January 17,2018

Well today was a very long day. My left toe and foot was in pain again when I woke up so I cancelled my Pure Barre class. My son was in a bad mood when his alarm clock went off load.

He didn’t manage to get any of his chores done or feed dog and give him water this really aggravated me since we’ve had the dog four years and my 11 year old is still not a responsible caretaker of him.

I dropped my daughter to school got her pony pictures from pony day. Went to have a coffee with my husband before he left for June Lake. We had a window of waiting time for our Peloton to be delivered and set up today so I was stuck at home.

I decided to rearrange my sons room and found out how big a slob he’s become trash and clothes and everything you can think of shoved under bed and in drawers pee stain on floor not cleaned up from dog 🐢

Stuffed animals Nd toys etc he hasn’t cared about in years just strewn around. I filled four donation bags and two large bags of trash. I vacuumed and got everything big in its place took pictures of what I saw for him to see.

After I picked him up gave him big to do list and he’s been busy ever since but he did his homework first. He will probably still need to work on all items tomorrow after school and if not finished tomorrow night then Friday.

He’s lost use of all electronics, hover board etc basically school work reading bible or other books and exercise and time with dog is all that’s allowed other than chores.

The struggle to instill good values, manners, work ethic and respect for all things and people is seeming to be a huge undertaking. My son is so messy and I need him to learn to be organized both at home and school.

I want him to take very good care of his items and work to earn privileges I do not want my son to grow up entitled. I did manage to have some lunch at home before picking him up from school.

I also was happy when The Peloton arrived and was set up. I managed to do three short classes on Pure Barre on demand before picking Brandon up.

I never got to run my errands though so I am hoping I will get those done tomorrow before my window of waiting on direct tv to replace bridge so all TVs are working properly lost usage of all TVs last night only living room tv was working.

Picked up my daughter she had a fabulous day at school. Love her school everyone there is wonderful. Once we got home checked on my son made sure he started his to do list after homework and dinner time.

Then I watched Leap with my daughter we really love that movie. I am already feeling tired. Glad I got my little one bathed and dressed for bed. I got all my laundry and dishes done and put away.

We’re now watching Little Einsteins and cuddling before bedtime. My son is taking a break I asked him to get his shower and clean his teeth before his sister goes to bed. I need to call and make Charlys grooming appointment tomorrow.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day! I miss all the friendly gals at my Pure Barre hoping to be back soon!

Goodnight πŸ˜΄πŸ‘πŸ™πŸ€—πŸ¦„


January 16,2017

This weekend we kept busy and Sunday we drove to Newport Beach and took kids to Fashion Island. We visited the Peloton store and purchased one and accessories.

After that I got my little girl a necklace and bracelet set at Claire’s. We went to RV to check on it and it wouldn’t start. That was a bummer but we went to Irvine Spectrum after and Savannah got to go on Carousel.

We saw they also had a Dave & Busters and our son has been wanting to go there for so long. So we planned to take kids there for dinner after we visit my cousin Kellie and her family. It was so nice to see Kellie and Jeff and the kids.

I was also glad we went back to Dave & Busters Brandon had so much fun. After we had dinner Jeff and I played games with Savannah while Brandon was using up the money we put on his gaming card.

Afterwards we got yogurt and then headed to hotel as Savannah was getting tired and cranky and was asking about Disneyland all day and night.

Monday we got up had breakfast got dressed and headed to Disneyland it was a nice day out we were able to do a good amount of Savannah’s rides then Brandon and I went on space mountain we all had lunch then went on Pirates of the Caribbean. Then we headed out and had lots of traffic on the way home.

Little one slept almost whole car ride but woke up for dinner. Then went right back to sleep after I changed her for bed. I think we all were tired. My son overslept this morning and Savannah slept until 7am which is late for her too.

My foot is now feeling messed up probably shouldn’t have walked on it at Disney all day yesterday but hoping to get back to Pure Barre tomorrow. Got coffee this morning after dropping Savannah off she was a little clingy on mama today but in the end her and her buddy Jacob walked off hand in hand to play. I tried a everything croissant this morning at Starbucks so delicious.

I am needing to get my grocery list made and get house cleaning done but taking a moment to finish coffee and catch up on shows. Ran into Nikki from Pure Barre at Starbucks she is such a sweetie.

I laid out food for dinner and I am making my grocery list now. Looks like Jeff is going to have to head to June Lake again. Well time to get my daily errands and cleaning done.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day 😊🏑🐢🌻

January 13, 2018

Well thankfully after resting my toes and foot up elevated all yesterday and night. I can walk on it but shoes are painful and I am able to walk around but not 100% Yet.

I can’t imagine it’s anything more than a strain or sprain though because I don’t think I’d be able to walk today if it were a broken toe.

We went to Starbucks as a family this morning got coffees and my little one a cake pop. We had lasagna for lunch.

My son didn’t get any laundry completed for me as I was hoping he did yesterday only managed to put one load in washer but not to dryer. I got all that done still need to finish up dishes and cleaning floors but my toe is still painful so taking a break.

Yesterday night the weight set for my son and dollhouse for my daughter got put together by our handyman. They look great and kids are thrilled my daughter could hardly handle the waiting until her house was completed last night.

Felt good to take a bath shave and do my hair since I did not get to get any of that done yesterday. Watched Cars 3 with Savannah and miraculously the shirts o ordered in November that I was told would not make it here at all and we were refunded for arrived so I am excited.

I am looking forward to a night out with my husband later. Even if I am still having toe pain my footwear won’t be attractive but otherwise my outfit will be on point.

I think we are going out of town tomorrow not sure yet though. I need to get all our bedding cleaned Monday or Tuesday and tidy up the house when my toe feels better.

Dinner out not thrilled at all with service at dinner horrible greeting by hostess and then when we get our soup and even appetizer still no drink only ordered a soda. Service is going in the toilet.

We were told before even making it to table that we called ahead to reserve that we had to be out by a specified time. Had we not dined there a million times or me not known the owner I am sure we’d have left horrible way to greet customers. My husband and I just looked at each other like ok never had that happen before.

After ordering and being served our soup and appetizer I still had not received the soda I ordered before the meal order was placed. We had to finally get a hostess after 40 minutes in and no beverage it was then brought right away. Food was excellent as always though but my husband and I didn’t want to order dessert after all that even though we have a favorite there.

They did attempt to fix things but at the end by taking a soup and appetizer off bill. But it wasn’t necessary it would’ve just been better to make sure we didn’t feel rushed.

Afterwards we went on to our movie The Post which was excellent and I highly Recommend it if your looking for a great movie to go see.

Glad we have Katie the kids and I love her and she’s family to us. They had a nice evening with her. My toe did not fair well tonight I foolishly wore boots instead of a open toe sandal because I didn’t want to look hideous or be cold but my toe was killing me. I’ve learned my lesson open toe shoes until I am all healed up.

Hope everyone had a great day and night and enjoys the weekend πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ‘πŸ˜΄

January 12, 2018

Stuck in bed somehow last night around 8pm just doing normal stuff like laundry I tripped had a bad fall and now my toes and foot is in bad pain. It’s looking like I sprained one or more toes that’s wear mist the pain is. I can’t put pressure on or walk without discomfort.

Thankfully my husband is in town and he took care of our children this morning got them fed and off to school. I hate being laid up I’m going stir crazy. I have a lot to get done today and am upset I had to cancel Pure Barre for today and Monday. I told my friend from class I was bringing a skirt for her and I don’t have her number hopefully she understands.

Yesterday was a nice day though I took my daughter to school and went to Pure Barre did Pure Classic and then Pure Empower. Lots of nice friendly faces as usual and Kylie instructed both classes and they were wonderful. My friend showed up wearing same leggings as me and then after class we noticed we had same earrings and necklace except mine were sterling silver and hers rose gold.

I got coffee and breakfast sandwich with my husband put dinner on in the crockpot. My husband got me cute cardigan and two camisole tops at my favorite store White House Black Market. I will wear the cami and cardigan set on our date night tomorrow. I also got to go see I Tonya movie yesterday since my husband offered to pick Brandon up from school. It was a good movie afterwards I picked up Savannah and then made rice to go with the beef and broccoli I had cooking in the crockpot. We all watched She’s The Man.

My husband was so sweet and picked me up a Starbucks coffee and breakfast sand which so at least I am having a delicious breakfast while laid up.So I put on my TiVo episodes of Days of our lives can at least catch up on my shows.

It’s a beautiful day and I wish I could be outside. Well I will have to go to the doctor and get it checked out next week if it’s still bothering me. I am gonna be very bummed if I cannot workout and go to Pure Barre for longer than a few days πŸ™ pray I can get back to my normal activity’s soon.

I need to try to get up and mobile to at least get the laundry and cleaning done before the kids are off from school today. I’ve never broken a bone ever hope that still is true πŸ™

I had a salad for lunch and since still laid up am watching a movie The Hours which I’ve never seen before. Well our handy man called and hopefully he will make it by today to get kids weight set, dollhouse and my husbands file cabinet put together.

I find that being stuck like this makes me think of even more stuff I need to be doing as well as want to be doing. Nearly 3pm and I have not accomplished anything other than keeping my foot elevated and iced and watching some shows and a movie.

My son is now home from school and helping me get laundry going. And happily playing Xbox. Handyman arrived and is working on Brandon’s weight set hopefully the dollhouse will get completed today as well!

My dog has stayed by my side all day 🐢 although he generally is laying on my bed or a comfy chair in our home most days. Looking forward to cuddle time with my sweet girl when she’s home from school. Bummed I don’t have the ability to chase her around and be more active today.

I need to get some more frames and finish putting 2016 and 2017 photo albums. I have a headache and have already taken Advil but hydrating and that has not helped. Well hope everyone had a great day and hopefully a lot more productive than mine. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ‘πŸΆπŸŒ»

Good & Bad Day

The morning started off good but we all woke up late so we were rushing to get out the door on time but did with time to spare.

I am the type of person who hates being late and is early so I get nervous when there is a chance of being late.

After dropping both kids off to school realized I forgot to pack myself a water so headed back to the house put on a load of dishes and got a water before heading to Pure Barre.

It was another great class enjoyed talking to all the friendly women met another Mom whose kids attend Sacred Heart. I stopped for a coffee after my workout and then went home.

I got laundry going and got out all ingredients for dinner and put everything in crock pot to make delicious Balsamic Chicken. My husband was planning on coming home today which made me very happy.

I was able to clean the floors and also the rugs and towels today. I got my desk area organized as well. I had a healthy salad for lunch and took it easy until picking the kids up.

I’ve had some disappointment as well as some nice happy surprises from people and I am trying to concentrate on the good. Hearing the news of someone who finally got the karmic payback after screwing many people over was something that gives me hope for humanity.

I feel like when your too kind nice abs or generous people take advantage of you but I don’t want to change the way I am even if it means I am more likely to be hurt or let down by others.

My family is great my kids and husband make me smile and I feel blessed just wish he was able to be home more and us have more time together.

I am very much looking forward to getting to go to Pure Barre tomorrow and meeting my bestie for coffee afterward it’s been forever since we had time to meet up.

I am still working on getting in shape and my stomach is the hardest to tackle it’s still a long road ahead do get it back flat and toned.

Hopefully everyone had a great day goodnight 😴

Tired As A Mother

So last night I was hoping to get some good sleep and was restless. I did fall asleep after midnight but then was up again at 3am with a really sore neck and shoulder I put icy hot on and that helped but it took me forever to get back to sleep.

I cancelled my Pure Empower class but made sure I still went to my pure Barre Classic class. My daughter slept in so it was a race to get kids ready and out the door on time to school.

I succeeded woohoo and made it home to have some breakfast and relax and change for class. I’m really glad I went got to see a lot of friendly faces today and Jenay really gave us a wonderful workout.

I got coffee afterwards called my bestie to check in and then went home to get all my cleaning started. I also took the time to shave do my hair and clean up properly before having a salad for lunch and picking up my son from school.

Later on we watched Mean Girls and then picked up my daughter from school. She had a great day her teacher told me they got a new student and Savannah took her hand and showed her around. So sweet I adore that she loves school and is a good friend to others.

After dinner tonight we did like 6 puzzles and watched PJ Masks and Little Einstein’s. We talked to my parents on FaceTime and once the kids went to bed I enjoyed watching The Bachelor.

Wish me luck I really need a good nights sleep 😴

January 7,2018

Woke up feeling great today enjoyed my Sunday with my children. We got a visit from my Dad in the morning and we cleaned and played.

We made our morning Starbucks run my son and I got coffee my daughter a cake pop. Then we took my son to church to Voulenteer. My daughter and I stayed about thirty minutes then left once he got started.

We went home had lunch did a couple of puzzles then headed back to pick him up.By this time my daughter was getting crabby she needed her nap.

So once we got back home she took her nap my son chilled and enjoyed his last afternoon of winter break. I decided to take a nap too.

Felt nice to get in a rest then I played outside with kids once Savannah woke up and checked on the Beef Stroganoff I had cooking in my slow cooker. I prepared pasta instead of egg noodles because kids prefer it.

We all enjoyed dinner it was delicious. My son and daughter hung out while I deep cleaned the kitchen it needed it it’s been neglected.

Then I came out did some puzzles and stories with my daughter before bath time. My son got himself clean and all his items ready for school.

I let my daughter watch PJ Masks before bed then ticked her in. I was exhausted so no night time bubble bath for me tonight but I did watch Revenge Body. I really enjoy watching others health and fitness journeys.

I am hoping for a good nights sleep and a great smooth day tomorrow I signed up for back to back classes tomorrow so hope I do well.

I need to get some rest goodnight everyone πŸ’€πŸ™πŸ‘

January 06, 2018

Last night I enjoyed watching The Mountain Between us. Great movie my son enjoyed it too.

Today I didn’t feel great but tried to make most of day took kids out for coffee and cake pops and then to the wellness festival at the park.

We went so kids could play at park and so I could show support to a friend from my Pure Barre class as that was a big day for her announcing her business.

Afterwards I picked up our dry cleaning got groceries and lunch for us. My kids both were out of sorts in the later part of day.

I wasn’t feeling up to taking my son to Voulenteering at church but couldn’t cancel it so Katie watched Savannah and I spent two hours selling tickets with Brandon. We did get some sold which is good but I was feeling terrible my throat hurt and I just felt depleted.

My son and I went to dinner and enjoyed our meal and each other’s company. We hurried home so Katie could get home and so I could have some time with Savannah before she went to bed.

We watched PJ Masks in my bed then Brandon joined us and I put on Everything Everything which was another great movie. Savannah fell asleep and after the movie I put her to bed in her room.

I took medicine and put vapor rub on my throat and chest and now unwinding for bed. I am tired and just wanting to feel 100% well again. I need to plan my menu for whole week.

I miss my husband and wish he was home I don’t want him to be stuck in June Lake another week a week is already a long Time away.

I am a very lucky mom I just want to feel like I’m doing a great job with my children and navigating their changing personalities and moods in a good way.

Time for me to get some sleep and hopefully feel good when I wake up goodnight and I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend β˜ƒοΈπŸ’€πŸ˜΄πŸ‘

Ready for the Weekend

Enjoyed the last two days Thursday got my youngest ready and off to school then had breakfast with my son. Went to my Pure Empower class which was such a great class really worked my abs and seat.

I got a coffee after class came home and got all my cleaning done then took my son to see Molly’s Game at the theater. It was an excellent movie and it’s always nice to have an afternoon with my son.

When we got home we had a little time to check mail see I got some new photo books in the mail as well as my bras and panties I ordered from Victoria Secret. Then we went to pick my daughter up.

I fed the kids an early dinner since my son had to volunteer at church for kids LOL which he’s there for an hour. My daughter and I went home watched part of Leap Movie and then headed to pick him back up.

After that we finished Leap movie then I got my daughter dressed and ready for bed. Then I tried to just relax and unwind before heading to bed myself.

Today my daughter was up early and I considered going back to bed after dropping her to school but I didn’t want to miss my Pure Barre class.

I’m glad I didn’t cancel my class it was a great one and I was happy to see Barbara and Elizabeth it’s always nice to see friends at the Barre. More motivation when I need it to push through.

After class today came home got laundry and dishes going got some coffee and then took a quick shower. I had a bikini wax appointment at noon. Thanks to Riely it was pain free and I feel great.

I came home made some lunch and then finished up more laundry before heading to get a manicure and pedicure. Now relaxing at home with my kids Friday means Pizza and movies at home 🏑

Tomorrow my son is Volunteering at the church and I am going with him. Hope everyone had a fabulous week!

January 03 2018

Well today my daughter started back to school after her winter break. She was super excited she ate all her French toast and fruit for me this morning before school.

When I picked her up here teacher said she had a great day and was happy to be back with her friends and enjoyed Art class. While she was at school I was able to clean our house thoroughly.

Also attend Pure Barre Classic class which was an amazing class by Jenay it really worked my lower abs and my ass. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s class which is an Empower class.

Today after class I came home finished some cleaning checked on my son who is still off from school until Monday. Then I went to drop off dry cleaning and then went to get groceries and got a Starbucks while shopping.

Once I got home I got all my dinner ingredients out and into the crockpot. I made Chicken Salsa Verde which turned out super delicious and we put in soft street size taco shells to enjoy.

I enjoyed hanging with my kiddos we watched Dumbo and played cars and danced. I got my little one bathed and then watched Little Einsteins.

I then enjoyed a long relaxing bubble bath watched Table 19 while I was relaxing in my bath it was a good movie. Miss my husband wish he was home 🏑 I am looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow and getting more done.

I am bummed I will be unable to take my son to California Adventure before they shut down Paradise Pier rides etc. I was hoping to take him tomorrow or Thursday but it’s not gonna workout.

I am hoping my husband and I will get to take a trip to Sandals Resort maybe around Valentines this year since it doesn’t look like we can for our anniversary in March.

I need to make sure I’m in town for all our sons church and school events. My husband might have to be in June Lake for good when it’s Opening of fishing depending on how things shape up at Motel.

I want to start doing Pure Barre on demand at home as well and add more cardio and abs to my daily workouts. I’d love to get under 130 pounds by my next Anniversary this March.

I’d love to attend the baking classes at Cooking with class they start in February. Well maybe next year we have so much going on right now not sure we can make it work.

I am hoping when my husband comes back in town we can figure out having our friends over for a house warming party to see our new home. Well I am going to unwind and try to get some sleep 😴 goodnight πŸ’€.