August 24, 2019

So this week we had football scrimmage. Football weigh in that my husband drove in for. We went to a few movies and had some family time. Got two nights with my hubby home wasn’t enough. We got weeks and sometimes longer without seeing each other so it’s hard to properly connect and fulfill eachContinue reading “August 24, 2019”

August 20, 2018

Last week I had a good week! Savannah had her last week st summer session. I took Brandon to see The Art of Racing in the Rain. I really enjoyed that movie and look forward to reading the book. We had football practice every night. I got a chance to have coffee with my friend.Continue reading “August 20, 2018”

August 12, 2019

This past week I was able to finally finish reading ” Daisy Jones and the Six”. I got our Costco and Ralph’s groceries. I got rest of kids school supplies shoes and clothes. I enjoyed time with kiddos by the pool and Savannah finished up her swim lessons on Thursday. No room in next sessionContinue reading “August 12, 2019”

August 06, 2019

I have been extremely stressed and even depressed past two days. I have nearly everything done for kids back to school. But I still need to do Costco and grocery run and money is right. I also haven’t seen a doctor yet about my hip/ thigh issues and it’s been bothering me over two monthsContinue reading “August 06, 2019”

August 04, 2019

Well this past week Savannah started back at swim lessons and has been moved up again. Brandon has football practice every night he’s happy to be back at it. I got a facial done on Wednesday felt good hydro facial and derma plane combination makes my skin feel silky smooth. Thursday I had a crazyContinue reading “August 04, 2019”