May 31, 2018

Well today I got up and got both the kids off to school. I came home started laundry and dishes.

I hired guys to trim our palm trees in backyard 🌴 Had coffee with my bestie Sara and then went to bank to take out cash to pay the tree trimmers.

Afterwards sent out engagement congrats card and Graduation congrats card. Then vacuumed and mopped whole house.

Had a healthy salad for lunch and took all my vitamins. After picking Brandon and Savannah up from school had some pool time.

Then got them cleaned up Gabe them snacks and took Brandon to football practice 🏈 Then Savannah and I came home we had the chicken Alfredo I made earlier. We watched Peter Pan and I made Hard Boiled eggs, Pumpkin Bread, Lemon Bundt Cake and Brownies.

I put on a load of dishes then we went to pick up Brandon from practice. We got my gas tank filled up then Brandon had his dinner Savannah snacks on pepperonis and then got her ready for bed.

Happy my hubby is coming home tomorrow. My son has a minimum day tomorrow so I will be dropping them off eating and running to Pure Barre then try to get a coffee and a shower before picking B up.

Then we need to get dry cleaning picked up and dropped off and have lunch. Maybe we can enjoy pool time after that.

I am unwinding now watching a little tv. I hope everyone had a great day! πŸŒ»πŸ‘πŸŒ΄πŸ™

May 30th, 2018

Well I’ve been going strong during our Pure Barre challenge. We have 45 days to complete 30 classes and I’m more than halfway to 30.

I’ve had a busy two weeks and I’ve made myself proud. Kiddos have been doing pretty good too although my sons mouth has been getting him in major trouble.

He’s at night number two football practice tonight and has one more tomorrow then he gets a break until July 23. He gets out of school on June 08 and my daughter on June 14.

Tomorrow I am gonna skip morning Pure Barre and possibly go I’m evening or skip all together. I am meeting my bestie for coffee in the morning and have lots of cleaning and errands to do.

I need to clean out mine and kids closets and see what we have to donate. I want to enjoy pool time with my kids next few days.

I painted Savannah’s nails purple for her tonight. She loves it I will paint her toes tomorrow or Friday night. I am hoping Brandon is having a great practice tonight.

He is gonna have some explaining to do tomorrow to his teachers for all the confusion of what he said to me. That’s never fun but kids need to learn what they say and do matters.

My hubby is out of town for his sisters 50th Birthday πŸŽ‚. Then he will head home Friday. I need to make sure Brandon is keeping up with his studies since school is out next week and all grades get imputed soon.

He has final tests and projects due this week and next Monday. I am getting closer to my goal weight but getting the pounds off is difficult been trying forever to get last ten pounds off.

I have had so much going on with Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations and a engagement to make sure I celebrate everything and send cards etc.

I really enjoyed going to Taylor Swift Concert this month I wish I was able to go to a lot more concerts I love them. It was also nice to see a movie with my friend Chelsea last week as well.

Brandon had a great practice tonight. I got Savannah to sleep now I am exhausted goodnight hope everyone had a fantastic day!

May 27, 2018

Started my morning out with kids and mopping 😊Then headed to Pure Barre and had a great workout.

Then picked up kiddos and took them to Starbucks. After that we all enjoyed some pool time. Our swan unfortunately lost his head so on the hunt for a new float.

Had some lunch with the family gave pumpkin a bath and showered. My son has been on Xbox nearly 24/7 this holiday weekend aside from pool and movie time.

After getting kids fed and situated we went and had dinner at Sullivan’s it was a nice night to sit in the patio. Great food and we enjoyed a little break before heading home and watching Jumanji with the kids.

May 26th, 2018

So this week I’ve done 7 pure Barre classes it feels great. I will do a class tomorrow and Monday as well. Wednesday night was my arm intensive class.

Thursday Brandon got sent gone from school sick 😷 so he also stayed home yesterday. I went out Thursday night had some appetizers and went to a movie with my friend Chelsea.

Friday night my husband and I went out to dinner and a movie it was nice to get out. Yesterday I got myself some new sports bras and a pair of workout pants.

Today while the boys are out at movies I am trying out my new mop. Savannah and I played in the pool had some lunch watched Inside Out.

Savannah has been doing ng great with wearing underwear and using potty. She just needs to start doing number 2 on the potty we haven’t had any consistency yet with that.

We got her school pictures back Friday so that’s great and I can send those out to close family. My stomach is still not as flat or toned yet but my arms look great and my butt and thighs are super strong and toned.

I got some cute flag sticky socks at pure Barre today. Our backyard is coming along will be nice when we have budget to extend pool and add sun deck and water feature etc. can’t wait for Savannah and Charly to have grass out back and a play set for her a basketball set for Brandon.

We now just need a couple of chairs and a dining set for outside and a few umbrellas. My husband found built in BBQ kitchen outdoor set that will fit in our yard.

I envision when it’s fully done and we have both regular and solar for pool so temp will always be nice.

Inside of house is practically done we just need our dining room light and our entry way light. Recess lighting in kids rooms and office some extra outlets in hallways added.

Larger beds for the kids and our hall tree for entry way. When we concrete stamp our driveway add epoxy to garage floor and built in organizers it will be great. Rod iron and glass front doors entry gate. Remove current landscaping put fountain and greenery instead. Add large built in mailbox.

Making this our forever home so every little thing we can do in steps will make it that much nicer and feel like home. I need matching silverware that’s next on my list to get.

I need to get cleaning while my little one is resting and my guys are out of house 🏑 hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

May 23, 2018

So this week I’ve already done four pure Barre workouts did two on Monday one yesterday and an arm intensive tonight.

I feel great glad I’ve been keeping up during this challenge. Did five workouts last week and on track to do nine this week. Got to see my bestie today for coffee.

Got two loungers for our backyard and got all the cards and gift cards and mailed out today lots of birthdays and graduates.

Unfortunately my son is under the weather I kept him home today but he is going back to school tomorrow.

I have lots of cleaning to do tomorrow and errands. My son is out of school on June 8 so time is flying by. Savannah is out of school on June 14.

I am already sleepy so goodnight 😴 hope everyone is having a great week! 😘🏑🌻

May 21, 2018

Today was a great day I got my daughter ready for school we had breakfast and I dropped her off. She was playing with her buddy Jacob in no time at all.

I went home got ready for Pure Barre. I enjoyed this mornings pure barre classic class. Then I went and had coffee with my husband mailed out cards.

Picked up dry cleaning came home got my mop charging and vacuumed. Then I cleaned up and relaxed. Had veggies and two hard boiled eggs for lunch.

I also took all my vitamins. I picked up my daughter took her swimming and then got ready to go back to Pure Barre for a Pure Empower class.

I hadn’t taken Pure Empower in months it was a great class tonight. Afterwards went home and made sure kids were all rest before we went to dinner. Enjoyed some delicious fajitas tonight.

Then I took a quick rinse got myself and little one ready for bed. My son helped out with her toy cleanup and his own chores. I am beat but proud that I did 5 classes last week and already have done two this week. So tired goodnight everyone 🌻🏑😴

May 19, 2018

This week was a busy week. Monday I dropped my little one to school. Came home started laundry and had breakfast before heading to Pure Barre.

Went to Pure Barre had a great workout. Then I went to dry cleaners and ran all my other errands.

After getting the kids from school and my kids got to swim. I later took my son to dinner and a movie. Tuesday I got up early to make my Pure Barre class. Another great class.

Then I went home cleaned up shaved and got coffee and croissant. Then I went to The Miramonte Resort and Spa to meet up with my best friend Sara . We relaxed poolside and our good friend Chelsea met us and had lunch.

I wasn’t hungry yet so I ate later when Sara went for her facial and Chelsea went back to work. Then I relaxed and read a book until it was time for my facial.

After that I went home and had a nice night with the kids we had a delicious dinner and watched some Disney junior.

Wednesday I was feeling under the weather but made it to my workout and decided to just go home and rest after and drink tea.

Felt like I was doing better until Thursday morning I felt worse so another day stuck in bed and on fluids but felt great after lunch. So I ended up going to Workout at Pure Barre in the evening and glad I did great class and great peeps there .

I started feeling ache again though so more tea honey and turmeric vapor bath and rest. I didn’t get errands done I wanted to complete. I was behind on laundry so worked on it all night and Friday morning.

I cancelled my Friday morning classes which bummed me out but I needed to take it easy and complete laundry and dishes strip bed.

I got lunch with my husband and got my hair blown out quickly packed my bag and we left at 3:30pm for LA to go see a Taylor Swift at the Rosebowl for her Reputation tour.

We felt rushed getting there but had the best time I loved it really best gift ever ! We rushed home this morning after not much sleep and kept busy with kids all day. I’ve been feeling great since the concert last night so whatever was trying to take me down must be out if my system.

Tomorrow I have Pure barre and will have a girls day with Savannah while my husband takes our son and his buddy to lunch and the movies.

I hope everyone has had a great week and weekend ! I am proud of still working out nearly everyday even when I didn’t feel my best. I plan to workout each and every day this week except Saturday.

30 in 45 Challenge

So Monday the current challenge at my Pure Barre started. You get paired up with a buddy and you both have to complete 30 classes in 45 Days. You must take three classes together. You must take four Empower classes and if you both complete their are prizes to won.

I don’t really care about prizes I am making this my own goal to get me going more often each week and because I am only ten pounds away from my goal weight and want to work hard towards this Goal.

I went Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday so did my partner so we completed taking three classes together. Thursday night I went to class and Friday I skipped. I will be going tomorrow and that will put me at five classes for the week and towards the 30 I need to complete in 45 Days.

I plan to attend 6 Days next week and will keep it up both to complete this successfully and to hopefully get me closer to my own goal weight. πŸ’ͺ🏻

Taylor Swift Reputation at The Rosebowl

So Friday May 18th my husband and I travelled to LA to see Taylor Swift at the Rosebowl for her Reputation tour. It took over two hours to get from hotel 2 miles away into the venue so thankfully she had opening acts.

We got in grabbed a quick bite of some warm pretzels and I got a soda. We purchased shirts on way in for kids and myself. Realized we needed special floor seat band in addition to one we got at door found that location picked those up and got our seats.

We had awesome seats fifth row by one of her stages she had a few which was nice for fans to all get a chance to be up close to the action. The set list was terrific and she put on one hell of a good show.

I was singing and dancing the night away and had the best time. I’d love to take my daughter with me the next time she goes on tour. Also she had Shawn Mendez come on stage and perform with her it was awesome.

I highly recommend seeing this Reputation Tour if it comes to a city near you. Well worth the money we spent.

Mother’s Day

My kids were my Day I got gift and card from Savannah she made at school my son bought me tasty burger and fries for my Mother’s Day gift. My parents gave me beautiful flowers and card and we spent sending at a wonderful BBQ with my friends who have kids at Savannah’s school. Being a mom is happiness my day was filled with laundry and doing fine others but those kids are my greatest accomplishments my whole heart and world and I got another special Mother’s Day message that touched my heart as well. It was not an easy day or pampered or any of that but the cuddles and love and laughter I shared with my kids makes me the luckiest mom alive. I hope everyone has a fantastic Mother’s Day ! I still need to get a iRobot mop so I can clean these floors each day they get so filthy. I missed working out all weekend and want to workout all week. Hopefully it will be a peaceful week and I won’t have anxiety or stress or sadness just happiness and laughter.