Today has been a long day got the kids off to school finished up cleaning. Got coffee and breakfast before heading on the road.

Felt crummy nearly all day we had a nice lunch when we got to San Diego. But my head was killing me and got worse and worse I started feeling nauseous too.

When we went out to dinner I started to feel much better. We had an excellent dinner at 3rd Corner Wine and Bistro in Ocean Beach.

While surfing channels in the hotel I came across new show with Jerry O’Connell and a few others dishing on all the bravo drama. I liked it will have to look it up again when we get home and start TiVo.

I also watched Desert Flippers which is cool to see since it’s in our area. But I am tired now and we leave for airport at 4:00 am so I need to crash out soon.


Today was a busy day of travel we left our hotel in San Diego and headed to airport at 4:00am.

We boarded our flight by 5:45am and made it to Dallas then got lunch and a connecting flight to Indianapolis.

We picked up our bags and our rental car which was a nice Range Rover. Headed to our hotel rested and got cleaned up for dinner.

Buca Di peppo was the restaurant we had our dinner at. It was very delicious huge family style portions so we shared a chopped anti pasta salad and baked rigatoni and garlic bread. We had cannolis and gelato for dessert.

Afterwards we took a tour in a horse drawn carriage it was a nice evening. The weather has been nice so far hope it stays that way!

Got to talk to our little girl tonight miss her so much. Our son was at football practice.

Goodnight so exhausted 😴


Another great day in Indiana. We slept in which felt great ! Got cleaned up walked around town and grabbed some lunch.

Then we went to Starbucks before heading up to Lucas Oil field Stadium to pick up our tickets. We got some great pictures there and around town.

Then we headed back to the hotel and relaxed got ready for dinner.

We had a nice dinner and then headed to watch The Lion King. It was magnificent all the whole cast did a phenomenal job.

We got to FaceTime with our kids after and now it’s time to get s good nights rest.

Hope everyone had a great day!


Today started out very early. My husband got the kids ready and took them to school. I got my lips plumped as a Birthday gift have only done it one other time about two years ago.

My lips are swollen and it will go down but it does hurt while they are swollen not bad but their tender.

After that I went home did some more laundry got itens to take to dry cleaners and picked up my dry cleaning. I got my car gassed up for my mom since she will be using it while their watching the kids at our house.

I went home checked laundry and then headed out to get a couple pairs of shoes for my husband. I also went by Savannah’s school to drop off her scrap book page.

When my husband got home from. His errands we went to Costco got itens for kids and my parents for when were gone.

We also had lunch together at Don Diego’s restaurant which was delicious as always.

After unloading car and putting everything away I went back to laundry and cleaning. Jeff went to pick up our son Brandon and later on I picked up Savannah from school.

Once the kids had their dinner we had my husband open his cards and presents from us since we will be out of town on his actual Birthday.

We later went to Sullivan’s to have a nice dinner and then cane home and I spent more time doing laundry dishes mopping and cuddling with Savannah before she fell asleep.

I took a bath then added items to my suitcase will need to add toiletries and a few items tomorrow hopefully go get a blow dry after dropping kids to school!

Looking forward to a great trip with my husband and seeing family.

Goodnight 😴😘🌻💤


Today was a nice day😊 I slept in until 8:00am my husband got up with Savannah at 7:30 am. He made breakfast for kids.

Then I got Savannah dressed and took kids to Starbucks Brandon and I got coffees and Savannah got a cake pop.

After that we took the kids out back for some pool-time. My husband Jeff got the kids lunch ready after they were all cleaned up.

I went to run errands get his Birthday gifts from the kiddos and cards. I also stopped by White House Black Market to spend my Birthday gift card.

I chose a good day it was last day of extra 30% off everything in store and lots of items were an additional 30% off. I had also $20 off Birthday Coupon.

So I got a great cozy cardigan, two cozy sweaters, one long sleeve top one sleeveless top and a great dress for gift card amount and an extra $20. I saved nearly $300.

After that I got myself a couple of tacos 🌮 for lunch and a soda and headed home. Savannah had just went down for her nap. I ordered baby pics to put on Savannah’s school scrapbook page I will pick those up and turn in tomorrow.

Then after her nap I got us ready and we headed to our friends house enjoyed pool time dinner time with them and two other families that we are friends with and live in our neighborhood. They were super sweet and surprised me with a Birthday serenade and fresh apple pies they baked abc a candle for me to blow out.

Made me feel special love our amazing friends so sweet to do a day later Birthday celebration for me. The kids had so much fun together.

Jeff took Brandon to see “Predator ” and Savannah and I came home had her bath-time read two books and she fell asleep.

I put a towel load on I will have much more laundry and cleaning to get done tomorrow.

Such a busy day ahead I need to get a good nights sleep. Hope everyone had a terrific weekend !


Well today was my 39th Birthday. But being a mom we had a ordinary busy Saturday.

Dance class for our youngest Savannah followed by our sons football game. Savannah enjoyed her class and did great.

Brandon played awesome and his team won the game it was very hot outside and unfortunately one two kids were taken away in ambulance today one had a possible concussion and passed out and the other suffered heat exhaustion.

After the game we were all hot an worn out so we napped. Later in the evening my husband took me and our kids and my parents to Kobe Steakhouse for my Birthday dinner.

I got numerous texts, cards, emails wishing me a Happy Birthday and that is so kind and greatly appreciated. My husband got me some beautiful flowers and some wonderful gifts from him, our kids and my family.

I feel very blessed. One of the sweetest things was our three year old Savannah singing me Happy Birthday.

My husband Jeff took our kids swimming after dinner and they had a blast. I stayed up and watched “All the Money in The World”.

I didn’t realize until after that it was loosely based on real events and a real family. I booked an appointment for Monday to get my lips plumped.

This will be a Birthday gift I’ve done it once before a year or two ago. So looking forward to it. I am planning to go to Pure Barre tomorrow and hopefully Monday if not too swollen.

I have a lot left to get done before our Birthday trip. I am so excited to see my cousin Erin and enjoy all that Indiana and Chicago has to offer.

We have a BBQ to attend at our dear friends house tomorrow evening our friends whom are hosting are also our neighbors and we have another set of friends coming as well we all go back and forth taking turns hosting each other over for dinners and other fun get togethers.

There has been a lot to pray about lately so we will have plenty of prayers to share with God tomorrow. Also so much to be grateful for that we will thank him for.

Every moment with my family is special and I feel so lucky to have such amazing children and great parents and truly such s loving devoted husband.

He has a huge heart and loves all of his five children with all his heart. I love seeing how our kids light up when they have him home after he’s been away working so hard.

We plan to have an amazing trip adult time is always so good for recharging refreshing and making us better in life. I still wish we planned to take Brandon and Savannah with us.

But I will make sure we bring them back a little something from our trip. They will have a mo. That’s more rested and refueled when I return.

I want to make this trip special as we will be celebrating my husbands Birthday. The last time we went to Chicago we had a wonderful time.

I know I want to take another Pure Reform class my abs and butt still feel it tonight and I took that class Friday morning.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! 😘🏡🌻🎂🏈🙏


Today after Savannah went to school I went to Pure Barre Pure Reform Preview class. It was hard but good I look forward to adding it to my weekly routine.

Afterwards I rushed to meet my Bestie for lunch she drove an hour to see me. We had a fabulous lunch at Eureka she treated me to lunch for my Birthday since I won’t get to see her tomorrow on my actual Birthday.

It is always the best when we spend time together I am so lucky to have such a magnificent best friend.

Afterwards I got my bikini and eyebrow waxes. Went home to change out of my workout wear. Then headed to grab a coffee and get my nails done.

Felt great to get a pedicure and manicure. I was also so excited because our son got home from his school trip and I was missing him like crazy.

Later on we went to pick up Savannah she was excited to see us. She had a great day!

I got dinner ready for the kids and then my husband took me out to dinner and a movie . Always a nice evening when spent with my hubby🌻😘

I hope everyone had a great week!


Wednesday morning we all were up early. Unfortunately realized Brandon didn’t get items in car for trip night before like he said and also didn’t get a few chores done.

So not the way to start a morning out. But we took him to school Had him kiss and hug Savannah and I as he was leaving on his science camp trip after mass.

Savannah was sad knowing she wouldn’t see her big brother after school. But I told her it would be a girls night super fun!

My friend messaged us before I dropped kids that she had to reschedule our breakfast. Since I woke up with a sore throat I was tempted to skip my Pure Barre.

But I didn’t I got Savannah dropped off at school without any tears. Went home had some honey for my throat and two warmed up tortillas.

I cleaned dishes and kitchen and headed to Pure Barre. Glad I went it was a great class. Also got to visit with Sheri and Barbara before class.

Sheri sat with us and showed us all her amazing pictures from Ireland & Scotland trip.

Got my coffee after class and took it easy at home couldn’t sleep because one of our neighbors is doing major construction so it’s very loud. Drink fluids and had soup for lunch.

Picked up my Savannah and her request was ice cream so I actually got us Outback Curbside to go she had chicken fingers fries and soda and I had chicken in the Barbie fries and soda we ordered the Chocolate Thunder from down under for dessert. She had the oversized scoop of ice cream whip cream and chocolate sauce and I had the brownie with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

We watched Savannah’s DisneyJr shows. Gave her a bubble bath let her play with her mermaids in the bath.

Read three books and sang songs it was a fun girls night. I need to order her school pictures in morning.

I’m hoping my throat is better by morning. I’m excited I get my hair done.My Birthday is Saturday we get my husband home tomorrow and Brandon home Saturday. Then we leave early Tuesday morning for our trip to Indiana & Chicago.

I am gonna miss the kids like crazy the original plan for the trip was as a adult trip but I really wish we planned it with our two youngest kids. Brandon has been to Chicago but never to Indiana.

He did that trip with me when he was three going on four so considering he’s turning 12 next month it’s been awhile. Savannah would have really enjoyed it too.

We will enjoy adult time see family and explore the areas. Lots of trips to come I. The future so the kids can look forward to our summer Hawaii trip.

Plan a great spring break trip maybe a Disney Cruise or Beaches vacation trip. Plus my 40th Birthday next Fall we will plan something special.

My family back east would love to see me and meet Jeff and our kids I have family in practically every state and over 30 first cousins. My dad grew up with 11 kids in his family and most of them have had 3 or more children and most of my cousins have had multiple kiddos.

So I’ve has my real estate license 21 years now so it’s about time I get my brokers license. Also now that my husband is licensed it makes since since he has to wait another year to get his brokers license and we already have one real estate office we own in June Lake along with rentals and motel etc.

We will be able to open office here in Desert as well . My parents are now set on retiring and closed there office and are working out of home office until they fully retire my mom has been doing real estate my whole life my dad switched careers and joined her in 1989. They’ve been very successful and have loved their work.

I’ve enjoyed just starting to get back into my writing and I haven’t been at it long at all but will keep at it. I also hope I get my schedule to where u can read a lot too. Not just the precious books I read with my three year old but some great adult reading I so enjoy a good book.

My goal with Brandon this year is to stay back and let him handle school organization, homework and not police his grades when it comes to checking gradelink it will be a couple times a week and I won’t remind him about stuff.

He needs to learn to be organized and set goals good study habits. I won’t contact any teachers if he’s forgotten work turns in late or wants a retest. He will have to take initiative.

With Savannah leaving earlier at drop off. Weaning her out of my bed and start falling asleep in her bed each night. Getting her out of pull ups which is now only at bedtime. Eventually getting rid of her high chair.

Brandon has a full schedule with football practice two hours a day three nights a week and 3-4 hours of practice and games every Saturday. He is very popular so social life and then 7th grade with lots of homework at a private school where he’s learning on a high school level.

My weight has been steady between 134-136 but that’s heavy for me when we got engaged the heaviest I had weighed at my heaviest was 118. Now I don’t expect to get under 120 mainly because I have nearly 46% muscle mass now so it’s not about the number.

I do have some stubborn belly fat to lose and with Pure Barre, Peloton and healthy meals I will get there.

I’m thinking I can get my body fat which is at 28% down to 25% and that should be a nice healthy weight for me between 120-128.

I still have a fit in 42 pass to use. So that will help too. My husband is going to sign up for more swim events so it will be great to watch him train and get ready again he’s at his happiest when he’s swimming and biking everyday.

He’s a great swimmer and was a awesome coach for many years he had his oldest girls swimming at a very young age competitively and he got Brandon swimming great too and Savannah is a little fish or as she likes to say mermaid.

Jeff and I both grew up swimming and he started coaching from a young age.

The English Chanel is one of the Triple crown swims my husband wants to complete. I think it time for him to train hard again and work on completing his goal.

I can’t believe how time flies and the kids grow into adults my oldest nephew turns 25 , then we have 21, 19,17, and my nieces will be 16.

My husbands oldest girls are seriously grown now one married with a baby on the way his other about to get married and another in college. He’s so proud of his girls they are all beautiful intelligent women and being successful as well.

No matter how much time or distance is parents always have such a strong love and bond and we just have to let our children grow up knowing they might stumble but they will get back up again.

I love all the kids so much all my nephews and nieces I’m so proud of them. Love all of our kids as well even though we may not get to see the oldest ones our love in strong and unwavering.

I’m so happy that Brandon abs Savannah are so close their hearts are wide open and vast and they love so freely.

Halloween 🎃 is getting closer and I can’t wait to pick out costumes as a family do a Disney trip go to the pumpkin patch and have a lot of fun fall memories in general.

I hope everyone is having a great week! 😘🏡🌻💤


Today we got up and since Savannah was still sleepy she went to drop off Brandon to school in her jammies.

Then I made her some breakfast before getting her dressed for school. I planned to skip Pure Barre because it was picture day at her school.

I hung out with her for playtime with friends and then class time once pictures started the kids were Wild it was like bearding cats.

It was running long I ended up there until almost 10:30 am. She was upset when I left which is frustrating considering my day was getting off to a late start and I skipped my workout.

But she’s three so I just went about my day got my coffee and my gas tank filled up picked up de cleaning.

Baked Banana bread and made a healthy salad for lunch. I made my hair appointment for Brandon an appointment for flu shot.

I had to pick him up a little earlier for that so once I did we headed to Dr. Coits for his flu shot and a record of it for his Voulenteering. Got Savannah’s Physicians report to take to her school.

Went to pot office and came home and checked on the dinner I put on in the crock pot earlier.

I was bummed to see Brandon has two bad grades ugh the stress of parenting.

I went to pick up Savannah she had a great day I’m loving the online status reports we get during the day.

I’m going try to get Savannah to fall asleep in her own bed again she’s spent all summer falling asleep in my bed.

So that’s a habit I need to break. I took a relaxing bath which was much needed.

I didn’t have time to get my nail repaired today so I guess I will wait and just get it fixed when I get nails done before our trip.

Brandon goes away to Science camp tomorrow and I’d like to hear that he enjoyed himself and had a good experience.

He’s missing football practice this week so I hope he’s ok for Saturday’s game especially since it’s on my Birthday.

One of my dear old friends sent me a card and goodies today for my Birthday. Enjoying cuddle time with Savannah watching Disney Junior.

I got my little one tucked into bed and now I’m gonna try to fall asleep I’m exhausted 😴