December 27, 2017

Feeling accomplished today I had lots of true playtime with my kids today. Indoor and outdoor play. After I had my morning coffee I got all the rest of my cleaning done. I also completely cleaned organized and weeded through my daughters toys, clothes etc was able to make her room look great and fullContinue reading “December 27, 2017”

Christmas 🎄

This was a wonderful Christmas this year so fun to watch my kids enjoy and open gifts from Santa and the family especially my two year old she was so excited the whole day. I love all my family and even though we didn’t have everyone with us we had our immediate family my parentsContinue reading “Christmas 🎄”

Weekend Roundup 🎄🏡

Well Thursday was a great day took my daughter Savannah to Disneyland for a fun mother daughter day. We got there by 10:00am and I opted to get the premier parking way worth it to be right next to elevator especially for end of day with tired. Toddler. We went to Fantasyland and I tookContinue reading “Weekend Roundup 🎄🏡”

December 13, 2017

Well today took my little one to school and then I had a little breakfast and headed to Pure Barre. Today turned out to be my 💯 class and I was happy Jenay was my instructor glad she was there for this milestone. It was a great class and afterwards I signed the Barre andContinue reading “December 13, 2017”

December 11, 2017

Well had a wonderful weekend but felt horrible stomach pains again last night couldn’t fall asleep until nearly 3am. Woke up feeling bad today was wasted did not get much of anything done. But I got dishes and laundry on after dinner. What was great about this weekend was getting our family pictures done. AlsoContinue reading “December 11, 2017”

December 09, 2017

Well today we got up and ready to get on the road by 8:30am. We had a family photo shoot out of town. We got some Starbucks and had a great photo shoot look forward to seeing our photos. Had some lunch afterwards and looked at off road vehicles. Then we came home and relaxed.Continue reading “December 09, 2017”

December 08, 2017

Well today was a very nice day I dropped my kids off to school and went to my Pure Empower class it was my 99th class so Monday will be my 100th class. Then I met my bestie for coffee and we had a great day catching up We’re able to hang out until nearlyContinue reading “December 08, 2017”

December 07, 2017

This has been a very busy week. But I’ve enjoyed it I’ve worked out at Pure Barre Monday Tuesday and Wednesday today I had too many errands. I made two delicious crockpot meals which the kids and I enjoyed and chicken fried rice on Monday night. My weight has been steady at 133 pounds whichContinue reading “December 07, 2017”