August 31, 2018

What a week it’s been jam packed our son started 7th grade and I took our daughter to Disneyland.

On the way my car was having issues I had to turn around and go back home trade cars so my husband could take mine to be fixed we should be picking it up later today.

So we got to Disneyland a lot later than planned but still had a fantastic day! We’ve had football practices every night for Brandon.

We managed to get our Costco shopping done and other errands but my phones acting up and I need a new one.

We’ve had some great play dates for Savannah with her friends. I’m gonna sign her up for dance class today.

I’ve been doing Barre all week working on hitting 250 at 234 or 235 today need to double check.

Was supposed to be at a bridal shower tomorrow was going to leave yesterday . But that got called off. There has been lots of relationships shifting I’ve noticed in friends and families love lives.

We’re getting excited for our Midwest trip to visit family. I think our last trip to Chicago was before I was pregnant with our daughter Savannah.

I’ve had a lot of fun with Savannah at home. But we’re both ready for her to be at preschool with her friends again.

She will start back next week on the 5th. A lot of other friends are getting in last trips of summer some to the lake some to the beach and some doing big trips Europe, Ireland I look forward to my family doing more traveling. I miss big trips I love Europe and South America and have so many other spots I want to see for the first time and many to go back to.

My oldest nephew called me yesterday always so nice to hear from him he has the biggest heart and I love him so much.

Our pool felt colder today I will miss us being in the pool everyday as soon it will be too cold I long for the day we get our pool remodeled and finish backyard and add pool and regular solar.

I got my car back glad it working again😊. Trying to fit in time with all our family and friends this weekend that want to see us.

I also just want to enjoy time with my husband since he has to go back to June Lake next week. I’ve been missing my bestie.

Looking forward to our weekly coffee dates once kids are back in school. I’m excited for Savannah that she’s back in dance class as of tomorrow morning.

I want to get Savannah on Jeff’s old mini iPad so she can do ABC Mouse app and Disney apps for learning and fun.

I want to find Savannah pj Masks pajamas and a owlette costume for Halloween.

Hope everyone had a great week! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸˆπŸ‘™πŸ§œβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘―β€β™€οΈπŸ‘πŸŒ΅

August 23, 2018

Well yesterday was a busy day and I intended to get on here and write. But had a zipper issue that literally I was determined to to resolve.

Have you ever had a dress you love with a thick fabric at waist so zipper catches even when your not wearing it. So not a your too big for it issue just a pain in the ass issue.

Well I got a shipment from wantable the other day and I love them by the way. Prefer to Stitch Fix which is been using for nearly three years.

Anyhow the dress I liked more than any other item had this zipper issue and it took me hours of agony and trial and error but I didn’t want to send it back.

My 11 year old was helping me I’m sure he thought I was crazy. But after he went back to playing Xbox I kept trying and figured out I needed to zip dress past that waist before putting on.

Although that way I could not get on by stepping into it as I have a very ample derrière. So I slipped on over my head carefully pull down over my full chest and then voila I can fully zip up rest of way with ease.

Today I got up had breakfast with my kids went to Pure Barre enjoyed a great workout with friends. Completed my first Bingo. Then afterwards went to Starbucks got my coffee picked up my son a breakfast sandwich as he was still hungry and my daughter a cake pop.

We had those and then we went swimming and enjoyed one of the last days of summer break together.

My husband came home so after we took Brandon to football we went to have dinner.

After football we went to see “Crazy Rich Asians ” which I highly recommend seeing it’s a great movie.

We got some terribly news one of Savannah’s friends a sweet three year old boy has been diagnosed with Cancer. It’s very scary and breaks my heart.

No child should have to battle Cancer children are so innocent so precious and I am praying for him and his family. I hope that everyone will pray for this sweet boy.

I believe in the power of prayer. I hope everyone had had a good day! I appreciate everyone who reads this and all my posts.

I am snuggling my little girl tonight all night whenever you hear of such things it makes us realize what’s most important and the people in our lives mean everything.

The things in our lives mean very little without others to share them with. Life is much richer with solid relationships, family, friends, children and love.

Nothing can ever replace your heart and my children are my whole heart. I’m very lucky to have two wonderful children. I love my children and my husband dearly.

Goodnight and God Bless


August 21, 2018

Today was a good day nice morning with the kids before heading to Pure Barre. Enjoyed our class today and of course all the great peeps.

Afterwards I got all my errands done dropped off dry cleaning. Got my gas tank filled up and got groceries.

After having lunch me and my kids had some fun pool time. I did laundry all day but is great to get it all done.

Got dishes done too😊 Managed to get a mani pedi and gave my daughter a mani pedi at home.

Took Brandon to football practice. For dinner going it was tasty tonight rosemary chicken and green beans and garlic rice.

Picked up Brandon finished last bit of laundry and cleaning. Got ready for bed and get kids ready for bed. Watched Bachelor in Paradise and Below Deck Med.

Miss my husband but he’s so busy and doing great he’s getting acclimated with being a realtor and still running our motel in June Lake. Looking forward to him coming home later this week.

Found out Brandon’s Scrimmage date changed but still no time. I need to get back on my peloton it’s been awhile.

Looking forward to our trip end of September will be such a nice time. Hope everyone had a great day!πŸ€—πŸ’€

Friday August 17, 2018

So my Friday consisted on typical morning with kids. Savannah had her last day of summer session my son was enthralled in Xbox most of the day.

I went to Pure Barre had another great workout and got to see all the fabulous ladies there.

Starbucks was in the mix as well as taking my son to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch.

My daughter had her 3 year old checkup and got a shot so she got to pick a treat from Target.

She loves Vamparina so she chose a cool Vamparina Scream Girls jam van. Brandon had another night of football practice.

I cleaned house and packed our bags for are weekend trip. I got Savannah’s 3 year old photo shoot pics back via email so downloaded those that took forever but oh so cute.

I was exhausted and got to bed late. πŸ’€ goodnight πŸŒ™

August 16, 2018

Well today my neck was killing me when I woke up and I had some ache cramps. So I decided to take my time hangout with Savannah this morning before dropping her to school.

She was not happy when I left but thankfully I found out when I picked her up she got over it immediately and had a great day 😊

My son Brandon and I went by Starbucks for my morning coffee and then stopped by Pure Barre.

Later on we went to buy some slip on sandals on the bogo deal at famous footwear. I tried to get as much cleaning done as I could.

Got myself shaved and cleaned as well and headed off to get my spray tan. After that I mainly laid around got some reading done and relaxed before picking up my daughter.

Brandon got dressed and ready for football we picked her up stopped by Starbucks they had an afternoon buy one get one free so I tried a new one which was delicious and way less calories than my go to drink. We put his in fridge for after football.

Savannah and I went home I made us dinner and got Savannah ready for winding down for the night.

We picked up Brandon he had his dinner did chores and got cleaned up. Kids decided to watch Jumanji.

I’m tired hoping to get in my Pure Barre workout tomorrow. I’ve been looking at some mediation apps and am going to try one out.

Tomorrow is going to be a busy days and it’s the last day of summer session for Savannah then eighteen days at home before the new school year starts.

I’ve been thinking of lots of activities and fun recipes to keep us busy during those last days together before she’s back in school.

I hope everyone had a fantastic day! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜˜πŸ‘πŸŒ΅πŸ™πŸ’€