March 31, 2018

Travel Day : Today we started are day at 4:00am in Los Angeles caught a flight to Charlotte NC and it arrived a little late. Thankfully we grabbed breakfast sandwich and coffee at airport. Our flight did not have meal service even though it was. Nearly 5 hour flight. Our lunch was Pringles potato chipsContinue reading “March 31, 2018”

March 29, 2018

So this morning I woke up and my ear was bugging me but feeling good now. We went to Starbucks got breakfast and Coffee. Took my car to get cleaned and fill up gas tank so it’s set for my mom to use it while we’re gone. Then went bikini 👙 shopping for our SaintContinue reading “March 29, 2018”

March 28, 2018 Our Four Year Wedding Anniversary

This week has been a busy week our son Brandon has had school but our youngest has been off this week. So we have been keeping busy with her. We have also been prepping for our Anniversary trip. We are going to Saint Lucia and I am very excited for our trip and to haveContinue reading “March 28, 2018 Our Four Year Wedding Anniversary”

Enjoyed Our Weekend

Friday night we had a great dinner at Las Casuelas Nuevas. We then spent time at home with the kids. Saturday morning it was taking Savannah to her Pretend Play Dance class then off to Starbucks for coffee. I also sent my outfits back to RTR it was so great I enjoyed all of them.Continue reading “Enjoyed Our Weekend”

Ready for the Weekend March 23, 2018

So yesterday I went to the Old Bags ladies Charity luncheon put on by Cancer Partners. It was at Thunderbird Country Club. It was a great event and had a good showing of people. Lunch was great and we got to do silent auction bidding on designer handbags 👜 I actually won the bid forContinue reading “Ready for the Weekend March 23, 2018”

March 21, 2018

Well this morning we decided I would take Brandon to school and my husband would take Savannah  to school. I dropped Brandon off came home made Savannah waffles and sausage and gave her some raspberries as well. Then we got her dressed did her hair so she was ready for school. I took a showerContinue reading “March 21, 2018”

March 20,2018

Well today I woke up rested my little one was sleeping in today I finally got her up and dressed around 7:15am. My son was up getting ready and we got out of the house smoothly I just needed to come back home feed her and get us ready before taking  her to school. SheContinue reading “March 20,2018”

Happy St.Patricks Day

So today my poor little sweetie was still ache so we stayed home from dance class today. But she did end up getting tummy relief and having a bowel movement. But she’s been on and off with her eating but I am just glad she is eating. My stitch fix box arrived and i gotContinue reading “Happy St.Patricks Day”

Ready For The Weekend March 16,2018

Well today I have both my kiddos home with me both under the weather but also both on the mend. My daughter is 2 1/2 and been without a bowel movement for a few days so her doctor asked me to pick up miralax and give her some twice a day until she has relief.Continue reading “Ready For The Weekend March 16,2018”