June 07, 2019

What a week we’ve had keeping busy kids finished up school. I was working on my health and inner fitness. Finally got a bikini wax hadn’t had one since October I think πŸ€” Took kids to see the Secret life of pets 2 Thursday night.

My mind is still prepping for this summer overload. We’ve already had some pool time got our rafts blown up again. We are all in desperate need of haircuts.

Kids have all kinds of appointments set next couple of weeks. Brandon has his physical to get cleared for football 🏈 also his orthodontist appointment. Savannah has her dentist appointments 🦷.

I got to workout with my friends Thursday which was nice. Been getting house in order but I laugh o seriously need to go to the store we need garbage bags, milk, water, and eggs the bare necessities.

I took Brandon and got him a few shirts and a pair of socks wanted to get him more but that was close to $80 and I just don’t have the money to spend right now to get him more. He earned B honors which I’m happy he’s consistently held B honors and I scant believe he’s officially an 8th grader. My little girl is out of the 3 class and on to Pre- K.

I’m looking forward to getting them to Disney at least one last time before our passes expire. I’m trying to get things in order for Savannah’s Birthday as well as our trip to Hawaii first big trip with the kids on a plane.

I’m waiting for a test date so I can go take my brokers test hopefully before Hawaii trip! My throat has been feeling swollen and like it’s closing on abc off since January I get antibiotics it gets s little better then returns it’s so frustrating but sure what’s up if my tonsils need removing or what πŸ€”πŸ˜‚ I am very excited Big Little Lies Season 2 begins this weekend πŸ™Œ

I’ve been reading actual books lately and so happy I’ve found the time it’s been ages. I’ve also been journaling and setting goals and trying to get my self together.

I am turning 40 in September and it’s definitely hitting me as a big deal. My kids always match up to me with numerology of our ages daughter will be 4 my son 13 all add up to 4 😊😊😊😊.

We miss my husband this time of year he’s gone the most and it sucks anytime he’s gone. But I’m hoping he will start spending more time here doing this real estate here and concentrating on our family in the near future.

We haven’t had a trip just us since the St Lucia trip and I’m hoping for my 40th we make it happen as it might be our last chance for an alone trip S my parents are getting older harder for them to watch kids for us.

My body is a work in progress and I absolutely love my Peloton and the variety of classes I am so enjoying working on my fitness.

Out weather is hot so I will need to think of our dinner menus accordingly. Be smart when picking groceries and make the most of everything.

I am very blessed and make sure no matter how hard a day is or a stage in my life journey remind myself how I have two Amazing children. A husband that I absolutely love and cherish and some incredible friends and family.

This has been a hard year but I am truly blessed and always looking towards the positive that is coming our way.

I hope you have had a wonderful week! Goodnight 😴😘

June 1st

The last week has been so busy I took my son to Disneyland on Memorial Day to get in a day on the big rides with him that my youngest can’t go on yet. We had a great day! Tuesday I started feeling under the weather so I rested up I got my last brokers test done Wednesday so I finally can mail all certificates in and get my actual test date. Thursday I got to have lunch with my bestie and then got my life scan done to send with my certificates . I was happy my husband got my daughters tv hung up and some frames around the house that needed to go up. We got Brandon signed up for his tackle football and Savannah her swimming and dance classes. Friday I felt worse than ever. But after a b12 shot rest and medicine I am feeling much better today. We had Savannah’s dance class this morning and a double birthday party this afternoon. I can’t believe the kids only have one week left of school and get out Friday.

Brandon will be an eighth grader in the fall and Savannah in Pre K. Time flies by so quickly. I need to figure out what I am doing for Savannah’s Birthday Party this summer.

I know I need to get Brandon in to get his physical done this week or next. I also need to see when Savannah has her dentist appointment. Find out if her doctor will be in town the week of her birthday to do her yearly shots and exam.

I made some salsa tonight plan on making some guacamole tomorrow and some cheesy jalapeΓ±o bread and some sweet treats for kiddos.

I hope everyone has had a great week! Goodnight 😴