October 31, 2018

Today was quite a fun day😊🎃 Our day started getting dressed up for Halloween getting our son to school. Then we took Savannah to school my husband went to get us coffee before heading to meet me at Savannah’s school.

He decorated his trunk up great for the kids trunk or treat. I took some good pictures of Savannah and her friends before and during the Trunk or Treat.

Then I headed to do my 250th Pure Barre class and was so happy to have so many of my dear friends come to support me and cheer me on.

After that I went and got a turkey bacon avocado sun sandwich for lunch before heading back home. Sold more items on poshmark today too always nice 😊

After getting the kids from school got Savannah ready again for more trick and treat fun and have her some dinner first.

She had fun at our church doing Trunk or Treat and games. Then we took her for yogurt and we let Brandon play on Xbox since his trick or treat plans fell through.

I got us a rotisserie chicken to eat when we got home and since I had to pick up her snacks for snack and share day tomorrow at her school.

Yesterday was a good day too I got a ton of cleaning done all the beds stripped bedding cleaned beds made laundry finished and so much more.

I made nice healthy food all day and got my wantable fitness box and kept two cute shirts two cute pants and a set of three sticky socks.

I got Savannah’s scholastic books ordered made Banana nut bread. It looks like we our getting a parents weekend away so looking forward to that my mom is going to stay with the kids 😊. Tomorrow will be a great day and we definitely made some great memories today and Savannah loves Halloween 🎃.

October 29, 2018

Well my little one felt good and I got her bathed and ready for school. I got in a Pure Barre Classic workout and then at the end of the day did Pure Barre Reform.

After my classic class I got coffee dropped items at dry cleaners and then went to Target.

Came home did lots of laundry at least four loads today still have three loads of towels to do tomorrow and I need to strip beds and clean sheets.

I had a healthy delicious salad for lunch. Got my car cleaned before picking Savannah up from school.

I got my desk organized and cleaned kids rooms. Made the kids and I Enchiladas they were tasty. Watched my TiVo in the bath at end of night. Little Orange County Housewives was a nice way to unwind.

I hit 249 Pure Barre classes so next class should be my next milestone hitting 250. Looking forward to Halloween Fun with my kids and hubby and Pure Barre friends.

Hope everyone had a fantastic Monday! 🤗🏡👯‍♀️❤️🙏

October 28, 2018

So Wednesday I had to drive to Rosarito with my father after dropping kids to school. We got there in decent time stopped at immigration to see about temporary visa they didn’t think we had everything we needed.

So we went to his house had dinner later that night he was told we did have everything and to go back in morning so I was exhausted just knowing this as it meant cross border and then cross back to do this then cross one final time ugh.

We got up early I was ready to leave before 7:30am once my dad was ready it was closer to 8:30am. It was not a smooth day we went buzzing around everywhere in and out of border from place to place and nothing got accomplished.

Then we drove back to the desert and I picked my daughter up from school. I was so mentally and physically exhausted. After spending time with kiddos and getting them situated my husband and I went out for dinner and saw Hunter Killer which is a great movie.

Saturday morning Jeff and Brandon had to leave early to drive to Victorville for Brandon’s football game. Savannah and I had her Dance class & Halloween Party to attend.

When boys got back I had dinner ready me and kids enjoyed it my husband was exhausted and needed a night out so I stayed in with the kids. Brandon watched his Alien movies and Savannah and I watched Disney Jr.

it took me forever to fall asleep. Today I was tired but got some rest before going to my Pure Reform class. Then we all went to the Golf Cart Parade to support our Tru Hero Truman who is so brave at 3 battling cancer and has such a great infectious smile and positive attitude. We all had a late lunch afterwards.

Then we went home Savannah and I napped. The boys went to the movies and Savannah and I stayed home ordered in Pizza and watched Hotel Transylvania 3 and Frozen.

Savannah had an upset stomach so I cleaned her up for bed and got her to sleep. Brandon and his lack of cleanliness has organized backpack and room was an all night project it’s now 12 am and I just got done dealing with that.

I’m hoping for a pleasant peaceful week! Right now Brandon has lost his phone and all electronics.

I’m hoping we all fell good in morning all get good nights sleep and that he can actually keep up with school work and chores.

Hope everyone had a great weekend ! 🏈🏡🙏👯‍♀️

October 24, 2018

This has been a busy week I took Brandon to Disneyland for his Birthday. We had a great day! Tuesday I went to Barre after getting kids to school and had mounds of laundry to do I actually had one load left to do today. I got errands done ✅ made dinner and watched Incredibles 2 with Savannah yesterday night. Today I got a lot done and even did a Pure Barre Intensive class tonight. Tomorrow I leave for Mexico for a quick trip with my Dad. I have a lot to do when I return as well so I will get to bed soon. Hope everyone has enjoyed their week thus far !

October 21, 2018

Brandon turned 12 today and Friday he had his best friend spend the night after his Voulenteering hours. My husband Jeff got his Basketball set put together for him as one of his Birthday gifts.

I got him a new pair of shoes some socks and his Ethica underwear for him. I made the kids Beef Stew and pumpkin pie.

Saturday my husband took Brandon and his best friends Blake, Noah and Cruz to Universal Studios for the day. Savannah and I had a girl day at home went to her dance class got her haircut and I painted her nails we played dress up and watched movies.

Today Brandon had football pictures and then we all had coffee and went outside playing basketball.

Then we took him to mall let him pick out sport shorts and shirts sweatshirt etc that he wanted. We had lunch at the food court and then headed home.

He played basketball all day Savannah took her nap we hung out and then went to Kobe’s for his Birthday dinner with my parents and Garret tonight. It was a great day and weekend he has a few more Birthday surprises from us.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 😘🎂🏡🏈🙏

October 19, 2018

Wednesday was a nice day pretty busy. I dropped kids off at school and then met my friend Chelsea for coffee.

Then I went to the 11:00am Classic class at Pure Barre and had lunch afterwards with my friend Barbara was a nice long lunch enjoyed catching up.

I didn’t end up getting my errands done before it was time to pick Brandon up but got my laundry and dishes done.

Once I picked Brandon up I took him to get a pair of shoes and a two packs of socks as an early Birthday gift.

I made dinner for us and took Brandon to football practice then Savannah and I headed to Target to get a few items.

We went home got her cleaned up for bed and Jeff got back in town in time to pick Brandon up from football practice.

Thursday got kids to school and went to Pure Barre Reform class. It was another good one. Then I got all my errands done got my dry cleaning dropped off and gas tank filled up and then got groceries.

Once I got kids picked up and got dinner made for them Jeff and I had a date night and watched “First Man” and then came home and cuddled with my munchkin and let her sleep with us all night.

My back is so sore this morning so imagine she was kicking me. After kids were at school this morning I put on some beef stew in my slow cooker baked some banana nut bread.

I went to Pure Barre and did a great classic workout. Then got my morning coffee and came home for some more cleaning done checked on my Beef Stew and cleaned up after my workout.

Tonight starts Brandon’s Birthday fun he’s having friends spend the night and then tomorrow my husband Jeff is taking Brandon and his three buddies to Universal Studios for the day. Hope everyone had a great week! 🏡👯‍♀️😘

October 16, 2018

So Friday I had one of those nutty days went to Pure Barre at wrong time so ended up not working out. Got my coffee and got my nails done.

Got kids from school made dinner and then my husband and I went to see “Night School”.

Saturday took Savannah to Dance class then we had Brandon’s football game. My mom came to cheer him on and my friend Chelsea her husband and kids as well.

We had a late lunch and got Savannah down for a nap. Then we met up with our friends to see “Little Foot” it was a cute movie and Savannah did good during it.

Sunday I got in a workout and we cleaned Brandon worked on Science Project and then we took kids to fall carnival.

Brandon Volunteered and the. Got some time to hang with his friends and go on rides. Savannah had a blast went on giant slide over and over again went through fun house a ton too and went on pony’s multiple times. We played some games had lots of snacks and enjoyed.

Monday I was feeling crummy all day didn’t workout but did get a lot of laundry done. Made a huge dinner for me and kids. Jeff went to hangout with his best friend Ed.

Today Jeff left for June Lake he has a real estate offer to write up and submit. I took Savannah to school and started laundry had breakfast stripped beds.

Then headed to pure barre had a good class. Got my coffee came home been finishing up laundry all bedding and rugs. Need to make myself some lunch and blow dry my hair.

I tried on stitch fix items and packed up items I sold on poshmark. Hopefully I will get all my dusting and mirror cleaning done before picking Brandon up.

He turns 12 this coming Sunday and I can’t believe how much he’s growing up. I have got my fall decor out and decorated. We are definitely on a tight budget right now so not sure if we can get him his basketball hoop for his Birthday but I hope so because right now shoes are all I’m getting him and his Birthday trip with his friends Saturday. I want to take him on a Disney day too and get him an Xbox Card or two.

I haven’t done my Peloton in forever so I need to get back to doing it two – three times a week.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! 😊🏡🙏👯‍♀️🏈

October 12, 2018

This week has been a busy week. My husband got home 12am Wednesday morning. He had such a long day on Tuesday I felt bad and so much driving.

I had a great day Tuesday my bestie came down picked me up took me to coffee and to see ” A Star is Born ” which was a fantastic movie with a great soundtrack.

Sara took me too lunch after we browsed at forever 21. Then we picked up Brandon from school and she dropped us off at home.

Brandon had practice so after picking Savannah up we took him to football practice. He also had football Wednesday and Thursday night.

Brandon’s grades are going up and down right now so just trying to see where his gpa ends at.

Since I didn’t do pure barre Monday and Tuesday I did two pure barre workouts on Wednesday. Back at it this morning.

I took Savannah to pick out her Halloween costume the other night it’s super cute and she loves it.

We have more Voulenteering this weekend we also have her dance class and Brandon’s football game and the Carnival at his school.

I want us to go see “Small Foot” movie as a family this weekend. I’ve been getting errands done and getting the house in order.

I went for a belated Birthday facial yesterday treated myself it felt great. Hope everyone has had a great week! 😘👯‍♀️🏈🏡🙏

October 8, 2018

So my daughter has been home and no school since Wednesday around Noon so essentially six days straight.

This mama enjoyed her little girl but is very happy that she will be back I. Her school routine and playing with her friends.

Friday was a super busy day my son was home too as he had day off from his school. I did get in a workout but at night. I spent morning at home with kids then dropping Charly to groomers then Target and got my son a coffee and my daughter a cake pop none for me I didn’t feel great.

Then took my son to his Voulenteering and then Savannah passed out in car as I headed to get gas tank filled up and dry cleaning. I skipped dry cleaning so she could sleep longer. Groomer called so I had to wake her up when I got there to pick up our dog Charly.

He was so handsome and smelled great again. We had just enough time to drop him at home use the restroom and race back to pick up Brandon.

Then we had dinner I worked out and we watched Hotel Transylvania 3. We started to watch Jumangi but it was getting late and my son had football game Saturday.

His coach’s wife was supposed to set up ride for Brandon and get back to me and I never heard back from her even after leaving two more messages.

Saturday Brandon was up making sure he had breakfast and was dressed and still nothing I can’t believe how we never heard back at all.

Brandon changed into regular clothes and we took Savannah to dance and then we got some Starbucks and hung out and made a nice day of it my daughter still needed her rest so she rested good.

Brandon and I watched movies and did chores around the house. We had a nice dinner and all slept good.

Sunday I got to wake up and workout. Had breakfast with kids before hand and still felt good during workout.

Got to see my friend Elizabeth she still can’t work out but can finally drive again so came by to say hi to us after our Barre class.

I picked the kids up treats from Starbucks and got my old favorite Grande Mocha Frappuccino with expresso shot and cinnamon over whip cream.

We played games and played dress up and I made a delicious Balsamic Chicken and veggies and garlic bread for dinner. Made simple lunch of quesadillas and sliced apples.

We watched “Home Again” and “Dumbo”. Then all headed to bed.

Today Savannah and I dropped Brandon off to school. Came home had breakfast took our shower and baths. Got dressed got our Starbucks her a water and cake pop me a overly sweet Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino which I could only drink two sips of before tossing out.

We headed to park ran into some friends and hung out for quite awhile. Then we raced home to get cleaned up and start lunch. Then I got Savannah down for nap but had to wake her up since I had to pick up Brandon from school.

I got a lot of cleaning done but hurt my elbow really bad and ended up skipping Pure Barre evening class.

We had Tortellini for dinner and kids ate really good. I caught up on some of my shows and got Savannah cleaned up for bed.

It took her awhile to fall asleep tonight but it’s always nice to cuddle. Brandon’s grades are improving although Math is still a concern for me.

Planning his 12th Birthday and beyond excited that my husband will finally be back home tomorrow evening.

Also beyond excited I get the whole day with my best friend tomorrow 🙌 I am exhausted hope everyone had a fantastic weekend ! 😊😘👯‍♀️🏡🙏

October 05, 2018

This week has been a very busy week for me. Getting house and kids organized again after returning from our trip kept me going non stop.

I got back to Pure Barre Tuesday night and went all week. Somehow my number went down when I got into town I don’t get that but oh well.

Wednesday Savannah got sent home from school early with a cough she’s been home with me all week. So that changed things up. Brandon has football 🏈 practice Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday night and it’s a 25 minute drive so that was our nights.

Today Brandon had off from school but we still had dog grooming, medicine to pick up for Savannah. Voulenteering which is a drive with all the toad construction today.

Savannah only got a fifteen minute nap in the car. We have otherwise had a good week Brandon’s grades are not where they should be he has some C’s and should have more A’s but he’s working on it. He did get them up he had D’s in two classes.

As a mom that’s stressful and can drive you nuts because when they are his age you can’t hold their hand through it they have to learn to he a good Studier be organized prepared and accountable.

Savannah had to kiss her first Dance class at school Wednesday since she got sent he early she was bummed. But she sounded awful and clearly had a bad cough and a runny nose.

One of the sweet instructors I met while vacationing in Indiana is having a baby found out yesterday excited for her she is such s sweetheart.

I still need to pick up dry cleaning if tomorrow is not too hectic. My body is so sore from all my classes this week but it’s a good sore. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments from gals I take class with.

Savannah is absolutely loving her new princess bedding and she was so excited.

I’m missing my husband while he’s away working and looking forward to him being home. Please keep my niece and nephews friends in your prayers Jay & Kai are still not out of the woods and need positive thoughts. Also please pray for and think positive for Savannah’s buddy Truman he’s battling cancer and is one incredible three year old so Brave. 🙏🙏🙏

I also picked up Savannah’s scholastic books from school and her school pictures as well as a bible her teacher got her. That was so sweet she got one for each child to have for chapel day.

So much to look forward to in the near future so I need to get some sleep. 🙏😘😴🏡🏈👯‍♀️ Hope everyone has a great weekend !