March 15, 2018

Sometimes you just don’t  get the sleep your hoping for. I went to bed a little earlier last night hoping for some much needed rest. But my mind was racing it took me nearly two hours  to fall asleep then after I did fall asleep my daughter woke me up about an hour later and she was hot and ache.

So I put her in bed with me gave her some motrin and water and tried to comfort her back to sleep. She did fall asleep and cool down but sprawled out so I was not in a comfortable position to fall back asleep plus my mind was racing yet again. I was worried about her about me feeling sick and about my son and all I had to get done today.

When I woke up Id probably  only had 3 hours sleep and I was anxious about my day and grouchy but I did my best to get my kids fed and my daughter dressed and make sure both my kids had all the items they needed before we left.

It was sprinkling but it had clearly rained a lot during the night it was very wet outside. I lectured my son on things I wish he had done and about listening better. Although I always feel bad after lecturing him before his day starts because I always want him in a positive frame of mind and to have a great day!

I dropped him off and then my daughter off which was surprislingly easy this morning. I went by ATM and took out money to give my son for rest of this week and next for school lunches. After dropping that off to his school. I went to pick up the dry cleaning and then to get groceries.

When I got home I cooked some Chili so we will have that ready for dinner tonight. I started wash and  vacuuming and dishes. As I was checking my phone messages this morning had one friend ask me for a maid recommendation. The other friend of mine invited me to a luncheon next week which sounds like a lot of fun.

Another old friend of mine was asking about our disney trip and wanted to see pics so I messaged her back and sent her a few photos from our fun family day trip. The wind was horrible yesterday it knocked our large outdoor BBQ over all my daughters toys over and thankfully I had brought all the cushions inside.

We have no more rafts for our pool they have all popped so I will be on the  lookout for a few for the kids before spring break. I need to make sure the kids and I are getting more fiber in our diets as we have all had stomach issues this past week.

I am in need of organizing my walk in pantry and my walk in closet again they are both getting cluttered. I want to also go through both of my children’s rooms and make them more organized and tidy. I want to get my son his shadow boxes and jerseys put in it and hung up this month. I also want to get the outside basketball hoop set we promised him back before his last birthday.

I am hoping my kids are having a great day at school today! I have missed Pure Barre since last Friday and I am missing it but I am not feeling 100% yet. I am going to have a nice leafy green salad today with avocado and raspberries and hard boiled egg and sunflower seeds.

I am looking forward to my stitch fix box arriving I asked for tops as I am in major need of spring time tops. I am going to try my last set of earrings from Rocksbox this week and then see what I’d like to keep if at all any and then send the rest back and wait for my next box. Its pretty fabulous to be able to try before you buy I adored my first box so much I purchased all three pieces. But you don’t have to purchase any and can try them enjoy them as long as you want.

I will make sure I post pictures of my current box items and let you know what I keep. Same when my Stitch Fix box arrives. Since I’ve been under the weather  I haven’t  worn my last set yet nor have I tried all my Birch Box items. But I will happily post on those this weekend.

I tried the moisturizer and lipstick today. I miss my husband and he says everything is going smooth in June Lake so hopefully that means he will make his way home to me Monday or Tuesday  at the latest. I need to get us some new silverware our current situation is hodgepodge  of mixed and not enough for when we have a dozen or more people over.

I want the kids and I to go one day per week with no television  social media and video games. It sounds easy but I know it will be a huge feet. At least until its pool weather. I want us to start reading the bible together at least once a week as well. My son will be having school pictures next Friday and my daughter gets out early that day and begins her spring break.

I also have my hair appointment booked for that afternoon. Well I have a lot of laundry to get put away as well as get some some reading done. Before I get showered or bathed and head to pick up my children. I want to make some fun plans for me and the kids this weekend. My daughter has dance class Saturday and no Birthday parties to attend this weekend so we should have a wide open schedule so I can think of fun stuff to do with kids outside the house as well as at the house.

I want to have Savannah wear underwear all day tomorrow at school and all weekend long and see how she does. I also want to make Pure Barre since Ive missed it all week. I want to get all my thank you cards written up and sent out by tomorrow. I am so looking forward to our anniversary this month and I am praying we get to spend the first week of April on a Sandals vacation together for our Anniversary. This marks our 7th year together and 4th year married.

My salad wash delicious I ended up making a spinach salad cut up half and avocado to toss in also some chopped onions and raspberries and chia seeds and sunflower seeds drizzled some olive oil and red wine wine vinegar over it. I am happy the weather has improved and its now a beautiful afternoon.

I need to figure out what to get my husband as an anniversary  present this year its almost time to celebrate. I will make sure tonight that I make time for me and Savannah to read books before bed. I love our story time together. Almost time to head to pick up my son from school.

Proud that my son was recognized for making B honor Roll and that his grades this new trimester are looking good as well. I am also proud that his closest friends all hold A Honor rolls and above so he is in good company and I know he can make A honor roll or even Gold Leaf in the future.

Unfortunately he went to the office today not feeling well and didn’t call me and he’s still feeling bad. I sent him to bed with water and gave him pepto for his tummy. I am going to pick up my little girl soon and I am hoping she had a great day! I am also hoping that they will both be able to enjoy the Chili I made for us for dinner tonight.

unfortunately both kids were sick when I picked them up from school. I managed to get my daughters fever relieved and get her to eat a little bit but not much food.

My son is still having a low grade fever and not feeling great. I am going to keep them both home tomorrow from school. I will be dropping my sons homework by though. I want to be able to pick up homework as well. So he doesn’t fall behind.

I hate that they are sick I am proud that my son made honors for his last report card. I am thankful that I got groceries today and picked up dry cleaning too.

I need to buy and fill eggs for Savannah’s classes Easter egg hunt next week. I also still need to get them both new shoes. I am going to layout chicken in fridge to defrost so I can make chicken salsa verde tomorrow night.

Had to cancel tomorrow’s Pure Barre class which is a total bummer but my kiddos come first. I am glad I seem to be feeling better so I’m hoping I get a full nights sleep not like last night. Right now cuddling and watching Little Einstein’s with my daughter.

I will try to go to sleep fairly early tonight before 10pm. I will need to get as much done around the house as possible since I will be homebound all day with my kiddos who are both sick 😷.

Well I am beat hope everyone had a great week! The weekend is almost here 😊🏡😷🍀

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My Name is Jennifer .I was born and raised in California.I am the proud mother of two incredible children Brandon and Savannah.I enjoy trying new things,Outdoor adventures,new recipes, and travel, just to name a few.I hope to encourage others to try new things! I strive to learn as much as possible. I am on a journey to be my best self. Working out more drinking half my body weight in water. Meditating and journaling to find inner peace. I am working on my self esteem and have lots of goals I’m working towards. I cherish my family and friends and never take a single moment for granted.

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