June Lake Part 3

December 23, 2018

Friday we went to see Mary Poppins Returns what a great movie we loved it.

Saturday we enjoyed time with the kids and Baked some yummy treats. Watched Christmas movies and my husband made us a delicious steak dinner.

Today we went to IHOP for breakfast and had Grinch pancakes. Delicious and super sweet more like a dessert.

I went to Pure Barre and enjoyed seeing my friends modified a few times since my hand is still not 100% after slamming it in my car door on accident after Savannah’s school Christmas performance.

I tried a new sheet pan dinner tonight the boys liked it me and Savannah weren’t thrilled. Looking forward to Christmas Eve.

We also went to see Aquaman my little one even enjoyed it she renamed princess Mira and King Arthur Ariel and prince Eric because it reminded her of her favorite movie the Little Mermaid 🧜‍♀️😘

Tomorrow have a couple last minute errands to run. Lots of baking and prepping my side dishes for Christmas Day. Midnight Mass and lots of family fun.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday ! 🎄☃️🙏🏡🤗

December 19, 2018

Today was not the best to start our dog peed in our bedroom it went clear under our bench and bed so a big clean up.

Savannah didn’t want me to leave when I dropped her off but eventually hugged me and went on her way.

I had to cancel my workout and my body felt so ache I didn’t want to eat or anything.

I decided at lunch I better eat so o had a nice lunch alone at California Pizza Kitchen. Then I went and picked up and dropped off our dry cleaning a couple of items I ordered came in need to wrap them and put under the tree.

I took a long bath and made dinner for me and the kids. Our son broke the whole face of his phone which was stressful.

But I put in Christmas movies and baked grinch bread for the first time. Also Christmas wreath treats and Gum drops.

I’m hoping tomorrow is a fantastic day! I enjoyed baking tonight and things turned out good. Hope everyone has a goodnight 😴

December 18, 2018

Today was a nice day got the kids to school had a coffee with my husband. Came home did some cleaning and then went and had a wonderful relaxing facial.

Afterwards went out and bought some nice Christmas gifts for my husband. Then came home and finished laundry.

We got kids from school got them all set and then we were able to go have dinner and watch ” Mary Queen of Scots “. It was a great movie.

Cuddled with my little girl until she fell asleep. Last week I took Charly to get groomed I was able to get a facial and I got ginger bread cookies made and sugar cookies. Saturday and Sunday spent some good time with the kids and my husband. Tomorrow I have a lot to get done since the kids will be off and home for two weeks.

I’m looking forward to all the family fun and Christmas festivities. I have three recipes I plan to try out tomorrow.

I also have Pure Barre and want to do my Peloton I need to pick up our dry cleaning and get the little bit of Christmas stocking stuffers purchased.

I’d like to order myself some new eyeglasses if I can get my prescription in them.

Proud of both my kiddos and so blessed to be their mama. My car is so overdue to be cleaned so I need to get that handled this week.

Hope everyone had a great day!

December 12, 2018

Got our family pictures back today. Love them got all my laundry done and dishes.

Went to Pure Barre hard workout since I missed over a week but felt good and nice to see my friends.

Went to lunch with my husband and got groceries at Costco. Made two batches of cookies and made corn bread and chili.

Picked up kids from school had nice evening with them. Hope everyone had a wonderful day! 😊🤗👯‍♀️😘☃️🎄🏡😴

December 11, 2018

So kids are out on 20th until January 07. So I’ve been getting as much done as possible before they are home for winter break.

I keep getting run down though.I have a good couple of days then my ear, nose and throat are an issue again.

I have missed too many pure barre workouts . Our house looks great all clean though and windows getting done later today. Christmas shopping is nearly done just bedding and extras for my sons new bed once it arrives.

Worried we missed our chance for holiday time at Disney we only have weekdays now and I’ve been under the weather so not sure if I can go next week. Plus I’d need kids to miss a day of school.

Baking has not happened last couple of days so will start that back up tonight. Savannah and Brandon are doing great!

She did an adorable prayer at chapel yesterday morning it was so sweet. Brandon is doing well at school.

I really would like to get another B 12 shot this week to get me over this cold that keeps plaguing me.

I have a facial paid for that I need to book and a spa card I still need to use up before winter break.

Charly is getting groomed on Thursday. I need to get items for his stocking. I’d like to take the Baking classes at Cork and Fork in 2019 I had a lot of fun taking the culinary portion back in 2012.

I would also like to get more goals completed off my list. We sent out cards to about 80 people but since I know we will possibly get cards from people not in our list I have extras so I can send to them and add them to our list.

So many people move and do not give updated information and sometimes this time of year just get busy. I try to send to all family and friends but sometimes we miss someone.

I’ve been enjoying watching the Hallmark movies this season which I’ve never really watched them before. I think since I’ve been under the weather it’s been nice to have a distraction.

I am pretty ache but debating on should I try to take a nap. Or go get my pedicure done since two toe nails have lost their paint.

Maybe rest and then get pedicure later on today. It’s always hard to sit still when there is lots to be done. My car is in need of a good wash especially after all the rain we had last week.

Looking forward to getting our family pictures back this week! Savannah was not thrilled since she barely napped that day but I still think we got some great shots.

Well I thinking I should try to rest while my husbands working out. My whole body is ache.

Have a great day everyone! 🏡😊🙏☃️🎄