February 26, 2019

So last week I got my stitches out and finally felt human Friday. Took my kids to school my daughter had snack and share day. It was super cute. I raced to Pure Barre my friend was setting up my stuff in my spot but when I arrived they were fully booked and waitlisted soContinue reading “February 26, 2019”

February 17, 2019

So Friday I started to feel human again but still weak. I got cleaned up dressed and a few things accomplished before kids got home from school. We watched Wreck it Ralph 2 movie and I was able to eat soup and oatmeal. Saturday we took the kids out in morning I had oatmeal andContinue reading “February 17, 2019”

Happy Valentines Day!

So it’s been seven days since my wisdom tooth was removed. It’s been a long seven days as I have felt awful but today I was eating soup and oatmeal so that’s a plus. I didn’t have a fever and was able to shave and wash my hair which made me feel like a newContinue reading “Happy Valentines Day!”

February 11, 2019

So today is day four since my oral surgery and my whole right side of my face is still sore. I’m swollen and basically been living on water, Gatorade and soup. I’ve been able to add in oatmeal and mashed potatoes. But can’t eat anything more at this point. I appreciate all my sweet friendsContinue reading “February 11, 2019”

February 10, 2019

So Friday I had my wisdom tooth removed was supposed to have three removed. But the one we took out was really infected and took a lot more time than expected. I was pretty sore and still am swollen and ache. Saturday was the worst I was puking all day even during my drive homeContinue reading “February 10, 2019”

February 08, 2019

What a week this has been. My husband has been doing 5 am workouts everyday and he’s doing fantastic losing weight eating right. He’s swapped with me and has been dropping and picking up Savannah at school and having me drop and pick up Brandon. I got a lot done Monday and Tuesday having greatContinue reading “February 08, 2019”

February 02, 2019

Well it’s already February. Can hardly believe how fast January went by. I’ve been getting In peloton and Pure Barre workouts. This past week was good just very busy. Got to have coffee with my friend on Wednesday and again with another friend on Friday. Thursday enjoyed Savannah’s snack and share day at school withContinue reading “February 02, 2019”