying jobs but I was happy and not missing a moment of his childhood. 

I want every moment of my daughters childhood for her to have me at every school event every sporting or dance event to snuggle with and to support her through everything. 

I am also truly blessed that my kids have an incredible unshakable bond and love each other so deeply. It melts my heart I love to see their love for one another.

Everything I do is for my wonderful kids I love my life with my family at the top of my priority list. I strive to be better and do better and learn more each day. 

I think my health has been taking a toll on me last few months because of all that’s on my plate dealing with Cancer of my aunt dealing with my parents marital issues they just can’t get on same page and love each other enough to do so. Their stubborn natures have made it so they are at a stand still and unable to relax and retire which is long overdue. 

Theirs constant issues at my husbands work I get so stressed seeing him stressed and when he says it will be the death of him or saying his sister will be the death of him. We don’t ever know when we will have him home and when we do he’s always got his mind on work or is getting calls about new issues that everyone passes to him to handle because as he says they are incapable. He needs to be able to count on the employees and know when he’s away they are equipped to deal with everything and don’t need him. 

I don’t like secrets I like to be transparent and it’s so hard understanding someone who tries to project a perfect image not being open about everything hiding things trying to control everything and worried about how people view them. 

I to a degree care what people think but I hope everyone sees me for me and not a facade. I will stumble make mistakes fall on my face and look like a idiot sometimes. I am only human but when I love it’s real it’s whole heartedly my loyalty knows no limits and my kindness is abundant. 

There have been people throughout my life since I was a child that have tried to steal my joy. Tell me I am less than tear me down call names tease me make fun of me. But I know as much as I am flawed I am exactly whom God intended me to be I am unique and I will sometimes let these people bring me down. But deep down I know I will always land on my feet I will always meet my goals. I don’t give up I love that about myself even when it’s dark I see the light.

I am an eternal optimist and I will always make it through the storm. I do hope and pray that in my life I have more people who are positive kind and loyal. I am so grateful for those loving and loyal people I do have who wish me well and speak nice words and don’t tear me down and love me unconditionally as I love them.

I pray for energy to get through my day and I hope God blesses each and everyone’s life today and that everyone can see the joy and blessings they have been blessed with. 

Wishing you all a great day please pray for me today as things have had me feeling on egg shells and fearful and I just want love and peace and my whole family strong happy and together.


September 5,2017

Had an incredible day yesterday with my son was so happy to use our Disney annual passes and have a good day together during the 3 day weekend. 

Today was not a good day but I have been concentrating on my son and helping him with his studying. Can’t believe he is taking Spanish already but so proud of him. 

I am missing my daughter so much it hurts a week is way too long. She is such a beautiful sweet loving girl and me and her brother miss her so much. They are my life. 

I am glad I got Brandon and I set up for two events where we can get some of our service hours. I still need to cover 6-7 more hours each for this trimester. I dropped four pounds from today’s stress and I’m guessing because I only had dinner and was sick all day. 

When bad days and bad times come your way at least you learn who you can count on and who is there for you. It’s greatly appreciated especially when you feel alone. 

Tomorrow is picture day as well as us needing to turn in his football money and form. I have to go by bank and I am glad we have until next week to turn in science camp sheet and money I was stressed about having the money to pay for that. 

We have been doing great being up by 6 and getting out of the house on time each day. I missed pure Barre but school voulenteer sign ups are more important and I always do my best to put kids first. 

I am happy for my little girl having pre school next week but I will miss her terribly each day this week apart while she was away with her dad at the lake. I missed her too much wish B and I could have gone. 

We have a busy week so much going on with Brandons school and getting involved. I love everyone at his school the parents are wonderful and so are his teachers and principal. I want to do my part and show I am doing all I can to help in my sons education and supporting their rules and the same core values and beliefs we share. 

Praying always helps me and I am happy to share prayer and the Bible with my children. I am glad that my Aunt is getting the medication she needs but it’s very expensive and she will need help from others donations to be able to continue to take this to help rid her of this awful cancer. I pray for her everyday and night. 

Dear friends of mine are dealing with cancer in their family as well and I pray for their loved ones as well. I hate cancer and I wish that we all had more time with the ones we love. 

Family most important to me and always has been. Making sure my kids feel loved supported and confident in themselves is very important with me. I want them to never be afraid of chasing their dreams. 

I want them to respect others have excellent manners and be kind and honest. Make people feel at ease and build people up not tear them down. I want them to recognize if someone is also not respecting them or being good to them and have them know when to say goodbye. 

I want them to love themselves enough to not let any friend family member or significant other chip away at their self esteem or hurt them in anyway. 

I would like to think I am strong and confident but my self esteem has been demolished over the years and I am not always as confident as I wish I was. I am working on it everyday. 

My head is still pounding hope Advil helps and I can get some sleep. Goodnight everyone thank you for reading prayers always appreciated and hope you all have a wonderful night and week. πŸ€—πŸ‘πŸ™πŸŒ»πŸ˜΄

September 01, 2017Β 

So this week was a busy week.Our son started the 6th grade at a new school and I am happy to report he likes it so far. We both are learning the ropes abs need to make new friends. 

I need to get organized so I can keep him on track and also get us both signed up for enough service hours each trimester. 

We found a pre school super close to our house that we like for our daughter. My husband traded his old work truck in for a nice new one which he really needed as the other one was well over 100,000 miles. 

I made it to Pure Barre today after over two weeks of missing it. I felt it but was so happy to be back. I got our errands done and made me and Brandon a delicious dinner while he played in the pool. 

We miss Savannah and Jeff but know they are having a wonderful time together. 

I have been suffering from headaches, feeling tired all the time lately and having less energy. I’ve been drinking lots of water daily and getting at least seven hours sleep so I am not sure what the issue is. 

I am overdue for seeing the dentist my gums have been bleeding when I floss and rinse and brush lately. Not looking forward to going because I don’t want to find out it’s a big problem. 

I booked a Pure Barre Class for tomorrow as well as Sunday. I am thinking I might take my son to Disneyland if he’s been good and I get some more energy by Monday. 

I want to fully clean and organize house tomorrow but will need to refrain from too much activity after I get spray tanned so probably reading and movies with my son. 

Sunday we can have a pool day and finish up cleaning and organizing. He’s been doing great at reading his bible each evening and telling me about what he read. 

I am hoping everyone enjoys their long weekend just be safe out there. πŸ‘πŸŒ»πŸ˜ŽπŸ™