So today Savannah slept in so after Brandon and I were ready. I got her up and on the potty and then we took Brandon to school.

We headed back home I got her breakfast ready and then for her bag packed for school day. After Breakfast we headed to her school and I stayed hung out with her until around 9:10am.

Got to see kids do morning prayer and songs and in classroom the whole start of morning routine. It was really sweet.

It was nice to see my friend Alena as well and catch up for a little bit.

I headed to Pure Barre for my Pure Empower class. Got to see and catch up with a bunch of the gals I hadn’t seen in a while. Delphine I will get to see again on Sunday at Tara’s for BBQ we’re all neighbors and we take turn hosting each other for dinner gatherings.

Sheri was back from her big Scotland and Ireland vacation and we got to chat but we need a coffee or lunch so we can chat more and I can see her amazing pictures.

So Pure Empower didn’t disappoint. Jenay was teaching today and it was a killer workout. I look forward to her class on Wednesday and Barbara, Jenay and I catching up over coffee afterwards.

So after my class today I headed to Starbucks was just gonna grab my usual and head home. But I was chatting with Mimi about how I need to try to Carduzia I think that’s what it’s called sometime. I had already ordered my usual a Vanilla Bean coconut milk iced latte. I asked if she’d tried the new one. She was like no I haven’t so another employee said they would make us samples.

It was excellent but I will wait until we’re out of the triple digit weather before I order hot drinks.

So anyhow because I said I’d wait and try sample u took a seat to enjoy my coffee. This nice gal complimented me on my shirt we started to chat and we got along great.

She’s new to the area she’s only been out here less than a year she moved from Canada and hasn’t found many young people to hangout with.

Her and her husband own their own business as well. We exchanged numbers always so great meeting nice people. I’m such a people person I seem to make friends wherever I go.

I had to start packing my. So and decide what to keep and what to shed back from my latest Stitch Fix Box. I actually liked it all but the shoes were too big and even though beautiful I don’t like stilletos.

I kept a very cozy sweatshirt felt like silk. Also a great cashmere shirt for both ur coat scott what I spend on All five items but I usually get the budget friendly cheaper the better or )50-100 at highest range they were both $88 each there was a very nice Tory Burch Dress but was nearly $300 and I just didn’t need it. I’m happy with what I kept Happy Early Birthday to me.

I had a nice light lunch and then put outfits together and began packing my suitcase.

It was time to pick up Brandon so I got him from school he had a great day and spent lunch time studying for the math test for tomorrow.

So proud of that choice he made he’s showing lots of maturity. My mom came by I took her with me to pick up Savannah so she could get her fingerprint in system to sign Savannah in and out for the day while she’s watching the kids.

We showed her around and introduced her to sons of the staff.Then we came home and she was able to visit with the kids and I for a little while before she got back to work.

I decided to not do a second Pure Barre class the kids wanted to go swimming which I’m glad we did it was fun and nice and pretty soon when temps get cooler we won’t be able to enjoy the pool.

I had fed Savannah when I started cooking dinner for Brandon and I. I had fried our tortillas made the sauce and chopped up and mixed onions and diced jalapeños and diced olives. Started putting my cheese enchiladas together and the last but if cheese I noticed was bad so I ended up turning off the oven tossing it all out didn’t want to chance it even though rest of cheese looked ok.

So now I had a sink full of dishes and no dinner for Brandon and I. I told the kids let’s get shower and bath done and us take Us to In N Out since Brandon didn’t have football tonight and dinner was not working out as planned

The kids were excited Savannah knew I’d let her get French fries 🍟 which she loves and I hadn’t been there in a long time so it was a nice treat for us

Once we got done with dinner. Brandon got chores and studying done Savannah and I read a book and watched Disney Jr. I almost forgot this was so precious. On the way to dinner Brandon heard Savannah praying thanking God for us and the food we were about to eat. He loved hearing her sweet prayer.

She loves to pray and she makes me so proud. Tomorrow is her picture day at school. I still have so much to get done and I broke a nail lol so I guess getting that repaired needs to happen as well. I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday ! Goodnight 💤😘



This Sunday was one of those nice days where we didn’t do much but enjoy each other goof off together at home.

We only left to get some Starbucks treats this morning. The rest of the day we played in pool and read books, made pizza 🍕 for lunch. Played blocks and watched “How to Train Your Dragon ” and “Peter Pan”.

I made the kids and I some delicious pasta with sautéed spinach and garlic and ground beef with some fresh Parmesan cheese. I baked us some chocolate cookies for dessert and to snack on this week.

This week is a busy one we have Savannah’s picture day Brandon needs to get his flu shot.He has football practice and then he goes on his overnight science camp with his school.

My friend is back in town from her trip to Ireland so I look forward catching up with her. I need to get my hair done my waxing done and everything packed for our trip.

My Birthday is on the weekend and we have Dance Class and Football game so working on making a plan so my husband and I get a night out as well as have a family Birthday celebration.

I need to get everything set for dates of Voulenteering for Brandon. I also need to make sure everything is set up for my parents to watch the kids so they know where football practice is and times and dates as well as dance class and his game day and Brandon has a Birthday overnight to go to after football game and their taking the kids out of town to Knott’s Berry Farm so he needs to be there on time.

I need to get my husbands birthday gifts set too before our trip. I am ready to get back at it with my Pure Barre. This week there will be the Pure Reform preview class.

I’ve been working on more scrapbooks and photo albums again so that will be on my to do list this week too.

I’ve planned out my dinner menu for the week and have made hard boiled eggs. Pre- cut Fruits and veggies for easy snacking for me and kids. Made extra pasta to keep in fridge for easy snack and lunch as well.

Still working on finishing up Savannah’s room and been figuring out Brandon’s room once he has a big bed. He’s so much taller than me now they grow up so fast.

Savannah was so cute face timing her Dad tonight lots of kisses and love you said over and over. Watching my husband as a father is so awesome.

It makes me love him even more to see what a phenomenal dad he is he loves all his kids so much. So our itinerary is set and now it’s just the little details.

Our last trip there was in 2014 in October we did Chicago and Wisconsin we got to see my cousin and go to one of my best girlfriends weddings. It rained a lot but we had a great trip.

It’s looking like it will be raining this trip too. So I will be wardrobe prepared. Exploring Indiana and seeing new and old favorites in Chicago.

Will miss my kiddos while we’re on this trip wish we had planned this trip as a trip for the four of us.

We’ve been missing my husband he’s still in June Lake working hard he will be back the day before my Birthday.

I need to deep clean the bathrooms and kitchen before my parents stay over to watch the kids. It’s nice to have them do it here so kids have everything they need and stay in their routine.

I have enjoyed seeing how kids embrace church and love the scripture and the hymns. Savannah’s school prays every morning before school begins.

They go to chapel every Monday and the kids love it. At Brandon’s school they have religion as a subject and they go to mass every Wednesday morning.

My children and I pray each night before bed pray over those we love those who are sick or injured. Anyone that we can see needs a prayer.

I love that my kids are truly their own unique individual. They would never be the sheep that follows or has someone tell them how they think or feel.

They are strong willed and who they are through and through. I love that they know who they are and what they want and who they love at 3 and 11.

They have their own fashion sense, tastes in food, movies, music and although I don’t share in all their favorites I love that they enjoy them and I encourage them to be themselves always.

My son is into cooking and has been cooking on his own for nearly 3 years and is getting quite good. I’m so proud of him. Savannah is quite the little swimmer at 3 years old and loves dance.

We’ve been saying extra prayers for Savannah’s sweet friend Truman he’s battling Cancer. This month is Cancer awareness month and we’re going Gold for Truman.

Life is so precious and sometimes too short. We need to treat everyday as a gift and every moment with those we love as if it was our last. Never good to harbor anger my children know we don’t go to bed angry we resolve it.

We always forgive because to error is human and to forgive is divine as the saying goes. We never lock the door of our hearts it always open for the ones we love after all family is forever and even when loved once pass away we carry them in our hearts just like when someone is gone you may not see them but the love in your heart you will carry always.

I want to make time to visit a dear friend of mine this week that is recouping from a major surgery at home.

I remembered today this wonderful message of when you harbor anger resentment and can’t let go and just live your allowing that situation and that person to have all the power over your emotions your life and if you stop placing blame stop the negativity it’s so freeing.

You see people that no matter what they have in their life they just cannot be happy and positive. That usually stems from being insecure.

Insecurities and fear is usually the reason someone feels the need to control everyone around them and every situation. Those that are secure have a much easier time letting go, forgiving and spreading love and positivity.

I try to be transparent and live by what you see is what you get. I’m flawed and as most everyone a work in progress. I stumble and fall but I always get back up again.

I am very protective over those I love. Really the only thing that really is a pet peeve of mine is not being truthful. You see this a lot unfortunately in many situations.

This is one I tell my kids is never okay. I am happy that family and friends all come to me first when they need someone to listen to help guide them through a situation and to just show them that I care.

I have just started to write again I used to write everyday and I’m getting back to my roots.

My goal list or bucket list is a big one as I have lots of them but at the very top is to get my work published. So now that both children are in school I can start to devote time to work in that again.

My oldest nephew has always had to deal with a lot because his step mom and his Father can’t handle even hearing his moms name. Now what’s crazier is my brother always kept in touch with her but it would be in secret because of how crazy it would make his current wife. My nephew was not treated the same as his brother and sister that didn’t go back and forth.

My brother and sister in law tried to ice my parents out and me just because we still kept a relationship with my nephews mother.

The worst is seeing my brother talking so cruel to my mom bringing her to tears in her office wheee they automatically sent all their title to him even when he treated them like crap. Then another realtor would come in and he’d plant on a smile act Oscar winning fake nice and be on his way. The sad thing is for years my parents let him get away with this bad treatment.

My ex sister in law who I consider to be one of the best people ever always made sure we had access to my nephew and to my other nephew and niece from her second marriage.

I love them all and I thank God every day that I’ve been so blessed to have her and her three amazing kids in my life in Brandon and Savannah’s lives.

It’s easier to just be nice and accepting and loving or at least visual to everyone so kids can enjoy their lives minus the drama.

I know my nephew is not a fan of wanting to get married because of all the toxicity he witnessed. I’m glad he has close relationships to his siblings.

The other truth lesson I’ve taught my son and will teach Savannah when she’s older is the domino effect. That if you think one lie is harmless it gets bigger and bigger until it has a life of its own and some people spend their whole lives with lies upon lies just to keep up the original lie.

That’s why usually when there is a scandal or when the jig is up and the truth is out there people run sometimes figuratively sometimes both people will change location change jobs change everything to give themselves a clean slate.

But what’s sad is you cannot run from yourself so even if you’ve managed to fool everyone you have to look in the mirror everyday and one day if you believe in God you will not be able to hide. I always tell my kids Live and Let God.

Trust in him it’s not our job to see that people are held accountable for what they have done to wrong us. We need to just let go forgive them and trust in God.

I hope everyone had a terrific Sunday I hope your all in good health and have happiness in your life. If your struggling right now just know you will make it through whatever the situation is.

I have always loved the saying whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I am strong and thanks to all the hard times the hurts the scars the heartaches I am the woman I am today I am proud of everything that made me know who I am and trust myself and know that I will always make it through to keep pushing or as Dory says “just keep swimming “.

Goodnight and God Bless


The kids slept in this morning I wish o did but woke up at 7:00am.

My son is so cute he made sunny side up eggs and sausage for him and Savannah I wasn’t that hungry so had cereal.

I got my coffee and got Savannah a brownie since they didn’t have the cake pop she wanted.

We got cooler and fans and towels all set for game. Savannah and I dropped Brandon off for practice came home she and I had lunch then headed jack for the game.

It was a good game and thankfully no injuries for anyone today. Also Brandon not only had me and Savannah cheering him on but my mom cane out for the game and so did my best friend and her kids Blake & Hayley.

Afterwards we took kids to Starbucks then went to my house got I. Swimsuits put out chips and salsa and enjoyed our drinks and snacks by the pool.

Always the best spending time with my best friend and our kids are best friends do it was a fantastic afternoon.

I tried on my stitch fix items that came Friday it’s really the best style picks I just can’t afford to keep everything unfortunately but loved it all and will hopefully keep two items.

Don’t know if it’s my Birthday or just an itch but I want to change my hair want to change my glasses want to mix it up.

Brandon helped me clean up the house tonight after everyone left and we had dinner and got cleaned up for bed Savannah and I read Disney princess stories and watched puppy dog pals before she fell asleep.

I miss my husband a lot I’m hoping in the next few months he will mostly be here and not in June Lake as much. This week has really shown me how many people I am lucky to have and that we can count on.

Also those who we can’t count on or are only around when they need something or get something from you. I am happy with my findings and blessed in life to have such incredible people to love.

My Birthday is next Saturday and am not sure what the plan is for this week and next weekend.

I hope your having a wonderful weekend😘🏈🍿☕️💤


Today was a nice day 😊 I took my kids to school stayed at Savannah’s school until class started. She did better today since it was our snack day she was line leader and distracted so I was able to leave without tears.

Definitely was a day of back pain and cramps so I skipped my workout had a coffee and did some light cleaning.

I decided to treat myself and watch an early matinee while kids were at school. I saw “A Simple Favor” It was a good movie.

Today definitely made me feel loved by my sister. Nice to know how much she cares.

My son Brandon has been working hard at school and in football but he got an F on his recent math test so unfortunately he’s not able to have a friend spend the night this weekend or have Xbox or phone.

But he has a retake test next week so I’m confident he will turn this around. His second game of the season is tomorrow. I used to take him as a baby and toddler to all his cousins games so it would be nice to see them at his now that he’s doing all his sports.

Savannah is his cheer section along with me and last week we were thrilled to have my best friend and her daughter cheering along side us.

I love that both my kids have such big hearts and love freely and love everyone. I am a inclusive loving person and have and will always teach them to have open loving hearts and not withhold love from anyone just because it’s not what someone’s happy with.

I think everyone should be able to get along especially when children are involved and allow them to give and receive love from all whom love them.

It’s sad how people feel the need to control others emotions and actions. It for one shows a lot of insecurity on their part. It’s also very selfish and cruel to the children the grandparents the uncles aunts cousins etc other parent in some cases for them to be taught hate and to be cold and cast people aside.

It’s certainly not something that God would want or be proud of. I know not everyone believes but to be someone that claims to follow the word of God and then do these things it’s just not right.

Brandon and I enjoyed some time he told me all about his day and what he’s looking forward to. We went to pick up Savannah and we all were hungry and made a big dinner Shrimp and Chicken salad and Mac n cheese.

We even had brownies and ice cream for dessert. Watched “Peter Pan” and now we’ve got to decide a second movie to watch.

We decided on “Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs 🦕 🦖. Looking forward to watching my sons football game tomorrow. Savannah doesn’t have dance class tomorrow so we will all start are day well rested and have a big breakfast.

I’m also looking forward to going to other Pure Barre studios while on our trip. Seeing my cousin will be great last time we went to Chicago was about a month or two before I found out I was pregnant with Savannah. Thankfully I’ve seen Erin since she came out and got to meet Savannah.

I wish we were bringing the kids with us. But we will for sure on our next trip. We’ve been talking about doing a Disney Cruise with our kids and that will be so great !

I still want my children to meet all my family back east so that’s on our list too. Spring Break we will figure out s great family vacation.

I’ve had a bunch of friends take their families to Turks & Caicos so that’s for sure somewhere I’d love to venture with our family.

My son said his top five spots he wants to go is Magic Mountain which is an easy one, Walt Disney World in Florida which would be a first for me too, Italy, France and Brazil.

My top five would be go back to Italy, go to Ireland, go to Bali, go to Australia and Tahiti.

I turn 40 next year so I’d love to plan a big trip as a family or just my husband and I.

Savannah when I ask named off Disney rides and Disney Cruise abc Disney Dance Party and Ocean so she’s easy to please Disney Disney and more Disney.

I have been enjoying my coffee & Mint body scrub its so refreshing and energizing and it leave my skin silky soft.

Savannah has pretty pink mani pedi I painted her nails for her. Brandon has been so good with hydrating and eating lots of hydrating foods lots of protein and taking vitamin each day. He can catch up on sleep this weekend.

Brandon and I have been throwing ideas around for his Birthday trip with friends he did Disneyland last year and the kids have done Get Air and Go carting and Dave & Busters and Knotts Berry Farm. So to do something new would be Magic Mountain or Universal Studios.

I’ve missed my friends that have been on vacation or out recovering from surgery at the barre. I know I won’t be at 250 until I get back from our trip. My last class I was at 239 and I’ve missed like four classes or maybe even five since then. Most likely I won’t be at the barre this weekend and even if I go all week next week that will only put me at 244.

I didn’t make it to price out duvet insert and pillows so I could put Savannah’s princess bedding on for her. Maybe tomorrow evening or Sunday.

I need to order some more essential oils soon running out of my favorites. This movie is such s cute one been forever since we watched it.

Getting bored with my hair makes me want to change up color or cut it for fall I just don’t know what I want to do. I feel so lucky and blessed to be cuddling with my two amazing kids and our precious dog 🐶 Charly watching movies this Friday night.

I’m looking forward to our trip and hope my husband has the best Birthday ever. Our kids are so very lucky to have such an incredible father. He loves all his children so much. His oldest kids are grown now the very oldest married with a little one on the way his second oldest is engaged to be married and his third is in college.

We’re so proud of them 😊 I pray one day we will get to enjoy in all these moments with them. I always say love and let God.

We always keep our hearts open and all lines of communication my husband has been doing his part for nearly a decade.

I still have complete faith that he will be reunited with all three of his lovely daughters. I know our kids would love to have a relationship with all three of their big sisters.

I’d love to as well it would be so great to have nice big family trip and or holiday gatherings.

I know how important it is to have both your parents their to support you through big moments. Graduations , jobs, promotions, engagements, weddings, having babies and every other major life event.

I pray that my parents will live to not only see our kids graduations from High School and college but be at their weddings and meet their babies.

Family is such s special thing and should be cherished. I cherish my family. I still wish my daughter got to meet my Nana but she passed right before She was born.

I pray for all our family everyday and our friends as well. I Pray for Savannah’s sweet friend Truman to get through his battle with Cancer and win.

We pray for all those who need our prayers. We thank God for all our blessings. I’ve taught my kids to pray and to love and to be kind.

sibling love is so precious I’ve watched my son and daughter together and they love each other so truly and deeply. My nephews have all been such sweet big brothers. My oldest nephew has two younger brothers and two younger sisters and he adores them and has been the best big brother ever.

I’ve also seen his brothers be so sweet to their younger sisters and I love it. Hopefully they will all stay bonded and close for all their life.

I am sleepy 😴 hope everyone had a fantastic day and I hope each and everyone of you enjoys your weekend!


Today was a pretty good day😊 I felt rested when I woke up got Brandon off to school.

Then fed Savannah and got her ready for school. Stayed there until classroom time started. Had a great morning with her. But she cried hard when I had to go it broke my heart.

Thankfully another mom that left ten minutes after me texted to let me inquire Savannah was happy again and got over the tears quick.

I was able to still make coffee with my best friend. I cancelled my Pure Barre class so I could spend more time at Savannah’s school with her.

Coffee with Sara was great it’s always nice to catch up with her especially since she lives an hour away now. So we take any time we can to talk catch up and hang out

I signed Savannah up for soccer and Dance for October she should have slot of fun.

I got my house looking sparkly clean and cleaned my sons bedding. I even took a relaxing soak after lunch before picking Brandon up.

I really want to get Savannah her duvet insert and pillows tomorrow or this weekend so I can put her princess bedding on her bed.

Nine days until my 39th Birthday and I am thinking of changing my hair up for fall. So after I picked up Brandon we came home he started homework and chores.

I checked mail and read a book for awhile before it was time to pick Savannah up. She had a great day at school. I let her play awhile and then gave her a snack and an drink while I prepped dinner for oven.

Then we took Brandon to football practice. When we got home I got her a tinker bell movie to watch while I finished making our dinner.

We had dinner and I had time to get dishes done and get her bathed and dressed for bed before we went to pick Brandon up from football practice.

He had a good practice he was in need of a good shower so he did that first then heated up his dinner and studied and did chores.

Savannah and I read books in my bed until she fell asleep. I’m so happy to know I can attempt to fall asleep by ten o’clock tonight woohoo 🙌 hope everyone had a fantastic day! Goodnight 😴


Today my little one was not happy when I had to go even though I stayed quite a bit. She’s a mommy’s girl and loves having me around.

I had to get to Pure Barre for a special 70 minute ABS Intensive class. It was amazing so glad I went and I got to visit with Barbara and Jenay and Drea.

Then I got my morning coffee ☕️ went home started my cleaning. Had some lunch and tried on clothes for our trip to Indiana/ Chicago.

My Birthday is in 10 days and I can’t believe I’m turning 39. It’s a boring birthday unlike next year when I turn the big 40.

I’ve definitely come into a new chapter of this adventure called life. I made some peanut butter chocolate kiss cookies for the kiddos.

I’m debating going more strawberry with my hair again for fall/ winter. Excited to see my cousin Erin soon.

Really want to get Savannah a duvet and pillows so I can make her bed her princess sheets and pillow cases and duvet cover cake in so I am losing my patience but can’t just spend money whenever I want this is the time of year we are tighter with money.

But I know we will finish it up soon and get Brandon a larger bed etc. He has such a full schedule with football and school his social life and Voulenteering.

I have a busy day ahead tomorrow and I can’t stay awake any longer. Goodnight 😴


Well the past two days have been full and exhausting. Monday had its highs and lows I enjoyed a good evening workout I enjoyed time with my kids.

Today I was much more productive but was running around nonstop between drop offs pick ups sports, birthday party and all errands like dry cleaning getting car gases up getting groceries dropping items to post office.

Getting our plans in order for our upcoming vacation. Getting Voulenteering dates set and football schedule as well as daughters dance and friends upcoming Birthdays.

My birthday is gonna feel non existent this year we just have too much going on to really get the time to celebrate.

I didn’t workout today had severe back pain I’m bummed tomorrow I will only be at 239 classes and it’s not likely I will get in the remaining classes I need to make 250 club before my 39th Birthday.

Tonight we had a ton of fun with dear friends that I wish we saw a lot more often. But I was still rushed because of sports and weeknight during school year lots to do.

My sons school pictures are tomorrow. I’d really like to get my lips 👄 plumped for my birthday but probably not gonna happen.

What I’m hoping is that my husbands Birthday is one of his best ever and that he gets to spend time with those he loves so much.

He’s working so hard right now and we miss him a lot. I do need to figure out doing fit in 42 or having Jeff do it when we get back we have a one month unlimited pass I won at the Mother’s Day tea at Savannah’s school.

I do know that keeping our hearts open is always a good thing even though it can be draining. When you love your kids you want them to have the best which is love and relationships with everyone that loves them and not putting your opinions and feelings on them being the grown up being loving and mature.

It’s sad that so many people these days dictate how their spouse or kids should feel towards others. It’s sad o. So many levels sad that people allow someone to dictate them and not make their own decisions. Sad that the person who is doing the dictating is so obsessed with control and also having a hatred of someone that is essentially their day to day life.

I couldn’t imagine how horrible it would be to have grown up having a parent or parents who hated one another talked bad about one another and or tried to poison my mind into hating my other parent.

I don’t like people who play God with innocent peoples lives children are so pure and innocent and to take advantage of their love for you is truly something that is not Gods plan.

No one who truly is faithful would do such things they would be loving, truthful and have faith in God and their children and stay out of their relationships with their other family members.

I’ve been praying everyday for peace with the situation that has brought sadness and doubt. I’ve prayed for love amongst those whom have been estranged and for those who are no longer together and long since moved on to just enjoy happiness with their spouses and allow their families to coexist and love one another even though they do not love anymore.

I could literally picture everyone having a thanksgiving together and it being grand. I could pictures sharing all our children and grand children’s events.

I don’t know why that’s hard for another to see or just let happen. Is hate for my kids to be scared of telling me what they really feel or who they spend time with etc.

I will always hold out hope and pray for peace, love and harmony. I have a big heart that has enough love for everyone.

I hope everyone has had a great week thus far! I hope you all are happy and healthy. 🙏😘💤

September 09, 2018

Today was a day of relaxing and recharging. Our Saturday was exhausting so we needed it.

We all slept in. We went out for coffee and breakfast we got breakfast for a nice homeless man we see from time to time.

We cleaned house and played in the pool. While Savannah napped and Brandon played XBox I got our dinner started.

After that I was busy getting all kids paperwork filled out for school. I paid for Brandon’s pictures since his picture day is Wednesday.

I ordered Savannah’s scholastic books. Vacuumed, mopped, dusted, cleaned mirrors did laundry.

Gave Brandon his lunch money for the week. I looked which oils I’m out of that I need to order.

I didn’t go to Bed Bath and Beyond and I need to so o can price out Duvet and pillows I need for Savannah’s bed. Her princess bedding came in but I don’t have duvet or pillows yet.

I am so close to 250 club but have missed a few days of Pure Barre. I still hope I can get there before my Birthday!

My poor husband is under the weather and working like crazy I am hoping he’s taking care of himself!

So proud of my son doing great at football and has all A’s in every class every assignment thus far.

I am so blessed to have such amazing kids. I hope they get to enjoy being kids as long as possible.

I also hope they can love everyone and not withhold love from people when I see kids who are kept from enjoying their whole family it breaks my heart.

I love that when I grew up even though my grandparents divorced when my mom was five I’d always have everyone at Birthdays Christmas’s etc they all got along she was remarried my grandpa had a serious girlfriend it was one big happy family.

My son was lucky enough to not just meet his grandparents but both great grandparents on my side he had my grandpa until he was 3 and my Nana until he was about to turn 9.

My daughter really just has my parents she got to be around my husbands father for over 9 months but she was so young she will never remember which makes me sad and my Nana passed weeks before she was born

She has my parents but they aren’t as hands on and doting and begging for time with her to spend the night etc like they did when Brandon was her age. I get it they are older now it’s just a bummer for her.

I want her to have all her family In her life so time will tell if she will get to enjoy that.

Brandon and Savannah have such a beautiful relationship with each other and I am incredibly blessed.

I am praying for a speedy recovery for my sons friend he was injured at the game Saturday and will be out the rest of the season.

I’ve been enjoying making smoothies again. Today I had a strawberry& Pineapple smoothie it was delicious.

Our month is jam packed and on my Birthday the kids have Dance and a football game so not sure what we will be able to do to celebrate.

Our trip at the end of the month will serve as our Birthday trip. It just won’t be quite as amazing as it was planned to be because things unforeseen changed. But time away and together is always a blessing.

Trying to get so much done new Events popping up daily. With school trips, picture days, football, dance, engagements, birthdays weddings and pregnancies their is always $ being spent and our well is drying up.

So I’m doing my best to dial back even on gifts for others as it’s just that time of year for us to watch spending.

Our house looks pretty great but of course still so much to get done. Savannah’s room is nearly done Brandon’s room will come next.

Then hopefully lighting fixtures for inside house our walltree and solar panels new windows to replace the single pane.

The backyard will be the biggest expense and time consuming front yard will take some $ but not much time.

My shoulder has been sore on and off for days so hoping that feels better soon!

Tomorrow I have so much to get done. I’m glad the latest update on Savannah’s little friend with Cancer was a good one everything is looking good they caught it early and are gonna be strong and I know he can beat this😊 I hope everyone had a great weekend!

September 08, 2018

What a busy Saturday. We started off our day with getting kids some breakfast and watching some Disney Jr.

I got my coffee made sure my son had everything ready for his football game. Took my daughter to her Dance class. My best friend and her daughter Haylee came to watch.

Then they headed to Starbucks and we headed home to get changed for football game. Sara & Haylee met up with us. My daughter Savannah had to show them her new big girl bed before we could leave 😊

Then we piled in my car for Brandon dropped off at field to practice. We headed to Mc Donald’s to get an early lunch before game.

Once we arrived back parking was limited but we found a spot. We soon realized we left lots of stuff at home and in their car. I had my hat and sunglasses sunblock and waters for us.

But we had nothing to provide shade everyone else had tarps and umbrellas we had no towels which now I know we need to sit I. The bleachers literally burned all of our butts we have matching bright red marked bottoms now.

We left our water/ fan bottles at home Haylee forgot her sunglasses we felt like we were in survival mode. A sweet mom from Brandon’s team offered ya shade under their tarp but their was not room for four of us.

So we said thank you but declined.She had a umbrella she brought over to us which probably saved us from heat stroke. The triple digit temps were intense out there today.

Those boys I so proud of all the gear and they played like champs and we’re amazing. Unfortunately our team lost. We lost our quarterback early on we had about 35 minute or longer halt in game it was scary police, fire truck and ambulance all came we had no idea what was wrong with him until he got on stretcher and found out it’s a broken arm.

Good news is it wasn’t anything too serious. But he’s out the whole season now and today was our first game of the season. My three year old was amazingly good for the three of us with the heat and dramatic day.

I was pouring cold water on her head and back to keep her cool. When the game ended I have to admit me and our group cheered so loud even though we lost.

I went to the car and couldn’t let anyone in I had forgot to put sunshade up and we didn’t have towels on the seats and my car is black with black leather interior it was unbearably hot.

I got A/C going sent my bestie to get Brandon the girls stayed with me it was finally cooling off a little. We all got in and raced over to Starbucks I got everyone venti ice waters my kids also got Frappuccino’s and I got and iced green tea lemonade.

We hurried to our house for in swimsuits well all of us accept my little one went in with nothing and we enjoyed our refreshing swimming pool for hours. Had snacks and hydrated.

Around 5:30 or 6:00pm we got out and rinsed off. My bestie Sara and her daughter Haylee had to head home they live about an hour away from us.

I took the kids to get dinner my daughter passed out on the way there.So we made it quick and easy fast food even though I wanted to get my son a steak after such a grueling day.

We got home had our food I was pigging out felt like I could still eat more but instead I hydrated more.

I went to bed before 9pm. My daughter got me up to join me in my bed around 1:30am it’s now 3am I need to get back to sleep.

I’m so proud of my son Brandon and his team they really were great no complainers with heat etc. I think it was harder in parents and siblings watching in stands.

Proud of my daughter for making it through such a big day. Thankful for the greatest best friend ever to endure such temperatures abs drive an hour each way to spend the entire day with us.

🤞hoping to get back to sleep and get three to four hours more sleep 😴

September 07, 2018

Today started off rushed as I woke up at 7:12 and I usually leave at 7:15 to take my son to school. So I had to quickly get my daughter up and dressed.

My son was in wrong uniform since today was first Friday so I had him change.

I put some food in container for Savannah to eat in car and have her milk in her sippy cup.

I got Brandon to school on time but the latest I’ve ever got there. I got Savannah to school by 8:00am. But was in a rush to go back home as I forgot to put on deodorant.

So I went home put that on and headed to Pure Empower. Great class but since I have only been doing Classic lately I wasn’t familiar will all the moves.

Afterwards I got myself a Vanilla Bean coconut milk iced latte. Raced home again had a hard boiled egg for breakfast. Got my vacuuming done and then got cleaned up and did my hair.

I ate some pineapple for lunch and then picked up Brandon at noon since he’s always out early on first Friday of the month.

We went home he had some lunch and I relaxed then we went to movies 🍿 to see Peppermint It was a great movie.

Also nice to have some mother son time as well we had a large popcorn 🍿 and candy and I had water he had an icee.

Then we went home he started chores and I got a few things done. It was time to pick up Savannah so I went to her school.

Found out she had another fantastic day but apparently just before I arrive she got taken to get new undies on because she pooped her pants ugh 😑 she has been doing so good with no pee accidents not even at nap 😴 when will she finally be consistently pooping on the potty🙏🙏🙏 I pray soon please🙏

I got the kids all set then I had some mommy time and got a much needed mani and pedi.

Then made dinner got all kitchen cleaned up got kids and I ready and Savannah abc I snuggled in my bed until she fell asleep.

It’s Friday night so I know my son Brandon will be up awhile playing XBox since I don’t let him play on school nights.

Savannah has dance tomorrow and Brandon has his first football game of the season🏈.

I’m exhausted hope everyone had a great day! 🙏🤗😴💅🏈🏡