Today was a nice day 😊 I took my kids to school stayed at Savannah’s school until class started. She did better today since it was our snack day she was line leader and distracted so I was able to leave without tears. Definitely was a day of back pain and cramps so I skippedContinue reading “9-14-18”


Well the past two days have been full and exhausting. Monday had its highs and lows I enjoyed a good evening workout I enjoyed time with my kids. Today I was much more productive but was running around nonstop between drop offs pick ups sports, birthday party and all errands like dry cleaning getting carContinue reading “9-11-18”

September 09, 2018

Today was a day of relaxing and recharging. Our Saturday was exhausting so we needed it. We all slept in. We went out for coffee and breakfast we got breakfast for a nice homeless man we see from time to time. We cleaned house and played in the pool. While Savannah napped and Brandon playedContinue reading “September 09, 2018”

September 08, 2018

What a busy Saturday. We started off our day with getting kids some breakfast and watching some Disney Jr. I got my coffee made sure my son had everything ready for his football game. Took my daughter to her Dance class. My best friend and her daughter Haylee came to watch. Then they headed toContinue reading “September 08, 2018”

September 06, 2018

I was running on zero sleep today. I skipped Pure Barre I was a zombie after dropping kids off. I met my bestie for coffee and had a breakfast sandwich. I was hoping after that I’d at least have energy to get nails done since I’m overdue for that. But I wanted to go homeContinue reading “September 06, 2018”

Labor Day weekend

Savannah got her big girl bed set up and absolutely loves it. We had a nice day with kids Savannah had dance class she hadn’t been all summer and was excited to be back. We went to have dinner at the Edge steakhouse at The Ritz Carlton out here it was a delicious meal. SundayContinue reading “Labor Day weekend”