May 30th, 2018

Well I’ve been going strong during our Pure Barre challenge. We have 45 days to complete 30 classes and I’m more than halfway to 30. I’ve had a busy two weeks and I’ve made myself proud. Kiddos have been doing pretty good too although my sons mouth has been getting him in major trouble. He’sContinue reading “May 30th, 2018”

May 26th, 2018

So this week I’ve done 7 pure Barre classes it feels great. I will do a class tomorrow and Monday as well. Wednesday night was my arm intensive class. Thursday Brandon got sent gone from school sick 😷 so he also stayed home yesterday. I went out Thursday night had some appetizers and went toContinue reading “May 26th, 2018”

May 23, 2018

So this week I’ve already done four pure Barre workouts did two on Monday one yesterday and an arm intensive tonight. I feel great glad I’ve been keeping up during this challenge. Did five workouts last week and on track to do nine this week. Got to see my bestie today for coffee. Got twoContinue reading “May 23, 2018”

30 in 45 Challenge

So Monday the current challenge at my Pure Barre started. You get paired up with a buddy and you both have to complete 30 classes in 45 Days. You must take three classes together. You must take four Empower classes and if you both complete their are prizes to won. I don’t really care aboutContinue reading “30 in 45 Challenge”

Taylor Swift Reputation at The Rosebowl

So Friday May 18th my husband and I travelled to LA to see Taylor Swift at the Rosebowl for her Reputation tour. It took over two hours to get from hotel 2 miles away into the venue so thankfully she had opening acts. We got in grabbed a quick bite of some warm pretzels andContinue reading “Taylor Swift Reputation at The Rosebowl”