August 15, 2018

Well this week has been great so far been keeping busy. Brandon has been back at football practice each night.

Savannah has her last week of summer session. I’ve been at Pure Barre everyday.

My husband headed back up to Work he’s got a deal in escrow and he’s been really busy. I’m proud of him he’s doing a great job.

We got Brandon’s school supplies and uniforms. I got all the typical errands done groceries, dry cleaning and what not.

Been enjoying pooltime story time and play dough fun with Savannah. Haven’t seen my bestie in what seems like forever. So miss her a ton.

Got a great doormat from my cousin absolutely love it. Been loving my hair since my last keratin treatment.

Adore Wantable tried both fitness boxes which is my favorite. Also style box love them both. Heading out of town with my family this weekend.

Savannah has doctor appointment this Friday. We have football until 8pm then will drive out of town.

I’m getting a tan tomorrow after I workout and shower. The following weekend we have a weigh in appointment for our son out of town for his football. Plus two Birthdays on Sunday. Then Brandon starts school on 27th.

Savannah will be home until September 05. So o want to do Disney trip with both kids.

The kids have been good and I am enjoying the last bit of summer with them. I miss my hubby though.

I hope everyone is having a great week ! 🏡😴😘🌵


San Diego Family Trip

This past weekend my family and I headed down to San Diego stayed at the Hilton at Mission Bay.

We enjoyed the pool with the kids the first day then drove to Coronado and walked around and took kids to dinner.

Sunday we rented a boat and took the kids out for the day packed a cooler with drinks and food and enjoyed a day out on the bay.

Then we hung out at the beach and made sand castles. Later that night we went out to dinner in Old Town.

Monday we slept in and had to head back to the desert. But we so enjoyed our family trip 😊😘🚙🧜‍♀️👙😎🚣‍♀️🚤🏖⛱

August 09, 2018

Well today I skipped morning workout we had pest guy coming by to spray inside and outside of house.

I got a coffee from Starbucks before heading home to wait for them to get here. Jeff took our son Brandon to get his school uniforms.

I dropped off our dry cleaning started laundry and dishes and vacuumed. I made bed and then had a healthy lunch.

Laundry took all day and night we had a lot. I went to pick up Savannah from school. Jeff went in the pool with her while I got ready to go to Pure Barre.

It was a great class tonight felt good to get in my workout although the 5:45 is way too late for me. I had my dinner when I got home. Then I took Savannah in the pool to play before I bathed her and dressed her for bed.

I continued laundry and dishes and got her tucked in my bed With her Disney Jr show. I sold another item on Poshmark. Nice for items you no longer wear or fit in to earn you a little money instead of just collecting dust. I will mail that out in morning.

Brandon had another night of football practice he’s doing a great job. Unfortunately he’s still lacking at home he ended up ignoring chores and my texts today and got his phone and Xbox taken away until I see improvements.

I’ve been blow drying my hair every night and it’s been looking very nice. We still need to get all Brandon’s school supplies and get items turned in at football too.

I hope everyone had a great day! I am tired 😴

August 06, 2018

Well today started late since I didn’t fall asleep until 4am after Savannah went to school I went back to sleep until almost 11am.

I got a coffee and went to Costco to get groceries. Then we went to Panera Bread for lunch. We were all bummed that it wasn’t what it used to be. We were underwhelmed.

I finished up laundry before picking up Savannah and decided to take Pure Empower this evening.

Started dinner for everyone before I left and Jeff got everyone fed. I had my dinner after my workout.

I got my little one bathed and ready for bed and cuddled. Then Jeff sat with her so I could take my bath. Then I cuddled with her again until she fell asleep.

I blow dried my hair and then put on all my taped shows. I hope everyone had a great day!

I feel blessed 😘🙏🏡

August 05, 2018

I enjoyed my weekend with my family. So nice to have my husband home. I got my hair done Saturday afternoon but so Happy I got in a Pure Barre workout first. My husband and I got a night out dinner and a movie.

Today we had breakfast and took kids out for coffee and checking out beautiful luxury cars for fun. Hubby and Savannah went swimming while I cleaned house and laundry.

We took kids to chucky cheese for dinner and games. Then I did more laundry got my little on bathed and cleaned up for bed. Read some books with her.

Got her school bag packed up and ready had my son try on all his uniforms from last year nothing fits so we will need everything new.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 😊🏡🧜‍♀️🌵

August 3, 2018

This week has gone by pretty quick. I got my car back yesterday 😊 My son has swimmers ear so he’s missed football practice a few nights this week.

I’m hoping he is 100% better by Monday night. Been working out doing my Pure Barre all week.

Got to see my friend Chelsea last night and watch ” The spy who dumped me”. That was much funnier than I thought it would be.

Today enjoyed girl time with my Savannah and my son is enjoying afternoon with my mom.

My husband is on his way home 🏡😍 I hope everyone has had a great week!