Saint Lucia April 05 & 06th 2018

So we just got back from an amazing day out. We took a boat tour went snorkeling between the Pitons. We went to the hot springs and mud bath and felt soft and youthful afterwards.

We enjoyed some local creole food which was so delicious and lots of rum punch. We had another great boat ride home saw many great sights enjoyed perfect weather and more delicious rum punch.

Our butler had delicious fruits cheeses and crackers out for us drew me a warm bath with beautiful local flowers in it.

I enjoyed washing the day off while I soaked then took a cool shower. Yesterday we slept in ordered breakfast which was delicious. Got ready went and did a photo shoot on the beach we got soaked the rain started pouring hard.

We went up to our room towered off then went to the pool laid out enjoyed drinks and pizza. We had a reunion excursion booked so we met up with everyone.

It took forever to get there and get started but once the music and drinks were flowing it was a fantastic time lots of fun and dancing.

Afterwards we got back here cleaned up and went to dinner. I wasn’t a fan of dinner last night but we decided to call it a night early since we were leaving early next day on excursion.

I am gonna try to nap and then a a fun night ahead of us. Hope everyone had a great week! 😊✈️👙

Saint Lucia April 04, 2018

So Monday we ordered breakfast ate on our patio with a beautiful view. Then we got lounge chairs on the beach and laid out for most of the day ordered lunch at the beach some burgers and fries and enjoyed some delicious drinks.

We had Kimono for dinner and had some good people at our table carried our night over to the Piano Bar met some more friends even got up to sing which means I had plenty of drinks for the day my voice is awful lol.

We went to bed by 10pm although I couldn’t fall asleep until late.

Tuesday we woke and our excursion got cancelled so I went back to bed slept in. We went to beach laid out then grabbed lunch at Armando’s and then we headed back to our place then I got a massage before we got ready for dinner.

We also got our photos done went to the reunion cocktail reception and dinner that lasted until 10pm. Then we went to the piano bar stayed awhile then to the pub.

After that we took a stroll relaxed by the fire then off to our place to sleep. Today we had breakfast delivered it was delicious French toast fruit and syrup and bacon.

We went to the main pool bar lounged had a cocktail and then headed up for golf. Golf was fun it was a beautiful day for it. We were brought lunch and drinks while playing that was wonderful.

We lounged at our balcony for an hour or so after then I got showered for dinner. I still need to blow dry my hair we’re eating at Le Toc tonight and not sure what we are up to afterwards.

We have excursions the next two days that will keep us busy. I need to book my last spa treatment for Saturday before we leave. I still want to paddle board and play basketball and maybe more golf and tennis.

Dinner was delicious and we had s beautiful view. After dinner we went to the Piano Bar stayed there until until almost 11pm then went back to our room. Hope everyone is having a great week! 😘🌻✈️

April 1, 2018

Today we got up early and left Charlotte NC at 9:50am took a 4 1/2 hour flight to Saint Lucia. On the flight my husband had his computer so we watched Couples Retreat and had snacks we packed and a couple of bloody Mary’s.

I was so tired after the movie but couldn’t sleep. I am hoping the next couple of hours goes by quickly. When we get to Saint Lucia we have to go through customs and then get our luggage and take a 2-3 hour shuttle ride to our destination.

I am definitely over the getting there part day two of plane travel is doing me in I am exhausted and ready to unpack my bag and have fun stretch my legs and see the sights. I am looking forward to spending my days in a bikini and casual dresses and rompers at night while dining out.

I am missing my kiddos look forward to taking them on a fun summer vacation this year and hopefully Walt Disney World this coming Thanksgiving vacation.

I am wanting to partake in as many activities as possible while we are there. I packed my golf and tennis outfits and want to wakeboard. I am hoping we get out to a nice dinner tonight or get some delicious room service at the least. This no meal service two days in a row is killing me.

So we finally made it off the flight the ride to the resort was making everyone feel nauseous very windy roads and fast driving. I felt so sick by the time we made it here.

The resort is beautiful I wasn’t disappointed with the views at all. But unfortunately getting in fo get food was a nightmare. After traveling since Friday I am exhausted would love a good nights rest. I had dinner although we didn’t have much selection tonight.

Hoping rest of week we get to the restaurants we want to eat at. I miss my kids so much. But hoping for good night sleep and that we have an enjoyable week.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter if you celebrate it and a wonderful Sunday regardless. I am so drained physically, emotionally I need a great full nights vacation sleep so I won’t feel so beat up tomorrow.