January 31, 2018

Well we kept Savannah home again today but she’s doing way better. So much energy and eating pretty good. I was able to go meet my bestie for coffee after I fed Savannah and got her dressed.

Sara came back here after to visit with Savannah and me. Later on I took Savannah with me to get groceries. Then I got her lunch prepared for her. I also made some hard boiled eggs. I got tonight’s dinner prepped and going in my slow cooker. Chicken Salsa Verde which we all enjoyed tonight it was tasty.

I made a salad for myself after I got Savannah down for her nap. I got my laundry and dishes done and vacuumed. I went to Target to get her potty box items and an extra potty seat for guest bathroom now that’s she’s going on potty a lot.

When I got home I got our dinner on the table. Afterwards I finished laundry and the dishes. Played with my little one and then gave her a bath. Then I got her dressed and let her cuddle in my bed and she didn’t fall asleep until around 9:30pm.

I am so tired but cannot sleep yet. My husband is hacking up a lung nearly every night lately he needs to take care of himself, sounds like it’s a deep chest cough.

Time for me to try to get some sleep hope everyone had a great day! 🏑🌻😴

January 30,2018

Been home with my munchkin last two days trying to get her 100% better she’s got a runny nose and cough. I did make it to one Pure Barre class yesterday. Not my Pure Empower class.

Haven’t got a chance to do any Peloton classes since Friday. I haven’t been able to workout today at all. No groceries or dry cleaning picked up. Charly got groomed yesterday he’s all clean and cute again.

I haven’t got on the scale at all don’t want to see since I need to workout more. I made Cashew Chicken and steamed rice and vegetables last night for dinner .

Yesterday and Today Savannah has pancakes and fruit for breakfast. I had egg sandwich this morning but no workout had to cancel my pure Barre class.

Hate being stuck in the house only got to Starbucks took Savannah with me got her Apple juice and cake pop. Hoping I get to get errands done tomorrow and get to exercise.

Savannah misses her friends and teachers from school so hoping to send her tomorrow and get things done around here that have been neglected.

Brandon has The Edge at church tonight so I need to drop him and pick him up from that. My cousin had to fly out to Omaha this morning to be with her Father who is in the hospital and I am praying that things turn out ok.

I am bummed we won’t be going out for Valentines Day this year. We have kids watched for the two school Galas but not for just a night out for us. Have been wanting to get back to Sandals for another trip been almost two years since we went there it was truly one of the best trips ever!

Munchkin and I are watching Frozen. I have low energy today πŸ˜‘ I want to get some more workout pants and sports Bras. I can’t find my πŸ’― club sticky socks.

I really want to get the iRobot mop the vacuum is seriously one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I need to get laundry done today. I got all the dishes done and put away and will figure out dinner soon.

My skin is not the best right now I need to get a facial when it’s in the budget. I wish o was taking the Baking program at Cooking with Class all the 8 classes seem amazing I’d love to take it next year if the budget permits.

This summer is going to be time to get Savannah a big girl bed. Also get Brandon a Queen Size Bed for his room. Can’t believe he’s nearly 100 pounds and already 5’5 and Savannah is getting so big as well.

She keeps asking for a Disney trip so in the next couple of months I will plan to take her for a Disney day. I miss traveling I want to start traveling more once Savannah is fully potty trained . She’s been going on the potty everyday multiple times since last week. So hoping she will be fully potty trained soon!

Today I feel depressed I hate being cooped up and unable to get anything done or accomplished. Very unhappy now and my body aches my neck and head hurt and I just want to get out of this house.

Thankfully my cousin notified me that my uncle is off the ventilator but still on oxygen hoping he will be strong enough to breathe on his own soon and heal and return home.

I haven’t even got to take a bath or shower todayπŸ˜‚ I have nothing to look forward to right now and it makes me depressed. I have major neck and shoulder pain and feel awful.

Wish I could be more upbeat. But just having one of those days. I cooked dinner not that anyone seems to care. Took my son to The Edge at church and raced home to take my daughter out of high chair clean her up give her a bath and get her in pjs before picking Brandon up. I put on the dishes before dropping him off.

I’m still hungry and he needs to eat when he gets home. I will need to get rest of dishes cleaned and put in washer for tomorrow. I laid out chicken for tomorrow’s meal. I am still ache and would love to take a bath or have 30 minutes completely to myself but it’s it gonna happen.

I wish I had somewhere to be for me one night a week. Just to have my Pure Barre classes back each day would be nice it’s unbearable being stuck at home and not able to get things done or have any time for myself.

Took my probiotic pill and 5THP supplement. My headache has gone away I heated up some of the dinner to eat before I go pick Brandon up. I hate bad days like this but I know I am truly blessed.

That’s what helps me push on and work on finding my joy and smiles again. Just the fact that God blessed me with such beautiful spunky loving kids and a loving handsome husband.

It’s easy to forget that your problems are blessings too some people aren’t as lucky as you to have a family husband or wife or kids to complain about they only wish they could have what we sometimes take for granted. Jobs, houses etc cars cause ya headaches and problems but others don’t have jobs and wish they did some don’t have homes and wish to have shelter etc.

Just getting my outside feels amazing. The beautiful full moon πŸŒ• I am already feeling happier and thankful. My little one is sick of being cooped up too. So hopefully tomorrow will work out to take her to school.

The ones I love most drive me crazy but tomorrow is not promised to any of us so I need to cherish them even when it’s hard. I need to concentrate on the fact that they only are the age they are for. Short time. I am done having babies so I want to savor every moment in both my kids lives and hold them close as long as I can.

Music 🎢 heals my soul just listening to music alone makes me feel a million times better it’s so therapeutic. My sons Edge goes later than I originally thought so I have some time to relax before he is all done.

I still need to sign him up for another hour and a half trying to do it at the horse rescue. Savannah is going to be so freaking happy when she goes to dance class this Saturday.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get to exercise and run all my errands. I’d love to have lunch or coffee with my friends one day this week.

My stomach still feels so fat and out of shape have some arm flab still and a little back fat but legs and arms are looking and feeling pretty good. I need more back and core strength.

I am thinking of my Uncle and wishing him a speedy recovery. My daughter has been hyper and full of energy but can’t shake this deep chest cough so she might be home with me again tomorrow.

I am trying to watch a couple taped shows before going to sleep. Goodnight πŸ˜΄πŸ’€

Weekend Roundup

Well this has been a busy weekend started with Snow night at Savannah’s school Friday night. Then we had a busy day with kids yesterday and today.

Working on getting my son organized and better at keeping on track in school and life. Potty training going great with Savannah she spent nearly all weekend in underwear and went in the potty successfully frequently.

Still no poop in the potty cleaned one up in her pull up tonight after dinner before bath. My mom is still sick Dad is out of town and my Aunt apparently hasn’t been taking care of my mom whiles she’s staying there rent and bill free.

So I brought her some lasagna and cookies and some drinks to hydrate. I don’t know how my parents have handled having my Aunt their for all these months she’s able to leave run her errands go dancing multiple times a week smokes all day and night but cannot help with groceries preparing meals or see if my sick mom needs fluids or a meal.

Savannah is going to school tomorrow in underwear but we have pull ups there for backup will see if she makes it through the day. My son is barely telling us about a certain way he needs to dress tomorrow and about what he needs to bring to school as well.

My husband woke up to. Lovely text yesterday morning which caused him extreme stress he had to take his blood pressure medication immediately after. That particular situation is like something out of a movie.

I got my weeks menu planned out and got all laundry and dishes cleaned. I got Savannah’s outfits laid out for the week. I need to put batteries in her toys this week.

Hoping I get to go to my Pure Barre classes tomorrow I have two booked back to back. One Pure Empower and one Pure Barre Classic. Started my period Friday had really bad cramps but after two heavy flow days nothing today which is weird but probably due to stress or because I am pre menopausal.

I am so exhausted but gonna unwind and watch All Eyes On Me. My little pumpkin is coughing hope she’s feeling ok in the morning. I am hoping our week is filled with less drama in general especially from outside sources.

My ring finger is all swollen and looks like I have a bite or rash bugging me hopefully it will be better in a day or two. I need to get to the grocery store get salad and other fresh veggies tomorrow.

I hope my son will work hard this week do all he needs to prove he’s serious about rules and grades etc.

I am so tired hope everyone had a great weekend ! Goodnight πŸ’€πŸ‘πŸ™

January 26, 2018

Well yesterday I got a good workout in the morning at Pure Barre. I got a coffee and croissant afterwards and came home cleaned up around house.

Later went to The spaghetti Factory for lunch with my husband for my daughters schools fundraiser. When I got home I did a Peloton class and then bathed and cleaned up.

Once kids were picked up from school my husband dropped them off at Sitters so we could go to Brandon’s mandatory parents meeting for his first reconciliation.

Afterwards we went to see Den of Thieves at the movie theater. It was nice to get out and the kids had a good night with Katie.

Today I was feeling really ache horrible cramps and back pain. I dropped my little one off to school stayed for story time before I left. Then I headed home and took it easy until my cramps finally eased up.

My husband and I decided to try Heirloom Craft Kitchen for lunch. We were not disappointed my bruschetta and his hot dog were delicious as well as brownie I ordered the flat bread was pretty hard hurt my teeth. Was only low point in meal atmosphere was great service good and it’s nice to have another great place to eat.

Afterwards we went to Costco and got grocery items. Once we got home I unloaded and put everything away we headed to pick Brandon up from school.

This morning I saw remarks and grades in my sons gradelink t made me bummed out I work really hard to keep him on track and happy and push him to work hard and be organized.. I wrote an email to his advisor to see how we could work to get him and keep him on track because when he is his GPA is strong with mostly A’s.

She got back to me and I am happy with our next steps of accountability for him. I also needed to choose a constructive punishment since he already has no electronics. My husband and I have at least 7 or 8 pre paid dance classes that we don’t have time for and I asked our instructor if I could have Brandon take the rest of our ballroom dance classes.

It will be something he won’t want to do at first and maybe the whole time but will serve him well in his future to be a great dancer to the Classic dances.

I picked my daughter up then got her dressed for snow night and we all went back to enjoy snow night. It was great fun so glad we went. We came home I gave her a warm bath after bundled her up in her jammies and then we got dinner. Omg my son is now taller than I am 😊& πŸ˜‚

Once we got home we watched Leap my daughters new favorite movie. I’ve been catching up on my TiVo episodes once kids and hubby went to sleep.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend !


Hump Day

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was a good day I got my daughter off to school and went to a Pure Barre Classic class. It was. Hard class But I enjoyed the challenge my toes are still bugging me but I am able to do some moves on my toes with heels up.

After class then new tanks I pre ordered arrived and cute socks I wanted. They had to enter them in system so couldn’t purchase yet. I went to Starbucks got myself a coffee and everything croissant and my husband met me there later.

Then I went home cleaned and then headed to pick up dry cleaning and got gas tank filled up got groceries. Then I came home had lunch did Peloton workout and then took a bath.

I picked up Savannah from school we let her drive her car outside and her bike etc. I put a Lasagna in the oven for dinner and we all enjoyed dinner. I got Savannah all bathed and cleaned up and then my husband and I enjoyed a movie.

Today I got up got Savannah and Brandon going for school took Brandon to orthodontist stopped at Pure Barre on way to purchase my tanks and socks.

We were at Orthodontist for over an hour then I dropped him to school and then met my bestie at Starbucks. We had a nice time catching up.

I came home wanted to rest but didn’t I got vacuuming done and I got laundry folded up and put away bed made. Dishes done and did a 45 minute Peloton workout.

Had a salad for lunch and took a little break. Gonna put turkey and vegetables on for dinner and then get back on peloton for a 3:30pm live class before I pick up Savannah.

I still have to get her potty box prizes and get my son to get all his chores done and keep up with his studies.

We ended our night with a nice dinner at home together watched Leap while Savannah was up. Then all of us snuggled in our master bed watching Bad Moms 2 my Little one knocked out on me like dead weight and my son stayed up through the whole movie.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day ! πŸ˜€πŸΆπŸ‘πŸ™πŸ¦„

January 22, 2018

Only got a few hours week woke up emotionally and physically depleted. I felt pretty tired and depressed. Went ahead and cNdelled my pure Barre classes.

I took my kids to school after getting them ready. My son didn’t have things done again this morning which really added to my down mood.

Savannah thankfully was in a Happy mood and happily went to play with her friends after holding on to me for a little bit.

I literately went home and climbed into bed I got out just before 10 am and knew I needed to change my day. I stripped bed started laundry. Vacuum and put on some Tony Robbins.

I got dinner prepped and put on in the crock pot. Decided to take a bath to relax and clean up. It was mildly relaxing my parents like to call me to vent and today was no different.

Thankfully my husband got on the road so he will be home tonight. I decided to make a light lunch since I didn’t eat breakfast and needed a little something before picking kids up. I set the oven temp laid out my baking sheet and went to grab some hot sauce the jar slipped broke all over the floor got all over glass everywhere ugh this has just been one of those days.

I got it all cleaned up although I know I will be nervous about stay Glass for awhile. I still am depleted and in need of love and peace. But just getting outside I can appreciate how lovely it is here in our desert.

I love to be outside. Today sucked but at least I have a family who loves me a house a car and food in the fridge. I know there are many less fortunate. I really get upset when people who have been handed things and catered to their whole lives who have no one to worry about but themselves and they just complain and whine and they don’t want to better their situation they just want to pull you and all others that are happy down.

I am hoping my family likes the dinner I’ve prepared. I am picking my son up now need to get him on all the chores he missed and then get his sister from school. I have so much I wish I got done today.

But when I am in a negative mood I don’t like to be around too many people it’s just not the person I like to be positive and happy. Maybe tonight I will have my husband get me set up on the Peloton and get a workout in before bed.

I’m hoping everyone is having a much better Monday than I am. But I got dressed blow dried my hair and that made me at least feel put together. I am hoping the toxic life suckers dissipate from our life this year.

I don’t know what to do about issues with my son I don’t like living in a reactive mode it’s very stressful. I also am hoping I can keep Savannah’s fits to a low amount I know she’s two I just get so overwhelmed when I have her fits and his pre teen attitude and issues.

I have been feeling so under appreciated and it’s miserable to feel like the people you I do everything for and show love all the time aren’t respectful or appreciative of it.

I am hoping I am out of this funk by tomorrow!

When my husband got home he suggested we go out to dinner even though I cooked I thought it would be nice to get out just the two of us and I could still feed the kiddos what I made.

We went to Kobe Steakhouse and my whole day turned around but I am still depleted but thank goodness for a meal with my husband. So nice to have him home and not be sleeping alone. πŸ™πŸ‘πŸŒ»πŸΆπŸ€—

January 21, 2018

Well I slept well last night which I really needed. Kids were good this morning did a Starbucks run got my son and I coffee me a Everything croissant and kids some cake pops.

Fed them some waffles and berries at home and took it easy. My dad came by to pick up all the donation items and gifts we got for my moms Birthday as well.

I took Brandon to church for voulenteer hours and then fed Savannah picked Brandon up. Savannah was ready for a nap so I got her down once we got home. Brandon and I watched Yes Man movie while she was napping.

When she got up we got cleaned up to head to Target to get items. My daughter really tested me with her terrible two fits. I had gone for a few items I needed and to fill up the potty prize box for her. The cart was filled with probably 10-12 items for her box.

I started off giving her a chance or two with the mild fussing. Then it was losing one item at a time as she continued her fit until she had no more items in the cart. It’s certainly a high stress situation. I hate how awful it feels to be in a crowded area with your child throwing a fit or crying.

But I will never reward such behavior no matter the age. She needs to realize it’s a privilege to be in the store and to get items and she has to earn it. I finished my shopping got us out and home for dinner. I prepared some delicious loaded baked potatoes.

My son and I loaded up on goodies but I just put a little butter on hers and gave her some fruit and cheese and mini pepperoni for her dinner. She relaxed during dinner But then she was terribly cranky afterwards.

Made for a long night but I got her bathed and her clothes laid out for tomorrow. Unfortunately when I checked on if my son had all his chores done and other things I asked him days ago when I grounded him.

He replied all done do you want me to clean the baseboards sarcastically. So I looked and his drawers were not organized, dog needed more food, his backpack was so stuffed and disorganized and he did end up getting that stuff started not Sure if it got done I will check tomorrow.

I’m bummed he never had me sign his voulenteer sheet that needs to be turned in tomorrow. Need to relax for what’s left of my night and just let it be.

Hoping for another good nights sleep tonight.I am signed up for back to back classes tomorrow morning at Pure Barre a Empower class and then a Classic.

I am working everyday to work on myself both inside and out. I am seeing lots of positive changes in my body. I do have noticeable wrinkles for the first time which bugs me so I will try some wrinkle creams and work harder on taking care of my skin.

My eating habits have been really good I am planning out weekly dinner menus I am eating lots of greens and protein and fruits. Drinking lots of water still can increase my daily intake though.

I still have a lot to improve on and learn. I strive everyday to be the best mother to my children. They are truly the greatest blessing ever. I want to get get better about not feeling completely broken down when it’s a hard day and or night with my kids.

I’m a great mom but I don’t have it all figured out. My kids are human they have attitudes and fits at time and aren’t always tidy or sweet. That’s perfectly ok I know I just need to keep loving them guiding them disciplining them and doing my best to be the best version of me that I can be so I can lead by example.

My children mean everything to me and I want to give them the best foundation to help them grow and feel safe, strong and confident enough to work hard and accomplish all their goals and achieve their dreams.

It’s also so important to me that they love each other and stay close forever. So much to get done tomorrow. My husband was trying to come today and his truck wouldn’t start. So hopefully he will make it home tomorrow.

I want to get under 130 even if I never get under 120 before I gained all my weight my heavy weight was 118 and I usually weighed 113..That was six years ago I was in my early thirties now I’m going to turn 39 this year so I know o no longer need to be a size 0 or that weight.

I’m looking forward to doing 4-6 Peloton workouts a week and get in 5-6 Pure Barre classes a week and one hike a week. I want to stick with my workout plan an healthy eating.

I want to talk to my children in the best way so they are responsible and loving and respectful people and work extremely hard in all they do in life.

I want to form new friendships because being a busy mom and in the past a single mom I let those relationships fall to the waist side. I want to work harder in all my relationships.

I want my husband to always feel loved, appreciated, supported and cared for.I want my kids to know their interests and personality is something I am interested in abs that I want to love them for who they are nor what I expect them to be as a person or in life.

I do my best to keep in touch with all family members but I can strive to do better. Unfortunately I’ve lost a lot of wonderful family members over the year and I’m hoping we don’t lose anyone else in the near future.

I want to get back in the routine once Savannah is through this terrible twos abs make sure all of us go to church each Sunday. I want her to start her Catechism young I always feel bad that Brandon’s did not start until last year. But better late than never.

I’m feeling cold tonight can’t seem to feel warm enough. It’s been two years since I finished reading multiple books. It’s on my goal list to start back reading new books again each month or every other month.

My mom seemed sad today which makes me feel sad as it’s her Birthday she said she greatly appreciated and loved gifts from us and pictures I have her if Savannah. I think life is stressing her out.

Well I need to get myself to sleep. πŸ¦„πŸ’€πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‚πŸΆ

January 20, 2018

Didn’t get much sleep at all and today was a long day for sure. Enjoyed time with kids but Savannah was cranky on and off most the day and had more fits.

We had lots to get done but didn’t get most of it done because of moods . We did get our dog to the Vet but they took over 40 minutes after our appointment time to see the doctor and we ended up there for two hours.

But Charly got his wellness checkup his shots and turned out he had an ear infection in one ear that put out bill to nearly $300. We need to bring him back in a week and then again in three weeks to have him checked out.

Got dinner going for kids and then cleaned up and started getting us cleaned up for bed. Savannah went pee in the potty again before bed. I’m proud of her hoping she starts to go all the time soon potty training is seeming to take forever with her.

My sons grades are very good right now but I just want him to be much better with taking care of his dog and keeping up with the light chores we give him. The other day when I rearranged Brandon’s room it was in such poor condition.

I want our kids to respect our house their stuff our stuff and take good care of what they are blessed with. Today was a colder day and windy but I am glad we still had some outdoor playtime. The kids need time outside.

My sweet girl laid down with me and fell asleep so sweetly again. Gonna lay her peacefully in her bed soon. I have had so much junk and a lot from other people venting to me dumping their problems on me. It’s way too much to deal with sometimes because I am a good listener and caring people just utilize me as their therapy .

It’s really annoying when others are so wrapped up in their issues that they put them on others and do not care about them or what is going on in their life. I also find it to be horrible when you seem someone who is so miserable that that’s what they wish on everyone and they cannot stand those who are happy because the jealousy is eating them alive.

Watched Girl on the Train movie again tonight haven’t seen that in awhile but perfect example of people are not always what they seem nor are their lives it’s easy for any of us as outsiders looking in to think someone else has it all.

When in actuality they could be truly sad or suffering. I work hard to look beyond the surface in all the people I meet and in general. I know that as much as I am an open book and people may think they have me figured out most will never make it below the surface.

A small few can I say have truly known me deeply every layer of who I am. I have so many things I still long to achieve and places to travel. I want to teach my kids so much and make a million more memories with them.

So many plans of adventures for Jeff and I to enjoy together. Picturing my future it’s wide open and so much to be enjoyed and accomplished. I think when I see people just throw their hands up stop having goals and dreams stop taking accountability and blaming others and or expecting others to take care of them financially when they are fully capable and just not doing work on themselves their life etc. it makes me sad makes me feel sorry for them but also for those that they encroach on I have been seeing my parents so in need of retirement and stressed and they don’t need to at this point on their life be taking care of anyone else they need to retire and enjoy life together.

I pray everyday that they will retire sometime this year and take time to truly simplify and enjoy travel have fun with friends and family enjoy hobbies. They have worked hard my whole life and long before I was born I want to see them take it easy.

I never want to be in the same situation their in at their age. My husband is already taking way more than our family of four on his shoulders. He is getting burnt out and has had to be back and forth between here and June Lake like a ping pong ball.

He needs to be in a position where he has full faith in whom ever is managing motel and they can do all tasks that a manager should do as well as what’s needed there which is also running a loader fixing minor things as a handyman reliable and hard working honest. Otherwise it’s better we just figure it being open From fishing season until November then shutdown for winter.

My husband shouldn’t feel like he is doing all the work but paying people who don’t just because he feels obligation to keep them supported. To me it feels like my husband is paying out to those that want to forever be taken care of by him and do little or no work.

I have learned that concentrating on me and only striving to do my best and better than I did the day week or month or year before no matter if it’s fitness, cooking, hosting gatherings, parenting, being a good friend, great wife etc.

For instance when I started at Pure Barre my daughter was about a year and a half and I was still out of shape. My self esteem was low mainly because I hadn’t bounced back like after having my son.

When I was having a hard time doing a lot and saw women of all ages killing it it made me feel so horrible and weak, I felt really insecure and felt one of the instructors just did not like me and I felt like she was judging me which made me feel so much worse.

I cried nearly every time I took the class not their but when I went home until I finally realized I was so concerned with others comparing my body my strength my looks to them. I was in my head and I needed to mentally snap out of it. I loved Pure Barre I was getting stronger I was gaining the ability to do most everything we needed to.

When I started to let go and only strive to better my self not get back in a certain size or a certain weight. I became stronger inside and out. I have so far to go still. But going to class is happiness for me. I enjoy all the people their and the instructors have motivated me to push myself so I am so grateful for all of them.

I have been planning out weekly menus as well and feel that with that and other home organize tactics I am feeling like I have it more together as a wife and mother. I still want to make my children and husband proud of me and hope they feel loved and love me back and are happy they have me. But I know o need to. We proud of me and love me and take time for me.

I need a good full nights sleep tonight. My son has voulenteer hours tomorrow and I have lots of stuff for my dad to take to those who need it. We have four bags full after cleaning out Brandon’s room.

Tomorrow is also my moms Birthday and we got her some nice gifts and a card and three nice photos of Savannah from pony day. I am hoping to travel much more this year and beyond. I also want to attend baking courses I so loved my culinary courses I took a few years back.

Hoping my husband comes home soon we miss him. Well time to get some sleep. Good night and hope everyone is enjoying your weekend πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸΆπŸ’€

Weekend Vibes

Feel pretty special and happy tonight πŸ˜€Can’t remember last time I took an hour for myself outside the house just me in the evening. Tonight my Pure Barre class hosted a special Tuck and Glow event and I signed up to go.

I am so happy I went the Vibes were so upbeat fun and music and people were great nice seeing new and old friends tonight. A few of the husbands and boyfriends and male friends joined and the guys did great ! We were in the dark wearing the light up jewelry and headpieces.

I did Pure Empower this morning so I really felt it doing another class tonight. I miss nights of dancing all night I think that’s as close as I’ve been in years last night I was able to dance the night away was at my wedding reception.

When I was younger I was dancing minimum four hours a night nearly every night of the week then as I got older it got to one or two nights. But I would do 2-3 hours at the gym and was constantly at the park chasing my son around.

Exercise and dance bring me happiness and so does music it. Rings me so much happiness. I am hoping since Britney I heard signed another deal to stay in Las Vegas that my husband will finally take me to see her and take me out dancing all night while we are in Vegas.

I got to meet my friends husband tonight that was nice and seeing old high school friends and the gals I know from my regular Pure barre classes.

I made sure to pick my daughter up early today to get extra playtime with her since I’d be doing my class for an hour this evening. Fed my kiddos early and then been watching shows with them since I got home. Just put my little one down for bedtime. Me and my son are watching f8 of the furious movie.

I miss being more social with friends working on adding more of that to my life again. My kids and husband are my world and whole heart but I want to make sure I remain a whole person who has my own interests and friends. Empty nesters seem to sink or swim and it’s usually hardest on those who don’t take care of themselves and their needs.

Same thing when you see someone lose a spouse to death or divorce they sometimes start off good but then just retreated and stop hanging around those who are in relationships and happy. I learned a long time ago you need to be comfortable in your own skin and happy being yourself and not need your spouse or kids to make you happy.

When you take control of your happiness and realize you choose to be happy mad sad jealous depressed or energetic and outgoing. When you do that it’s liberating. You shouldn’t need anyone to do everything for you to be ok or happy.

Life is never easy we all have our own set of struggles and losses but it’s how we get through them that shapes us and strengthens us. I am gonna sleep well tonight and look forward to a wonderful weekend with my kids.

Wish everyone a good nights rest and fabulous weekend πŸ˜€πŸ€—πŸŒ»πŸ‘πŸΆπŸ’€

January 19, 2018

Started my morning off getting me and kiddos ready and out the door. Dropped them off at school and headed to Pure Empower. Enjoyed class it was tougher on my left toes and foot than classic but I made it through.

Afterwards headed to Starbucks for my morning coffee and everything croissant enjoyed breakfast by the pool at home today is a beautiful day outside. Then took some time to stretch and mediate outside.

Found out my pup Charly is due for shots so made him an appointment for tomorrow and. Grooming appointment for Sunday. Happy to see my son got everything done this morning without me asking.

Yesterday I was able to do a Pure Barre Classic class and bring my friend Elizabeth a couple cute items that were way too small for me. I got my errands done groceries, dry cleaning and got a homeless woman some breakfast and bottled water.

I made it home to wait on direct tv which didn’t come until after 2:15pm and I had to pick up kids. But TVs are working good again and kids and I had s good evening at home my daughter liked the way I rearranged her room.

Got a chance to talk with my Dad and catch up as well as my sister last night. This afternoon I am hoping to get car cleaned and get a Peloton workout in.

Hope everyone had a great week and wish everyone a wonderful weekend!πŸ˜€πŸΆπŸ‘πŸŒ»πŸ™