February 20, 2018

Well yesterday was incredibly windy and cold and other than going to Pure Barre and getting coffee and sending my dresses back.

I hung at home with the family watched movies relaxed made Chili and my husband made cornbread to go with it.

My daughters potty training going very well! Had my son keep studying as his grades are so important and have slipped.

Today I skipped my workout and got my daughter to school she was not happy when I left 😂 I went home and had coffee with my husband.

Then I picked up and dropped off dry cleaning got groceries. I got home put everything away and made hard boiled eggs.

Then I made some lunch and did the vacuuming and mopping and laundry and dishes. Bummed I didn’t work out.

My son got two high grade alerts and then I saw his gpa plummet again so that was frustrating and depressing. I picked Brandon up from school and talked with him and sent him to study and do chores.

I later picked up my daughter found out she had a rough day and I figured tonight we’d just have fun. Got her coloring and having a snack while I made dinner.

Then I got her on the potty again actually two times tonight successfully and bathed her. I got a chance to take a bubble bath shave wear a facial mask and relax.

Then I put my little one in bed with me watched a couple of her shows then mine until she fell asleep.

My son has been studying and showed me he still has some bumps on his chest on one side and I am worried not sure if it’s just sweat and puberty reaction it doesn’t itch or hurt him at all. I told him if it doesn’t start going away in next two days we need to see dermatologist.

I hope my husband is enjoying sometime with family and friends in San Diego! Tomorrow I will be getting the kids ready and off to school and then meeting up with my best friend before working out.

I am looking forward to seeing my bestie. Parenting has been stressful extra lately I don’t want to let myself down but mainly don’t want to let my kids down. Their hurts and failures and road blocks truly hurt me more than them. I’d do anything to make their lives happy and to give them all the opportunities in life to be successful.

I am so sad that it’s not in the cards for my husband and I to go away on our Anniversary to Sandals. When we went two years ago it was the best trip ever!

I’ve been filled with stress, anxiety and felt insecure in many ways lately. I just hope no matter my insecurities or bad days that my kids and husband always know how much I absolutely adore them.

How their happiness is my happiness as well a their sadness is mine. I am needing to relax more and get out of my head. I need to ease up on myself and just breathe.

Hope everyone had a wonderful day! Good Night 🌙💤😴😘🏡

February 18, 2018

This weekend has been a whirlwind. I had ordered two dresses to choose between to wear for the formal Gala for my sons school. I was stressing out Friday waiting for them to arrive because they were already a day late than what was guaranteed.

Thankfully they did arrive and I tried them on and liked the backup dress much more. I decided to wear it out with my husband to dinner Friday night and either where it again for the Gala on Saturday night or wear the other dress.

My husband took us out to Wally’s Desert Turtle it was a great dinner I am glad we went and would love to eat there again. Then I had my munchkin and my son cuddle with us and watch Justice League.

I was so tired 😴 but after kids went to bed couldn’t sleep hubby was snoring so I went to couch to get some rest. Saturday we took our daughter to her Dance Pretend Play class. She did great always fun to watch those kids have so much fun.

Then I did a Barre Class but it was much more talk than physical activity for this one. I was a little bummed the last instructor that did the break down class still made it a full workout.

But it was better than not going at all the two earlier classes were not any option because of my daughters class time.

Enjoyed day with family but then when I went to get ready for Gala the other dress did not fit at all and I didn’t want to wear dress two nights in a row. But I did and when the gal came to do my hair and makeup she did a great job.

We left for the event once the sitter got here. I really didn’t know what to expect and was nervous. It was so crowded we valet the car we went in and the lady couldn’t swipe are cards it took awhile. Then we got a cocktail and glanced at the auction items.

Then we found our table we didn’t know anyone and the room was extremely full and I get anxiety. Then we started to eat as people spoke and bidding started it was insane I could barely eat.

The amounts people were bidding and spending was definitely not something in our comfort zone I felt so out of place.Condoleza Rice was a guest speaker and it was great to here all she had to say.

The room felt so cold though and I was so starving the actual event went on until 1am but we left just before 10pm. We waited over 30minutes for our car and it was freezing and I didn’t have a jacket.

Thankfully afterwards my husband took me to Taco Bell to get some yummy food. We came home and I enjoyed it. I cleaned up for bed as well.

My anxiety must have still been bad because I was emotional and sad and just not relaxed enough to get to sleep until really late. My self esteem or lack there of for the better of me.

Today I slept in and we took the kids to Starbucks and then to riverside so our daughter could finally use her build a bear gift cards. It was nice she was precious she had enough to pick two she chose Poppy from Trolls and Toothless from How to Train your Dragon. She dressed Poppy in a Piglet outfit and gave her a bubble gum scent and we added a song from Trolls. On the Dragon we recorded a message from me my husband and her brother to her.

Then we took the kids to Red Robin to have lunch. The Tyler mall is huge I will have to go back sometime to shop.

My stitch fix box arrived on the 15th and I purchased all five items mainly because the kate spade bag was so cute and I loved the jean shorts and pink top my husband loves the dress. We both didn’t like another top but it was actually way cheaper just to by all because of 25% discount I saved over $160.

My hair took awhile tonight to get tangles out from my updo but I enjoyed it last night and today. I have been able to get time to watch some of my shows.

I watched Coco with my kids absolutely loved it. Great movie highly recommend it. I put my workout clothes out so I am ready to go to Pure Barre in the morning.

I have dresses packed up to send back and even though one dress was not good at all the other was such a great dress I would use this dress rental service again.

I am tired and hoping for a good nights sleep. I want to get in Peloton workouts this week too.

I am hoping everyone enjoyed their weekend 🙏🏡🤗🦄

February 15, 2018

This week has flown by so quickly.Monday I had my daughter home with me she was off from school.

We had a great day! I made Lasagna for us and that was good and enjoyed time with the family. Then enjoyed The Bachelor before heading to bed.

Tuesday I had my hair appointment early and my came out fantastic. I got lots of compliments this week on it. We had shrimp & linguine and delicious cheesy bread on Tuesday night.

Yesterday was great got my kids and hubby great cards and Valentines gifts. My husband also made sure I had beautiful flowers and chocolate covered strawberries and got me a fabulous Kate Spade Bag and Wallet.

My kids had great days at school and since my daughters school was offering an adults night out free childcare for parents my husband and I enjoyed a dinner on our own for Valentines which was so great and I am so appreciative that they were so kind to offer this for the parents.

Then we hung out at home I bathed my little one and watched her shows until she fell asleep. Then I caught up on my shows. I also enjoyed a terrific workout in the morning at Pure Barre followed by coffee and then a lunch later in the day with my husband at California Pizza Kitchen. Then I headed to my nail place and got a manicure and pedicure.

Today I got my daughter ready for school and then headed to Pure Barre I did a Pure Barre Classic class as well as Pure Empower. Both classes were full especially Pure Barre Classic everyone was coming to take their last class with instructor Kylie as she is moving.

She really kicked our butts today and I am so happy I did both workouts. Also so nice to see such a great group of women the happy friendly supportive gals are another reason why I love going to Pure Barre.

Afterwards I got coffee with my hubby then headed home made grocery list headed out to have lunch at Heirloom Craft Kitchen which was so delicious. Then we headed to Costco got pretty much all the items we needed on our list and I bumped into my friend from Pure Barre so I got to introduce her to my hubby.

Afterwards we unloaded all the groceries and I took a much needed bath shaved did my hair and my Stitch Fix Box arrived and I ended up loving all but one item.

Unfortunately gradelink showed me my son got two New F’s in Spanish and an F on conduct for talking too much in social studies. So that was a bummer I’ve been looking forward to giving him privileges back as I thought he was improving.

Guess I was wrong 😂I also want our three day weekend could be fun but it’s hard when one kid is on restriction it makes the parents feel restricted too ugh.

I am awaiting another shipment and it’s still not here so hope it arrives! My husband is out getting us curbside Togo from The Outback Steakhouse.

Tomorrow I will be sitting in on Brandon’s Social Studies which I don’t really want to do ugh. But he’s talking too much so I offered it up to his advisor and she said I could sit in all day or just the class.

Happy my daughter went pee pee on the potty for her teacher today at school. Potty training is definitely taking a lot longer than I thought it would but she is doing better lately.

I need to concentrate on my kiddos and have family time hope everyone had a great week!

Busy weekend ahead so lookout for another post or two between Friday – Sunday. 🏡🌻❤️🤗

Weekend Roundup 🏡

This weekend started for me on Friday my son was off. I felt under the weather but needed to take him to voulenteer for a couple of hours for Tour De Palm Springs.

Saturday we took it easy but we had a nice day of indoor & outdoor play. We took Savannah to dance class this was her second one. She is loving it !

Took the kids to Starbucks made some lunch. Was bummed to notice when we got to Starbucks that we could get that but I forgot my purse so I couldn’t pick up my dry cleaning or get gas tank filled up.

That’s what happens when you rush out of the house. Saturday evening we had Pizza and garlic knots and hot wings and coke and watched movies. The Little Mermaid, Zootopia and The latest Spider Man Movie.

Sunday I tried to take it easy and had my son study my kids played both in and outdoors it was cooler outside. We went to Starbucks late my son and o had lunch my daughter fell asleep.

So she had a late lunch when she woke up. My husband got back in town so we were able to head to the movies and watching the Fifty Shades Freed Movie 🍿.

Today my daughter is off school but my son had school so Savannah and I our hanging out we have been dancing pretend singing 🎤 and goofing off.

We went to Starbucks with my husband then came home played together. We headed to the mall to go to Build a Bear we looked all over then found out it closed so bummed wanted to let Savannah use gift cards she got for Christmas.

I was able to find her a brontosaurus dinosaur 🦕 toy and she loves dinosaurs so it was a hit. We went home had lunch and then got ready for nap.

I was so tired I actually ended up getting in a nap too. Then got up we had a delicious dinner tonight Lasagna and Garlic Bread.

Then my husband went out and got us yogurt while I was hanging with Savannah. Brandon has been studying need to see his grades improve.

I hate the windy cold weather I am hoping it’s not cold all week! Now watching Little Einstein’s with my little one before she goes to sleep.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend ! Here’s to all of us having a great week 🙌🏡🙏❤️

Friday should be Fun!

Knew last night when my daughter woke me up around 1am and wanted in my bed today would be a long day.

She woke up again well before morning wake up and she passed right back out I never did. Thinking I got a whole two-three hours of sleep.

I’ve been fighting off catching the colds my family has had for over two months successfully. Now my ear and throat are bothering me. I wish I could just sleep and recoup.

But my son is off and we signed up to Voulenteer at Tour De Palm Springs for two hours. We left here after lunch got there at 1:30pm and stayed until 4:00pm.

Then we raced over to Savannah’s school to pick her up. I was proud of Brandon and the other kids they did a great job. Savannah was in a great mood when I picked her up.

Kids played outside for awhile why I got there dinner ready I’ve only had a cup o noodles today I just don’t feel great. I will make myself some healthier soup or food later on tonight.

Missing my husband glad I got to talk to him this afternoon and catch up. My daughter has dance class in the morning. So I will get her all set and enjoy watching her have fun.

Hoping to get rest tonight and feel close to 100% tomorrow. I’m hoping we will be able to set up a night to have our friends over for dinner soon.

I started laundry and dishes and I want to get it all finished before bed tonight. I need to get my makeup and updo set up for the day of the Gala.

I am proud of my kiddos and it’s always nice to see them have fun together. Ready to watch the Olympics with kiddos.

I hope everyone had a wonderful week and that the weekend is a great one !

February 08, 2018

Today started off early got up and dressed for Pure Barre was trying to get as much done and let my munchkin sleep since she was tired.

Got her up at 7am got her on the potty then got her dressed and ready for school. Got her cereal bar and apple juice for the road.

We dropped my son off to school then headed to her school and dropped her off. She was easy this morning she was all set to hang with her friends.

So I ended up really early to my class. So I called my husband since he’s out of town and chatted with him for awhile before I went in.

Today’s class was busy and a killer class I had some sore moments from working out all this week.

Afterwards I drove to my sons school to drop off two papers he left in car. Then headed to Starbucks got my iced coffee and headed home.

I made an egg sand-which for breakfast and then did lists from my 52 Lists to Happiness book. I took a nice long bath shaved washed my hair. Felt great I had a little lunch and relaxed today.

Before picking my son up I did my hair and checked the mail. My daughters ballet skirts came in. Also my newest Fabletics outfit arrived and cute Barre Babe Tank I ordered from Etsy.

Headed over to pick Brandon up let him know I signed us up to Voulenteer for Tour De Palm Springs. I got him going on Chores before I left to pick up Savannah.

Kids enjoyed playing together while I got our dinner ready. We watched The Little Mermaid 🧜‍♀️.

Then it was bath-time for my little one. Then we got dressed for bed watch Puppy Dog Pals and Little Einstein’s.

I am beat need to try to crash out soon goodnight 💤😴🙏🏡

February 07, 2018

Well today didn’t feel good when I woke up. I got me and kids ready out the door and dropped them at school.

Savannah was clingy this morning did not want me to leave I think I hung out there nearly 30 minutes.

Then I went home tried to rest but couldn’t. Met my bestie for coffee at 9:30 and came back to my place to chat and catch up.

Then I got ready to go get my bikini wax. After that it was noon and I still had to get groceries. So I raced to the store and got items we needed.

I was starving when I got home and had some lunch and watched Days of Our lives. Before picking my son up.

Not thrilled with grade updates today he got to A’s but also got two F’s ugh so his GPA is now 3.07 😂

I didn’t get a workout in today and really didn’t rest. Went to pick up Savannah wanted to feed kids early made chicken and vegetables.

We took Brandon to Ballroom Dance Class. He did a great job👌 came home got kids set Savannah bathed bd dressed for bed.

Checked Brandon’s Agenda and looked over his homework. Still trying to get Savannah to fall asleep 😴 Hope everyone had a great day !

February 06, 2018

So today was a good day dropped. Kiddos off to school. Then went to Pure Barre lots of friendly faces today. Had some nice conversations.

What a killer workout Kylie gave us this morning. I am still sore. I enjoyed it I am so happy I started taking Pure Barre last year.

After class I went and picked up and everything croissant and iced coffee from Starbucks. I went home relaxed outside and had my breakfast.

Then I stripped the beds and laid out the sheets for the maids to put on beds. I did another list from my 52 lists to happiness book.

I made plans to meet a friend for lunch. We had a nice lunch and catch up session at Tommy Bahamas restaurant. It was so nice to catch up we’ve known each other since high school but haven’t really known each other that well.

She’s such a great positive force and I am proud of all the amazing work she’s done and continues to do on her own. It’s inspiring.

After lunch the maids were still going strong I’m thinking they just got here way late. They ended up being here until after 5pm. So me and the kids hung out in back yard once I picked them up.

I felt scummy though still needed a bath or shower. We dropped Brandon off to the Edge teen night at church. Then Savannah and I had dinner at home.

We went back and picked him up and Savannah got to join in some games with the big kids. Then we went home I gave her a bath and got her ready for bed.

She was so bummed and crying that I wouldn’t let her in my bed tonight. I laid in hers with her though.

Since I was still stinky and had no bath or shower I wasn’t about to lounge in my bed. It was past 8:20pm so she needed to go to sleep.

Also my son asked me to look at his skin and he had what looks like acne on one side of his chest but his one nipple was swollen as well.

If it’s not any better by tomorrow afternoon I’m going to have our pediatrician see him. It may be nothing and or puberty related. But I just want to be on the safe side.

I did finally get in a soaking tub and get clean but had to answer calls and then finally watched a show and shaved.

Tomorrow is going to be s busy day. I am missing my hubby so much. I am happy that I am making more connections and friendships I need more gal pals.

I am needing a good nights sleep 😴 hope everyone had a great day!

Monday February 05, 2018

Well today I woke up but felt tired 😓. I got my little on ready for school and then took her. She was a little clingy to mama today but was excited to see all her friends.

Afterwards I went to grab coffee and a croissant with my husband before he headed on the road to June Lake. When I got home I dressed for my Pure Barre class and went on my way.

It was nice to see all the friendly faces today. It was a great class and everyone had cute outfits on.

After class I went home and relaxed outside finished my iced coffee from earlier and updated my agenda book and did a list from my 52 list to happiness book.

Then I went inside and did an 80’s ride on my Peloton it was a great workout. Then I made myself some eggs for lunch it was delicious.

Then I vacuumed and took my bath shaved did my hair and headed out to pick up my son from school.

Came home finished up laundry and checked mail. Not much later picked up my little girl and gave her a snack and put on The Little Mermaid 🧜‍♀️. She also spent some time coloring and then playing with play doh.

I am making oven baked Mac n cheese tonight and mixed vegetables. Kids love the taste when I bake it just hate how long it takes.

My son is hard at work on his homework 📚.We enjoyed dinner and finished watching The Little Mermaid. I gave my little one a bath and then we watched Sophia the First and PJ Masks.

I am watching The Bachelor now and looked over my sons school agenda. Glad he’s on task.

I need to get all the bedding out before maids come tomorrow so they can change sheets. I need to make sure I’ve got all my laundry done and put away.

Looking forward to seeing my bestie on Wednesday and I have some great items for both her and Haylee her daughter.

Feels good to be back to my schedule and that I got in two workouts today. I am tired just have to make it through this episode then I can crash out.

Hope everyone had a great day !

Weekend Review

So yesterday we took the kids to Savannah’s first pretend dance play class. It was so fun to watch.

Then we hit up Starbucks for breakfast came home relaxed and played. Then went to In N out for lunch.

Got munchkin down for her nap after lunch. Then started getting ready for the Gala for our daughters school.

We went to the Gala and it turned out being one of our funnest nights out. We were having a blast with the other parents and teachers we gambled and danced enjoyed dinner and conversations.

My feet were so sore after and my husband and I probably enjoyed more drinks than we needed. I am exhausted only got about two hours sleep my daughters been a live wire since early this morning.

We decided around 11am to make junk food run we went to Starbucks then winchells donuts then Papa Johns Pizza so we could properly pig out on this super bowl Sunday.

This mama is clearly going to be on protein and Salads this week and lots of exercise. Speaking of exercise. At 3am when I couldn’t sleep I got on my phone to cancel my Pure Empower class for today.

Realized around 10am this morning that I managed to cancel Mondays class not today’s ugh. So I probably got charged for today’s class. So that’s lovely.

My daughter is moody today and I cannot wait until her mood gets better. I know when Jeff gets back from June Lake we will have to plan a evening to have a few of the couples over to our house for Sunday Gravy and rent a Bouncy House for kids to play in.

This is Us was good but a tear jerker tonight. I feel like my body wants to rest but I can’t get any good sleep. My throat and ear bugging me so going to take some zinc and turmeric supplements. Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend !