July 31, 2018

Well the last three days have been pretty good. Monday I was dealing with stomach 😷 flu. But my son was helpful and by evening I felt much better. Today I got in a workout first thing which felt great! Got my coffee got mail sent out. Got dry cleaning picked up, gas tank filledContinue reading “July 31, 2018”

July 25, 2018

Well today was a pretty good day. Savannah was good behavior wise.But during nap she had accident so I cleaned her bedding. She was using potty all day but before we left to get Brandon from football practice she pooped her pants a messy one so threw those undies away. I had a great pureContinue reading “July 25, 2018”

July 12, 2018

Well today is a very special day because my youngest turned 3. This is the first year she really could comprehend that it was her Birthday and what it’s all about. So today was extra enjoyable to watch her light up with excitement and joy. She had a breakfast date with me and my bestie.Continue reading “July 12, 2018”