November 29, 2018

Today has been one of those hectic days where things just aren’t going according to plan. Got a late start munchkin slept in. So we didn’t leave house until almost 8:40 am.

I had to cancel my 9:45 am class and I forgot her backpack. Thankfully when I called my husband he brought it to me so I didn’t have to go all the way back home.

When I did get home I did get to start laundry and get a shower in and blow dry my hair that was a plus.

Hurried so I could meet my friend at Pure Barre after her class wanted to get there early to buy pants manager left for me before heading to coffee.

Unfortunately for me the receptionist decided to take class and door was locked and I was waiting for over 20 minutes before class got out on a cold day.

Enjoyed coffee with my friend and finally had a crescent for breakfast I was so hungry.

When I got in my car it started raining and rained on and off rest of day and night. So I decided to skip errands stay in and clean floors and get tree and decorations out.

When kids were home from school we really started getting all ornaments on tree and rest of decor out.

We had dinner and I knew Brandon was super tired he went to bed at 7:45pm. I am feeling under the weather but thankfully got a B 12 shot and have had lots of fluids.

Still so much to get for Brandon but Savannah’s shopping is done besides suitcase which I will be getting both the kids just before Christmas.

I pretty much have everyone else taken care of but want to finish My husbands gifts and my best friend.

We still need to set our family picture date and I just don’t know when it will happen.

My husband and father are heading to June Lake next week for a few days. We’ve signed up to voulenteer almost every weekend.

I am excited to start our advent calendar and elf on the shelf and Christmas books movies and baking each day.

I’m so proud of my husband working out each day 😊 I am happy my best friend is coming to town Saturday to see me.

I’m hoping tomorrow is nice and smooth and I get everything done on my list and have a great day! Hope everyone had a terrific day goodnight 😴🌙😘👯‍♀️🎄☃️🙏

November 25, 2018

Well we had a busy time from Thanksgiving Eve through tonight. I was sick on Thanksgiving Night and my son was sick all today.

We got Savannah’s playset put up on Friday still need to add the swings that vans with it they are still in the box. We need to add sand to the sandbox as well.

Savannah absolutely loves it. Brandon got a chance to game relax watch u tube and movies. Although Saturday he helped me all day so I could get some rest.

I made him homemade chicken pasta soup today and we all enjoyed it. My dad picked him up some medicine and dropped it by to us.

I got most of my holiday shopping done ✅ But lots more Brandon items to get. Still need to get my husbands larger gifts got him a few small ones already.

Need to set our family photo up. We got our Santa Pictures on Wednesday night.

I want to plan a family trip to Santa’s Village;and go to wild lights at the living desert. I want us to go see the Festival of Lights at the mission inn as well.

I am exhausted and totally run down. I need to rest and keep myself healthy. I definitely need another B12 shot soon.

The kids are back at school tomorrow unless Brandon has a fever he will stay home another day.

I did my Pure Barre workout today and am booked for tomorrow as well. The next few weeks will go by so fast then Christmas break for the kids.

Hoping we get the house professionally cleaned this week it’s been since last February since we had a maid come in.

I constantly clean but this house is big and needs a deep clean before I decorate for Christmas.

I want to get our Christmas cards out right away this year and start baking each day testing new recipes. I got an advent calendar have so many fun plans for December.

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend! 😘🙏🏡👯‍♀️🦃🎄

November 21, 2018

Today was a nice day! I didn’t sleep much last night but had my morning coffee with my little munchkin she got her penguin cake pop and my husband and I got our coffees.

I skipped my workout and started baking and I made two batches of mini pecan pies which turned out delicious.

Made some sugar cookies and got my mashed potato bake prepped to cook in oven tomorrow.

Kept my eating light and drank lots of water all day. Worried about a family member who is not doing too well praying 🙏

Watched movies with kiddos played with Savannah and got our pictures with Santa. Savannah was shy but parked up and chatted with him after pictures of course .

We took her to play in the play area and then headed home for the night. We went up one of my husbands favorite restaurants for dinner he had linguine and clams and absolutely loved it.

Savannah is so sweet at pray time and loves to pray children have the purest sweetest hearts. My children our definitely growing up so much each day.

I love it but I also miss all their younger stages and try to soak up each moment each hug and kiss all the laughs and memories each day.

I’ve been having chest pains on and off for months and know I need a checkup it’s been two years since my last annual checkup.

I am teaching my children to count their blessings and always be thankful for those who love us and treasure our true friends. Things are great and can bring much joy but don’t matter much and I am encouraging my kids to learn to soak up each moment.

Live to experience new adventures love to play laugh write draw be silly imaginative and positive dream big and dream plenty.

I want those who are sick yo get the help and care and healing they need. I pray each day that no one will go without shelter or food but also that no one walks through life without at least one or two people who love them and have their back.

Anxiety has been something that I deal with from time to time and I hate it I feel like I can’t breathe my heart races and I work over time to stay calm and not let it panic me. It thankfully usually is a night occurrence rarely in the day it does cause insomnia but at least I don’t bother my husband and kids with worry.

It’s typically just stress built up and emotions from sadness and worry. I’m learning to help and care for others is good but don’t allow them to put their stresses and worry on your shoulders.

When people say I feel like the life has been sucked out of me I believe it people can suck the life out of you so do your best not to let them.

Some people just will never be happy or satisfied and want everyone else to be as unhappy as them .

Some people are just cruel and hateful and it’s not our jobs to fix everyone else we take care of fixing us our children and show love and support for the other adults in our lives not walk on egg shells or coddle them.

When you live in fear of making someone upset or happy you sheiks them from reality they need to face.

Hopefully the family and friends in my life and yours will be straight up and honest even when it hurts because sometime we all need a reminder that it’s not all about us or our problems sickness bad day bad luck etc,

I can’t believe it is only three months away until our grand daughter is born. No matter how far away or even if we don’t get to see her she is a blessing a gift from God and I pray each day especially for my husband that he will be able to see her and be in her life. It’s exciting for our kids to be an Uncle and Aunt at only 12 and 3 years old but also great.

I became an Aunt for the first time at 15 and it was a life changing blessing in so many ways.

I will never lose hope as I believe in love and family and God and know that if I put my faith in him and just keep my heart open to those we love it will come to us.

If for some reason it doesn’t we know we did everything on our end we could and you can only do you and you can not determine how another will act or feel.

I hope each and everyone of you have a blessed Holiday and wonderful week! Thank you for reading 😘😊🙏🏡😴

November 20, 2018

This morning Savannah and I got up early went to Starbucks before Jeff did his workout so he saw us as he arrived to his workout.

I got my errands done dry cleaning groceries, Costco and mailed off items. Cleaned and organized.

Excited Savannah’s big gift got delivered ready for assembly it will be quite the chore but so worth it to see her smiling excited face Christmas Day.

Brandon has school but is off the rest of the week thankfully. We took the kids to see “Ralph Breaks The Internet ” what a cute movie. My good friend met up with us with her kids too.

I actually have Savannah’s Christmas shopping done other than stocking stuffers and luggage. I’m hoping the luggage I want for kids is on sale for Black Friday.

Got my parents gifts and still trying to figure out other family members but want to be done with shopping after Black Friday.

Want to get our son a queen size bed he’s definitely outgrown a twin. I still have to figure out what he’s getting as at his age it’s mainly sneakers, Xbox and gaming gear and money he wants lol 😂

I feel like I haven’t seen my best friend Sara in forever miss her we need to have a girls day soon!

Goodnight 😴🌙😘🏡🏡

November 19, 2018

We had a nice weekend we had Savannah’s Thanksgiving Party and early dismissal Friday for her. We Had a nice evening in with the kids.

Saturday Jeff did his workout and I took kids to coffee then Jeff took Brandon to lunch and for his playoff football game in riverside. Savannah and I had a girls day we played bought her some new shoes and then had some Outback Steakhouse for dinner.

Sunday we all took it easy we had a nice day with kiddos beautiful day out had delicious food and went to see Bohemian Rhapsody.

Today we got cleaning done took Brandon to school. I got a workout in made grocery list for last minute Thanksgiving Day items. Got organized and played with Savannah Brandon had school. Jeff made us a delicious dinner filet mignon and twice baked potatoes it was very good.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend !

November 15,2018

Today was a good day! Savannah was excited to play with her friends at school and wear her cheerleader outfit.

Brandon’s grades are great his report card he made honors 😊 Jeff got in a morning workout so proud of him.

I got my morning coffee. Made Banana Bread and two pumpkin pies. Went and got my hair done which feels great still doing low lites for a new fall/ winter darker do.

After picking kids up and finishing laundry and getting them situated we went to dinner and a movie.

I watched a few fall finales tonight when we got home and cuddled and read to Savannah before we tucked her in bed.

I’m ready for pure barre tomorrow and Savannah has a thanksgiving party at school and then is off all next week.

Hope everyone had a great day! I feel so blessed to have such a great family my husband is the best dad ever and our kids are the best 😘

November 14, 2018

Had a nice couple of days glad I’ve been back at Pure Barre got in two great workouts.

So nice to seeing such great friends today. Yesterday night was so nice having some mommy daughter time dinner and movie and cuddles and story time.

Today I got lots of laundry done got a morning coffee date with my hubby. Got in a great workout.

Our Christmas family pajamas arrived today and yesterday I got my monthly Birchbox. I booked our family photos.

I took Charly to get groomed and I have my appointment set for my hair tomorrow. My husband has begun workouts again which is so great.

He’s already lost weight on his diet. We took our daughter to dinner tonight while our son was at football practice and we got him some food to go for after his practice.

Looking forward to Thanksgiving and to all our holiday fun November and December.

Slowly getting all the Christmas list checked off for kids. Hope everyone had a wonderful day!

Erasing Family

it’s so incredibly sad to poison children’s minds against those who love them. Keeping them away from loving Grandparents not even saying goodbye before moving out of state.

When kids get cut from not only their fathers life but grandparents, aunt, cousins and other siblings it’s disgraceful. Those who are dishonest run far away and isolate those they are trying to convince and makes it easier to live their false fake made up reality when all those who lived the truth aren’t around. I feel so sorry for all the kids and grandchildren kept from their loving family members. I also pray that they don’t repeat the same lies and hateful ways that the controlling narcissistic parent has taught them. Love and truth is the only way to live keep hearts open. Be honest and love those in your lives more than you hate their parent or grandparent do not keep innocent children from receiving the love they deserve. It’s so sad especially in cases when the parent that does this is the one who chose to end marriage who also had an affair with another married person before leaving the marriage who stole cheated and tried to paint the other as the monster to cover up her own guilt.not only kept kids from father and loving grandparents and family members but acted like dad was deadbeat when he not only paid his support and got zero contact with his children but sent gifts that she never gave them cards and letters it’s something I will Never understand. What I think is worse is when parent has a breakthrough with child and they apologize for not standing up for them spend seven months talking to them every day and accepting gifts and saying how much they matter and enjoying the love and support during their pregnancy from their father and step mother and siblings especially since their own mother wouldn’t even take them in while their apartment had mold during her pregnancy or not be considerate when her daughter was experiencing morning sickness was just acting like a spoiled brat and decided to throw a fit guilt her grown daughter until she literally cut her dad our iced him out completely as if all the I love you meant nothing. Let him pay for a trip to visit her and her family and hotel room for them out of town that they never used cancelled last minute to make mom happy. Dropped out of younger siblings lives completely and when Dad contacts just dead silence and never a care about how this hurts him. I just pray this doesn’t become a pattern and it’s not taught to our granddaughter. Saying a prayer for all people suffering from this. Keep loving keep praying and keep your heart and minds open.

November 12, 2018

So unfortunately woke up to the power out it went out around 1am was out until after 7pm tonight.

Made for a interesting day especially since Savannah was off school and I couldn’t get my car out of garage.

We made the best of it and had s good day and Jeff took us to Kobe Steak House for dinner tonight kids were thrilled.

Yesterday we hung out as a family all day Jeff took Brandon to do voulenteer hours and Savannah and I ran errands and played. Then Jeff and I had a night out dinner and a movie.

Saturday was Brandon’s football game they won and made it to play offs. I took the kids to see The Grinch who stole Christmas and we met up with our friends and had a good night. Friday we went out to dinner as a family and then hung out at home.

Thursday I did Pure barre but was sore could feel I pulled a muscle so took a break all weekend . Brandon’s grades are looking good and Savannah is doing great !

Hope everyone had a great Monday !

November 07, 2018

It’s been busy so much going on sorry I’ve not been on since Halloween.

Last week my daughter was line leader had snack and share day which was fun. I hit my 250th Class at Pure Barre and celebrated with my friends.

I picked Savannah up early on Friday so my husband and I could get on road by 3:30pm.

My mom watched the kids for ya at our house so we could get away for a couple of nights. We went to one of our favorite spots.

Laguna Cliffs in Dana Point we got in and went to bar for easy dinner and drinks and had a nice relaxing. Night

Saturday we slept in which we rarely get to do and then headed to brunch and then my husband dropped we off at the spa and he enjoyed some wine at the bar.

I thoroughly enjoyed my massage and facial couldn’t remember last time I got a massage my ache muscles needed it.

After that we met up I had a drink with my husband then we relaxed more before getting ready for dinner and heading out to a great spot overlooking the ocean to eat dinner.

We didn’t stay out too late came back rented a movie in our room and got a good nights rest.

I. The morning we just grabbed coffee and headed home stopped on way to look at outdoor kitchen areas and BBQ’s and to stop for lunch.

We got the kids and we’re excited to be back I had a Tuck in Glow class at 6:30pm so Jeff hung-out with kiddos so I could get in my workout.

Monday I had a nice lunch with my instructor and another gal from barre class Kellie. It was nice having some girl time. I had so much laundry and house cleaning removing Halloween decorations and putting up thanksgiving items.

Yesterday my good friend Barbara hit the 500 club at the Barre so me and Sheri and Barbara went out after to have some girl time and celebrate Barbara at coffee.

Monday I almost forgot Savannah led the morning prayer at her school it was oh so sweet.

Our yard is getting worked on the concrete and grapefruit and dead orange tree removed dirt put in and soon grass new trees it’s coming along nicely.

Brandon had football last night tonight and tomorrow is last practice before his last game if the season.

Savannah enjoyed Soccer after school on Monday Cooking class after school yesterday and Dance class after school today.

My poor husband has been so stressed with Drama that has been stirred up at his business he’s too old to have to deal with so much he is already in blood pressure medication me and the kids don’t want to see him have a heart attack from work stress.

I’ve been getting tons of compliments from all the females I know saying my body is looking great so even though I’m not down to 26% body fat yet or even under 130 yet i know I have muscle and am toned my abs are stubborn and some underarm fat around my breasts is annoying but at 135 and 29% body fat I’m doing ok.

I’ve been missing my bestie she’s been coaching girls basketball and not down here much since of her schedule.

Hope everyone has had a great month so far! I have so much to get done still have a great night hugs 🤗