September 24, 2019

I am so tired haven’t been getting great sleep. Was up at 3am again and been going all day. My period is driving me crazy too such a pain. So proud of Brandon’s GPA. I got in a barre workout this morning after dropping kids off to school. I got all the bedding cleaned justContinue reading “September 24, 2019”

September Roundup

Sorry it’s been awhile since my last post. I’ve had a lot of stress and anxiety lately. I have felt so empty I fill up everyone around me with love and support and just haven’t felt it back. Not counting my children but it’s not up to them to make me feel supported and lovedContinue reading “September Roundup”

September 03, 2019

So we had a nice Labor Day weekend! Saturday we got a lot done did some errands had kids and I clean out our rooms. Worked on reading and writing with Savannah. Watched movies together after dinner. Sunday we also enjoyed pool and we hung out played some games it was nice and relaxing. IContinue reading “September 03, 2019”