October 27,2019

This week was busy we enjoyed Brandon’s Birthday. We took kids to see Maleficent and Addams Family. The boys are seeing Gemini Man right now. We went to the pumpkin patch today had a great time. Brandon had his football game yesterday we all were busy with school work and chores all week. Savannah had Yoga, music and cooking and soccer this week and had a blast. We decorated our pumpkins as well. We need to get Charly groomed he’s way overdue and my nails are chipping I need to get a mani pedi soon. Get our groceries and dry cleaning. I also need to buy carnival bands for he kids tomorrow and tickets it will be so much fun! Jeff’s going out of town for a conference this week and then back on Halloween and then he heads back to June Lake. So I’m glad we got in a few night and days out with kids while he was with us. Hope everyone had a great week!

Fall is here

Well we’ve been busy with school, voulenteer hours and lots of football practices, games and also watching games on tv as well. Would love to take my son to a live NFL game.

We’ve had picture day at both schools. Got out our fall decor enjoyed the cooler weather going to the park and playing in our backyard.

I’ve been doing the last 90 day challenge. I’ve been doing pure barre 4-5 days a week and my peloton. Enjoyed some pumpkin bread already.

We’ve survived the flu at my house it was ugly but we made it through. We’re gearing up for my sons 13th Birthday very excited about that.

This week I go see my regular doctor to get my lab results. Then I also see a ears nose and throat doctor the afternoon after I go on Savannah’s field trip to pumpkin patch.

I enjoyed a pumpkin facial last week as a belated birthday present to myself. The kids have got a few scrapes Brandon from football. Savannah is both a Tom boy and a little clumsy.

Looking forward to Halloween with the kiddos. Working on getting more sleep each night and waking up earlier. Missing using our pool wish it was heated.

Would love to go to a Rise Conference. I’ve been reading a lot more books lately which makes me of so happy I love to read.

I am so tired I will talk to you guys again soon goodnight 😴 and God bless 🙏

October 6, 2019

Well this week was pretty good I kept busy with my Pure Barre workouts. I am doing last 90 days program and so far I am having great momentum.

Tuesday and Wednesday I was able to have coffee with friends. Tuesday Barbara and Sheri and I went after our barre class and had a nice time catching up.

Brandon had football practice in La Quinta Tuesday and Wednesday night. Wednesday I got an long overdue facial by Courtney it was great a wonderful belated birthday treat.

My hip has been incredibly tight and my lower back on left side as well as rotator on right side. So I went in for a painful massage. It was excruciating but it did loosen up my body and I felt so much better after.

But geez I will be happy when I can just have relaxing massages again every time I’ve gone since my injury I have to get the deep tissue and sports massages and they hurt.

Brandon has his service hours after school Thursday night. I had really good workouts Thursday and Friday.

I finished another book Demi Moore’s autobiography was good. Now on to another new book. Friday Brandon got our early so we went to see the Joker movie.

We had a night in family nights are always great! Saturday we got up had breakfast got Brandon ready for football game.

His friend gave him a ride to the game which I’m so glad because Savannah ended up puking and being stomach sick all weekend poor thing.

Today we took it easy and Savannah was feeling good no puking that is until bedtime. So I guess I’m keeping her home tomorrow and we will just see how she’s doing tomorrow night.

She’s going to miss her first day of yoga 🧘‍♀️ which is a bummer and Tuesday is picture day so hoping she’s better by then.

Brandon will have his tutoring after school tomorrow he’s been keeping steady at A honors and hopefully he will this whole year or get gold leaf. He’s doing so great in school and football. I’m so proud of him.

His birthday is this month can’t believe he will be 13 years old. He’s such an amazing brother to Savannah too.

Savannah adores him and they have such a sweet relationship. The weather is still up and down it hasn’t completely cooled down yet.

I will have to make sure Brandon and I don’t get sick this week and that I get Savannah healthy and back to school by Tuesday.

I have two upcoming doctor appointments both next week I. The 16th and 18th. My Aunt is not doing good which worries me. Guess I will find out more soon. My uncle is in the hospital so I really am sad thinking of them not doing well.

Also it’s hard on my mom to see her siblings not doing well she loves them so much. I’ve started to put out fall decor. This week woke up and had all our holiday boxes toppled over in garage and unfortunately some fall and Xmas decor items had broken.

I need to still get a few errands done so either I will do at the end of the day when Savannah is up to it or on Tuesday.

I’ve been up since midnight checked on Savannah and couldn’t get back to sleep. I will be feeling it today.

I am so blessed to be a mom I’ve seen friends struggle to have children gone through IVF and much more. I was lucky enough to get both a boy and a girl 9 years apart and they are the best.

I am ready to start traveling with them everywhere. I love to travel and before becoming a mom I went to Europe and South America and went to NYC a lot. I am very ready to return to a life of travel.

It will be special to have my children with me. Also overdue for some adult vacations with my hubby.

He’s back in June lake again until the 15th. Much colder there than here and he’s still working on getting the burned units rented and the other cabins as well.

Brandon has his school dance this week. We also have three nights of football practice and another away game this weekend.

Savannah has Yoga which she will miss today since she’s sick Cooking, Tuesday and Music and Movement on Thursday and Soccer on Friday.

I have found that the more I remove toxic people from my everyday life. The happier I am I am blessed to have such good positive people in my life.

Kids and I our sad that it’s now getting too cold to go in pool. We’d love to be able to swim in it year round.

I’m glad my kids get to see my parents all the time and that I see them all the time. It’s a sad thing when people don’t get to see their grandkids or kids.

Tomorrow isn’t promised and you think you never want to wish you had made amends and shown love while someone was here.

Regret is not something you want to have in life. Some things you can never get back. Some people want things or people to be so perfect that they simply miss out they don’t marry or don’t have kids because they waited too long. That’s different from those who just know parenting is not for them.

The ones that wanted to and stayed with people who didn’t want the same or did things that hindered them becoming a parent. Its sad

Had I waited until life was perfect I wouldn’t be a mother of two amazing children. I’ve never worked so hard as I have being a parent. That’s why no matter how much money I could be making outside my home. I am happy and fulfilled with doing the most rewarding job.

That unfortunately goes by so fast I feel like at warp speed sometimes. I still reach goals and also have lots of goals for myself as well but I prioritize my time with my children.

I am finding a balance and as they are growing up more each year it allows me to pursue my personal goals. I couldn’t imagine being happy even if I was the wealthiest most successful person. If I wasn’t a mother I wouldn’t want to be at the age when you lose your parents and have no more family. No children no grandchildren I couldn’t even imagine it would seem so lonely.

But I’m someone who always wanted marriage and kids and likes to stay close with family and friends. Not everyone has the same needs.

I am amazed and thrilled with each milestone my kids have just seeing them enjoy activities and sports. Go to school dances are so great.

My son will be driving in three years which seems crazy boy time flies. He is already a great cook not only can prepare food for him but could easily make us breakfast lunch or dinner for our family.

He has a great work ethic already which I love. Savannah is very independent and wants to do things on her own and she is always so proud of herself as am I when she completes a task or achieves a goal.

Both my kids have a ton of friends and are well liked and are good people who include everyone. They both know how to make me smile 😊 almost in an instant even when I’m sad or having a bad day.

I am feeling sleepy but of course it’s almost time for sunrise and getting kids ready for their day.

I am ready for my day thinking I need to make some tea. Have a great day !

October 1st 2019

Well we had a busy weekend Jeff for home Thursday night and I took Savannah to see Abominable it was a cute movie. Friday I had my doctors appointment. Not liking this doctor they have a terrible bedside manner.

Savannah had the chucky cheese fundraiser after school so we went there fed the kids. Then we got some CPK for dinner. Went gone took it easy.

Saturday Brandon had a home game so we had some Starbucks and an early lunch. Dropped him to practice then went back to watch the game. He played great and they won again.

I had made reservations to take Jeff out to Mastros for an early birthday dinner. It was a nice dinner and nice evening out. We stopped by Pacifica afterwards before heading hone.

Sunday I went and did my pure barre workout. Brandon went to see and Angel game for his friends Birthday with a few kids. I wasn’t feeling great so I just rested and Jeff took Savannah to my Donald’s to eat and play.

Later on we picked Brandin up and took kids to spaghetti factory for dinner. Then I got kids all set for school week.

Monday was Jeff’s actual birthday kids had school so I booked dinner at another of his favorite restaurants that was just opening back up again for season. Backstreet Bistro. Since Jeff and I had errands to run after I did my blood work and got a mani pedi.

We went to Don Diego’s for Jeff’s birthday lunch then got our Costco groceries. We picked up kids later and got ready for our dinner. Jeff was happy with the gifts we got him. Nothing extravagant just heartfelt cards from me and kids. Bought him joke books from Savannah as she asks him daily to tell her knock knock jokes. New framed pictures of kids for his desk in June Lake. The last 90 day journal.

This morning he had to head back to June Lake after the kids went to school. I got in a pure barre workout and went for my waxing. Did all the laundry which had piled up.

Picked up kids took kids to early dinner before football practice. Once we got Brandon from practice it was time to clean up and go to bed.

I’m so tired. But I woke up around 5am and doesn’t look like I’m getting back to sleep. My throat feels like I have something stuck in it and it’s so uncomfortable and has been like this on and off since February.

I have an appointment with abs ears Nose and throat doctor later this month. I also go back to get my lab results that same week.

Have Brandon’s 13th Birthday all set abs planned all guests invited and RSVP he has a nice group of friends. He’s such a great kid his grades are awesome he’s playing well in football. He’s so living abc helpful with Savannah. He’s definitely one of the popular kids and all the girls give him lots of attention.

Thankfully he has a great head on his shoulders and is truly a good kid. He does a good amount of chores around the house and he works hard at school and football.

Savannah is sleeping in here with me little cutie. She started in her bed but came in early this morning. I love my precious girl. I had been holding on to a pair of shoes I got her in summer and socks during Bogo sale on purpose so when she was extra good I could surprise her.

I gave her the paw patrol shoes last night before bed and her princess socks she was so excited. I laid then out for her to wear today to school.

It was nice yesterday to catch up with my friends Barbara and Sheri they are so great we do barre class together and I am blessed to have such sweet friends.

I’m looking forward to coffee with Sara today feel like I haven’t seen my bestie in ages. Hopefully my husband is getting sleep in June Lake! Hope that he gets all units rented that have been out if commission. We ordered our Tru living shirts to support Truman. He’s such an amazing kid so brave such a positive light. I pray everyday for him and his parents to get home soon and back to everyone that loves them. Hope everyone had a great day!