Sunday Sunday !

Woke up from another horrible nightmare early this morning and got my kiddos ready gave them waffles, sausage and fruit for breakfast. Then I got myself dressed and ready and started some cleaning. I got the Birthday gift all set and put in the car for Sierra’s Birthday party.

Then I got my daughter dressed after she went pee pee on the potty she has been doing great with her potty training at home. I am hoping that she is completely done soon! We went to the Park at 9:00 am for Sierra’s 3rd Birthday Party. It was great fun and so nice for Savannah to have her friends to play with.

They loved the Dinasaurs and Savannah was ready for action she wasn’t really into the donuts or any food until near the end of the party. She was running, swinging, climbing, sliding and having fun both on her own and with friends. I am thankful I had my son there with me to help out. He is so great with her. I love talking with the parents but get sick of having to explain that my husband is out of town for work.

Makes me feel all alone when everyone else is with their husband and I am just me and the kids. Its very different  than when It was just me and my son it didn’t bother me as much then even though of course I longed to have a partner to share my life with and to come with me.

I guess my lot in life is to be on my own at these events. I know my husband  has to work and he doesn’t  want to live where he works so we have to deal with him being gone. I was happy he got his Real Estate License and was hoping he’d  get his brokers soon after and start working down here in Real Estate or at least during the school year stay here and work and be with us.

Our daughter I was told last week has had a couple of bad days of behavior saying No even spit on one of the teachers  and asked everyone to leave her alone and get away. I hate hearing she was so out of sorts and that she was angry because it must come from sadness or frustration on her part that she doesn’t know how to deal with.

As a mom anything that makes your child hurt really hurts you double. She had a wonderful weekend and wasn’t happy about having to leave the Get Air yesterday and had a minor meltdown at end of Sierra’s Party. I know she is trying to express herself more and calmly and less outbursts and fits.

I talked to my son yesterday and told him its on all of us to watch our behavior, words, tone etc to teach her. If she hears us raising our voice, saying unkind words or not having control of our emotions or tempers she is more likely to emulate what she is seeing around her. Obviously she’s two and sometimes no matter how calm, cool and collected kind and patient you are as a parent and sibling the two year old is going to have a meltdown. But I am hoping we can keep it to a minimum and not have anymore issues at school.

I try and prepare as much as possible for my week to make things easier on myself and not feel too overwhelmed. Ive been planning out my weekly menu before grocery trip so I can be prepared have all items I need for each meal.

I also have been setting out all my daughters clothes for the week and all my workout clothes the night before. I am hoping I don’t miss my two favorite days of Pure Barre this week her two picture days are Monday & Wednesday and those days my favorite instructor teaches in the mornings.

I am pretty sure I will have to miss Wednesday unless I can make her late class before lunch. Monday my daughter has the group  picture and I am hoping to make it to one of the earlier classes. My son has all these assignments and quizzes and tests this week and then its end  of the trimester and report cards will come out. He is currently on B Honor Roll I am hoping he stays there and doesn’t drop below I don’t think he has the opportunity to make it to A Honor roll this Trimester as its over this coming week.

I need to make sure I workout everyday this week. No matter what my schedule is like no matter how bad my cramps are I need to workout and I need to eat well. I have to get the kids new shoes they are both outgrowing their  current shoes.

I am hoping I can have some of the parents over soon for dinner at our home. I also would really like a chance in the near future to have a night out with friends I never do this. I would enjoy even lunch or coffee time with a friend.

Today we did not make it to church so Id like us to read from the bible tonight after dinner before the kids start getting ready for bed. Savannah has been wanting me to paint her nails so if she is up for it tonight I will after dinner while she is still in her high chair so it can dry while she watches a show before bath time.

I really need to keep myself organized. Prepared and well rested  and well fed so I can have fuel to get me through the days and am able to be better at being relaxed calm and not stressing my kids out. I need to work on taking things in stride and going with the flow and not getting anxiety, anger or sadness over small things have more faith in myself.

Yesterday my daughter took a very short nap. So I am wondering if she will take a full nap like she needs today or wake up early again. I would like her to be in a happy easy mood when we go run errands when she wakes up. Id also like to be able to get errands done in time for her to still play outside before dinner.

I feel very cold today  my hands my face are just very cold to the touch. I miss my husband. I am hoping that its not his being away so much that is causing Savannah’s issues at school because then it will be harder to get in check. I am hoping she is just learning or needing to learn ways that are healthier to express her emotions and feelings and that the calmer and more relaxed I can stay the better she will be.

Well she woke up way early but I am happy still because it was to go potty. She is really doing fantastic with potty training and I am so proud of her. I was able to get my errands done get money out for her school pictures and Brandon’s lunch money and got all my groceries and the snack and drinks for her school snack for everyone tomorrow.

Then we played outside for awhile and got a chance to talk to my hubby who we all miss a lot. Although I couldn’t get Savannah to slow down for long to say hello. We had our dinner I finished laundry and got me and my little one bathed and dressed for bed. She used the potty again twice.

We have been watching Little Einstiens one of her favorite shows. My son is studying and I hope he pulls off the grades he needs this week to earn all his stuff back when report comes out. My cramps are finally subsiding which is so nice.

I am hoping tomorrow goes smoothly so I can workout still after dropping the kids off and I am hoping somehow that I can workout on Wednesday too even though that picture day I want to be there for. I had good talks with the kids today about moods, tones, feelings and when we prayed we have asked that we all do better in our actions to one another and to ourselves.

Self talk is also very important when we put ourselves down or talk badly even just in our heads to ourselves its so damaging. I am working everyday to be better to myself and to also be a better example to my children. I don’t want to yell or raise my voice or say things I later regret because I did not keep my cool. Stress is not an excuse nor is saying something back in anger when you have been disrespected or talked badly to. I want my kids to take the high road and I will lead by example.

I can learn to correct bad traits and behaviors I learned growing up and throughout my adult life so that my kids can have the healthiest best example of  a parent. Wow tonight is a busy night for my Tivo. I definitely don’t have it in me to stay up to watch the shows tonight so I will need to catch up on them this week.

We face-timed with my Dad and  we tried to reach my husband so the kids could face-time before bedtime. But we weren’t able to reach him he must be really busy with the motel.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!

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My Name is Jennifer .I was born and raised in California.I am the proud mother of two incredible children Brandon and Savannah.I enjoy trying new things,Outdoor adventures,new recipes, and travel, just to name a few.I hope to encourage others to try new things! I strive to learn as much as possible. I am on a journey to be my best self. Working out more drinking half my body weight in water. Meditating and journaling to find inner peace. I am working on my self esteem and have lots of goals I’m working towards. I cherish my family and friends and never take a single moment for granted.

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