March 13, 2018

Well it’s been awhile since my last post I started feeling under the weather Thursday night. We took our son to his voulenteer hours and took our daughter to run errands then got take out and went home.

That night my stomach was bad and still felt bad through Sunday. Then we had our friends over for dinner which was nice we caught up and it was a delicious meal.

Our friends brought us over some wine and delicious dessert to enjoy and we all did. I was able to eat which I needed especially since the plan was to take the kids to Disneyland Monday.

My husband and so were so great all weekend long since I wasn’t feeling the best my son helped me when I needed anything and my wonderful husband took Savannah to her dance class Saturday and to her friends birthday party Sunday.

So yesterday we did wake up early me at 5am since I wasn’t feeling great I took some medicine got myself ready and bucked up for a day with the family as I wasn’t gonna break my promise to my little girl.

We left got some coffee and breakfast and arrived there and got into the park at 11:00am. My daughter slept on the way so she was in a great mood.

We went to California Adventure Park first and did the Disney Junior show which was fantastic my little girl was having the time of her life.

After that we went on the Monsters Inc ride and then off to bugs land snacked and went on rides. We later went had lunch and took the kids over to Disneyland.

We went on the Disneyland Railroad around the whole park. Then we got off and went to meet Winnie The Pooh and friends and then went on the Winnie the Pooh ride.

After that we split up and my husband took Savannah on the Jungle Cruise and I took Brandon on Indiana Jones ride. Then the Big Thunder Railroad.

My husband Jeff took Savannah on the carousel a couple of times while I was taking B on the Big Thunder Mountain.

Then we switched off and he took our son Brandon on Star Tours and I took Savannah to meet Belle, Cinderella, Ariel and Snow White while they were doing that.

Then we headed out and went to dinner at El Torito for dinner. Thankfully the kids ate really well before falling asleep in the car on the way home.

My husband was exhausted so was I I had been feeling ache most of day but still had fun. I ended up late Monday night my nose running like crazy.

So when I woke up early again this morning I got the kitchen cleaned and made myself tea and honey. Checked on my son and he was still feeling sick 🤢. So I put the dog out for him and waited until my daughter woke up.

I got her fed dressed and ready for school and since my husband had to drive back to June Lake again today he took her to school for me and dropped sick note and homework off to Brandon’s school.

He rested most of the day and looked much better at end of day but had some work they school gave us to get done. I got dishes and laundry done and tried to rest some myself too.

I can’t believe how horrible the managers unit was left after all the work my husband put into it. It’s even worse to have it be smoky that disrespects property. He’s going to have to spend over two thousand dollars to get it fixed and cleaned before new manager can move in.

I wish he didn’t have all this extra stress constantly with the motel and people who are ungrateful cause more work and trouble.

I am happy he’s liking the new couple and hoping that they don’t ever let him down like workers in the past.

I am still under the weather I fed the kids Lasagna I was able to eat some too. I bathed my little one and got her dressed for bed. She’s still cuddling with me in my room.

Brandon is still doing his school work. I have missed Pure Barre since Friday I am so bummed. I am hoping my husband can get the new manager and cleaner both set up soon and come home to us.

We’re watching Giada Entertains now and it’s giving me some great ideas for our next gathering. I wish my nose would stop running.

I am gonna make another cup of tea for myself once I put Savannah to bed she hasn’t falling asleep yet.

My second rocks box arrived and I have worn two sets of earrings from it so far have one more to try out. I need to get good sleep tonight and hopefully get a few errands done tomorrow and rest and feel better.

I hope everyone else is feeling good and had a great weekend and wonderful week so far! Goodnight 😴🏡

Published by 40fitmom

My Name is Jennifer .I was born and raised in California.I am the proud mother of two incredible children Brandon and Savannah.I enjoy trying new things,Outdoor adventures,new recipes, and travel, just to name a few.I hope to encourage others to try new things! I strive to learn as much as possible. I am on a journey to be my best self. Working out more drinking half my body weight in water. Meditating and journaling to find inner peace. I am working on my self esteem and have lots of goals I’m working towards. I cherish my family and friends and never take a single moment for granted.

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