Giving Tuesday

Good Morning, Starting today off I got my daughter and I ready. Did a new hairstyle on her this morning it looked so cute wish I had taken a picture.

Went to her school and her little friends greeted her and it’s so precious her buddy Jacob grabbed her hand when she was sad I was leaving and walked off with her.

I was able to start Giving Tuesday with bringing gifts for three teachers. Got Savannah’s teacher a radio CD player she wanted for the class. Was able to get Ms Norma a magnetic block set for her class and ms Leslie a Trolls Cd for music class.

Now just early for Pure Barre relaxing until class starts. I signed up for two classes hope it doesn’t kill me. I pre bought tickets to take my son to the movies tonight .

My stomach is on the mend but clearly I have digestive issues it’s sad when I went four days with no bowel movements. I have been drinking lots of fluids and will continue

My husband found a great car that I’ve wanted for a long time but doesn’t look like we can get it right now. But at least my current car is going in to get fixed tomorrow.

I’ve been enjoying re watching Big Little Lies. I need to make dental and doctor appointments this week and get my nails done. I have all Savannah’s Christmas shopping done minus one gift.

I need to get all Brandon’s shopping done and I want to get his shadow boxes put up before Jeff goes back to June Lake. I also want to get his basketball hoop up.

His report card comes out this week and a new grade period begins. I am looking forward to getting our tree up this afternoon and all our home decor. We still need some more outside decor.

We need our patio chair and her dollhouse put together really need to find someone to get that done for us. I need to figure out what to get for all our family members for Christmas gifts and figure out whose all coming to our Christmas 🎄.

So happy Savannah and Brandon enjoyed being back at school. I still need to go ick up Dry cleaning drop a few items off as well as get groceries.

We rescheduled our family portraits since I was too sick last Saturday. Hoping we can still do our photo Christmas cards if not o will send out regular cards.

Should be getting pictures of Savannah and I by end of this week. I’m looking forward to getting those. Jeff and I are doing our date night on Thursday this week because he’s heading to June Lake Saturday.

Hoping to get Savannah’s weekly reader shipment this week and rest of gifts I ordered her. Hoping my items from Etsy come in soon too. I should get to see my best friend Thursday which will be great.

Hope everyone had a great day !🍁🏡😊🙏


Started off Thanksgiving with a workout at Pure Barre and then dropped by Starbucks for a coffee both were wall to wall people and the streets were busy too.

Was feeling tired and had. Headache but was so happy to have all the family at our home and be able to feed them well.

Stayed up cleaning went to bed by midnight then was up an hour later sick puking until 7:30 in the morning still headache couldn’t keep any fluids down couldn’t eat anything. Having abdomen pain and horrible bathroom visits I finally decided to go to the ER .

Was there from 1pm to 10pm got a CT scan fluids pain meds anti nausea meds and sent home. Finally got rest last night and this morning. When I went to pick up my prescriptions they didn’t have them ready so I will pick them up tomorrow still have a headache but feel so much better just lacking energy and need to watch what I eat.

Missed our family photo day o am so bummed out. But hopefully can reschedule for next weekend or following one. Love my hubby especially for helping so much with kids while I was sick and at hospital.

Bummed that I’m not on track to be at my 100 classes by Wednesday anymore had to skip today’s class and not in any condition to go tomorrow either 👎 happy I have all but two of Savannah’s Christmas presents purchased. We need to get Brandon’s stuff now. Also get his basketball hoop for outside and shadow boxes for his room done this week.

Hoping my car gets fixed this week and that I get 100% better and full of energy again. I am so grateful for my wonderful friends and family. Hope everyone had a Happy and Safe Holiday!🍁🦃🙏🏡

Almost Thanksgiving

Well last week I️ got in four Pure Barre classes and had coffee with my bestie as well. We go our floors cleaned and my husband put up the outside lights and fans in the backyard.

Friday they had a Thanksgiving feast at my daughters school which was so cute . Saturday we took the kids to Disneyland and California Adventure Park we had a great day.

Sunday we all lounge doors we were so tired. Today I️ went to Pure Empower and then took my little one to coffee. We played princess s and Doc Mcstuffins when we got home and watched Wreck It Ralph.

Ive been eating healthy lots of protein and veggies working on my figure. My sons grades are excellent so proud of him. Gearing up for Thanksgiving we’re hosting it again this year at our home.

I’m getting my hairdone this week and our family pictures done this Friday. Want to get all the Christmas shopping done early this year and our tree ans decorations up right after Thanksgiving.

Hope everyone is having a great day 😊🏡🙏🍁🌻


November 13, 2017

Well I️ enjoyed the weekend with my family Friday me and my daughter had a photo shoot. We had fun with that and later on my husband and I️ got an evening out we went to dinner at PF Chang’s and then to see Daddy’s Home 2. We really enjoyed both.

Saturday I️ did Pure Barre Classic and ran errands enjoyed time with my kids.My husband made a nice dinner and I️ baked cookies. Sunday I️ went to Pure Empower class and had coffee after. Enjoyed a day with my family watched Leap what a great movie.

Last night after our dinner out which was at Backstreet Bistro and I️ was thrilled my nephew joined us for dinner. I️ started feeling under the weather I️ was ache all night and all this morning barely slept.

I️ had to cancel my Pure Empower class and coffee with my best friend. I️ could barely drink and couldn’t eat. Finally at lunch I️ had some chicken noodle soup and been drinking water. Still feel out of it but much better.

I’m proud that last week I️ did 7 Pure Barre Classes. I️ was able to start some laundry and do the dishes. But I️ feel like today was a waste that’s the worst about feeling sick and ache.

My husband got our outdoor lights installed on the weekend and today he got one outdoor fan up so now just one more fan to be done and our patio set put together. Hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a good Monday 😀🏡🍁

November 09,2017

So this week has been a good week and I went to Pure Empower Monday and a Tuesday and Today I went to Pure Empower and Pure Foundations. It felt great to get in those workouts. Wednesday was a rough day I was thrilled when it was over. Tonight me and my hubby were able to go out to a quick dinner which was nice and tomorrow we get a date night.

I’m proud of my husband he passed his real estate exam on Tuesday. Tomorrow I will go to Pure Empower and then spend day with my little girl. We will be getting our pictures done tomorrow afternoon so I am excited about that.

My son is getting good grades and my daughter is using the potty more although not fully potty trained yet. I got a fresh manicure and pedicure this week. Missed seeing my best friend we weren’t able to have our weekly coffee and catch up session today.

The cookies we ordered from sons school came in still waiting on the holiday items from his school and our daughters school. I ordered her some new books this week.

Our home exterior is now my car still needs to be fixed it got hit while I was shopping at Target over a month ago. It will Be fun getting house decorations and decorating for the holidays.

My daughter ha stage whole week off done Thankgiivng and my  son has a four day weekend. We are getting our family photos done the day after Thanksgiving.

I am looking better but still need to lose more body fat but gaining muscle and getting stronger and more stamina. I am so tired 😴 hope everyone has a goodnight 🏡🙏🌻🍁

November 04, 2017

Today I woke up 3am in pain with the stomach flu 😷. I was feeling horrible until around 3pm. Thank goodness my oldest son helped out a lot so I could take it easy he’s such a great son and brother to his little sister. 

Yesterday I was happy that I had my first class back at Pure Barre. I did a Pure Empower class with the new owner Mandy as our teacher. It was a great class I’m still feeling it. 

So later today I took the kids for my son a Starbucks Frappuccino and my little girl a cake pop. Made us a delicious dinner and I watched Aladdin with my daughter while my son was enjoying his xbox.

I’m looking forward to the holidays and I was able to get some cards written out for friends tonight to mail out on Monday. I need to make a Costco run tomorrow if time permits and Ralph’s . 

Hope everyone is having a great weekend goodnight 😴🍁🏡💤

Fall Fun 

Monday was fun for sure enjoying the spa day. Tuesday we got the kids off to school and got cleaning and errands done. We had a chance to get lunch together my husband and I which is always nice. 

Then we picked up the kiddos Savannah had fun at school with the Trunk or Treat they set up. We weren’t hungry so I just fed her and we all got in our costumes and headed to our friends church to enjoy the games, Trunk or Treatibg and sweet treats they did each year. 

Yesterday my husband had to head back to June Lake he picked up his sisters trailer to take up to her as well as our nephew to take up as well. He had his meeting to go to as well. I was able to have a me day after cleaning . I went to see A Bad Moms Christmas had some yummy pretzel bites and water for lunch. Stopped at forever 21 scored legging for only $3 each So I got a few colors for fall. 

Then I stopped by Starbucks before picking up my son from school and got myself a mint mocha frappachino. My son and I went home checked on our dog Charly since he can’t go outside while our house painters are here. 

Then we went to Dry cleaners and my son got a Starbucks before we headed home.I got him set on homework and chores finished my cleaning then went to pick up my sweet little Savannah. 

We had a goodnight Brandon was pretty busy with homework chores and studying for tests. After I got Savannah down I needed a relaxing bath. 

Today kids were great this morning we got ready and out of the house easily. Dropped Brandon off first then Savannah. Gardner’s came today and luckily got done before painters arrived. I got laundry going walked Charly and headed to meet my bestie for coffee. 

I was able to by breakfast for a homeless man this morning. I enjoyed catching up with my best friend. I’ve been gettin the house clean and I really need to run errands today. I have terrible cramps today though. I’m not hungry for lunch but I need to eat something. 

I also need to lay out some food for dinner as well. I re upped my contract with Pure Barre so I will go tomorrow for sure. My sons GPA bumped up again today so that’s good . 

Hope everyone is enjoying their day and Fall loving our weather here now that it’s finally cooling down. 🍁🏡🙏☕️