April 27, 2019

Well last two weeks have been so busy. Savannah has been at home both weeks first for her spring break.

Then for Brandon’s spring break. We went to church on Palm Sunday and I quickly realized she was getting sick nurses that most of the break.

Brandon had his passion play last Wednesday night it was great he and the other kids did a phenomenal job.

Thursday was a half day for him and then he was off at for spring break. He went to Mexico with my parents.

Jeff and I took Savannah to Newport Beach to get our RV out and by time we got it started up parked in our space most of day was over. We took Savannah to Fashion island got her a pair of sunglasses age picked out and a fun vanity toy set for Easter.

We had dinner at PF Chang’s and then headed back to RV we made some s’mores got in our jammies and just as we were about to go to bed. Got an alert checked and saw a robber in our home on our daughters room.

Called police they responded with 7 squad cars and a helicopter. Even though we left in our jammies we couldn’t get home quick we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic got gone three hours later.

Police had ya call them to escort us into our house. It was a very scary situation. My safe was even busted into every price if jewelry that wasn’t costume was stolen only had what I wore to RV on left. All cash gift cards Disney annual passes my husbands checks from his desk etc taken and more.

It’s devastating my daughter Ice heir in bed with us every night since. Even with all that I made sure Savannah had a great Easter and Brandon when he got home.

My dad needed me to sign paperwork for his trust so me and kids went with him to Mexico for a quick trip Monday -Wednesday.

My dad has three trips to the hospital in last two weeks which is stressful too he’s getting older it scares me we all love him so much.

Wednesday when we got home we all went to a late lunch Don Diego’s great Mexican food and margarita.

Crazy me I noticed it was my last chance to do my πŸ’― century ride live with Cody. So even though I had just eaten a large meal and had a margarita I jumped on the bike did his 45 minute ride completed my century ride. I felt like I was dying but I did great and Cody even gave me a shout out.

Thursday I took Brandon to Disneyland we had a fantastic day but unfortunately end of day he was not feeling good so we left earlier than planned for him home and into bed. He’s finally feeling better!

His spring on his braces broke had to call his Dr in for emergency fix today.

He’s been the best kid I could ask for in so many amazing ways but today instead of organizing and cleaning his room I caught him tossing everything even new in wrapper school supplies tie electronics etc in trash with no regard. Made for a fun long night for this mom making him fish things out put away nicely etc. I’m beat hope everyone has been doing well and had a great two weeks! Goodnight 😴😘

April 13, 2019

It’s been a good week a busy week. My daughter is finally 100% potty trained only underwear 24 hours a day no accidents.

My son is keeping up with his grades and has been a big help at home. Savannah had an Easter party Friday before getting out for her spring break.

Brandon has school next week his break is week after Easter. He’s in the passion play at his school so we will watch that next week.

I took my mom to the movies on Tuesday and saw Aftermath. Wednesday I spent the day with my bestie and used a spa gift card I got back in September.

I did lots of peloton and went to Pure Barre. Finished a new book which was so nice.

Today took my son to a movie while my mom watched Savannah.

Looking forward to getting her swings up and sand in her sandbox. Hoping she feels better so I can take her to Disney this week!

I hope everyone has had a great week! I’m so tired will write more soon goodnight 😴

April 06, 2019

Had a good week! I am done with all my online quizzes for all my broker courses just waiting until I’m allowed to take exams so I can get those done and book my actual test date. Got to see my buddy on Wednesday and got house organized. Did peloton all week long and my next class I will be at 75 rides.

Friday was a busy day took Brandon to school then Savannah and I dropped Charly to the groomers and had some girl time a little breakfast at Starbucks before dropping her to school.

Brandon got out at noon so I took him to lunch. Got groceries picked Savannah up after her soccer. Took both kids to get haircuts and then picked Charly up.

Made angel hair pasta with lots of garlic and lemon and shrimp a little garlic bread and we all loved it. Also made some chocolate chip cookies for dessert.

Today we played outside had our Starbucks. Brandon hung out with my parents after they came over for a visit. Savannah and I had fun we played, had yummy lunch napped and did lots of fun stuff while watching Cinderella.

My dad took Brandon to see the movie 🍿 “US”. I made lasagna and Savannah helped me make some fun sugar cookies and iced them.

When B got home we all hung out and it was a great night! Sleepy now goodnight πŸ’€πŸ˜΄πŸŒ™

April 03, 2019

Today was a good day was able to get a lot done. But hoping to be able to get groceries for us we’re even out of eggs lol no fresh produce or fruits anymore.

I made an appointment for Charly to get groomed Friday and the kids get haircuts after school on Friday.

Stressed 😩 so much to do and money is short. Dry cleaning to pick up too. I’ve been getting in lots of peloton workouts I’m close to 75 workouts.

I took Barre last week and this Monday. I went to the movies with my friend Kellie on Tuesday. I also did Savannah’s snack and share day.

Kids are excited for Easter and also already talking about summer. Huge reason is excited for Hawaii trip my parents and our family is going on.

Kids have never been to Hawaii and Brandon has only been to Chicago/ Wisconsin when he was 3 and flight to San Francisco for basketball camp that’s it.

Savannah’s been asking us practically everyday to add her swings to her swing set. I’ve been looking at directions and I think my son and I can tackle it if we need to.

I’m not the most handy with putting things together. But I am excellent at organizing and got Savannah some toy storage bins and sorted everything today and her room looks great!

Brandon’s grades have been great! Proud of him and it looks like he’s on a great track and will keep it up.

My friend Sheri hit the 500 club this week so proud of her😊 Savannah keeps getting eczema and rashes so I got her all kinds of specialty bath and lotions to help.

I’ve been checking out new cars have a few favorites and hoping to get into one by my 40th Birthday πŸŽ‚

Kids and I have been doing good getting into the groove of our schedule. Unfortunately the kids have different spring breaks Savannah’s is week before Easter and Brandon’s is the week after.

House looks great πŸ‘πŸ» looking forward to pool weather and getting our rafts out soon.

Would love to plan a tea party 😊 Need to get reading again have two books I’ve been meaning to read but haven’t had a chance yet.

Looking forward to seeing my best friend tomorrow for coffee β˜•οΈ

I do want to lose belly fat especially lower abdomen that’s been unattractive since my last pregnancy.

With 40th Birthday looming it definitely makes you think of where you want to be in all aspects of life.

I’ve been sleeping good and eating pretty healthy but I am out of salad fresh veggies and fruits so so need a grocery trip.

Savannah’s doing great on the potty and o believe she will finally complete potty training use potty for number 2 soon and be in underwear only she’s in it all day and at naps at home but in pull ups at school nap and at home for bedtime only.

Been thinking about what to do for Savannah’s 4th Birthday this summer. Glad I still have awhile.

Thinking good thoughts and prayers for a great outcome for Truman at his Cancer checkup. Also my friends husband is not doing well and it seems pretty serious so my thoughts and prayers are with them both. πŸ™πŸ™

I think our kids are gonna love everything I picked out and got to fill their Easter baskets this 🐣 Easter.

I hope everyone is having a great week! Goodnight πŸ˜΄πŸ’€πŸ€—