October 23, 2017 

Well I am tired this morning slept on our couch last night and was up late doing laundry. I had coffee with my husband this morning before he had to go out of town for work. He’s been having to answer all the calls from the motel and got an email that someone had not got back to while we were away on the weekend. 

Unfortunately his staff is unreliable and is not there on time nor do they do all the items specified in their job description. This adds so much extra stress to my husband and I feel bad that he can’t ever feel like things are done right or at all when he is away. 

My son is having a hard time getting used to his braces he hasn’t eaten much and he already has a loose wire. My little one is at school but was not wanting to let me go this morning. 

I need to get my car cleaned and get the smaller Birthday gifts for our son as well as the NBA jerseys for his shadow boxes to hang up in his room.I need to go by the dry cleaners and lay out food for dinner. 

I need to get patio organized and patio chair put together. I want to make some pumpkin bread today and decide what type of cake and cookies I am making for the carnival this weekend. 

I really need to make my hair appointment and get that done this week. Me and Savannah need to go to the dentist as well. I am going to get glitter and paint so we can decorate pumpkins this week. 

I need to try to exercise this week and hopefully sign up for Pure Barre classes again. I want to get house all decorated and clean. 

I was able to get our son a curry jersey and James jersey for his shadow boxes. I found him a few other items r surprise him with for Birthday gifts. He’s so lucky that my husband and I were able to get us a room at the Grand Californian and let him bring his two best friends with us to Disneyland and California Adventure parks. 

He has really great friends and we really enjoyed having the boys with us. I am also glad my son loves his sunglasses 🕶 we got him from the sunglasses hut. He looks so handsome in them very cool. 

Still got here not even noon yet and already 98 degrees outside. My sons GPA went up again very proud of him. I already miss my husband who is driving to June Lake for work and will be gone this week . 

I picked up the kids from school my son worked on his homework I started dinner and put on Super Why for my little girl. We had a nice family dinner although we were missing my husband. 

We had pumpkin Pie for dessert and my son opened the rest of his gifts. I gave Savannah a bath and we put on Sleeping Beauty. 

After I got my little one to bed my son was playing Xbox and I took a relaxing lavender bath while watching Real Houswives of Orange County. 

I am ready for bed now hoping for a full nights sleep 😴 Hope everyone had a great Monday!

Published by 40fitmom

My Name is Jennifer .I was born and raised in California.I am the proud mother of two incredible children Brandon and Savannah.I enjoy trying new things,Outdoor adventures,new recipes, and travel, just to name a few.I hope to encourage others to try new things! I strive to learn as much as possible. I am on a journey to be my best self. Working out more drinking half my body weight in water. Meditating and journaling to find inner peace. I am working on my self esteem and have lots of goals I’m working towards. I cherish my family and friends and never take a single moment for granted.

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