November 24, 2019

So my youngest is out of school for the holiday. Brandon has school tomorrow and Tuesday. He’s enjoying a boys night out with my hubby tonight. Savannah and I watched The Grimch and we also watched the Polar Express while decorating our Christmas tree. I made two kinds of cookies tonight and we had ourContinue reading “November 24, 2019”

November 21 2019

For the last two weeks I’ve been pretty busy. Brandon won his playoff game on Saturday we had practice leading up to that. Savannah had minimum days on Thursday and Friday although she ended up staying home sick Friday after puking in her bed that morning. Thursday I took her out for some girl timeContinue reading “November 21 2019”

November 03, 2019

Great weekend my nephew won his game Friday night. Saturday my son won his football game as well 😊😎🏈 I was sick 😷 but feeling better today! Brandon and I watched Red Sparrow last night. Today we went to the Fall Carnival at Sacred Heart had a great day! Got out dog Charly groomed andContinue reading “November 03, 2019”