February 15, 2018

This week has flown by so quickly.Monday I had my daughter home with me she was off from school. We had a great day! I made Lasagna for us and that was good and enjoyed time with the family. Then enjoyed The Bachelor before heading to bed. Tuesday I had my hair appointment early andContinue reading “February 15, 2018”

Weekend Roundup 🏡

This weekend started for me on Friday my son was off. I felt under the weather but needed to take him to voulenteer for a couple of hours for Tour De Palm Springs. Saturday we took it easy but we had a nice day of indoor & outdoor play. We took Savannah to dance classContinue reading “Weekend Roundup 🏡”

Friday should be Fun!

Knew last night when my daughter woke me up around 1am and wanted in my bed today would be a long day. She woke up again well before morning wake up and she passed right back out I never did. Thinking I got a whole two-three hours of sleep. I’ve been fighting off catching theContinue reading “Friday should be Fun!”

February 08, 2018

Today started off early got up and dressed for Pure Barre was trying to get as much done and let my munchkin sleep since she was tired. Got her up at 7am got her on the potty then got her dressed and ready for school. Got her cereal bar and apple juice for the road.Continue reading “February 08, 2018”

February 07, 2018

Well today didn’t feel good when I woke up. I got me and kids ready out the door and dropped them at school. Savannah was clingy this morning did not want me to leave I think I hung out there nearly 30 minutes. Then I went home tried to rest but couldn’t. Met my bestieContinue reading “February 07, 2018”

February 06, 2018

So today was a good day dropped. Kiddos off to school. Then went to Pure Barre lots of friendly faces today. Had some nice conversations. What a killer workout Kylie gave us this morning. I am still sore. I enjoyed it I am so happy I started taking Pure Barre last year. After class IContinue reading “February 06, 2018”

Monday February 05, 2018

Well today I woke up but felt tired 😓. I got my little on ready for school and then took her. She was a little clingy to mama today but was excited to see all her friends. Afterwards I went to grab coffee and a croissant with my husband before he headed on the roadContinue reading “Monday February 05, 2018”

Weekend Review

So yesterday we took the kids to Savannah’s first pretend dance play class. It was so fun to watch. Then we hit up Starbucks for breakfast came home relaxed and played. Then went to In N out for lunch. Got munchkin down for her nap after lunch. Then started getting ready for the Gala forContinue reading “Weekend Review”

February 02, 2018

Today I got my munchkin ready for school she got right on the potty she’s been doing great with her potty training. She was upset that I wasn’t taking her to school though because I wanted to make my 8:30am class. My husband took her and she was clingy and the poor thing ended upContinue reading “February 02, 2018”

February 01, 2018

Today is a warm beautiful day 😀 I got my little one ready for school and she was excited to be back. Everyone missed her all week she missed her teachers and friends and the playground a lot. Once she got comfy she took off playing and having a ball. I caught up with herContinue reading “February 01, 2018”