October 12,2017

Today was a good day 😀 I took my little girl to school then started dishes ands laundry. Then I was able to have coffee with my best friend and catch up.  I then went back home finished cleaning and then headed to Pure Empower. It was a great class hard one today thinking becauseContinue reading “October 12,2017”

October 11, 2017 

So today I was not feeling great in am and was tired. I cancelled my Pure Empower class so we could pick Brandon up from school and take to a morning orthodontist appointment.  It was our first visit and my son got X-rays impressions and will be getting his braces on next Friday. I amContinue reading “October 11, 2017 “

Weekend Ready Friday October 6, 2017

So yesterday my little one took a tumble at school and I picked her up early but she was just fine and today you can’t even tell she bumped her head no mark at all.  My son did more voulenteer time at the church last night with the kids youth group. We took our littleContinue reading “Weekend Ready Friday October 6, 2017”

October 02,2017 

My heart is sad this morning waking up to the news of the Las Vegas mass shooting was horrible. I am happy loved ones that were attending concert as well as those that live in Las Vegas are ok. But my heart is heavy for all those people who lost their lives and those whoContinue reading “October 02,2017 “

October 01, 2017

Today was a very stressful day not one of those easy Sunday’s. I didn’t get much sleep last night I woke up with my nose and theist bugging me. My kiddos were a handful today but my son got his homework done and I hope he’s prepared for tomorrow and his week ahead. My daughterContinue reading “October 01, 2017”

October 1,2017

Can’t sleep eventook some Tylenol Pm and haven’t had any sleep. My nose is plugged up and I am very 😴 tired. I took my husband out last night for his Birthday and we had a nice night I didn’t drink any alcohol or caffeine just water so I’m surprised I can’t sleep.  I takeContinue reading “October 1,2017”