September 08, 2019


September 03, 2019

So we had a nice Labor Day weekend! Saturday we got a lot done did some errands had kids and I clean out our rooms.

Worked on reading and writing with Savannah. Watched movies together after dinner.

Sunday we also enjoyed pool and we hung out played some games it was nice and relaxing. I got a B12 shot which was much needed.

Monday we had a nice breakfast and spent the day with our friends poolside and I made a yummy chicken dinner that everyone enjoyed. We had storms Saturday and Sunday evenings.

It was gloomy a bit today but no rain as of yet. Savannah and I had a good day I worked out on my peloton. Been organizing the house more.

Savannah has back to school night tonight and then we race Brandon to football practice. Hopefully he had a great day at school !

My 40th Birthday is in 19 days and I can’t say I’m looking forward to it. But oh well!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 😊