April 30, 2018

So I woke up still dealing with some dizziness. This started mid day Sunday and was a real bummer. I was at Disneyland with my family and just didn’t feel great anymore.

I sent my kids with my husband to go on a few more rides and I sat in the shade. We left around 3:30pm which is early for us. I just drank fluids and tried to relax.

When we got home my husband went to dinner I fed the kids and got them ready for Monday school and bed.

Saturday night we celebrated my Dads 70th Birthday at Kobe Steakhouse. It was a great time with the family.

I didn’t get to exercise today but I got a B12 shot that helped a lot. We got our Costco items. I still need to go to Ralph’s and Dry cleaners and find an alterations place tomorrow.

Tonight the guys went to dinner and a movie Savannah and I watched Frozen had dinner at home cleaned up for bed I did some laundry and we watched Muppet Babies.

I ordered myself some sunglasses and decided to order the Goop vitamins as well. I want to get the Goop Instant Facial and Night cream and Cleanser but can’t afford it right now.

I am looking forward to having a great week! I am blessed love my family and I hope my Dad had a fantastic Birthday. Well hope everyone had a great day! Goodnight 😴

April 28, 2018

So Wednesday both kiddos went to school. I went to Pure Barre and ran my errands. I got to have lunch with my husband once he got back in town.

We picked up kids then he took Brandon to San Diego. Savannah and I had a girls night watched Jumanji and had pizza. Painted her nails mani and pedi at home.

Thursday we went to Starbucks had a leisurely morning figured she’d stay home with me. She decided she wanted school after Breakfast. So I dropped her off and went to Famous Footwear Ana Target then got car cleaned. Went home had lunch did laundry and cleaning.

Went out to Roy’s Hawaiian for dinner it was delicious. Then the boys watched some shark movie and Savannah and I got our bath done and watched Disney channel.

Friday we got kids dropped off to school and went for coffee then to fed ex. Then we went home so I could clean and my husband could get work done. We went to lunch later at California Pizza Kitchen.

I went to get my hair and makeup done. My daughter got her haircut as well. We dropped kids at home and I went back out on errands.

I had found some great items at White House Black Market so I went back to buy some of them.Then came home fed kiddos and got ready for date night.

Went out to PF Chang’s with my hubby and then to see Avengers Infinity War. I enjoyed both dinner and the movie. But was so tired as it got out at like midnight.

We came home got kids to bed and then ourselves to bed. I woke up this morning still tired. But we had to get ready I got Savannah and myself ready. The guys got ready and we went to Starbucks then to Savannah’s Dance recital.

We also got Brandon signed up for Tackle Football. He hasn’t played since we lived up in June Lake. It will be so much hotter here and the kids are tough so I hope he enjoys it.

Now we’re hanging in the pool relaxing playing snacking while it’s gorgeous outside. We go out tonight for my Dads 70th Birthday πŸŽ‚.

Well have a great day! Time to play and enjoy with my kiddos again. 😊😎🌻🏑

April 24, 2018

So my son woke up still feeling horrible. So I kept him home from school to let this stomach virus pass and let him hydrate and rest.

I’m hoping this didn’t mess up his school week. He missed a test today and has items due. He will be back at school tomorrow S he’s looking and feeling better. However he will miss Thursday too since that’s when his Sentri appointment is in San Diego.

I’m trying to not stress out and just have faith he will get all the work he missed and do it and also ask to take test he missed too.

Savannah acted like she wanted to stay home too which I would have been fine with but then at 8:00 she decided she wanted school so I rushed to get us both ready and out the door.

I was able to get in my Pure Barre workout for a coffee and cake straight home to tend to Brandon. After making him lunch I got a text from Savannah’s teacher.

She needed a new pair of shoes so I brought some over but when they headed in for nap Savannah was sad I was leaving so I let her come home with me. She napped at home and we enjoyed rest of day. I didn’t manage to get a peloton workout in.

But kids love the pumpkin bread and brownies I made and we all enjoyed the Lasagna I made for dinner. I ordered her some books from scholastic.

Our First Foodstirs Box arrived we will have to bake that this weekend. I also got the shirt I ordered from Etsy.

I’ve got back acne in the last two days and this is new I’ve never had it πŸ˜‘ ugh. So have to do my best to get rid of that.

My face looks great πŸ‘πŸ» so not sure why acne on my back. I still need to get my Dad s good Birthday present. Been missing my hubby he’s coming back I. Town tomorrow.

But just to pick up Brandon and head to San Diego. So girls night for me and Savannah. I’m excited to see my best friend tomorrow. Hoping to see my Nephews new place soon.

Excited that Savannah has s dance recital this weekend we celebrate my Dad and we go to Disneyland πŸ™ I’ve had a few nights of not a ton of sleep.

I need some good rest. I’m looking forward to Brandon doing Stanford Basketball camp again and the Aztec daytime Basketball camp and also Tackle Football again.

Savannah will be able to try a lot more activities and sports after her third Birthday. I personally miss Yoga and I miss dancing both were great for my weight.

Well sorry to cut this short but I am beyond tired. Have a goodnight πŸ˜΄πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

Manic Monday’s

Well my son has stomach flu 😷 or a bad case of food poisoning from school lunch. My daughter is now sleeping but had a good busy day.

She’s been in underwear since last week on Monday. Today her teacher even forgot to switch to pull up during nap. So Savannah did have accident during nap but hasn’t had any during day otherwise.

I got kids to school and went to Pure Barre. I got all laundry and dishes and cleaning done. I dropped off and picked up dry cleaning. I got my gas tank filled up. I got items I needed at Target.

I sent back two items to Rocksbox and bought another pair of earrings I loved. I had a healthy salad for lunch.

I made some chicken fettuccine Alfredo for dinner tonight it was delicious. My hubby is in Anaheim until Wednesday and then he takes Brandon to San Diego until Thursday.

I hate it when my kids are sick poor Brandon πŸ˜·πŸ˜‚ I put two bags of things together for my bestie and her daughter. Our sister is already booked all weekend πŸ˜‚ But we have my Dad’s 70th Birthday dinner and kids are going with us for that.

I need to get clothes hemmed still and get in Peloton workouts. I purchased food stirs pack last night when I found a 50% off coupon.

I want to try some Goop products mainly her vitamins and instant facial. Looking forward to Pure Barre tomorrow and all week.

My cramps have thankfully gone away πŸ™ So much to do with the end of school year coming near. My daughter has a dance performance coming up.

We completed all voulenteer hours for both schools. Hoping the picture retake us soon for Savannah. Brandon has water park trip coming up.

We need to pay for his Stanford Basketball camp and Aztec Basketball Camp and Golf camp for summer.

I would like Brandon to get to play football 🏈 now again either flag with the YMCA or Tackle PDLQ Roadrunner.

I hope everyone had a great Monday πŸ™πŸ‘πŸŒ»

Weekend Roundup April 20-22

So this Friday after dropping the kids off to school. I went to Pure Barre it was a great class. I enjoyed doing my Pure Barre all week.

I went home started cleaning and then I went to Starbucks and then to get my manicure and pedicure.

My husband made it home so after I picked up the kids from school. We figured we’d get them situated and have an early dinner. Later my husband took our son to see Rampage at the movie theater and I hung out with Savannah and read books and watched Inside Out movie.

Saturday Brandon had voulenteer time at the Autism walk he was working the slime Booth from 7:00am to 10:00am. Savannah had Dance class from 9:00-9:45 am so we walked over and picked Brandon up afterwards.

They played at park for awhile then we went to Starbucks and headed home. We had lunch with kids and hung out. Later on my mom came over to see the kids.

Jeff and I went to see I Feel Pretty at the movie theater. That was a very funny movie.

Today we hung out mostly at home with the kids it was warm so they got some time in the pool. We also went to Starbucks for our morning coffee and breakfast.

We took the kids to lunch and then Jeff had to head to Anaheim he has a Real Estate seminar Monday- Wednesday.

I was able to get all laundry and dishes and vacuuming done. My mom came by to visit and because she forgot her phone here yesterday. Savannah fell asleep before 8:00pm because she never napped today.

She has worn underwear all day and night since Monday only time she wears pull-ups is nap and bedtime. Super happy and proud of her.

We had a nice healthy dinner and I am definitely ready for a good nights sleep. Looking forward to a great week! Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ‘πŸŒ»

April 19, 2018

I am very proud of my little Savannah she wore underwear successfully all day st school. After school on outings etc.

True progress with our potty training. My son has had two grade issues showing he needs to keep studying and be more organized. His GPA is still in honors but low end so he knows he needs to stay focused. I am very proud of him to not just his grades but being the best brother ever!

I enjoyed two workouts today first Pure Barre Classic then Peloton. I got our groceries and set the table put fresh flowers out. Did laundry and dishes.

I was able to use $50 rewards cash at WHBM today and got myself a cute pair of white distressed denim pants. Picked up kids from school took Brandon to orthodontist.

He also had LOL voulenteer tonight so I took him to and from that. I am tired and have messed up nails I desperately need a manicure.

I also need to make a hair appointment stat. Jeff gets home tomorrow as long as 395 opens back up. There has been so many dear friends of mine going through all kinds of stuff.

I’ve been praying for everyone and all that’s going on in their lives. My Dad turns 70 this month so I want us to make his Birthday special for him.

Well I hope everyone had a great day! 😊🏑🌻

April 17, 2018

Today was a great day! Started by getting my wonderful kids ready getting them breakfast and dressing my little one. Dropping them off to school which was very easy today sometimes I have a hard time dropping off my two year old but she wanted to go in early today and hugged me and said bye bye mommy quickly.

I went home and made myself a scrambled egg sandwich for breakfast and got dressed for Pure Barre. I went to Pure Barre bought a great pair of leggings and had a wonderful workout by Mandy this morning. Nice to see all the friendly faces as well.

Afterwards I really wanted coffee but after circling the parking lot twice without finding parking I gave up and decided to go get my gas tank filled up. After that I went home and took my shower as well as put laundry on.

I went to meet Chelsea and Sara for lunch at California Pizza Kitchen and unfortunately Chelsea ended up being unable to make it. But Sara and I had a nice lunch we almost never get to grab lunch together so it was a real treat. We also were able to plan to have coffee with Chelsea in the morning so we were happy were still on going to get together.

Later after we hung out awhile longer I went to pick up my son Brandon from school and took him to Starbucks so we could both enjoy an afternoon treat and I could have a coffee finally lol. We hurried home as my mom wanted to meet us there shortly after.

We were able to look up vacation spots and picked one we liked for a family vacation for next year. So hopefully it will all workout! I went to pick up my little Savannah and brought Β the director of her school book of stickers since my little one asks for a sticker nearly everyday on our way home.

We all enjoyed the Chicken Salsa Verde that I made for us and I finished up all laundry and dishes and got everything clean and put away. I also decided to buy all three of the items in my latest Rocksbox. I got the box almost a month ago and was able to try all the earrings out and I fell in love with them.

I am expecting my latest Stitch Fix Box tomorrow. I tried Wilma Schumann European Skin Care Hydrating Collagen Eye Pads tonight and really liked them but I will use up all packets before I decide if its really making a difference.

We just recently bought Liquid IV Hydration multiplier Β so I will be trying this out and will let you guys know if it works well for me. Yesterday it seemed that everyone around me were having turmoil. But I did get a great Pure Barre workout in and enjoyed my kids while praying for all those who were dealing with sadness and or stress,

Me and my kiddos enjoyed a delicious Β dinner that I prepared for us and we had a great night at home. I am so very proud of my sons grades he’s doing so good in school and working hard. My daughters best friend at school is officially now a big sister I look forward to seeing her new baby sister soon.

It was so windy last night and our yard was in disarray but thankfully my son put cushions inside last night and other items to keep them safe. I had a great night sleep regardless of the wind noise. Well I am getting very tired so goodnight. 😴🏑

April 15, 2018

My sweet little girl is not feeling good πŸ˜‚ So we are staying in today reading books and watching Little Einstein’s.

Hoping I can clear up her runny nose and sore throat. If not I’m gonna keep her home with me tomorrow. My son Brandon has been such a big help all weekend.

I feel bad that we’ve almost been at this house s full year and not got the three shadow boxes to hang up his jerseys or his basketball hoop we promised him.

I am going to do my best to make sure those get done by summer. Both the kids need bigger beds Savannah turns three and it’s time to get a big girl bed and bedding this July.

Brandon is ready for a Queen size bed or king he’s getting so big. Savannah doesn’t have any sandals or flip flops so I need to get her a pair soon.

I am planning my dinner menu for this week and also trying to make sure kids and I eat well in morning as well. I am so glad we got a second oil diffuser it’s helping a lot in Brandon’s room.

Brandon is almost complete with all his Catechism I need to get him dress shoes and a suit for his big day. My husband is back working in June Lake he will be there all this week and he then goes to Anaheim after that for a few days then takes Brandon to San Diego for an appointment the next day.

My Dad turns 70 this month and I want to make it a very Happy Birthday for him. I need to try to do pure Barre on demand and a peloton ride today might need to do it during her nap and when kids go to sleep tonight if I have energy.

I need to figure out making a hair appointment before my stylist goes on vacation. My daughter needs. Haircut as well.

I’m hoping they do the picture retake soon so I can get the pictures we paid for. We only got group picture and I love my sons school pictures.

My mom wants us to do a family trip and I want us all to do that so we need to figure out what dates were available so we can have her look what’s available. I am thinking middle weeks in June or Last weeks of August.

I really want to make the trip to go see my best friends new house. I want to get kids signed up in sports and activities they like for spring and summer.

I know Brandon is really looking forward to Stanford Basketball camp. I am still working with Savannah on potty training she’s going everyday but only pee right now so we haven’t got done with pull-ups yet.

I told Savannah I’d paint her nails so will probably do it after lunch or dinner I want to have a healthy salad for lunch today. Gave my little girl a Vapor bath and rubbed her chest she’s just relaxing watching shows snuggled up by me now.

I wish I got a coffee today but no biggie I can wait until tomorrow. I look forward to our dining room light arriving we ordered it in October or November and we still don’t have it want to get a nice light for our entry way get walltree done too it will be so nice.

But everything cost money and we can’t do everything at once little by little we’re getting the house done. I want my husbands schedule to get better so he can make his health and fitness a priority. He used to swim bike and run and he hasn’t in years now. He works very hard and had all kinds of work stress and family stresses that have taken. Toll on him.

I just want him to be healthy I worry about his health. I miss him a lot right now as I always do when he’s gone. Keeping up with the kids keeps me busy though.

This week we’ve got Orthodontist, maid, LoL Voulenteering also Autism walk Voulenteering First Eucharist, possibly picture retake date. Lots of Pure Barre and Peloton for me. Dance class for Savannah. New stuff will be added as always each week.

I found a nice silverware set to use everyday that’s nice enough to use with our china as well right now we don’t even have four that match it’s all hodgepodge.

Savannah’s cough is gone and she’s watching Home now while having lunch. Watermelon is now one of her favorites. She ate pretty good at lunch 😊

Trying to get her to nap watching Vamparina in my room with her now. I am going to make Lasagna tonight the kids love it.

Now my little girl is napping and I can catch up on cleaning. Hope everyone had a great weekend ! 😊🏑🌻

April 14, 2018

What a weekπŸ™ƒ We got home from Saint Lucia on Monday afternoon after two days of traveling.

We were exhausted and had so much to do. We were excited to be home to the kids we picked them both up from school picked up our dog Charly from the sitters.

I spent most of the week catching up getting laundry and cleaning done at home. Getting everything kids need for school and attending events for kids.

Dropped off dry cleaning wow what a load we had this visit. Went to Ralph’s and Costco for groceries. Paid for Savannah’s new dance shoes. Paid for Brandon’s school photos.

Got Birthday Card and gift for Birthday Party we went to today. I got to see my bestie for Coffee one day which was great! I finally made it back to Pure Barre on Friday and it was a great class and it was so nice seeing everyone and great to hear they were happy I was back.

Today we had a busy day I had went through kids closets to get clothes for my dad to take to donate. We made breakfast got coffee.

We had one of Savannah’s friends Birthday Party from noon until two o’clock and then I got more cleaning done while Savannah napped.

I woke her up so we could make her second fun filled enforcement the Kidchella night of painting tie dying shirts and pizza and soda she enjoyed from 5:00-8:00pm.

It allowed me time to take my son to dinner right next door and then we hung out there at the river until she was done they had live music so it was nice.

Once we got home I made Savannah a bath and got her ready for bed. I set my new oil diffuser up in my room and my old one on Brandon’s room.

I finished folding and putting laundry away. I had a fantastic week but all the re organization that went on and getting back to reality.

I wore a pair of earrings from my latest Rocksbox and I love them. I’m so happy I tried Rocksbox this is my third one and I haven’t been anything but deeply satisfied with all the great jewelry. Same with BirchBox my second box arrived today and I am excited to try all the items.

My stitch fix box is set to arrive next week I am hoping for cute casual clothes for warm weather! I’m very proud of my sons grades and what a wonderful big brother he is I am a very lucky mother.

My kids are such blessings and they bring me so much happiness. I hope everyone had a great week! 🌻🏑✈️

Saint Lucia April 7, 8 and 9th

Friday in Saint Lucia it was poring rain when we woke up and then it stopped after breakfast.

But by the time we went down to the main building to start walking to our boat tour it started poring again. I thought our excursion was going to get cancelled.

But it cleared up and what a fun day it was we went to the Pitons we snorkeled we hung out at Sugar Beach. We also went into the hot springs which are 107 degrees so very hot then covered ourselves with the mud which has medicinal and soothing effects on skin.

Took some great pictures rinsed off and then enjoyed more pictures at the waterfall where the water was cold. Then we went and had a delicious Creole lunch.

After that we headed on the boat had a great time drinking rum on way back to resort. We tested once we were back and our butler served us a delicious three course meal from the Le Toc restaurant.

Then we went out and enjoyed some time at the pub because the piano bar was closed.

Saturday we slept in and ordered breakfast in then we hung out by the pool laid in the sun ordered lunch by the pool. Got some last minute gifts.

Then I got a relaxing massage and facial and my hair blown out before dinner. We then got ready for dinner I started to pack my bag.

Dinner was a little lack luster but dessert was excellent. I wasn’t feeling great so I went up to pack and to relax and Jeff went straight to the Piano Bar I met him there shortly as it was our last night in Saint Lucia.

We stayed awhile but the crowd was not as good as usual so I called it a night then my husband came home shortly after.

We woke up early Sunday and I didn’t get as much sleep as I would have liked before traveling. Our flight was at 3:45pm but we had to be out of the room at 11:00am and they had our van take us at 11:30am so after the windy ride that was over an hour I was dying.

But I got to use the restroom as soon as we got to airport and get lunch. It was beyond overcrowded though and chaotic but we managed to leave on time and get to Miami on time. We had to go through customs but that was pretty easy and quick as well as get our checked bags check into hotel for the night.

We were starving and ended up with a 9:45 pm reservation for dinner at Cibo in Miami. The food was phenomenal and I wish my appetite was bigger so I could have finished everything and ordered dessert but sadly I felt stuffed early on.

Guess all the travel and junk food caught up to me it’s now 12:15 am and we leave for the airport at 4:30 am so I am hoping to get a nap in before our morning alarm.