This Sunday was one of those nice days where we didn’t do much but enjoy each other goof off together at home.

We only left to get some Starbucks treats this morning. The rest of the day we played in pool and read books, made pizza 🍕 for lunch. Played blocks and watched “How to Train Your Dragon ” and “Peter Pan”.

I made the kids and I some delicious pasta with sautéed spinach and garlic and ground beef with some fresh Parmesan cheese. I baked us some chocolate cookies for dessert and to snack on this week.

This week is a busy one we have Savannah’s picture day Brandon needs to get his flu shot.He has football practice and then he goes on his overnight science camp with his school.

My friend is back in town from her trip to Ireland so I look forward catching up with her. I need to get my hair done my waxing done and everything packed for our trip.

My Birthday is on the weekend and we have Dance Class and Football game so working on making a plan so my husband and I get a night out as well as have a family Birthday celebration.

I need to get everything set for dates of Voulenteering for Brandon. I also need to make sure everything is set up for my parents to watch the kids so they know where football practice is and times and dates as well as dance class and his game day and Brandon has a Birthday overnight to go to after football game and their taking the kids out of town to Knott’s Berry Farm so he needs to be there on time.

I need to get my husbands birthday gifts set too before our trip. I am ready to get back at it with my Pure Barre. This week there will be the Pure Reform preview class.

I’ve been working on more scrapbooks and photo albums again so that will be on my to do list this week too.

I’ve planned out my dinner menu for the week and have made hard boiled eggs. Pre- cut Fruits and veggies for easy snacking for me and kids. Made extra pasta to keep in fridge for easy snack and lunch as well.

Still working on finishing up Savannah’s room and been figuring out Brandon’s room once he has a big bed. He’s so much taller than me now they grow up so fast.

Savannah was so cute face timing her Dad tonight lots of kisses and love you said over and over. Watching my husband as a father is so awesome.

It makes me love him even more to see what a phenomenal dad he is he loves all his kids so much. So our itinerary is set and now it’s just the little details.

Our last trip there was in 2014 in October we did Chicago and Wisconsin we got to see my cousin and go to one of my best girlfriends weddings. It rained a lot but we had a great trip.

It’s looking like it will be raining this trip too. So I will be wardrobe prepared. Exploring Indiana and seeing new and old favorites in Chicago.

Will miss my kiddos while we’re on this trip wish we had planned this trip as a trip for the four of us.

We’ve been missing my husband he’s still in June Lake working hard he will be back the day before my Birthday.

I need to deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen before my parents stay over to watch the kids. It’s nice to have them do it here so kids have everything they need and stay in their routine.

I have enjoyed seeing how kids embrace church and love the scripture and the hymns. Savannah’s school prays every morning before school begins.

They go to chapel every Monday and the kids love it. At Brandon’s school they have religion as a subject and they go to mass every Wednesday morning.

My children and I pray each night before bed pray over those we love those who are sick or injured. Anyone that we can see needs a prayer.

I love that my kids are truly their own unique individual. They would never be the sheep that follows or has someone tell them how they think or feel.

They are strong willed and who they are through and through. I love that they know who they are and what they want and who they love at 3 and 11.

They have their own fashion sense, tastes in food, movies, music and although I don’t share in all their favorites I love that they enjoy them and I encourage them to be themselves always.

My son is into cooking and has been cooking on his own for nearly 3 years and is getting quite good. I’m so proud of him. Savannah is quite the little swimmer at 3 years old and loves dance.

We’ve been saying extra prayers for Savannah’s sweet friend Truman he’s battling Cancer. This month is Cancer awareness month and we’re going Gold for Truman.

Life is so precious and sometimes too short. We need to treat everyday as a gift and every moment with those we love as if it was our last. Never good to harbor anger my children know we don’t go to bed angry we resolve it.

We always forgive because to error is human and to forgive is divine as the saying goes. We never lock the door of our hearts it always open for the ones we love after all family is forever and even when loved once pass away we carry them in our hearts just like when someone is gone you may not see them but the love in your heart you will carry always.

I want to make time to visit a dear friend of mine this week that is recouping from a major surgery at home.

I remembered today this wonderful message of when you harbor anger resentment and can’t let go and just live your allowing that situation and that person to have all the power over your emotions your life and if you stop placing blame stop the negativity it’s so freeing.

You see people that no matter what they have in their life they just cannot be happy and positive. That usually stems from being insecure.

Insecurities and fear is usually the reason someone feels the need to control everyone around them and every situation. Those that are secure have a much easier time letting go, forgiving and spreading love and positivity.

I try to be transparent and live by what you see is what you get. I’m flawed and as most everyone a work in progress. I stumble and fall but I always get back up again.

I am very protective over those I love. Really the only thing that really is a pet peeve of mine is not being truthful. You see this a lot unfortunately in many situations.

This is one I tell my kids is never okay. I am happy that family and friends all come to me first when they need someone to listen to help guide them through a situation and to just show them that I care.

I have just started to write again I used to write everyday and I’m getting back to my roots.

My goal list or bucket list is a big one as I have lots of them but at the very top is to get my work published. So now that both children are in school I can start to devote time to work in that again.

My oldest nephew has always had to deal with a lot because his step mom and his Father can’t handle even hearing his moms name. Now what’s crazier is my brother always kept in touch with her but it would be in secret because of how crazy it would make his current wife. My nephew was not treated the same as his brother and sister that didn’t go back and forth.

My brother and sister in law tried to ice my parents out and me just because we still kept a relationship with my nephews mother.

The worst is seeing my brother talking so cruel to my mom bringing her to tears in her office wheee they automatically sent all their title to him even when he treated them like crap. Then another realtor would come in and he’d plant on a smile act Oscar winning fake nice and be on his way. The sad thing is for years my parents let him get away with this bad treatment.

My ex sister in law who I consider to be one of the best people ever always made sure we had access to my nephew and to my other nephew and niece from her second marriage.

I love them all and I thank God every day that I’ve been so blessed to have her and her three amazing kids in my life in Brandon and Savannah’s lives.

It’s easier to just be nice and accepting and loving or at least visual to everyone so kids can enjoy their lives minus the drama.

I know my nephew is not a fan of wanting to get married because of all the toxicity he witnessed. I’m glad he has close relationships to his siblings.

The other truth lesson I’ve taught my son and will teach Savannah when she’s older is the domino effect. That if you think one lie is harmless it gets bigger and bigger until it has a life of its own and some people spend their whole lives with lies upon lies just to keep up the original lie.

That’s why usually when there is a scandal or when the jig is up and the truth is out there people run sometimes figuratively sometimes both people will change location change jobs change everything to give themselves a clean slate.

But what’s sad is you cannot run from yourself so even if you’ve managed to fool everyone you have to look in the mirror everyday and one day if you believe in God you will not be able to hide. I always tell my kids Live and Let God.

Trust in him it’s not our job to see that people are held accountable for what they have done to wrong us. We need to just let go forgive them and trust in God.

I hope everyone had a terrific Sunday I hope your all in good health and have happiness in your life. If your struggling right now just know you will make it through whatever the situation is.

I have always loved the saying whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I am strong and thanks to all the hard times the hurts the scars the heartaches I am the woman I am today I am proud of everything that made me know who I am and trust myself and know that I will always make it through to keep pushing or as Dory says “just keep swimming “.

Goodnight and God Bless

Published by 40fitmom

My Name is Jennifer .I was born and raised in California.I am the proud mother of two incredible children Brandon and Savannah.I enjoy trying new things,Outdoor adventures,new recipes, and travel, just to name a few.I hope to encourage others to try new things! I strive to learn as much as possible. I am on a journey to be my best self. Working out more drinking half my body weight in water. Meditating and journaling to find inner peace. I am working on my self esteem and have lots of goals I’m working towards. I cherish my family and friends and never take a single moment for granted.

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