March 31, 2018

Travel Day : Today we started are day at 4:00am in Los Angeles caught a flight to Charlotte NC and it arrived a little late.

Thankfully we grabbed breakfast sandwich and coffee at airport. Our flight did not have meal service even though it was. Nearly 5 hour flight.

Our lunch was Pringles potato chips and twizzlers I packed and water and tomato juice. There was no inflight entertainment so I am glad my husband put movies on his laptop to watch and I downloaded books.

When we arrived in Charlotte we were tired and hungry it was beautiful outside by the time we got to our hotel it was time for dinner.

We picked an Italian restaurant Luciano’s it was fantastic we both thoroughly enjoyed our meal. We found Whisky River Bar but they weren’t running the mechanical bull when we stopped by.

We saw people lined up to see a Kevin Hart show wish we had known and got tickets that would have been fun.

We came back to hotel cleaned up for bed. My husband fell asleep right away I can’t sleep yet I am so tired 😴 I hope I fall asleep soon.

We have another early flight tomorrow and full travel day to get to Saint Lucia. I hope everyone had a fantastic day! ✈️😊

March 30, 2018

Well this is now a belated post as it’s 5am Saturday morning now. But yesterday we were very busy we left the house by 8:00am my husband and kids got their hair cut by my fabulous hair stylist Patrick @ Pm Hair.

I went and picked up our dry cleaning we got coffee before that I forgot almost. Then I ran some more errands then got a blowout as well at Just Blow Drys which is convenient because it’s less than five minutes from my house.

We all had lunch at CPK California Pizza Kitchen and then I took my daughter with me to Saks 5th Avenue to have Jenay help me pick out a great lip color for my trip. She was so sweet and gave me some extra goodies for my trip.

Then went home completed cleaning and packing and having time with kids getting my daughter down for a nap though so she would be in a happy mood when my parents watched her.

They got to our house around 5:30pm we gave them all the information they needed on what the kids have going on the next 9 days.

Then we headed out had a quick bit nice dinner in town at Las Casuelas Nuevas before getting mini toiletries and snacks at Walgreens and driving to Los Angeles.

We arrived around 8:30pm and got cleaned up and went to bed by 10:30pm since we had to be at airport around 5am.

Hope everyone had a fantastic day!

March 29, 2018

So this morning I woke up and my ear was bugging me but feeling good now. We went to Starbucks got breakfast and Coffee.

Took my car to get cleaned and fill up gas tank so it’s set for my mom to use it while we’re gone. Then went bikini 👙 shopping for our Saint Lucia trip.

I am definitely not in my best bikini body shape now but I am working on it everyday. I did manage to find two that I purchased.

We let Savannah play with the kids for awhile then we headed home I fed her lunch and started to pack.

Then I got my spray tan and headed back home 🏡 Brandon got off school and noon today and is officially on his spring break now.

Jeff is cooking us some burgers and fries for dinner and my little one is napping still. I have so much organizing packing and such to get done tonight.

We have the maid cleaning whole house in morning so it will be all good when my parents arrive to watch the kiddos. The kids and Jeff have hair appointments in the morning.

I need to get a blow out before we leave tomorrow night. I have packages due to come while we’re gone Stitch Fix, Rocksbox, Birchbox and Young Living. But thankfully my parents will be here most of the days to get items.

They are going to take the kids to Mexico for a few days as well which will be a lot of fun for them. I’m giving them their Easter Baskets tonight since we’re leaving tomorrow.

I got two new books I bought and downloaded to my iPad for the trip. It’s always nice to catch up on reading. I am gonna miss my kiddos so much but not worried about my oldest he will enjoy every moment with my parents.

My little one loves Nana and Papa but might be upset with me that I went away with out her for more than a night or two. I am hoping she has too much fun to be upset or sad though.

I want to make use of every day we have away enjoy all Saint Lucia has to offer and read or watch movies and write while on the plane ✈️ to enjoy all the adult time.

Hoping for a great night sleep tonight get in a quick shower and shave in morning before we have to leave the house. I really need to clean out Savannah’s closet and drawers she’s outgrowing a lot of her stuff.

I was hoping to see my nephews and nieces before we go out of town it’s been so long but it doesn’t look like I am going to get the chance to see them.

Well hope everyone had a great day I need to get to sleep. 🌻😴🏡

March 28, 2018 Our Four Year Wedding Anniversary

This week has been a busy week our son Brandon has had school but our youngest has been off this week. So we have been keeping busy with her.

We have also been prepping for our Anniversary trip. We are going to Saint Lucia and I am very excited for our trip and to have some much needed alone time with my husband.

In preparation for our trip I’ve got a bikini wax booked a spray tan for tomorrow and getting my nails done today. I still need to pack was hoping my stitch fix would arrive it was supposed to be here today but it’s running late.

I am going to make my packing checklist tonight and make sure I have everything I need in my checked bag as well as my carryon we have to make a stop overnight in Charlotte NC and we’re actually also spending night before in LA .

My parents are staying at our home with the kids so I am having it cleaned Friday before they arrive. I also want to clean and fill my car up with gas since my mom is going to be using my car to take Savannah to and from school etc.

felt good to get my nails done and now I need to get ready for our Anniversary date night dinner. I know tomorrow I need to get a lot done and pack for our trip. Still no package from stitch fix worried it won’t arrive before our trip.

Well we enjoyed a nice dinner and movie out for our Anniversary while Katie watched the kiddos. Such a nice day and appreciated all our friends and family wishing us a Happy Anniversary. 😊💍🍾🌻

Enjoyed Our Weekend

Friday night we had a great dinner at Las Casuelas Nuevas. We then spent time at home with the kids.

Saturday morning it was taking Savannah to her Pretend Play Dance class then off to Starbucks for coffee. I also sent my outfits back to RTR it was so great I enjoyed all of them.

We went to Pick up and drop off dry cleaning then got groceries at Costco. My parents came by for a visit on their way out of town. Then I just did laundry and dishes and played with Savannah until she crashed out for nap time.

Once our sitter got here we went out to PF Chang’s for dinner then watched The Leisure Seeker at the theater. Enjoyed both dinner and our movie.

Munchkin was still up so she hung out with me until she passed out about 10:00pm. Then I heard her coughing so I put her back in bed with us for the night around 1am.

This morning we had breakfast then got coffee lots of Pretend Play and the House has toys all over. I got more laundry and dishes done. Savannah is napping now and the boys are seeing Pacific Rim 2 at the theater I am making Lasagna for dinner.

Looking forward to seeing what arrives in my stitch fix box as I need to pack for our trip. I also need to make sure I have at least two bathing suits that fit and look good.

I am going to send back two pairs of earrings to Rocksbox and keep my favorite of the three sent. I am able to make my BirchBox selections on my anniversary. I also get my nails done that day before our trip.

Brandon has school this week while Savannah is off school.I have my bikini wax appointment Tuesday and a tan booked on Thursday.

I booked a maid to come Friday so the house will be spotless before my parents come stay at our house to watch the kids. I’ve been looking at outdoor furniture and pricing out sport court ideas and pulling concrete up and putting grass.

We have no more pool floats they have all popped so I plan to get the kids two- three floats for the pool.i need to fill their Easter baskets before our trip. Also take Savannah to get a picture with the Easter Bunny.

It’s windy out again so we will have to play inside once Savannah is up she’s been making forts lately so we will probably do that or pull out the blocks or puzzles.

I am thinking of making a lemon bundt cake tonight. I need to get in Savannah’s room and organize it well but probably won’t until closer to the trip.

If I take Savannah to Disneyland tomorrow I am hoping to get on the road early and have a fun day of characters princesses and fantasyland and toontown rides and a few others she’s able to ride.

I wish I could get there by 8:00 if I could I’d get us into the character breakfast. That is always so much fun and the food is great.

I will hopefully get on the road and have limited traffic both ways. I hate driving when it’s dark so I will try to get on the road before it’s too late.

If she’s coughing again tonight or in morning I’m gonna skip the Disney trip and shoot for a Living Desert trip.

I haven’t been to the spa since my husband treated Sherri for her retirement gift. I am hoping for a girls spa day with Sara when I get back in town at The Miramonte Resort and Spa and I am also hoping that I get to do a massage on the trip with my husband. Possibly a facial the last day of our trip.

We have to crash at airport hotel in Los Angeles the night before our flight. We also have an overnight in Charlotte N Carolina before we fly to Saint Lucia.

Then on way home we spend the night in Miami but we get in really late so not sure if we will have the opportunity to go out and get dinner . Our flight leaves really early in the morning.

I have had terrible cramps all day today. I am going to layout outfits for Savannah and I tonight and bath her after dinner. If I can get her to bed early we might have a chance of getting on the road early.

Well the guys enjoyed their movie then we enjoyed the Lasagna and I baked some cookies. I am trying to relax before bed. Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! 🏡😊😴

Ready for the Weekend March 23, 2018

So yesterday I went to the Old Bags ladies Charity luncheon put on by Cancer Partners. It was at Thunderbird Country Club. It was a great event and had a good showing of people.

Lunch was great and we got to do silent auction bidding on designer handbags 👜 I actually won the bid for a beautiful Prada bag.

I met some wonderful people and enjoyed the event a lot. Afterwards I went home and got ready to go pick up the kids from school.

Got Brandon first then did a few things around the house then headed to pick up Savannah. After that I got ready to go to dinner and got the kids all set up with dinner and a movie.

We went and had an early anniversary dinner and it was lovely. My stomach was still sensitive but I was able to enjoy.

Got home bathed my little cutie and got her dressed for bed did questionnaire with her and watched lots of dinosaur train before she fell asleep.

Had a decent nights sleep got up and gave my little one breakfast got her on the potty and she did it. Then dressed her for school and my husband dropped her off.

We are heading back there soon to do Easter festivities with her and then she’s out at noon or 12:30pm today. I head over to get my hair done at 1:00pm.

We have booked our trip to Saint Lucia and we leave March 30th and get home April 9th. I am needing to plan my vacation wardrobe and I want to like items from my latest stitch fix box set to arrive on our Anniversary so I can pack those items.

My weight has increased by 3 pounds which is weird because my stomach has been sensitive all week and I haven’t eaten much. But oh well! I have one last outfit to wear tonight from RTR. I absolutely loved my romper and other dress I wore I felt beautiful in both.

My son looks so handsome in his picture day outfit. Hoping the picture comes out great! I need to get lots of laundry done. Once again my floors need a good cleaning as well.

I need to pick up dry cleaning and drop some off do Costco run and get both kids haircuts. I still need to get Anniversary gift for Jeff and card.

Well it was so ridiculous to deal with parking over here at PM Hair today. Had to park completely on other side not anywhere near actual salon. Not awesome especially glad I did not bring my daughter with me today that would have been miserable on her to have to deal with that.

I wish that I had known before hand. Anyways once I did get in and get hair done Patrick did a great job as he always done my hair looks great. He is the best stylist and that’s why I have been going to him for so long even when we lived out of town. He is a great guy and does impeccable work.

So very happy with my hair. We went out to Las Casuelas Nuevas tonight for dinner the food was excellent so was my margarita and ambience in patio is the best.

Watched Wreck it Ralph and part of Walle with my daughter Savannah. I have so much to get done this weekend. Hoping to take Savannah to Disneyland on Monday.

Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday I have appointments in preparation for our Saint Lucia trip. I am looking forward to our Anniversary trip.

Our daughter had her last day of school before Easter break. Excited to enjoy next week with her. Our son Brandon is enjoying some gaming with his friends. He has school next week his Easter break is week after.

I hope everyone had a great week! Have a fabulous weekend 😊🙏🏡🌷

March 21, 2018

Well this morning we decided I would take Brandon to school and my husband would take Savannah  to school. I dropped Brandon off came home made Savannah waffles and sausage and gave her some raspberries as well. Then we got her dressed did her hair so she was ready for school.

I took a shower and got ready to meet my bestie for coffee. We had a nice time catching up we’ve both had a couple of craziness and super busy schedules. After coffee she headed to work and I headed to Pure Barre. I was able to see some friendly faces and enjoyed a great workout as well.

Afterwards I met my husband for lunch at CPK and I had The Mediterranean  salad and tortilla soup for lunch and washed it down with some fresh lemonade. Then I came home and noticed my RTR order had arrived I tried on both dresses and romper and they are beautiful  and fit great. So I will be wearing those this week.

I will be picking up Brandon soon and getting him a new outfit at the mall for Fridays picture day. Tomorrow I have the Old Bags Ladies Charity Luncheon and now I have a great outfit to wear there.

We found him a great outfit at Macy’s got him a pair of Tommy Shorts and a Volcom shirt that matched perfectly and got him a button up shirt for more formal occasions.

Then I made kids dinner and my husband and I went to Backstreet Bistro for dinner it was great. Got the kids yogurt and cake home.

I bathed Savannah got her ready for bed and watched her shows with her. Then my stomach was hurting bad. Unfortunately something irritated my stomach and I was sick from both ends until around 1am.

Then I slept some on and off until 7am. I took my son to school and now trying to relax before getting ready for my day. Hope everyone has a good day!

March 20,2018

Well today I woke up rested my little one was sleeping in today I finally got her up and dressed around 7:15am. My son was up getting ready and we got out of the house smoothly I just needed to come back home feed her and get us ready before taking  her to school.

She was a little clingy again today actually a lot so I finally handed her off to her teacher and went on my way to Pure Barre it felt so good to get in a workout it had been quite awhile. It was nice to see everyone at class and it was a good workout.

Afterwards I dropped off our dry cleaning and then got my gas tank filled up and went to Ralphs to get groceries.I also got a coffee there since I had not had one yet.I got out of there spending less than $50 which is always  nice. I Then was able to get home put everything away make myself a healthy salad for lunch fold all towels and put away. Then exfoliate before heading to get my spray tan.

First one before my anniversary trip I have one more scheduled a couple days before we leave town. I picked my son up from school and my husband  just arrived back in town so he is going to pick up our daughter from school soon.

Not sure what were doing for dinner tonight as I did not plan tonights dinner out. I am holding steady at 131 right now so still have a little ways to go to reach ideal weight between 120-125. I am doing my best to eat well at all meals although I do have carbs at dinnertime  some nights and I don’t  deprive myself of having a cookie or something sweet in moderation.

At night time I have gone for cucumbers with chia seeds and olive oil as a snack or almonds and dried cranberries. I am drinking lots of water have cute out gatorade  right now too as it had a lot of carbs. Excited that tomorrow morning I get to see my bestie for  coffee. Its been too long I miss her.

Thursday I have the Old Bags ladies charity luncheon for most of the day. That should be fun and interesting haven’t gone to one of these before. Friday our daughter gets out of school at noon and I have my hair appointment at 1pm. It will feel so good to have my hair  done.

I have had shoulder pain in my right shoulder all day its so painful and annoying when I have this pain. I need to get my son an outfit for Friday still and I need to get him new clothes in general soon as he’s outgrown everything. My daughters clothes are fine just shoes for her right now.

Thankfully my husband got us a delicious dinner and even got our daughter a yummy brownie as she was begging for cake lol so since she likes chocolate that was a perfect fix after she finished her dinner. Brandon got all his homework done so he is enjoying some xbox time.

I am chilling with my munchkin watching Little Einstein’s. Hope everyone had a fabulous day!

March 19, 2018

Good Morning, I ended up having a good night sleep but did feel a little tired when I first woke up. Proud of my son not only does he have a 3.71 GPA right now but he’s been on track at home and he also was up had all his chores done and himself fed and ready for school.

I so appreciate that. I was letting my daughter sleep in and planned to take her to drop him off but in her pjs so she could leisurely  eat breakfast watch a little cartoons and then get dressed for school.

Dropping Brandon off was easy had a good time with Savannah but noticed she was clingy at home so I not wanting to deal with a meltdown at school gave her the option to stay home with me one more day. She said she wanted school so I got her ready we went there and it was horrible.

She literally cried the whole time I was there and I stayed over 30 minutes she was latched on to me and still was when they started their morning song and prayer. I had to take her into her class crying. I also ended up missing my scheduled Pure Barre workout.I wasn’t going to miss working out today.

So when I got home I did 500 Crunches and 100 squats then a 2 minute plank. I then did Pure Barre on Demand. I am thankful I am able to do this since I was so bummed to miss my in studio workout this morning. I’ve decided to not run my errands until tomorrow or Wednesday.

Instead I am going to get stuff done around here lots of organizing to do as well as cleaning. I wanted to to get my car cleaned today but rain is in the forecast. So I will wait until its all sunshine and no rain in the forecast.

OMG had Daily Pop on and noticed this horrible full back tattoo that Ben Affleck has. Why????? I am so not a fan of this I don’t even no who would be on him especially. I am absolutely loving the ModelCo Luxecreme Long Wear lipstick  that came in my Birchbox. I’ve been wearing it nearly every other day.

Going to have a nice healthy salad today with hard boiled egg and sliced almonds and sunflower seeds cranberries or raspberries. Once I do go to the store I will get more onions and raspberries and avocados. I enjoy those in my salads as well.

I actually saw 130 on my scale for the first time in forever my goal is to have a weight that is constant and I want to be between 120-125 pounds. So I am truly getting closer and I will keep up the work.I need to get my son a nice outfit for school picture day. I also need to layout outfits for my daughter to wear this week and choose outfits for me to wear this week as well.

Tomorrow I will need a loose fitting black dress or romper as its my spray tan in the afternoon. Wednesday I will have coffee with my bestie then 11am pure barre. Thursday I have the Old Bags women charity lunch for most of the day. I am hoping that my husband is back in town before Thursday.

But if not I am used to doing everything while he’s  away with the way things have been with the motel its been like that more often than not that he is gone. So I am juggling all the home and the kids schooling, volunteer hours picture days grades assignments projects here. It can be quite exhausting and taxing on a person that is why I at the very least like to have my 50 minutes of Pure Barre for me.

But unfortunately between the Monday Disney trip then me feeling sick then kids home sick it was a very long week and weekend for me without working out at he Barre I am glad I did on demand classes both Saturday and Today. I am going to go pick up my daughter soon. I am hoping she had a fantastic day after I left.

I feel overwhelmed and exhausted at the moment but sometimes that is just how I feel especially this time of day. I will be making a delicious  Lasagna for me the the kids tonight and I will make sure they get time outside to play as well as that Brandon Studies and Savannah and me read her books. I will get all laundry finished up and dishes done and hopefully everything put away as well!

Dinner was a hit and my daughter was using the potty good tonight and I gave her a bubble bath and we read her Easter Egg Book. Then watched Dinosaur Train before she fell asleep. She tried to face time with her daddy but he must have been busy,

Brandon is still studying away I am very proud of him. Tomorrow is going to be a very busy day. I hope everyone had a great Monday! Goodnight 💤😴🙏🏡

March 18, 2018

Well happy to report my kids are feeling better. We had a good day I got all bedding cleaned and beds re made. I also got all laundry, dishes and vacuuming done.

Savannah got to play outdoors today and she wore underwear all day did have a couple of accidents but all and all I was proud of her.

We stayed unplugged today no video games, movies or tv under just before bed. We got outside fresh air we played together and read books and colored.

I’m getting closer to my goal weight but will need to keep up with exercise and healthy eating. I have a busy week. I hate hearing about people causing trouble, lying, and causing harm to those around them.

I hate it that innocent children whom need their parents love protection and stability would have to grow up with drugs, theft, violence and neglect being their everyday reality and not being able to escape it.

I pray everyday for those children to be in a safe environment that’s stable filled with love and honesty and goodness. Not being hungry, scared, anxiety filled.

I just want the best for the children when I think of their oldest being nearly my daughters age and knowing what she’s had to see and live like it makes me physically ill.

I can’t even imagine their now being two kids in the fold of such an unhealthy unsafe environment. I pray to God that he will make sure the kids are safe.

I am so very proud of our kids and proud of my husband he’s been put through the ringer so much work stress and excess bull that he shouldn’t of had to deal with. He is sometimes to nice and especially in business has paid the price. He’s been out of town constantly because of the incompetence and drama of a former employee.

Thankfully he’s got better quality of employees now who do a great job exceed expectations. I realized today my son was in need of new underwear and shorts . He’s growing so much hoping our vacation pans out it’s been so long since we’ve truly had time away to really fully unplug enjoy and de stress.

This is our daughters last week of school until Spring Break. Our sons week off is week after Easter so that makes it a little nutty for us. His grades are fantastic and he’s growing into such s handsome intelligent young man.

We miss my husband I hope he comes home soon and I hope he figured out our anniversary trip! I’m done using high chair for Savannah and done using pull ups during the main part of day and night just naps and bedtime.

Now they may still require she wear at school for awhile longer but I’m hoping they will keep her in undies until nap time.

I’m gonna head to bed early I am hoping I can quiet my mind from all the negativity I am just so sick of people taking advantage of my husband and his kindness and generosity. Hope he sleeps well too!

Goodnight 💤🏡