January 31, 2018

Well we kept Savannah home again today but she’s doing way better. So much energy and eating pretty good. I was able to go meet my bestie for coffee after I fed Savannah and got her dressed. Sara came back here after to visit with Savannah and me. Later on I took Savannah with meContinue reading “January 31, 2018”

January 30,2018

Been home with my munchkin last two days trying to get her 100% better she’s got a runny nose and cough. I did make it to one Pure Barre class yesterday. Not my Pure Empower class. Haven’t got a chance to do any Peloton classes since Friday. I haven’t been able to workout today atContinue reading “January 30,2018”

Weekend Roundup

Well this has been a busy weekend started with Snow night at Savannah’s school Friday night. Then we had a busy day with kids yesterday and today. Working on getting my son organized and better at keeping on track in school and life. Potty training going great with Savannah she spent nearly all weekend inContinue reading “Weekend Roundup”

January 26, 2018

Well yesterday I got a good workout in the morning at Pure Barre. I got a coffee and croissant afterwards and came home cleaned up around house. Later went to The spaghetti Factory for lunch with my husband for my daughters schools fundraiser. When I got home I did a Peloton class and then bathedContinue reading “January 26, 2018”

January 22, 2018

Only got a few hours week woke up emotionally and physically depleted. I felt pretty tired and depressed. Went ahead and cNdelled my pure Barre classes. I took my kids to school after getting them ready. My son didn’t have things done again this morning which really added to my down mood. Savannah thankfully wasContinue reading “January 22, 2018”

Weekend Vibes

Feel pretty special and happy tonight 😀Can’t remember last time I took an hour for myself outside the house just me in the evening. Tonight my Pure Barre class hosted a special Tuck and Glow event and I signed up to go. I am so happy I went the Vibes were so upbeat fun andContinue reading “Weekend Vibes”

January 19, 2018

Started my morning off getting me and kiddos ready and out the door. Dropped them off at school and headed to Pure Empower. Enjoyed class it was tougher on my left toes and foot than classic but I made it through. Afterwards headed to Starbucks for my morning coffee and everything croissant enjoyed breakfast byContinue reading “January 19, 2018”

January 16,2017

This weekend we kept busy and Sunday we drove to Newport Beach and took kids to Fashion Island. We visited the Peloton store and purchased one and accessories. After that I got my little girl a necklace and bracelet set at Claire’s. We went to RV to check on it and it wouldn’t start. ThatContinue reading “January 16,2017”