Happy Valentines Day!

So it’s been seven days since my wisdom tooth was removed. It’s been a long seven days as I have felt awful but today I was eating soup and oatmeal so that’s a plus.

I didn’t have a fever and was able to shave and wash my hair which made me feel like a new woman.

It did wear me out but for the most part I have every again. Thankfully I had bought kids and my hubby cards before feeling bad.

The kids and my husband has cars and flowers for me today which always makes me feel special. I’m bummed I couldn’t celebrate more with kids and hubby but I will be feeling back to my old self very soon.

It rained here nearly 24 hours straight which nearly never happens here in the desert. I am praying for the time when it doesn’t hurt to eat so I can have real food again.

Kids are both off Monday so here’s to a three day weekend and hopefully more energy for me.

I’ve missed my workouts and missed having energy for Basic everyday stuff. Tomorrow I will test the waters and see what I have energy to do and how my pain level is. I hope everyone had a fantastic day!


February 11, 2019

So today is day four since my oral surgery and my whole right side of my face is still sore.

I’m swollen and basically been living on water, Gatorade and soup. I’ve been able to add in oatmeal and mashed potatoes. But can’t eat anything more at this point.

I appreciate all my sweet friends and family who have been checking in on me and seeing if I need anything.

I was able to take Savannah for yogurt tonight since she was so good all day today. I couldn’t have any toppings just plain yogurt but was nice change from soup and oatmeal.

Brandon had his orthodontist appointment today and I asked if they would be able to let me know when he gets X-ray next if his wisdom teeth will need to come out.

I am hoping he doesn’t have any issues like I am having with mine. Both on screen in books and life lately there has been so much showing of true colors. Anyone that’s been fake is becoming clear.

We saw an adorable baby girl while at yogurt tonight and it made me smile. Can’t believe we’re grandparents what a blessing. Savannah has grown so much and I can hardly believe she will be four this summer.

Brandon turns 13 in October and I hit the big 40. I don’t want to waste a moment of this precious life we have.

My husband Jeff has been helping out a lot while I’ve been recovering. He’s cooking for kids and making me soup he took Brandon to school for me this morning so I could sleep in with Savannah.

He showed me a picture in his phone from back when we first met. It was a great picture but definitely showed me how much I’ve aged or matured and it’s nuts how fast time flies by and how much my body and face is starting to show signs of aging.

Kids will both be at school tomorrow so plan is sore or not to get a lot done. I hope everyone had a wonderful start to your week! Goodnight 😴 day four swollen face after wisdom tooth removed.

February 10, 2019

So Friday I had my wisdom tooth removed was supposed to have three removed. But the one we took out was really infected and took a lot more time than expected.

I was pretty sore and still am swollen and ache. Saturday was the worst I was puking all day even during my drive home which was awful. I was having fever and chills.

Today thankfully no more nausea but I was sore all day. My son spent last night at his best friends house after their basketball game. Glad he had such a good time.

Savannah was so good for Jeff and I and he got me soups and yogurt at the store. Today I had ya meet them at Starbucks to pick up Brandon I was able to eat a oatmeal thankfully and had a little coffee but didn’t really have much.

Savannah got a little cranky so we left shortly after that to get us home. I was able to eat soup today lots of fluids and keep medicine down.

My husband went to get me mashed potatoes and coleslaw which I was able to eat potatoes pretty well not so much the cole slaw. Kids got chicken and other goodies.

Savannah was so cute playing doctor with me today getting me ice packs when I needed.

Not looking forward to getting my other wisdom teeth out since this has been so horrible but they need to come out. My face doesn’t look pretty I’m definitely swollen.

Tomorrow Savannah is home from school but Brandon has school so we will have some girl time for sure.

Hoping to take kids to LEGO Movie when I’m all healed up. I need to make an appointment for a physical and a Pap smear. I’m turning 40 this fall so I’d like to get all my bloodwork done and get s good checkup.

I’m thankful I had my Dad looking after me Friday after my surgery and on our way home he has always been the best caretaker. Love him so much.

Don’t think I’m going to do barre this week but hoping to get on Peloton by Tuesday when Savannah is back to school. I need to get valentines stuff for kids school exchanges.

It’s not looking like I will be up for valentines dinner out so maybe just a movie if my jaw and mouth are still sore and swollen.

Hoping to get some sleep tonight. One last dose of medicine but no more pain pill until the morning 😂

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Goodnight 😴

February 08, 2019

What a week this has been. My husband has been doing 5 am workouts everyday and he’s doing fantastic losing weight eating right. He’s swapped with me and has been dropping and picking up Savannah at school and having me drop and pick up Brandon.

I got a lot done Monday and Tuesday having great days two back to back coffee days with my best friend. Tuesday I also got to meet my dear dryers Kellie for a movie and worked out with her early evening. She came by house to see it and meet kiddos she’s already met Jeff as we’ve met up with our husbands for dinner.

Later Tuesday night major pain came on from one shoulder to the other but not in back in front collar bone to collar bone and my neck it was excruciating and lasted until Thursday evening when I got a muscle relaxer shot.

That shot was a god send for that pain and it’s my lady cycle so I had those regular horrible cramps and those were instantly gone too.

Found out that we’re officially grandparents seems the precious baby arrived in this world Tuesday evening. I’m hoping one day my husband and me and our kids will get to be a part of this sweet blessings life.

This morning went to have three impacted wisdom teeth removed. One was such a doozy on a nerve I couldn’t be completely sedated and it was quite painful I was crying in the part removal and my whole right side is in terrible pain still. We opted to do other two at later date. I will be on all liquids for 72 hours then get to have oatmeal and other soft items after that but was told to expect pain for up to three weeks it was so deeply impacted they almost had us go to hospital to do it so I could be fully sedated. Might need to do that with other two.

I’m so thankful my dad is here with me taking such good care of me. Happy kids are in good hands with Jeff while I’m dealing with this. Jeff took Brandon to the movies today since he was off from school.

Brandon had tutoring on Wednesday and I really like his teacher he’s going to make sure he gets taught some things that slipped through the cracks that he never learned mainly because of our two middle of school year moves.

So glad we have him at Sacred Heart look forward to Savannah starting there as well. We have both the Sacred Heart Gala and the Academy Galas coming up and those will be fun even if my mouth still hurts and Jeff is still on strict program until March 10th.

I’m very proud of him. Also proud that a position he’s always wanted has come available and he is going to go for it. I’d love to see him get it. It’s something he has wanted for a long time not a sure thing lots of competition to get it . I know he could and would do a fantastic job if he gets the position and they would be so happy they chose him.

There has been an incredible lot of snow In June Lake and Mammoth more like what my husband grew up with when every winter had good snow. Kids will have to get up there and experience all this fresh powder soon.

I need to get to sleep we’re getting on the road by 7 am so we can get home by 11am I want to make Brandon’s game.

Miss my kiddos so much they are my world. Hope everyone had a great week and enjoying the weekend thus far! Goodnight 😴

February 02, 2019

Well it’s already February. Can hardly believe how fast January went by.

I’ve been getting In peloton and Pure Barre workouts. This past week was good just very busy. Got to have coffee with my friend on Wednesday and again with another friend on Friday.

Thursday enjoyed Savannah’s snack and share day at school with her and got in a great Reform class at Pure Barre and did a 45 minute peloton class after.

I’ve added mediation to my daily routine and it’s really nice. Friday my son got out at noon so I went straight from coffee to pick him up took him out to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch and had. Nice afternoon. We saw my niece and nephew as well which is always nice.

Friday evening I took Brandon to get In N Out burger before his junior high dance. He had such a great time. Savannah and I got some fun girl time together while Brandon was at the dance.

Today we took it easy it’s been raining all day and night. We went out fir coffee stayed in relaxed and played with kids all day.

I went out to meet my friend Sheri for dinner and it was nice I rarely go out for dinner with a friend it’s always a treat. I made sure I was home before Savannah’s bedtime so I could cuddle with her and we put Moana on.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and wonderful February so far!